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  1. NotoriousRNG

    RN DD are crap they need buff

    I am a bit of a scrub and I am also enjoying them immensely - though not on your level OP. Well done on that Daring game!
  2. NotoriousRNG

    Cossack vs Haida

    This is true. I also have the Cossack, and for both ships I am in the top 5 on the server for stats (number 1 for Cossack damage - go me!) As @Camo68 said above these ships are about map control, and area denial. If you know how to position your RN DD, you will win a LOT of games. What makes Haida so powerful is the smoke reload time. With IFHE, its feasible to gun down the last 30k of a battleship or a cruiser, and your stealth makes you a pain for DD's. Literally the only class Haida suffers against is CV's but that's always going to be the case. Cossack is very good even as bottom tier. You lack massive area alpha strike as the torps are few, but if you spot carefully and bide your time, and F3 that #$%#$ Wooster, then you will achieve great success. An excellent division ship. I regret buying neither of these ships, they reward good play so very well.
  3. Sorry for the grave dig - but the region changer only allows you to select one region now. Is this how it's supposed to work? Ideally, I'd like to select Asia and NA, but it only lets me choose one of these at a time.
  4. Friends, can someone please help me? WoWS NA Works just fine on my mac. I download the .dmg from the Asia site, it says its the asia client. I go to install it, and it OPENS THE NA CLIENT EVERY TIME. This is driving me absolutely mental. I try to use the aslains mod pack, but get error message after error message. Why should this be so hard?
  5. Folks, (yeah I know, macs etc) I play mostly on NA, but have an account on SEA as well. Last night I download the SEA client, I open it, install it as usual. I go to play it, but it only ever opens the NA client. How do I stop this from being the case? You can't change the coding in scripts_config file anymore, so is there another way I can do this? Thank you in advance.
  6. NotoriousRNG

    No De Grasse Reload booster?

    Fwiw the de grasse is one of the strongest t6 cruises. She doesn't neeeeed a buff.
  7. I run CE, AFT, and IFHE on my Henri. It melts German BBs.
  8. Hi all, anyone else having this issue? Three games now I've used the MBRB consumable and had one turret disabled, then a second turret disabled. As of someone was shooting at me but they weren't.
  9. NotoriousRNG

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    I'm playing on a macbook pro 13" and during Narai, whenever I get into the harbour I get instant 8FPS and then the game crashes. Anyone else have the same issues with the mac wrapper?
  10. NotoriousRNG

    Narai...it shouldn't be this hard

    The bot RNG is out of control. I have shot at many Atlantas in my Missouri, and I get overpens. This one? It gets a dev strike on anything it aims at. I just had a run with @Gneisenau013 himself on my team, we were full of Atlantas and good players. We got 3 stars, which is the highest I have gotten in a long time. I used to only log in to play scenarios but now, even they aren't fun so I hardly bother at all.
  11. Say what you want about acasta and Icarus but saying the Jervis is bad, whew boy there is going to be a fight. These DDs reward people who can position themselves well. I have open water WASD gunboated an amagi and KGV to death in one game - you use that acceleration to speed like when you don't have a smoke. The number of unsalvageable games I have brought from the dead on the Jervis is astounding.
  12. NotoriousRNG

    Who have you seen in game

    I knew that with another good DD player on my team we were at least in with a chance. Very frustrating when you are able to spot 2 Des Moines in your Cossack without being radared and having your BB's refuse to shoot them! But, that Republique scored the clutch kill to get the win with 10 seconds to go. An unenjoyable game and it was my last of the night, but made all the better by having you on my team!
  13. NotoriousRNG

    The One Side Benefit to the Legenday Module Grind

    I have this one and although I didn't really care too much about grinding it I just earnt it from playing, whew boy is it powerful and useful.
  14. NotoriousRNG

    Unnerfing the Khab

    ....is this guy for real? Lol.
  15. Hi there, I have figured out the Haida and have been doing rather well in her, and after my 30 games I managed to show up on wows numbers. However, not as I expected to. Here is the top NA player for the Haida per Wows Numbers: And here I am at number 24: I have better stats in every category, except for games played, yet this person has some ridiculous PR. "I'm not even mad I'm impressed". But seriously, how? In fact, the whole leaderboard for Haida seems completely borked. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3763221872,Haida/