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  1. A few weeks ago I made an aggressive mid-zone blitz where I sensed a tactical advantage to be gained. The team was doing well to stand up the enemies on our flanks so, considering the mid-position where I had spawned, my speed and realistic positioning options, I sensed that jamming up the enemies around the middle, like a middle linebacker, would best serve to support our team overall in a decisive way. I was playing PEF for reasons and I encouraged a nearby teammate in chat, who was playing New Orleans, to follow me to get a bit more DPM into the mid-zone. I traded/died quicker than I typically do but we put the enemies back on their heals, ensuring the roflstomp win for our team. The funny part of this or the punchline is that the guy playing the New Orleans said to me in chat 'the way you play scares me'. I explained to him the calculated trade I had just made, and hopefully he learned something from it. I do believe a lot of newer players indeed succumb to the instinctual flight or fight response even though it's just a video game. I believe for many players a big part of getting good is learning to recognize that stress response and learning to cage their monkey mind. When we fail to do this is when we make dumb choices in the heat of the moment.
  2. MrKilmister

    T9 Ranked Jutland Captain Skills

    TAE is a waste of 3 skill points in this situation specifically and in general; SE is clearly better. In general, RL/RPF is particularly valuable in all ranked variants or competitive modes broadly speaking. IFHE is debatable; consider how often you'll face enemy DDs who will angle to your shots while you need to pen them but can't with your 113mm HE without it or your AP.
  3. MrKilmister

    Making the PEF not suck

    Spec secondary a build with 17 pt. or higher captain, learn to use your rudder to manage your angles (gun and armor), learn to kite when/where appropriate, devastate and chunk CLs, CAs, DDs, CVs and BBs (even T8s, chew slowly with secondaries, upper belt and superstructure hits while kiting angles away).
  4. MrKilmister

    Neptunes and Minotaurs completely gone

    I'd ask why play Kitakaze, or Harugumo when you can play Ship-X but I don't want to give away what that is before more people figure it out.
  5. Yeah no, screw that. I remember that version. It's vastly better now, especially with the correctly specced 19 pt cpt, modules and full upgrades, engine boost mod, etc. Most players underestimate that boat now. Bad first impressions become reputations that persist, right or wrong. I've found something else in this DD; I even have a Solo Warrior from an Oggy battle. Edit to add for clarification: There was a time when Oggy turrets were made of paper which was corrected/buffed out a few years ago. I've never lost an Ognevoi turret in it's current form.
  6. I see more potential pinked Sims players incoming. I believe a separate/own slot for Udaloi but yeah that power, I hear you. That's going to be wicked. On the other hand, as one of the those Ogenvoi loving weirdoes (played 233 times just because I wanted to), that buff to Oggy is interesting. //These are unusual times with the incoming CV and AA rework which makes it much more difficult to judge these buffs compared to the usual situation we're accustomed to.
  7. MrKilmister

    PSA - Some Buffs Coming

    Even though they're quite different from one another, but ironically successively in the same tech tree ship branch, I've enjoyed Ogenvoi (233 battles) and Udaloi at lot. Now that I've promoted that captain to Grozovoi, I need to train up a pair of skilled captains to backfill those two boats. //Everything is contingent on how CVs, and AA get balanced out and where the subsequent meta lands. Until that happens nothing is certain about what I'll do going forward. WG has moved toward much great transparency but I think they still haven't caught onto the value of maintaining a certain level of certainty for the player base looking forward.
  8. MrKilmister

    Buffs coming soon!

    Whoa YEAH! Mah Botes!
  9. MrKilmister

    For the Memes! 6 Harugumos in a Clan Battle

    Plus Daring is just all around better.
  10. MrKilmister

    MM vs 99.7% Loss Probability

    Oh really? Pef... (yes I'm coining a new expression of spent exasperation right here and right now, take note Merriam-Webster!) You can call me Sunshine but not even my sun can shine through this! Pef... https://replayswows.com/replay/39898#stats https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3764336432,Prinz-Eitel-Friedrich/?order=max_frags__desc#leaderboard
  11. MrKilmister

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    The CCs got accustomed to an OP, if not broken, ship which was subsequently nerfed to balance and they didn't like how it felt. Feeding group-think or confirmation bias, a few CCs let their discontent be widely which became the dominate narrative that PEF sucks or its garbage. I earned PEF for free and I've played it 36 times solo random in a time period of barely more than 24 hours. I'm nearly done with the last of five missions for 2000 steel. It's no beast but PEF does not suck. If it in fact did suck, I would not have been able to the things I've done with that ship.
  12. The weight my agreement with that generalization leans heavily toward the last part.
  13. Nice rant, that's all this is about. Not useful.