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  1. I'm a product/industrial designer so details and 3D CAD modeling is huge part of what I do so I kind of have a keen eye and high standards for stuff like that. Although they use polygon mesh based 3D modeling programs for the ships in this game, movies, etc., which is different from what I use in my job, I think it would be fun to model some of the ships in this game.
  2. Damn, that's quite the hatchet job they did with that. That Frankencruiser looks like an agglomeration of an Iowa class bridge and mast/tower, oversize Iowa guns and a IJN cruiser-ish bow/stem line.
  3. That's a real knee slapper there, Cletus. Never heard that joke/straw man before... ever. Nope. //The smoke change sounds excellent.
  4. Considering the description of prescribed change to IFHE and how much it costs as a 4 pt skill, I can see the skill becoming practically extinct as far as how many players will use it. I also suspect a Concealment Expert nerf will happen within the next six months.
  5. It's a very nice upgrade but I do agree with your critique, those slight tweaks would definitely make the whole much better.
  6. LOL... The man doesn't even have a mobile phone, let alone a computer.
  7. Shiny object... must chase.
  8. Huh... I see that you're from Windsor. Coincidentally, my 96 year old grandfather, a WWII vet, lives in Windsor.
  9. I like Rao's too, when I don't have time to make my own. (half Sicilian ancestry - Racalmutesi)
  10. I've popped up to over 100 million a few times but the amount tends to ebb and flow between the 30s and and 80s. I'm down to around 30 million right now because I've been fairly aggressively working up a few different line lately... and I haven't played U$$ MOney for a while.
  11. Yes, I've heard this too. Thanks. @ Usedcarjock: Alabama plays very much like North Carolina. Most simply put, Alabama is basically like a deluxe North Carolina. I wonder what your sample size is. I suspect as you play AL more your stats with her will rise and eventually plateau at a level at least equal to or better than your stats with NC. That's how it went for me.
  12. Having both, if I had to go back chose between the two, I get Alabama without a doubt.
  13. I got that 30% disco coupon last week. Yesterday I got a Yo Lang offer with 5% disco.
  14. If you ever see me listed on the other team, please believe what you see with 100% certitude. If you're on my team, please go cover the opposite flank.
  15. Arizona and Warspite memories triggered.