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  1. anonymised

    Bug with MM.

    I understand it happening with CVs for sure, but for proper actual ships???? In any case, there were enough people listed in the queue to have two full games start. I'd love my flags and time refunded. If I knew this is what I would get I wouldn't bother.
  2. anonymised

    Bug with MM.

    I just spent 12 seconds in the queue to get this game. What the actual....? Nobody wanted to be in this game. It was a waste of our time. I've had consistent games with 10v10 and 9v9, but never one this terrible. Would it hurt to wait an extra 3 seconds in queue to get a proper game? What is this bug? The funny thing is this game lasted longer than some 12v12.
  3. anonymised

    Santa Crates

    You can't expect a small indi gaming company to have the ability to rollback a few accounts in a matter of hours.
  4. anonymised

    Santa Crates

    Any idewa when you can actually lodge a support ticket? Been like this for a while now. Or is this part of the russian refund?
  5. anonymised

    Who have you seen in game

    @33nfidel in his Benham trash talked and said I could only slap with help from a division. Senpai pls notice my solo statistics :( don't judge
  6. The Mino isn't a good AA ship?!?!? Oh that's right, nothing has useful AA anymore.
  7. Don't chide this man for your asinine attention span. He made a great post. I fear all changes to this game after the CV rework, which will never be in an acceptable state until they remove them from the game.
  8. I kind of like this idea. Realistically, grinding a line again playing 10-15 games max in a ship (realistically 2 bad games and 3 good games in the mid tiers is enough) to get the next one is far more enjoyable than play a t10, in tier 10 games against Smolensk, Worcester, Colbert, Thunderer, Stalingrad, where your DD's all die instantly and get get wrecked by rockets and bombs and rockets for minimum 60 games in the same ship to get a module, only to get burned out and never want to play the ship again out of boredom. People act like regrinding lines is a big deal. Just grind free XP in scenarios and skip the bad ships, and use flags in a division and win. Regrind one line every time it's reset so you get 2 for the price of one. It will still take you less time than grinding the module the "old fashioned" way. The research bureau is irrelevant because they only have ships worth 60k in there, it needs more variety to make it a feasible inclusion.
  9. Meanwhile in World of Tanks, WGNA are without use or clue. I'm sure they mean well, but the people pulling their strings literally don't care.
  10. anonymised

    Who have you seen in game

    @BiggieD61 and his buddy in their Albermale's were on my team just now. They played great as bottom tier cruisers, and it was an actual good and close game with no CV's!
  11. Shame on those of us who want to see our clan logo :) Also the logic of your statement is preposterous. You consider them, so they are. Righto m80. Tell me, just how flat IS the earth?
  12. A friend and I made the mistake of playing warships on a day that ends in Y, waited 10 seconds and got dumped into this absolute ripper of a game. :eyeroll: We spent the whole game running away, because both Midways decided to focus me and Minotaur AA (just like all other AA) does nothing anymore. I smoked, but they torped my smoke, as if we were the only ones in the game. I shot down 14 planes total, with AA guns mod 2 and 3. Plenty of "just dodging" in there too, I might add. I can't remember a less enjoyable time than playing against two CV's - let alone in a 7 vs 7 format. It really, really sucked. I hope this never happens to you guys.
  13. You're keen to let something like this just die? Or did I misread?
  14. anonymised

    Who have you seen in game

    @Legio_X_ in his Venezia on the enemy team. I managed 250k in a loss in my Thunderer. I can't buy a decent team today, it was really frustrating.
  15. anonymised

    Making Femennenly a in-game captain.

    We do need some positive female influence in the game. I like the idea.