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  1. CaucasianReroll

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    They actually deploy everywhere with a tugboat, for real.
  2. CaucasianReroll

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    Incredible, yet sadly unsurprising.
  3. CaucasianReroll

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    They do, in the updates part of the forum.
  4. Excuse me? Have you played against carriers in a surface ship lately? It's frustrating and demoralising for 10-11 people on each team. Why should one player be the one who gets to frustrate and demoralise everyone else? Thats incredibly selfish.
  5. I've got Montana, Khabarovsk, Henri, Groz, DM, and Moskva. If you want advice on these PM me mate.
  6. But while you're attacking it, his priority target probably says (9) and he's taking bulk damage from everyone else too. Your argument might have a weak, frail, old man's leg to stand on if you couldn't spot for the rest of the team. But it doesn't work like that, sadly.
  7. People are mad as heck about waiting 45 seconds before they can fly in and whack a DD with no repercussions? Get some damn perspective. To be honest, it's still not enough. They should have to wait 20 minutes to launch planes, while the rest of us get a meaningful match for a change.
  8. Hmmmmmm probably get a legendary module. But which one.
  9. Has anyone got this module? I have a few hundred khaba games, and considering getting this module on my Alt account for giggles. Might be useful with smoke in the CV apocalypse.
  10. CaucasianReroll

    People are so angry now :(

    I know my patience is even lower than it usually is. You finally -after 7 games in a row with double CV - get a game with none, where you are top tier, and.....your 3 DDs die in the first minute and you get steam rolled. That was your one in ten chance at a good game and it was blown.
  11. CaucasianReroll

    PSA: 'Normal' Twitch drops ended ... or not

    I swapped my twitch association to my reroll, and the drops have recommenced, albeit sparingly.
  12. CaucasianReroll

    Any time I play, I leave feeling like I should delete the client.

    You summed up how I feel. For those suggesting he take a break, what do you think that will change? All it will change is his disposition, which is to get frustrated at the game and the people and mechanics around d it being so horrible. Taking a break won't fix the game. The game itself needs fixing but hey, here's some more T10 HE spammers instead.
  13. CaucasianReroll

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    It's the constant stream of planes that will be the issue. Theoretically you can spot all game as you don't get deplaned as you used to. Launching 2 planes in a squad still screws me as a DD as much as launching 12 does. This is the issue. SPOTTING. It's never been about damage.
  14. Quotes supposed byproduct of CV rework Posts game with no CV's in it Amazing.
  15. CaucasianReroll

    I can't buy a prem CV untell you stop nerfiing

    This is a win for all DD players. Thank you.