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  1. FC2_Gameface

    World of Warships.. in VR (Oculus)

    Seems like the Valve Index has done a lot to address that issue. I'm on the list for an Index once they come back in stock primarily so that I can experience the new Half-Life game. I'm going to build a purpose built VR PC for my family room to hopefully get the best possible experience from the unit. I would love if I could get a good VR experience out of WOWS. I'm not expecting anything, but I honestly think the release of Half-Life Alyx is going to ignite the VR landscape. This is the tipping point that will bring VR into 'almost' mainstream use. I know that not more than 10% to 15% of gamers are going to buy into VR in 2020, but 10%+ will be enough imho. Half-Life: Alyx is a game changer, pun intended. VR is about to get real (pun also intended).
  2. FC2_Gameface

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    One thing that would be nice is if when the server is unavailable because of an update it didn't try to connect for 5 min and then give a random message. It'd be cool if it immediately told you that the server wasn't available due to an update.
  3. FC2_Gameface

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    I imagine this is a fairly complex update with the changes to directX compatibility and X86 vs X64 .