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  1. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    I can dodge shells and I can shoot that ship back. Cv get to sit in the back corner in the comfort of their arm chair slapping people in the face without fear of getting punched themselves. It's the ultimate griefing mechanic that caters to the personality type who wants to feel good about themselves but doesn't want to work or try for it.
  2. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    Yes, today you attacked me repeatedly for the duration of the game until I died. It was such a frustrating experience, I quit for the day. Well done.
  3. OlDirtyBoatstard

    The Three Forumeers Ride Again!

    Nice to see you Snargy! And nice, sort of, to be on the winning landslide team for a change.
  4. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Who have you seen in game

    @Hold_My_Beer_ the legend himself in the Siroco, probably the only person who plays it well on the server. ie, he didn't die and helped carry. GJ to you sir
  5. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Who have you seen in game

    @Alabamastan was just on my team in his Guepard. He detonated, just as I ate torps that were meant for the ship behind me. Rage.
  6. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Learned something new about MM

    This queue showed 18 BB's and 5 DD's
  7. This is the problem. If you're all together, then enemy ships only have to angle towards one direction, taking far less damage and trading more favourably. Especially in an FdG in ranked, you can push a flank with a DD, you have hydro, and you can tank damage well. Your guns can't overmatch, and you don't have the accuracy to be shooting nose-in Jean Barts at 15km.
  8. You were on my team just before @CptRemy This wasn't the issue we had in that particular loss. It was a radar chung mu in a 3 DD game that was the stupid part.
  9. Going to for two caps at once and having firing angles on the middle of the map, from cover, is not "random directions"
  10. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Who have you seen in game

    @Ivan_Namirettov on the enemy team in ranked. Twice in a row he goes to the off cap unexpectedly, which I've usually been getting for free in the Mogador. Twice, he sails flat broadside to everyone, and gets away with it. Incredible. I quit.
  11. When my ranked team mates insist on this strategy, I check their statistics and they are all red. This is the worst idea ever. Sticking together you get no crossfires, and no map control. Yet your battleships insist on "hurr durr stick together don't get that other cap for free hurr durr." Why?
  12. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Hall of Fame for French Directives broken.

    False. Look at the Hall of Fame. Once we completed stage one, it was open. People have scores from the first round of directives being completed. In any case, the tool tip is incorrect.
  13. Hi there, In the game client it states this: However, I have finished all of the credit grinds and I am not accruing points towards my total in the Hall of Fame. If it's an error, as I haven't completed the CV task from the previous directives list (I don't get down like that) then could you please get the wording fixed, or allow me to earn points. Thanks. ODB.
  14. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Mogador is fantastic...

    Thanks for the kind encouragement, friend. I must however advise you that although I have a 58% win rate, I played so, so badly for my first 4000 games. I had NFI what I was doing. So in the 6k games succeeding, I have been on an upwards trend and for the last 400 days I have had a ~65% win rate to try and dig myself out of such an early funk. So, a 54% is not very good in my opinion. I strive to be better and this is where my frustration comes from.
  15. OlDirtyBoatstard

    Giulio Cesare guns nerf

    Mine feels like a bag of dog poo as well. Missing broadside ships at 5km completely. One overpens on a ship at 10km. It's weird.