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  1. I found the Russian DD in low tier matches as the best so far especially with their wall of death they can lay down tier 2 gave you 3x3 and tier 5x2 but they are very low range. I found so far the Germans to be the best overall so far their torps seem to not be spotted as far out as the Japanese and as a result you get more hits. Plus you have guns that you can use when turning about if you need to. I will say that tier 6 on the German side has been a little ruff but I'm starting to get a feel for her.
  2. Thank you so much y'all have a nice day.
  3. After the patch this morning when I began playing I was immediately receiving a ping avg of 45 and the lag icon began to pop up intermittently. As the game progressed I began reviving ping of 200,457,500 and the lag icon was still popping up and going away. I had no other devices connected and was using Ethernet. This persisted through the first couple matches and then it settled down to 47 but with the lag icon intermittently popping up. Also since the last big patch the windows key no long functions in-game any longer not sure if that was by design or not but when the game crashes like it did today during a match start up I had to reset the PC and go through all that fun stuff and got into the game late but I was able to secure the win so there's that.. Just wanted to let y'all know. PC stats: i5 6500, GTX 1070, 8gb ram. In case that helps.
  4. 1. Uncle creepy or whatever it is, is just a troll he/she makes accounts plays just enough to comment I've seen his/her post on every thread that involves CVs under different accounts just some one that gets off on arguing. Basically just copy past I wish a MOD or admin would look out for him whenever he post and just ban the accounts not make it worth his time to keep doing it or raise the match limit to 100. 2. I enjoyed the CVs felt more balanced with all the RN BBs I actually had some good games finally and people were pushing a little more.
  5. I tried the dynamic but I couldn't hit a thing so I personally stick to static.
  6. I myself actually loved the konigsberg I justvplayed her as a support ship since she has the range for it. I've heard the yorck was a solid ship but nurn is a little ruff
  7. Yup when looking at them early on they resemble the RN line but if it follows the flow of the line I made it would be more Battle Cruiser esk like the German sister all the way from tier 6 to 10. Really the British line is not all that bad save for a couple ships that could use some adjustments.
  8. French Line: Tier 3: Courbet Tier 4: Bretagne Tier 5: Normandie (was scrapped before deployment but would be fun to see one). Tier 6: Lyon (paper ship) Tier 7: Strasbourg Tier 8: Richelieu ( Bismark needs a friend with 380s) Tier 9: Alsace (Planed Ship triple 380s) Tier 10: Bourgogne (Planed Ship quad 380s) premiums: Tier 3 or 4: Paris Tier 5: Lorraine Tier 6: Dunkerque (in game) Tier 8: Jean Bart (Richelieu class)
  9. You see I wasn't debating whether or not you can be successful in them or not I have a 50% in Dresden and 63% in Kolberg, now I only played enough to get out of them but obviously I can play them successfully enough but my point is that they are not enjoyable to play and no they don't represent the rest of the tier at all but the upgraded 150mm single barrel cannons would be a better representation of the line since you get the triple barrels at 5 and 6 it would flow alot better. See the point we are making is that they will and I am sure have turned newer players off/away from the line and at least at tier three players should get feel of where the line is going. Now as for your smart remarks I might be a bit older idk but I can say that I don't appreciate it and that you could represent yourself better by showing that you could atleast have a conversation with out reducing yourself to snide comments and sly remarks. It will make you come off as a little more mature and less defensive.
  10. I tend to get more SC when I choose signal and flags then I do when choosing try your luck the other benefit is you get something useful if you don't get the SC. The two most note worth ones I've gotten are 100 premium camos can't remember the name but they are all gone now and a 10 point Russian commander which I didn't notice and only found him when I was cleaning out my reserve captains.
  11. I don't feel the game is rigged but I do feel there needs to be improvements to MM. It should be one tier up or one tier down at every tier. I know some people will complain that the MM will take too long but I'd personally rather wait 2-3 extra minutes for a good balanced game rather then a complete mess of a game where you have a tier 5 ship like konig going up against gnies or Nagato I mean come on you basically become a cruiser with a leg in a bear trap throwing rocks. Some ships can handle this better then other but the majority of them can't and basically are floating XP boats for the top tier. Also I've been getting some 4v4 matches in random guess that why it's called random? One tier up or one tier down fixes alot of MM issues.
  12. I would have to agree with op here. She's terrible as is the Dresden just absolutely the worse almost made me quite the line. She should receive another hull upgrade with the 150s I'm sure it can be balanced to give her more of a punch. The ship was armed with twelve 10.5 cm SK L/45 guns in single pedestal mounts. Two were placed side by side forward on the forecastle, eight were located amidships, four on either side, and two were side by side aft.[3]These were replaced in 1916–1917 with six 15 cm SK L/45 guns. She also carried four 5.2 cm (2.0 in) SK L/55 anti-aircraft guns, though these were replaced with a pair of two 8.8 cm (3.5 in) SK L/45 anti-aircraft guns in 1918. She was also equipped with a pair of 45 cm (17.7 in) torpedo tubes submerged in the hull. Two deck-mounted 50 cm (20 in) torpedo tube launchers were added in 1918. She could also carry 100 mines. The conning tower had 100 mm (3.9 in) thick sides, and the deck was covered with up to 40 mm (1.6 in) thick armor plate.[2] Mines!?!? Could be and interesting dynamic and tier 3 could be a nice testing ground just food for thought.
  13. Just play CV and specifically target British BBs to take your frustration out they can't dodge torps at all.
  14. So from my understanding of Nürnberg, it is basically and upgraded Konigsberg. I'm thinking the best way to play it would be as a support ship riding alongside a BB preferably with it between you and the enemy. Basically providing DD control, ap rounds into cruisers, and setting fires on BBs while also providing AA support. So I was thinking of doing an AA specked ships. Going with hull C, main armament 1, aa mod 2, steering gears, rudder shift. Commander skills: PT,EM,DE,AF As a basis what do y'all think?
  15. I'm personally starting to like the German line myself since getting koinsburg at tier 5 I've got the next one up but to broke to buy it but I've heard it's an upgraded koinsburg. The thing I like about it is you get super accurate guns with real good punch. He sets fires and ap will punish other cruisers. If you get them broad side that pretty much a guaranteed cit. The only thing is it hurts when BBs look at you so your going to be ducking and weaving. I suggest riding with another BB and playing support with them letting them take the focus fire. Plus you get Hindenburg at the end.