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  1. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Can't shoot down planes w/ no CVs present....

    This is the equivalent of a tier 8 BB sailing in a straight line eating a salvo of torps or a cruiser eating a BB's broadside. That CV made no effort to dodge flak and deserved all it got. Not to mention the stupidity of target selection there. Grozovoi AA is no secret. Every other ship class is punished for initiating stupid engagements, why not CVs?
  2. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Can't shoot down planes w/ no CVs present....

    I don't even know where to begin. Why should balance favour AA.....Hmmm. So one person on the team (carrier) is expected to have a fun time at the expense of 11 people? OR, with AA actually working now, 11 people can have fun at the "expense" (more on that later) of 1 player. Which is more fair? I know plenty of CV players still regularly getting over 200k damage, 150k damage, confederates, high calibres. CV's are unplayable if you are bad in them. Thats it.
  3. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Can't shoot down planes w/ no CVs present....

    I take it you are wanting to get these directives done. 1. Play SeaScythe in Savage Battles to do the spotting and fire missions easily. It's the Khabarovsk with manual guns. Easy fires and floods, and its the fastest with good HP so you live longest and can spot more. 2. Do the Cruiser/DD/BB Free XP missions in a div in Narai. Thats one game each when you're fully flagged up. Thats what I did and it took me about 2 hours to knock it over today. As a bonus, grinding out credits I finished all of the other Savage Battles missions.
  4. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Division 3 people, Ranked 2 people???

    Mech Warrior probably had a better MM as it had more players to choose from. WoWS doesn't have that luxury.
  5. The same thing is happening for me too.
  6. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Client refusing to load.

    Thank you for the suggestions for re-installing etc. I've run mods for over a year now, and nothing like this has ever happened. Is it normal for it to do this all of a sudden?
  7. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Client refusing to load.

    I finally get loaded into the game by avoiding the Game Centre, and then I hit battle and I get stuck with the scroll wheel at the queue screen. WG Check shows nothing.
  8. Since ~2-3 days ago I am having an issue where I'm perpetually stuck in this screen when trying to load the client. World of Tanks works perfectly. It's particularly frustrating because this has cost me a day's play in the Benham grind - and now I miss out on it unless I pay money.
  9. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Who have you seen in game

    @Erebthoron and I just had the greatest carry in a ranked game of all time. It was seriously some of the best play I have seen in a long while. Thank you for your service sir.
  10. As a DD player in ranked, I work hard to get my team a caps and points lead while killing at least one, sometimes both of the enemy's DD's in the first couple of minutes. (DD play in ranked is like taking candy from an invalid, or, having never done that, as easy as I imagine that to be). This gives us a nice 100-200 point lead, and sure enough one by one - my battleship players charge into the enemy spawn and die before I have the chance to kill the rest of the enemy team, and we lose. Why? Why do they do this? There is nothing in the enemy spawn. Its ok to push S and back up occasionally, or occupy a position near an island preventing a push. You don't have to charge the enemy spawn and die like a muppet. Please, you are better than that.
  11. OlDirtyBoatstard

    8.5.1 Update notes?

    plane HP buff, but only if you take SE? Nice
  12. Thank you for obliging me. I Didn't catch it in the patch notes, but there are indeed free commander respecs on right now. Thank you, WG, thank you.
  13. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    Yes. Defensive AA worked back then. You had a chance.
  14. Minotaur obviously doesn't have defensive AA. But other ships with supposedly good AA - like the Worcester, the Seattle, the Des Moines - do. I play ships other than the Minotaur and some of them have defensive AA.
  15. This is a classic argument that many people cite when trying to defend CVs. No I wouldn't complain, and here's why. 1. Because I can stop that BB from doing it by positioning myself well. 2. That BB has had to risk something to do that move. He's either been spotted, or now risks Torps from me to do that move. This is a fair trade. 3. If that BB gets to a position like that without being spotted and shoots me and gets damage - they deserve it because it's good play. In all these instances I have counterplay. Against a CV what can I do - as A MINOTAUR - I spec as much AA skill as I can and.....I can't run away because planes are too fast. I can't angle against plane damage because they are too fast. I have no skillful exchange against them because it's all AI AA RNG. And it rarely works in the ships favour. Do you see the difference? If you eat Torps in a BB - that's your fault and good play by the DD. If you Dev strike someone in your BB that's good play by you, and punished bad play by them. With a CV it's just so cheesy. They risk nothing.