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  1. A_Burning_Sensation

    Unofficial Benham Brag Thread

    I'm getting it this afternoon for free, I missed second half of one of the dailies when I was on vacation so just need to get first half of the daily done today to get it. But, since it's going to be 110+ degrees today in the desert, I have a glass enclosure I'm building to baby proof my living room's entertainment system and going to work on it this morning when it's cooler. Gratz to everyone else that didn't make excuses and found the resourcefulness to stick with it, will make playing it that much more intrinsically rewarding.
  2. A_Burning_Sensation

    Standard Battle Tactics

    Pay attention to your matches more. Yes more often than not victory comes before all 12 enemy ships are sunk, but that's not relevant. You have to look at the state of the game when that 1000 points are reached. What team then had more ships? 9/10 times, probably even 19/20 times the team that won in your mind because of caps coincidentally also had more ships afloat. Cause / effect. Those that obsess over caps too much that is hurts their play fail to recognize it was the kills that helped the winning team cap and keep the caps. Kills were the cause, caps were the effect. You want caps? You need to be alive late game to cap them, to defend them, and ensure your team has more ships above water than the enemy team until either the clock runs out or maybe your team does take out all 12 ships. You'll never see a unicum player disagreeing with this logic, that alone should tell you something.
  3. A_Burning_Sensation

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    I meant in general about T8 frustrations against T10. The whole tier is trash due to mm and I'd never get a t8 premium in the first place. But if i had to use it spotting only role is the way to go was my point.
  4. Oh, the old, nanny nanny boo boo defense. Didn't see that one coming.
  5. A_Burning_Sensation

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    This is why smart people free xp T8 ships. If I was playing a T8 CV though, I wouldn't care about damage, I'd know my only role is to fly around just outside their AA ranges and spot. Doing so is often deadlier than doing damage even if you're a T10 CV.
  6. You don't think the other team is suffering from the same crap players? How does your math work? You've played what, over 17 thousand games and you still don't understand the concept that in that time you're going to have both winning and losing streaks that can go 8+ matches? How is that possible you don't understand the basic laws of probability? You either take a break or play through it. Claiming the day of the weak impacts probability of you having a disproportionate number of window lickers on your team over the enemy is a demonstration of a serious lack of common sense. Yeah the weekends might have more potatoes, especially during the 6 hours of the clan tournament today sucking up many unicum players, but again, you're still going to have potatoes on both teams.
  7. A_Burning_Sensation

    I don't trust YOU!!!

    Any person complaining about kill stealing when it doesn't exist in the game is someone that has problems. Serious mental problems.
  8. A_Burning_Sensation

    Standard Battle Tactics

    All you have to do is point to where I said caps don't matter and your argument is valid.
  9. A_Burning_Sensation

    Standard Battle Tactics

    #1. Rule to ANY game mode: Team that has more ships above water than the enemy has the better chance to win and that probability increases not linearly, but exponentially with each number of ships above water over the opponent. The best players in the game know this which is why if you kill yourself early claiming you're "playing the objective" instead of lasting into the late game WHILE STILL DOING MASSIVE DAMAGE (not just running to J1), you're not actually "playing the objective." The objective is to win and you can't contribute to any of the ways to make that happen from the bottom of the sea floor. Therefore, kills > caps. No more is that critical than in the first 5-10 min of the game. You die early and you initiate the snowball effect which is VERY hard to recover from. You want the cap, be it standard mode or domination mode? Then stay the $%#& alive and ensure the enemy isn't. The team with more ships on the board owns and keeps the caps. Period. If you're going to be a loser and point to the outliers where an idiot team ignored a single ship that snuck around and stealth capped while they ignored him, I guarantee you are not a good player or person. No good person of any value uses outliers to justify their position. Just because you might have a 90 year old chain smoking grandma, that doesn't mean smoking won't shorten peoples' lives. #2. When a player with a far superior performance history tells you a better way to play or better decisions to make in the future, and you have the self respect enough to want to be a better version than your prior self, drop the loser defensive attitude and listen to them and put into practice what they tell you. Do that and it won't matter what the game mode is, you'll be better equipped to handle what's thrown at you.
  10. A_Burning_Sensation

    Matchmaking Monitor fix?

    Mine's working just fine. I'm not using steam so maybe like the guy above that's the issue? Usually when it's not working it's because the address of the folder it's supposed to point to is not correct and needs to be corrected. I got the drive letter wrong one time which will break the whole thing. And regarding that person above who hates MM, it's about attitude and mindset. If you lack self-control and use it for toxic thoughts and behavior, yeah don't use it. If you have self-discipline and have a brain that operates within the realm of logic and reason and understand the value of information like knowing which players on your team you have a higher probability of relying on and which ones you likely can't, or which opponents you may need to focus on to get them out early because they pose the biggest threat, etc. it is a critical tool that improves your performance (again, you also have to have the skills and wisdom to apply that added knowledge in a way that achieves positive outcomes). Of course, the majority of players fall into the latter category which is why there is so much animosity toward the application. It's hilarious how historical data triggers people. If a person has an unhealthy relationship with historical data, they have serious psychological problems. Historical data should be as neutral as a ladder or a speed bump. It just is. It's just there. To attach emotion to it shows how extremely irrational and emotionally unstable some people can be. Vote 'boring' or 'angry' if you agree with me, especially without having the backbone to articulate specifically and in an orderly and reasoned fashion what you disagree with and why using relevant supporting evidence to demonstrate you have the mind and maturity above a 10 year old.
  11. A_Burning_Sensation

    Border humping still being exploited??

    If you find it harder to hit a ship suffering a severe movement penalty, that is a reflection of your embarrassing performance. Blaming WG just makes you look even more ridiculous. And kicking someone back into the map would be more exploitable because you will definitely cause the incoming shells to be missed. I think at this point you've reached the maximum US Recommended Daily Allowance of embarrassment. Common man, do some mental math before posting. And a healthy minded individual would look at the wealth of forum posters opposing your view and entertain a conversation in their head of, "Gee, maybe it's not an issue, maybe I'm the issue."
  12. A_Burning_Sensation

    More and More Passive...

    Well he'd have to clarify I guess, but you'd think it's all situational. If you find yourself in trouble it can often be too late to dial back to decent spot. Bow on tanking and throwing it in reverse might be too slow a retreat and turning around can expose your broadside. Likewise, you may not always be able to dial up the aggression after being too passive, like if you are are too far from the ability to engage in time to cap, defend a cap, or get a kill to keep the game alive. The only thing we can truly measure is what the masses are doing. And it's undeniable that the majority of players with below average wins ALSO have below average survival rates, average damage and average xp/PR rating which when you combine it all together means they are sinking early and not scoring hits or capping or anything that would raise those other stats. If they were too passive, the wins would be low but their avg damage would be high (damage farming which I'm always accused of being), their PR/xp would be higher (again because living longer means there are more rounds of guns/torps they will be able to fire which of course some will be hits), and their survival rate would be much much higher because either the clock would run out with the enemy team more often having the higher score, or the enemy team would hit 1000 points more often before this passive player got sunk. We've got literally millions of battles providing data points to support this reality and I don't know why or how it can be possible that there are people in this forum community and in game that lack the 1st grade level deductive reasoning skills to see this. And again, not a single one of these people on the forums have ever been able to post a replay video where all 12 players on a team survived just 10 minutes, which is just HALF the battle duration, and lost the match. Not one. And the forum community would benefit greatly in quality of content if these detractors would be banned from talking about this issue until they can provide just one of those replays. Because the last thing we need are below average players convincing others to donkey off their ship's hitpoints faster than they already are. Put all this aside and look at it at even a third angle. There are lots of players who think it should not be allowed that a Des Moines or Worcester or Atlanta or whatever high arc ship can sit behind an island and lob shells virtually invincibly. They think that mechanic is cheese and goes against every fiber of their play style. So naturally they consider that play to be passive or cowardly or some other negative connotation to it. The bottom line is that these players have a very specific play style they feel everyone should adapt, a knock-em-sock-em, in your face, close up sparring kind of action. Trading shots from long range to them is an abomination. They hate it, to them it's boring and they will refuse to do what is necessary to win, only what they feel is fun. So instead, they perform terribly and blame it on the other players for no support, for sitting in the back, blah blah blah. You hear it every single match from derps that suicide in the chat window. You want replay videos of derps causing the snowball effect, sabotaging the team, yet blaming everyone else? That's virtually every match, I can just toss up my whole replay video folder into dropbox. At the end of the day the ones who 'get it' prove they get it and it shows up in their performance history. They can vomit all their fallacies all day but they aren't producing results. We are. You would think they would have the brains to see that too, but they don't. It's like they never heard of or don't comprehend the concept of benchmarking. You just started as a real estate agent. You need training. What is the fastest way to do it? Walk around the office to where all the awards and accolades in the form of trophies and plaques are on the wall or in a display case and look at the names. Whoever has the most, that's their top performer. Then, the next thing you do is you buy them lunch, get to be close friends with them and have them be your mentor. Study everything they do and say and practice it until you become a mirror of them. Only after you've mastered the craft do you then throw in some of your own flavor and experiment and tailor your sales pitches and workday to fit you changing small things and one at a time so you can see the results. And if something doesn't work, go back to the basics. This is how I became a better player and learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to where to fall along the aggression meter. I'm not perfect, but each player's performance history reveals quite clearly where they fall in that regard once they have a couple thousand battles under their belt and they can no longer use the excuse of worse players disproportionately being on their team in matches. So at some point, a player that is just average and certianly well below average is going to have to wake up to the reality that the reason is because of the difference between what top players do to get the job done and what that player is or is not doing. The bottom line: If you have the answers, the results will prove it. That's why they hate stats so violently and fight so hard to discredit them and devalue them. Because they can't stand staring at a visual representation of their failure to perform at an exceptional level or even prove they know what they are talking about.
  13. A_Burning_Sensation

    Players like this should be banned

    Dual boxing account used to sync drop their main account and prop up their main account cv performance. Of course with the rework and no fear of air to air combat to deal with, you can still benefit from the enemy team having a dud cv. My guess that's what's happening anyway. But they normally hide their stats to conceal the evidence.
  14. A_Burning_Sensation

    More and More Passive...

    No, I'm saying success (winning) is realized more when players learn to strike the proper balance between (offense) aggression and (defense) health preservation. If it was far easier to dial back the aggression, how come the majority of the player base are too far on the aggression side and the proof is everywhere. In low survival rates, low dmg, low PR, low xp all contributing to lower win rates, even your performance history is proof as well as the fact that you can't find a single match where all 12 players lived past 10 min and lost but you will never run out of replays of 5 players and even as high as 8 players derping before 10 min and losing. The latter alone destroys your argument to embarrassing heights. You don't get it, the overwhelming evidence you ignore and never admit proves you will likely never get it. Argue with me and keep digging yourself a hole all you want. I live way longer than you in battles and my win rate reflects the value I provide late game while you are chilling at the bottom of the sea floor adding ZERO value. What do the unicum players all have in common that you don't? They agree with me. You may not be yolo suicidal, but you can still be too aggressive which is causing losses and if dialing it back slightly would improve your game, something in you is blocking you from doing so. Why don't you just come out and say it? What you really want is everyone else on the team to match your aggression so that becomes the new meta, the optimal play style that gets the best results. You want the game to adapt to you instead of you adapting to the game. And you refuse to see it any other way as demonstrated by your tunnel vision in your posts. That's one of the most common mindsets that keep bad players from improving. And it shows in you and the countless other players complaining about passive players from the bottom of the sea floor less than 5 into the match.
  15. A_Burning_Sensation

    liquidator and pyro

    You can only really get liquidator on an AFK BB through careful and conscious effort to hit them with just one torp and prey it causes a flood, let it run it's course, do it again, prey it lands a flood, then finish the kill. Good luck trying to do all that while your own team doesn't interfere because your team will prioritize killing an AFK ship because it's easy credits/xp. It's even nearly impossible to do sync dropping two accounts or asking a friend to sync drop and coordinate. THAT is how virtually impossible it is to get liquidator. There is a task in the campaigns that requires it and you might as well just skip it, but for the OCD completionists, it's causes you to twitch like Sheldon Cooper.