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  1. Filthy Roma

    Roma gun accuracy is bottom level but she tanks damage like something between a sponge and a black hole. So far my albeit tiny sample size had yielded a 75% WR and survival rate. When I've been sunk it was because the rest of my team was gone or I made an aggressive push into the reds to seal the win; tanking focused fire while my teammates were freed to finish off the reds. P.S. I find it's best to use the spotter plane over the fighter. By firing from longer range I was able to plunge fire just enough to finish off a GK by aiming for center mass on the superstructure. I citadelled a RN cruiser in smoke and nuked a NO playing peekaboo behind a rocky outcropping. On the flip side, Roma is made for aggressive close range fighting. Roma secondaries can be configured to be useful for when it makes sense to get closer. Roma was able to win me a Close Quarters Expert kill in my first battle.
  2. Nerf Mushashi now

    Nerf all of your ships that aren't also mine.
  3. PETITION: remodel the yamato.

    I'd like to see Fletcher's currently undersized anchor scaled up to correct proportions, as the anchors are on Kidd, Chung Mu and presumably on Black.
  4. Duke of York: inperspective

    Yeah, and? I leveled up to Conqueror months ago. I still have and play KGV and Lion
  5. Duke of York: inperspective

    Well, what are you waiting for? http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Duke_of_York http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:King_George_V
  6. Duke of York: inperspective

    That's what we have Mi$$ouri for.
  7. And it just happened again. The ship did not return to port after the battle was over and I had to use task manger to shut down the game by force to restart.

    Though I do have Hood, I don't care if it ever happens. I only point out the facts of DoY's rounded inferiority to KGV.
  9. Duke of York: inperspective

    Sample sizes and context, such as mainly what kind of players are playing the ship, matter.

    To be clear, KGV is earned. DoY can be purchased or earned.

    There's a massive difference in sample sizes with regard to T7 BB stats to be considered in the matter of which ships are OP and to what extent. Is it the ships themselves that over-performing or the people playing them? Should Nelson also therefore be nerfed? Nerfing KGV's specs. to match DoY's would go beyond ROF though it would indeed fit WG's tendency to most often use a sledgehammer before tweezers and scalpel when making balance adjustments.
  12. Or already have earned Missouri and Yamato (W permanent type 20 camo)...
  13. Excited to acquire DoY- but Y?

    Yes, please do. "Suggested nicknames: Duck of York, Puke of York, Duke of Yuck, Dookie of York & Dork of York. Mix and match to your heart's content!"
  14. That's nice. I've got 713K free XP today but inclinations are about whether or not to get Musashi remain unmoved. It's really just a matter of the baked in awkward nature or situation of how that particular ship and it's T10 sister fits in the game.