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  1. I hope ruby gets more development (white rose ftw)
  2. off the top of my head... 91 days shimoneta (full title: Shimoneta to ru gainen ga sozai shinai taikutsu na sekai) flip flappers joker game Izetta the last witch Yamata-kun and the 7 witches daily lives of high school boys new game chuunibyou Nisekoi
  3. are you hyped for vol 5 of RWBY xD !!!!!! I still have the weiss trailer song stuck in my head :P
  4. lol we love our poi don't we xD and that niko niko ni would get very annoying >_<
  5. yaaayyy more updates :P
  6. thanks i love them keep up the good work :D
  7. i would like to expand this idea ... how about when you are detecting someone through smoke it shows up as a red dot that is either small (for DDs) Medium (for CA/CL) and Large (for BB and CV) so that you cant exactly determine which way they are facing
  8. I usually play with USN CVs only because it offers a great challenge and I may be some sort of masochist (mostly love the challenge) edit: I'm still climbing the tree though just got Essex and having to go trough the usual growing pains (you know having to retrain capt and buy all the upgrades)
  9. OMG I don't know why I found the USB gif so funny xD
  10. Ah i see, lol and sorry for the late reply I didn't notice
  11. my wave 3 vote went to Yuudachi of course :P
  12. I have always had a good ability to judge what lead to give to targets on most games but i think the game that really helped me was Sniper Elite 1-3 havent played the 4th one yet :/
  13. for the icons and ship previews are you going to switch independence from Big E to someone else and put her portrait for well big E?
  14. I have said this before but every AA aura planes cross into should decrease accuracy of the bombers by a % like 1st long range AA gives a -10% accuracy 2nd med range AA gives a -15% accuracy stacks with 1st 3rd close range AA gives a -22% accuracy stacks with 1st and 2nd with a total of -50% accuracy decrease. Defensive Fire (DF) gives a -100% accuracy decrease which stacks with the other debuffs (along with its other benefits). I would also like to add that long range AA should get a splash dmg so it can hit stacked squadrons and by default players should be able to take control of which ever AA is their highest caliber (if they wish to). Defensive fire should be toggle instead of consumable which gives the benefits of DF but reduces secondary and main gun reload by -100%, and the premium DF should get the same but with -40% reload. also DF toggle will get a cooldown before you can change between the modes say like a 40 sec coodown.
  15. here is some more Yousei Teikoku