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    Why have so many good players.......

    When you sail forward at the start of a match and start to uncover enemy ships, you also have to factor in the ones you don't yet detect. The appropriate tactic is to assume there's more than there are (because more often that's the case), so you start to turn to take evasive action in case you have more ships shooting at you than you can shoot back to net a positive return on damage. Two options: turn in or turn out. You can hit the breaks and turn in toward the enemy but then that just brings you closer and if you find yourself over extended, your only option is to bow tank (which can hurt you if you don't have the right ship for it or have too many ships burning you down) and kick it in reverse or turn and show broadside at a now closer distance that will result in you taking big damage. The law of probability will tell you that if you had turned out away from the enemy (still able to fire all guns) back at that first moment, you guarantee avoiding getting over extended, you minimize damage taken to whatever long range hits the enemy decides to toss at you, and you still have the whole rest of the match to re-engage when you've learned more critical information about enemy locations. Making the latter choice is the preferred choice of above avg players. The key is that they do massive damage to the enemies because they are more skilled at aiming and leading targets at longer distances and of course taking more responsibility for the health of their ship which keeps them alive past 10 min and still impacting the match where bad players rarely ever stick around because they donkeyed off all their hitpoints and are too busy blaming everyone else for it.
  2. A_Burning_Sensation

    Why have so many good players.......

    I had two consecutive days of nightmare teams with a very high avg dmg and PR rating and still lost almost every match. 14% win rate today with over a 2,000 PR rating. You do way above your responsibility and the team is still so disturbingly trash there's nothing you can do. One match tonight 3 players with their stats hidden PLUS two Tier 10 cruiser players averaging in the low 20's. A normal human being would have to be hit in the head with a brick at least 10 times to drop their IQ low enough to avg 20k damage in a T10 cruiser. Needless to say the match was over in less than 7 minutes. Who wants to play with disturbed players that are ruining the gaming experience to that much of a level? This server attracts the lowest common denominator players who have found a way to be content with below average performance at such a gutter level, they have no shred of self respect. Not to mention the selfishness of sabotaging teams like that for their own personal fun without any care or consideration to how much they are ruining the experience for 11 other players. That's evil. That's actually a major characteristic of evil, to act in one's own self interest without any concern of how their actions affect others. Random battles is the only mode open 24/7, it's 100% reasonable to carve out the highest tiers (Especially because the stakes are higher due to repair costs) for more experienced players that can still be below average, but not to the extremes that any reasonable minded person would say is clearly an account that is a net negative for the gaming community. I imagine the majority of players that will down vote this will be stat hiders and below average players. They need to fight for the below average crowd, but this is no an issue of below average. This is about accounts that are putting a team so far behind the curve before the match starts, it might as well be a 12 on 11.
  3. If T8 matchmaking wasn't a problem, more people would play T8, which ironically would solve the problem. It's not that you can't have a good game in a T8 facing T10. It's the combination of shorter range, lower hitpoints, everything penetrates you without much effort and it's harder for you penetrate at times. That forces you largely into a support role where you have to carefully choose your openings or wait for the enemy to make mistakes. And that means you're not going to be in a position to carry if needed to turn a loss into a win. When it comes to players who set goals for their gaming session, many players especially favor bringing the right tool for the job. The ship that will have the highest probability of completing the mission, directive, task, campaign or at the very least have the power to carry a weaker team to get the win. T10 is almost always going to be favored over T8 because of the meta and matchmaking. When grinding a new line, I save all free xp to use to skip T8. But my play style is fun = efficiency. It's the most efficient to skip the T8 grind.
  4. A_Burning_Sensation

    Matchmaking Question

    I had a bad night tonight with crap teams that MM was showing over 5% avg win rate gap or greater in almost every match not in my favor. In the 5 matches I played (all solo) I had a 20% win rate (won only one match for the mathematically challenged). But I had a 1700 PR rating and averaged 124k damage which included a kamikaze match in my Worcester where I only did 30k because I value my time too much to waste 10-15 minutes on a guaranteed loss the imbalance was so insane. There were several players on the team with less than a 200 PR rating which you need to get hit in the head with a brick at least 20 times to be that bad. The point is, that when the RNG runs its bad streaks like tonight, the only way to counter it is to be a unicum player and div with two other unicum players. Even then, it may only be enough to balance the match and sometimes you still are not favored. You know when you're really running bad when you're in a 3-man unicum div and you lose two matches in a row. Almost always that will break up the unicum div. They have a very low tolerance for bad runs thWG throws at you. So they cut their losses and take a break. Like stepping away from a blackjack table that is running cold. It's going to happen to the best in the game, so you can only imagine if you are an average player or especially considerably below average, it's going to happen a lot more frequently. WG isn't doing anything on purpose. It's just the nature of random selection. It's easier to remember the bad streaks, because our ego's expect the good streaks to be the norm. It's human nature.
  5. A_Burning_Sensation

    Is it mathematically possible?

    No I mean just unlocking the 4 crates, which is 1400 total tokens. I was just curious if there are even enough T7-T10 ships to hit that.
  6. A_Burning_Sensation

    Is it mathematically possible?

    To get 1400 tokens to unlock all 4 chests from ships in the game? I tried to do the math on it as a rough estimate and I'm leaning toward yes when factoring in owning every possible premium ship as well that would give the tokens. Then of course, I'm curious if any of the collector folks out there actually did it, that's a heck of an accomplishment. (not to mention a lot of mind-numbing co-op battles lol)
  7. A_Burning_Sensation

    Hasn't been fun for a long time

    Just like anything in life, it's important to be objective about our capabilities, our limits and manage expectations and set realistic and achievable goals accordingly. Many players want to get better, but there is a limit on how much effort they want to put into it. And even if they have the time and desire, they may lack the physical and cognitive ability to progress deep through the learning curve. I can't speak fluently in other languages. I can't dance. I can't sing. If you need a room cleared, just ask be to sing or dance. I know my limits and I keep my butt off the dance floor and away from the karaoke machine for my own sanity and for the health of those within range. I don't complain about not being able to compete on The Voice or So You Think You Can Dance.
  8. A_Burning_Sensation


    Can't you just level a T6 to T7 or whatever and buy the ship and be done with it? Or did you first have to own the ship in your carousel prior to the start of the event?
  9. A_Burning_Sensation

    Seal Clubbing... how common is it really?

    Thank you for proving to the community that you consider caring about the gaming experience for BOTH rookies and experienced players to be elitist and biased. You guys always fall into that like bugs to a bug zapper.
  10. A_Burning_Sensation

    Seal Clubbing... how common is it really?

    Again, falling into the same trap. All you're doing is focusing on the impact of the experience of the bad player. Which reflects your bias. Put yourself in the shoes of the skilled player who's experience is ruined by bad players at high tier. If your initial gut feeling is "who cares" or "boo hoo for them" or whatever, your bias is showing.
  11. A_Burning_Sensation

    Seal Clubbing... how common is it really?

    You keep deflecting and only focusing on the impact felt by the bad player. That's your problem. Your bias is showing through.
  12. A_Burning_Sensation

    Seal Clubbing... how common is it really?

    So if bad players earned the right to ruin the experience of other players, then skilled players earned the right to ruin the experience of other players at low tier. That's your logic, no matter how you frame this you're going to step on your own toes.
  13. A_Burning_Sensation

    Seal Clubbing... how common is it really?

    A bad player is going to go around sabotaging teams they join at Tier X. They are inversely proportional and both ruining the experience of other players. The double standard is that you think it's ok for skilled players' experiences to be ruined, but not bad players.
  14. A_Burning_Sensation

    Seal Clubbing... how common is it really?

    Keep showing everyone on the forums as you stalk my posts just how much real estate I'm taking up in that head of yours. What is it about a reroll account that triggers you so much? You realize you have to have progressed through the learning curve to considerable heights above avg to start a new account to put up the numbers on this one. Something you will never accomplish because of your attitude and unlike me, you prove it by showing no accounts at all where you demonstrate you can produce wins, especially solo. But keep trolling, you are so embarrassingly void of awareness that you don't even realize you're making my point with every one of your posts. Just like my signature says. When grossly below avg and stat hiding players hate on me as much as you, it's the litmus test I use to gauge how valid my points are. So again, thank you for internally combusting as much as you are that you have to obsess over trolling my posts across multiple threads.
  15. A_Burning_Sensation

    NEW Random players please read this.

    New players: #1. Never, ever take the advice from someone who doesn't prove (by hiding their stats) their advice produces results #2. Never listen to players who give advice in the form of absolutes. While his anecdote sounds good in theory and you should support your other players on the team if they are worth supporting (meaning they aren't suiciding), skilled players do not allow themselves to get tunnel vision or get married to a plan. They constantly change their decisions based on the ever changing environment. For example, if the DD player is ignoring the minimap as many do, where it shows a massive enemy fleet approaching, you're supposed to turn around and make a defensive retreat (called "kiting"). DD players also fail to take inventory of enemy radar ships and charge around islands or into caps at the start of the game without first spotting said radar ships through a smarter, wider approach. When I see DDs doing this, I know I will not be able to kill all the ships in the seconds it will take for the enemy to kill the DD, so I will bail on the DD. Bad DD players hate when you do this to them and after they sink in less than three min, they will attack you for bailing on them. Just like the OP is preemptively doing in his post.