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  1. 43K free XP bonus?

    I feel it's a great change, I can't wait to see what they do to the Japanese next and then how they change the mechanics overall and then the British CVs. I personally don't like AS it ruins the overall feel of the game, this will help make people work better as a team for aa support or suffer the consequences.
  2. Lets talk about a few things

    1. I feel that they are going to be more effective all-round especially after watching Nosters reviews. They have better guns it seems, radar or smoke, and Japanese torps are to slow and easily spotted imo. 2. No definitely not I find it infuriating. 3. I haven't really noticed any change from it my self. 4. Yes only because Japanese are next and its going to make balancing much easier. 5. I wish they could have found a way to make the British BBs stand out a different way that didn't change the play style of BBs.
  3. The only problem I have with this is that especially in lower tiers CVs have a large impact on the team. If you are unlucky and end up on a team with a strike CV with no fighter and the enemy has any load out with fighters then they can neuter the strike load out while having free rain on the battlefield.
  4. Fix the Game Broken Mechanics

    To answer to post my personal feeling is that the changes to BB dmg to DDs is needed. I know people are going to complain about realism but this is not a sim it's more of a hybrid. There has to be balance and right now to me it's not and I'm assuming WG feels the same. As it's supposed to be it's DD beats BB, Cl/CA beats DD, BB beats Cl/CA, and CV is all around strong and weak to everyone. I feel that WG is getting it right with making BBs AP rounds only doing over pens on DDs, they should need to switch to HE rounds in order to confront DDs. This still gives you the option to unload and then switch to HE. I've personally noticed that BBs become very accurate the higher up you go when in range of torpedoes.
  5. Fix the Game Broken Mechanics

    Cool thank you I'll be putting that on asap.
  6. Fix the Game Broken Mechanics

    There's a mod to go over the fps cap?? Is it cool to use I must have this since I can't play at anything higher then 1080p because it makes the his to small and I can't read it but my TV can do 4K 60 fps or 1080 at 120fps.
  7. I will probably pick up the bogue again for some clubbing fun. I don't see this as bad this is the first step for rebalancing CVs not the final step. Next will be Japan's turn. Basically one loadout for both nations is alot easier to balance then 3 variants with a total of 9 different combinations I believe my math may be off. Then after they do that we will get mechanic's overhauled and fingers crossed no more strafing and then once that is done we may see the British CVs.
  8. OK so I had both Langley, bogue, and independence and then I sold it all because I found strafing infuriating and stupid so I abandoned carriers all together. So since I sold it all for reduced credits from purchasing them and the experience I put in them. I definitely get all that research back in free exp for the upgrades and I get the credits too? But only for the upgraded load out's nothing else. Just want to clarify for my self from my situation.
  9. It's thoughs 16" guns, welcome to the gun show lol just J/K but seriously they are impressive in person. The great thing about visiting the Wisconsin is the area in general you could make a vacation of it. Not only do you have nauticus but there's other museum's within walking distance. You have colonial Williamsburg less then an hour away with Bush gardens right there too. On the way, stop at Yorktown and visit the battlefield that won our independence and see the cave that General Charles Cornwallis was hiding in before he surrendered. I can keep going I love my home states history and there's so much to do and see, definitely worth a visit.
  10. So for everyone who wants to slap a Trump voter here I am but I bet your too . Btw I'd rather have anyone then a straight up criminal in office who should have been and still should be in prison. Who let our men and women die because of a supposed video my .
  11. I believe this has already happen and is happening. I'm a on the line kind of guy when it comes to this I feel pricing needs to be regulated to prevent gauging in areas where there is only one provider or a couple. At the same token I don't want the politicians to have any control of anything especially our freedoms since the internet is basically part of our 1st amendment right of free speech. I feel the the right solution for us the people is easy and obvious but no one is in it for us just themselves and I hope whichever side wins doesn't give it to us too Hard
  12. IFHE on German Secondaries?

    German secondaries build. PT/AR/BFT/AFT/MS After that it's your choice.. SI is good for extra Heal and Hydro depending on the ship, anything to help with fires, concealment if you like; I'm not really sold on it though since there is so many ways to be spotted and I'm more of the shoot if you have the shot kind of player way I see it you only have so much time and you only get so many chances to actually shoot at something.
  13. Pan Asia Flag Poll Results

    You've got something against the United States of America? If it wasn't for us every one would be an English colony right now or a part of Nazi Germany or the Hammer and Sickle or even Imperial Japan just saying you put it out there like its a negative to be an American when in reality alot of nations owe us for their sovereignty. I'm not saying we're perfect but we're pretty awesome. Don't ever underestimate us because that happened a few times and it didn't work out to well for them.
  14. They could still do loot boxes as long as they were not paid for directly with cash. So for instance in wows they could make a SC cost 750 doubloons see a work around ?