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  1. MrKilmister

    Player Stats.. what they tell you and what they DON"T

    It's a matter of perspective. Am I a 51.25% WR player or 71% WR player? Or... https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1021452246,MrKilmister/?type=all Am I a 62/63% WR player? https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1035598856,Carlos_DNGR/?type=all
  2. MrKilmister

    USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

    USS Fletcher, Black, Kidd and Erben, AKA, Chung Mu are calling...
  3. None, but it's all a matter of perspective.
  4. MrKilmister

    Community Discussion: Is RPF really healthy for the game?

    No, this video isn't enough to convince me that RPF is bad for the game.
  5. MrKilmister

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    Here's a desire or one idea I have: I'd like to earn the privilege, by playing the game, to play the ships and captains I already have on my main account--premiums ships, Leg Mods, etc included--across to other servers (NA, EU, SEA, Russia), without starting over entirely with new accounts. I see this as being incorporated into rewards system that is also cosmetic but making it more than merely cosmetic. 1. It's a form of content multiplier. 2. It's a desirable value add; PROVIDING SOMETHING NEW. 3. It doesn't break game balance.
  6. MrKilmister

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    NTC needs to be a win, win for all stakeholders. WG needs a longer range plan as as WoWS matures. They need a content multiplier that keeps players coming to the game and continually engaged with game to generate a profitable revenue stream into the future, as additional tech tree and premium ship possibilities wind down and are exhausted. The first half of the NTC concept is fundamentally a good start toward the objective of creating a profitable content multiplier that keeps players coming to the game and continually engaged with game longer term. The key to great success or spectacular failure lies in the rewards that NTC provides to the player base while reinforcing or effectively turbocharging the desired outcome for WG without breaking the game itself. For that to happen the rewards need to provide added value to players in the form of things they desire, without breaking game balance. The opportunity, the linchpin or keystone, of it all is identifying things players want, that WG isn't already providing, without giving away the the store, so to speak. What might that be, players? I have one idea, more to come.
  7. MrKilmister

    Dev Livestream

    I have little doubt they're going through with it.
  8. MrKilmister

    While you were sleeping - SURPRISE!

    Try hard or Boomer hard?
  9. MrKilmister

    While you were sleeping - SURPRISE!

    No, this is Pay to Try.
  10. MrKilmister

    Boomers vs Try Hard

    Troll harder.
  11. MrKilmister

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    So I gathering that it's a unanimous opinion here that this idea is pure genius?
  12. MrKilmister

    Ranked Sprint?

    WG politely scheduled the start time for after I've had my coffee and breakfast, as I'm living the California dream. Thank you, WG.