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  1. You've perfectly described the predicament I expected the change would create. It's seems to me the cool-down nerf makes Conqueror more vulnerable to getting focused down. How that encourages less passive play is... well, it doesn't. Seems obvious to me anyway.
  2. Yep. 1989 per second - roughly the equivalent of 2.5 x HP one Repair Party charge for Montana. Plus that massive amount of repair is completed in roughly just 70% of the duration of Montana's Repair Party. They nerfed the recharge/cool-down rate, which was a mistake, IMO. Instead, I think they should have normalized the Repair Party active time and substantially nerfed the mount of HP restored per second. I've had Conqueror for about 2 weeks and I've played her maybe 5 times - too busy earning and learning other new ships.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I second this. ^^
  5. Clearly they had a good handle on situational awareness - Yes, that's a hint.
  6. This again brings to mind my question of whether the community would more value or appreciate greater emphasis on fresh maps in exchange for a reduction in frequency of new ships coming out.
  7. Now more than ever, if you want to sink Conqueror, you and your team must focus it down between repair party charges, if or whenever they're detected. This is why Khab and Conq in a division can be a super-powerful complimentary pair. Compared to Montana, Conq's repair party restores nearly 2.5 x HP and does it roughly 30% faster. For better balance, I still believe they should have nerfed HP restored per second rather than nerf the repair party recharge/cool-down rate. Montana's HE fire chance is 36%. GK's fire chance is 38% and Yamato's is 35% If you were to nerf Conqueror's HE fire chance percentage then down to how much - 42%, 40%, 38%?
  8. First and lowest tier ship I ever bought permanent premium camo for. I keep her in my port, play her on occasions when I feel like something simpler and wait for that day...
  9. Totally Kagero driver's fault, clearly. On a side note, I wish WG would assign an F key that allows us to warn our teammates when we've launched torpedoes. It's seems to me a significant oversight that WG hasn't thought of and implemented this already. I can give two real or anecdotal examples of circumstances where this could have been helpful for me and my team, both involving torps I launched from my Ibuki. One example was where I launched to try to help deny a zone or lane to red ships. Then a green Khab - which we know move extremely fast - unpredictably changed course and sped into my launch path, taking one torp hit - which luckly didn't take them out. The second example was when I launched toward a point where a red cruiser playing peekaboo behind an island. There was a friendly Edinburgh or Neptune somewhat forward of my position also trying to dislodge the red cruiser. When I launched, the green cruiser seemed to be headed around the other side of the island to flush the red cruiser out and was well outside of my torp spread - then he turned to the opposite direction! As we know RN cruisers are fast and freakishly don't lose speed when they turn. Seeing this, I spammed warnings in chat to my friendly as quickly as I could. I don't know if he saw the warnings but he couldn't manage to dodge one of my torps - again because of how much speed he carried through his evasive turn. Fortunately again in that case, it didn't sink him and the battle was almost over.
  10. When I've run Cleveland - there's something about the reliability and simplicity of this ship that's refreshing to come back to occasionally - I've had her set up primarily for the anti-ship role. Even so, her AA is adequate for the occasional CVs in the mix - especially if you have an 17 to 19 pt captain assigned to her.
  11. I definitely agree with the initial statement and most strongly agree with strikes 1 and 3. Regarding strike 2, most cruisers shouldn't be heading to the rocks; however, for those squishier units like Baltimore and DM using rock armor is often essential. Finding good positioning that also allows those to also have good firing angles is a complicated skill to learn all to itself. I've considered setting up training room again just for the purpose of intensively scouting and memorizing the terrain and good positions on relevant maps where I can gain useful protection while still being able to have useful gun firing angles/lanes.
  12. A 790 m turning radius with 15s rudder shift - without Steering Gears Mod. 2 - is slow and lacking in maneuverability to you? DCP Mod. 2 was an easy choice for me.
  13. The two RN BBs I've kept and equipped with permanent premium camo are KGV and Conqueror.
  14. Just brought mine out for the first time in ages - instantly reminded how horribly sluggish (speed and rudder) she is. For me, that's her biggest drawback, particularly since MM most often sends her into matches where she's middle or bottom tier. Because I'm about to earn my Minotaur, Atalanta came to mind and so I decided to take her out for a few. I would have better spent my time just finishing off leveling up to Mino.