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  1. http://smallformfactors.mil-embedded.com/articles/immersion-form-factor-server-class-systems/ I'm definitely interested in this I wonder what the cost would be to set this up?
  2. I used to get a super container at least once a couple weeks but I've hit a dry spell for over a month I think the last was in September. The last three were 50K free xp and back to back 50x ocean souls. Best I've gotten ever was a 10 point Russian captain.
  3. IDK i felt like in the genisnau every time I would get hit I would get set on fire. I remember this one time I was hit with two salvos from the same cruiser and the second set two fires I was angled and he managed to hit my bridge and and the back. Then I repaired as I was low in health and right after if finished out he hit me again set the same two fires in one salvo this time. I killed him then burned alive.
  4. Made me think of the song the title.
  5. I wish they would lower the service cost on all ships by about 25% trying to save enough to buy Bismarck that's alot of dough.
  6. I like it but I feel the bridge should be taller and the front should cut in some more at the bottom
  7. I'll steal a kill and I hope people steal kills from me if it means one less salvo or torpedo drop they get off that can save someone like a cl getting deleted or thoughs torps hitting a BB and deleting them all I care about putting shells down range and doing as much damage while supporting my team and hopefully pulling out a W.
  8. Wow more PC crap seriously I think I have had my fill of it. Oo don't say that you might offend someone.. Jesus when did people become such pansies I mean seriously this is America start acting like it. Tough as nails and hard work and sacrifice that's what made us the great country that we are. O and don't try to say I can't relate I've probably suffered through more then most but not half as much as some. Life is life it's short and bitter sweet, you can waist your time here being offended but I wouldn't recommend it. "Life's a garden, Dig it. " Joe Dirt
  9. It's going to depend on what tier you are in and when you unlock random battles. Basically your going to want to be atleast tier 3+ with random battles then you will be playing with more people.
  10. Sink the Battle Ship Krampus and his fleet.
  11. I didn't feel that the T-22 was too bad. It had its ups and it's downs but I was able to have some success in her. I feel that she would play better with a higher point captain with concealment. The V-170 was my favorite so far. The Gaede was good. I really liked her. I used her 150s mainly due to her being more of a torpedo boat so that way when I did shoot the hit hard. Nothing like citting a cruiser. Just got the Maass and she is and all a round upgrade to me. I've only been out a handful of times but I love her. I'm still experimenting with her and trying to figure out what works best for me but so far I'm running her with. Main armament 1, main armament 2 (turret traverse is terrible for knife fights) , engine boost mod 2 (50% longer boost), and engine mod. Captain skills: PM, EM, LS, SI, CE. I'm probably going to swap out PM for PT and maybe swap out EM for AR and get TAE maybe just a thought. Really focus on her torpedo.
  12. I think what you are running into with the starting fires is a switch in BB tactics as a response to the British Battleship HE spam. Alot of people respec. Their captains and ship mods to reduce fire chance and help repair it faster. Smart move because the main enemy of BBs is HE and torpedoes and this mitigates both of them to an extent.
  13. It's because of the way you come off. You're rude and insulting to someone you don't even know. Your comments spat venom and everyone can clearly read that you do this because you want to incite a reaction. I mean you even had to go out of your way to correct an auto correct from my phone to try and make me feel less then. I have to ask you do you communicate with others in person this way? I don't think so because someone like me would have layed you out for it. I just call it as it is. You reek of troll.
  14. Have a problem with it then stay off the tread and save everyone the eye strain of reading the garbage you just posted to get a rise. At no point did I whine about any thing troll.