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  1. Capt_Oveur


    This announcement came out and at the same time the option to convert Research Points to Free XP disappeared from the Armory. Just mean.
  2. The mod uses these ship icons in the message headers, what I tried to explain is how to use them in the message itself
  3. If you find that the draggable Division Chat window always covers up something, because it’s too big and it’s usually at the wrong spot, check out the 'Adjustable Div Chat Window' mod. Both ModStation and Aslain's modpack got it.
  4. Capt_Oveur

    How to karma - a guide

    'Permanent Karmaflage' is a mod I made a while ago and it does a lot more to reduce toxicity in the game. It's in Aslain's modpack. The mod hides your karma and the 'You were reported' and 'You were complimented' pop-up messages. You get those messages only when your karma changed by 2 or more, and you can still look those messages up under the 'NOTIFICATIONS' tab of the 'List of reports' window on the bottom right. See also https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/138043-0910-permanent-karmaflage/
  5. I'm not sure the hybrid class will get used or not. The two hybrids currently in test are very different: in game the Tone is a T8 cruiser and the Ise is a T6 BB.
  6. During battles I frequently get asked how I added ship icons to my in-battle chat messages and by the time I have answered I'm usually dead. (Don't text and drive!) So here's how, funnily enough from me, one of the Top 10 players on the NA server - based on number of chat-bans awarded. (A detonation is an achievement, so a chat-ban must be an achievement too.) The special ship icon characters are a letter + a number in square brackets: the letters are 's' (ship) for white; 'a' (ally) for green; and 'e' (enemy) for red the numbers are '0' for CV; '1' for BB; '2' for CL/CA; '3' for DD; '4' for hybrid no-combat ship (in operations); and '5' for submarine When you enter these: [s0] [a0] [e0] [s1] [a1] [e1] [s2] [a2] [e2] [s3] [a3] [e3] [s4] [a4] [e4] [s5] [a5] [e5] They look like this: (as you can see [s4] and [s5] do not work) Cheers!
  7. Capt_Oveur

    Is there a Mod that marks radar ships?

    Side Panels by Hakabase and Autospy display radar and hydro ranges. And this mod uses ship icons that show them: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/137652-all-radar-hydro-identifier/
  8. CVs are quite different from other ship classes, but their presence leads to interesting situations and they are undeniably attractive to a certain type of players. So naturally, other game developers too are thinking about enriching their games in a similar manner. I've heard a rumor that Madden will add snipers to NFL2021.
  9. Capt_Oveur


    Not to defend them, but I think they are just trolls trying to upset you. Same as the ones bringing up your Mom. I mean there's really no way of knowing the race of anyone based on their IGN.
  10. Capt_Oveur

    Could not load system resources

    " I'm having this same exact problem " is the computer equivalent of " My cat died too " IRL. The outcome or symptoms maybe the same, the reasons can still be totally different. Create a support ticket.
  11. Capt_Oveur

    Aiming Bug

    May be a strange way server desync shows up unannounced.
  12. I'm with Bell and when the Hub does not get a timely ping back from the DNS server it reboots. That takes like 5 minutes and it's usually in the middle of a battle.