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  1. The new tier X special upgrades

    Mainly, you're reading that backwards. +10% to rudder shift time is the exact opposite of +10% to rudder shift speed, which is how you're mistakenly reading it. Your detection range also increases 5%, not what I would call losing 5% detection range. More of an awkward choice of words in that case I suspect.
  2. That's a 100% you problem.
  3. Torpedo Ricochet?

    What? You saw the rendered direction of the torpedo moving through water change after deflecting? No.
  4. Why? 1. It's up to the DD with loaded torps not to launch where their friendlies may go into your launch path, regardless of whether torpedo reload booster is involved. 2. DWT don't affect any DDs, regardless of whether the other DDs in question also have DWT or not.
  5. Depressed

    Learning the extra hard way, I see. If I were you, judging by stats and in terms of the number of battles played at this point, I would diversify the kinds of ships I'm playing radically. Play more cruiser and way, way more DDs. That variety will give you a much broader and deeper view of the game and sharpen your skills all around. Sticking so firmly to being a BB main for so long is detrimental to your progress. BTW, if you're wondering about my supposed stats displayed below, it's a Photoshop joke, largely inspired by how rotten I was when I started playing this game nearly 2 years ago No, I was never that bad but I used to be a BB main like you. Now the ship general type I'm best at is DDs (USN, PA, German, Soviet--some IJN, RN and French) but I'm now much better at all types overall.
  6. Looks fine to me. Just add the 6th slot accuracy module.
  7. Radio Location captain skill. If you're being "Located" 20 seconds out of spawn don't worry about it. You're essentially indistinguishable from the blob, meaning you and your teammates in close proximity to you. RL become more powerful as the battle goes on, when there are fewer ships remaining on the map and everyone is more spread out. That's why RL is a more potent skill in 7 vs. 7 ranked battles.
  8. This isn't checkers. As long as I keep playing there's something for me to learn. Considering new ships and new details or aspects are introduced essentially on a month to month basis, thus the meta gradually shifts, there is and will always be learning to do for everyone who plays.
  9. I think they all should be potentially earn-able .
  10. Perhaps Cleveland needs a transporter/teleportation consumable, not radar.
  11. Should War Gaming do a name purge ?

    Meh... What's in a name? Although I was amused once when some dumb dumb gave me some carp about my IGN and not being able to spell, without considering the possibility that LemmyKilmister, LemmeKillmister, lemmekillmister and other variations were already claimed by others. At the time I didn't care all that much because I tried the game out on a lark, wasn't certain I'd like the game and didn't know whether I would stick with it.
  12. time needed to grind to baltimore

    How much do you bench press? How fast can you run a mile?
  13. The new tier X special upgrades

    Not with 0.7.5. I suspect more likely 0.7.7
  14. How To Get Out Of A Slump?

    Getting stuck in a WR gutter happens. It has happened to me while my play has continued to improve. How do I know? By my stats in general and because how frequently I'm the only one on my team who gets a kill or the most kills and how often I end up first or second on my teams for earned base XP playing DDs. For example, on Sunday during a six match losing streak, four times I had the best or second best base XP on my teams all while playing DDs. Two out of four of my most recent Kraken's were for losses - one playing Gearing and the other playing Musashi.
  15. Ship replacement rules summary

    Ha, I've already got 48 vacant port slots as it is!