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  1. LoneStormchaser

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    I'd like to know what "dynamic" cross hairs he's using.
  2. Todays world dictates that trophy's are given for just showing up and when this happens team play goes out the window. There is no need to do good. (This is why we don't hear any more from some of the best players and/or they no longer play nearly as much as they used to)
  3. Be glad players with sub 50% WR are needed. If it weren't for us, there would be no Unicums.
  4. LoneStormchaser

    Unjustified Penalties

    Just play a couple of Scenarios and move on. You can't do any damage to a fellow teammate so no negative points will be added.
  5. These numbers you are saying ... 78% of players ave <1 game a day ... has to be saying something ... and it's not good. 92% of the players play 3 games a day. These numbers would scare any business, which WG is, into trying to alter what they are doing, because what they have been doing, isn't working. I know, pay to win isn't working, and sooner or later, buying from the shop is going to hit a sharp down curve. As a serious stock day trader, this would be one stock I wouldn't touch with a 10' pole.
  6. LoneStormchaser

    Why the MM changes aren't what you want.

    What WG is really saying is ... is what the US military said about Roswell ... and it's called (a diversion) Basically, from what you posted, WG is going to "RIG" the game. Intentionally. Which, they have been accused of doing for years.
  7. LoneStormchaser

    Colorado for T-7 ranked

    I haven't posted, in god knows how long, maybe because they don't like what I have to say, but be that it may, the Colorado, had torps. ... Can I say it again ... IT HAD TORPEDOS ... In Rank, they become invaluable. The Colorado is slow. Dispersion sucks. (If it does happen to hit something at a far range, it can do damage. But the question is IF. "Can you say RNG" Why WG won't admit to not having, ( as they continiue to say: "we're being accurate according to history" which is obviously not accurate. (maybe it's because they are Russian and won't admit to the fact the US Navy was superior compared to, oh, I don't know, everybody else) maybe, WG wants to alter facts to level the playing field. Must I regress (COLORADO HAD TORPS) So, when playing RANKS, Colorado has a disavantage simply becaus WG doesn't want to admit the US had superior fire power. But, ..... it is what it is.
  8. LoneStormchaser


    When you shoot a salvo and you know it's gonna hit. Only to have nonre of your shots land. ... wth ... Please .. dont tell me to show a vid replay .. the game suks. If I was a 60 + WR mt shots would land. but I am not ... so they don't ... NO MOR $
  9. LoneStormchaser

    Negative Karma

    Thanks . I doubt that would do any good. Their MM is so bad ... they seem (SEEM) to cater to a certain level of a player base. I can't really blame them .. it is a "FREE TO PLAY" game .. where their only source of income is based on players throwing their money out. Match Maker will never be adressed .. War Gaming will always give us players an "update" or "improvements" to like the CV play. But they won't address Match Maker. In fact. they won't even comment on it. Regardless. I hope the people involved in War Gaming don't set their retirement on the game. History says : It ain't gonna happen.
  10. LoneStormchaser

    Negative Karma

    Can I give a -1 Karma to War Gaming? Seriously ... Instead of having the ability to cast a karma vote to a player ... whom I don't know ... have no idea how they play ... Can I cast a vote +1 or -1 towards WG? I really wonder .. sometimes .. I really wonder.
  11. LoneStormchaser

    Captain skills after 8.0

    Not sure if this is correct especially with the remake of the AA and the ability for Defense against it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXlfF4g9WXA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnUX-yYpevc
  12. LoneStormchaser

    Myogi ruined my day

    It can't be all bad. I rammed my bow into its port side and it survived while my T6 Arizona sunk.
  13. Like any other on-line games, there are minimum requirements needed to play. One of those requirements is an internet connection. Now War Gaming doesn't state that your internet connection needs to be stable but I am pretty sure, having played online games since the early 90's, that's an "unwritten requirement" and a necessary piece of equipment. When a player, who has an unstable internet, it can and usually ends up, becoming a detriment to the other players playing. No matter what your role is during a "Raid" "Quest" "Battle" and other players will be depending on you to fulfill your role, then it should be up to that player to make sure their equipment is up to par. If it is not, as it is in your case, WG has at least, provided a way for you to play the game. Example: Co-Op. In many, many other online games, you just would not be able to play. I hope you get it fixed.
  14. LoneStormchaser

    Dumb co-op questions...

    You do realize, if WG fixed the coding, which would make Co Op more challenging, there would be an uproar greater than before. Not that it would welcomed by players who really enjoy playing Co-Op. (when a vast number of players are well over 90% win-rate in Co-Op, some may not want a change, but increasing the challenge would be nice) The issue with this would be what can be earned. These levels would need be increased. Making Co-Op harder might gain some respect from some players but also as well as WG when setting Mission goals needed to obtain.
  15. LoneStormchaser

    Eagle v Sharks????

    Why pick on the player? You are better than this. Personally, go Shark seems like the better choice.