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  1. It's in Aslain's modpack and in ModStation too.
  2. Is there a collaboration with Geico in the road map?
  3. That's been fixed by the mod's author, it's in both Aslain's modpack and ModStation Yes, we can! Try Hakabase's side panels Use a mod to improve vision (aka. glasses)
  4. Capt_Oveur

    Update: Game Loading Problems

    It should be quite clear by now that it's an issue not caused by mods, even if WG starts every message "Disable all mods". Sometimes I suspect they allow mods only to have someone to blame when the wheels fall off.
  5. Capt_Oveur

    Update: Game Loading Problems

    You are missing the point. The issue is WG should and seemingly can't fix the client that was created by them. Their standard 1st advice is "Disable all mods" so players assume the crashes are caused by mods. Not so. Disabling all mods is the only action available to try to determine if a bug is in a mod or in the client. Disable all client won't work!
  6. Capt_Oveur

    Update: Game Loading Problems

    Ha-ha. I'd recommend you try running mods only (good software) without ANY client (buggy software). Except it won't work like that. Mods can't run without the client, but the client can run without mods. So running the client without mods is the only different configuration one may try. 'Disable all mods' doesn't mean the issue is caused by mods. It's the only available 1st step in determining where a bug is.
  7. Capt_Oveur

    Update: Game Loading Problems

    That's not new. I'm a DD main and I've been playing like that for years.
  8. Capt_Oveur

    Random Play Crash

    There's a brand new 'official' mod that skips some animation videos in Port, ostensibly to lighten the load. Aslain's modpack installs it by default. The issue when trying to use Armory, News, etc. is not new but there's a workaround: uncheck Game browser hardware acceleration. In battle freeze when hitting the Ctrl key was caused by the Reload Timer mod, but it has been fixed. If you are using it get the latest version.
  9. Capt_Oveur

    Farewell friend!

    The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.
  10. You have to mod the main_hud.unbound file to change where the ribbons appear. Give it a new name and put it into your C:\Games\World_of_Warships\bin\NNNNNNN\res_mods\gui\unbound2\pc\battle folder. Or, if you are using a ribbon mod from Aslain's modpack, you can edit his !AS_main_hud.unbound file in the C:\Games\World_of_Warships\bin\NNNNNNN\res_mods\gui\unbound2\Aslain\Ribbons folder. It's easy to move where the ribbons appear to the left and/or up. Find the RibbonsAppearContainer element: (element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons' (style (marginBottom = "S")) ) Add a marginRight value to its style: (element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons' (style (marginBottom = "S") (marginRight = 1000)) ) Play around with the marginBottom and marginRight values. You can use numbers (with no quotation marks) or you can keep using the 🩲 size indicators (with quotation marks) as they are defined in constants.unbound: (def constant XXS 2px) (def constant XS 4px) (def constant S 8px) (def constant SXS 12px) (def constant M 16px) (def constant MS 24px) (def constant L 32px) (def constant LS 40px) (def constant LM 48px) (def constant XL 64px) (def constant XLM 98px) (def constant XXL 128px) (def constant XXLXL 192px) (def constant XXXL 256px) To move it down you have to enter a negative marginBottom value. (I used -250 in the example below.) Depending on how far you want to move it (more or less than ~80 pixels) you may also have to change the other marginBottom value, right above this one, otherwise the kill announcements will move up. Enter a negative marginBottom value that's about 80 pixels smaller (I used -170): (style (align = "right") (marginRight = "MS") (marginBottom = -170) ) (element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons' (style (marginBottom = -250) (marginRight = 1000)) ) Good luck!
  11. Capt_Oveur

    [0.11.4.X] Carousel Extended

    The Signal and Camo warning icons can be disabled as of 0.10.11.Xv2. I have edited the original post accordingly.
  12. To change the sizes of your UI elements, you have to get into SETTINGS and under the GRAPHICS tab there's a 'slider' called 'Increase UI scale' that allows you to change your UI scale. It used to be a real slider with a 1% resolution that allowed me to set my UI scale to the perfect 113% (the closest to 1 1/8) that gave me the best user experience on my 2560x1440 screen and the value was stored in preferences.xml. The 'slider' now is really just a switch that allows me only 5 discreet values for my UI scale: 100%, 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%. If you have a 1920x1080 screen, it's just 3: 100%, 125% and 150%. I haven't found yet where the chosen scaling value is stored now. On top of that when I choose 125% it actually scales to 133% (the other values are correct). So everything is either way too big (133%) or way too small (100%). @MatroseFuchs Could we get back the true UI scaling? If we have to stay with the fixed scale values, could 113% be added and the correct values displayed? Thank you!
  13. Yes, you can. Install your mods as usual with ModStation Then pick the additional mods you want in Aslain's modpack installer, like 'Demount All Signals and Camo from All Ships' and 'Permanent Karmaflage', etc. To add these mods to the ones already installed make sure the 'Remove all previous mods' checkbox is NOT checked: Enjoy! If you made a mess, delete everything from your C:\Games\World_of_Warships\bin\NNNNNNN\res_mods folder and start again.
  14. Capt_Oveur

    Reset All Commanders

    Come on. No need to be arrogant. How is that the reason for ending it early? What you wrote is that there were a few places where a player could have learned that it was going to end early. Not the reason for it. Some, like me, missed it, mainly because it never occurred to me that WoWS made the free commander skill reset and the one-click web button to do it two separate things.