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  1. MrKilmister

    Buff Monty Guns

    That already exists. It's the Enhanced Damage Control System in slot 5, AKA, Montana Legendary Mod. along with William Halsey's Expert Marksman. I'd sooner argue that Gearing is due for a maneuverability buff to both rudder shift and max speed (or at least acceleration) so that handling isn't so sluggish compared to T9 Fletcher.
  2. MrKilmister

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    Tough luck. If you can't close the deal don't expect me or anyone else to wait for you. If we did wait, we would be wasting our time and chance. I expect no different in how this applies to me, nor should you.
  3. MrKilmister

    Haida, well its garbage now

    Whenever I see thread titles like this it always makes me think of the movie scene. May be NSFW.
  4. MrKilmister

    Car on Bourgogne's Deck

    A 1942 VW Type 82 Kübelwagen - Kriegsmarine would be more appropriate.
  5. MrKilmister

    Amagi is virtually invisible!

    Change thread title to 'Amagi is virtually invisible!'
  6. MrKilmister

    ping WG Montecuccoli first impressions not good

    Got this rewards--or whatever its called--when I opened some crates this morning. Thanks, but I couldn't be less interested.
  7. What's the matter, you don't have your own basement?
  8. MrKilmister

    Time for tier 11?

    You beat me to it.
  9. Apparently my stated position on this topic has triggered someone. That's fine. As I said before, WG can nerf MY Smolensk. I don't need the crutch. Maybe others do?
  10. Six months, more or less, is forever? Luckily for you then, if that to you is forever, you may be in for one hell of a long lifetime.
  11. I got Smolensk around the first week it was released because coal is easy. I haven't been able to bring myself to play it once so far. The more I see the firmer my position about this issue becomes. WG can nerf my Smolensk to the ground for all I care because apparently I actually care more about the balance of WoWS than they do. WG can prove me wrong about that anytime. How about today?
  12. MrKilmister

    Weird Spotting Bug

    I wonder, has there been any indication that with this bug you're actually still spotting for your team from your last position, not just simply continuing to collect ribbons without helping your team?
  13. MrKilmister

    Overpen should cause flooding

    I read this and wonder how you don't understand his answer.
  14. MrKilmister

    Overpen should cause flooding

    As examples, Yamato and Musashi had 1,147 watertight compartments, of which 1,065 were beneath the armored deck.
  15. MrKilmister

    Because I was asked:

    Good summary. //Blazing Saddles references will always get my thumbs up.