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  1. I have been having fun in my New Mexico lately i think i have her up to a 71 AA rating edit: i haven't got manual AA yet but I plan to.
  2. no I only have Quarters :P
  3. there you go :3 "see a penny pick it up and all day long you will have good luck"
  4. it is impressive that there were only what like 3 animators for the 1st volume I know the Red trailer was done solely by Monty himself (animation wise) then after that it was the 3 until vol 2
  5. Yousei Teikoku and Baby Metal .... they are more of metal but hey rock is rock :P
  6. I think i remember seeing this a long while back when i found out about WoWS (if i'm remembering correctly)
  7. xD love the image *proceeds to save image into collection*
  8. MM doesn't seem too bad not too many AA ships, but then again i play with that tier all the time so i know what to do. at least there where 3 DDs they could have dealt with so long as they are a bit isolated and they would have to wait until later in the game before engaging anyone else. (I spend too much time in my Independence) .
  9. i can only use 1360 x 768 because i have a potato laptop and i don't even have a graphics card lol
  10. i have noticed when your clicking somewhere say like the water your planes instead of going to that point just decide to patrol one of your friendly ships or you which is very annoying >_<
  11. the generally perceived OP biases of this game is the USSR branch
  12. same here
  13. ghost in the shell (kinda meh or so i hear) or Death Note (good but not great), although i don't watch movies too much so idk any other movies that have come out.
  14. ok i think this is enough for tonight xD