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  1. Muninn77

    Balanced? Even?

    They would literally be waiting for hours, if not days. The Mikasa is rare enough on it's own, but it's also trash at a tier where there isn't enough of a reward to make taking a sub-par premium out to grind credits or EXP. If you were complaining about a new player encountering a seal clubbing division, yeah, I could get behind that. But the MM did the best it could in this situation, and a Mikasa isn't a good enough ship to cry foul over. Blame whoever was playing it instead.
  2. Muninn77

    premium camo for regular line ships

    As of me posting posting this, you have 12,594 battles played, according to the stats under your name. And as other people have said, permanent camouflage is on offer for most tech tree ships from tier 6 and up. You can buy them for dubloons. Or, if you're talking about camouflage that changes the model of the ship, there are a smattering of those across most of the tiers, but those tend to be limited time offers.
  3. Muninn77

    Nerf HE already

    1: Light cruisers and DDs are considered some of the hardest ships to play, you know. But even if you discount all the other skills needed, to say they don't need to aim is not true, unless they are facing a French BB. Large sections of most battleships are immune to HE fire, so you have to aim against them well in order to do more than rack up shatters, and that's not even accounting for the shell flight times at the ranges that are safe for the CLs. 2: Even leaving aside how hard it is to hit with torpedoes at longer, safer ranges, most DDs that focus on HE spam don't have torpedoes that are all that inviting to use. And most of those can't penetrate more than 28MM of armor anyways, so battleships are not taking super large amounts of damage from thier guns anyways. (The IJN 100MM boats are an exception that I do believe need to be looked at.) As for cruisers... well, I'd like to hear what light cruisers have good enough torpedoes to make up for nerfed HE. I can think of only one, and that's a rare premium that is performing near the middle of the pack right now. 3: That is not something the overwhelming majority like about WoT. Quite the opposite. And personally, if any ship was outright immune to any other, I probably would have quit long ago. Ships should have advantages against others, sure, but you should never simply be unable to do damage, no matter how badly a ship misplays. 4: As I said above, armor is still a major player in how good a ship is, even against HE. Just look at the French BBs (where armor that is vulnerable to HE is a key weakness) vs the Russian BBs (where increased armor defense against small caliber HE is a key strength.)
  4. Keep in mind, guys, it's very unlikely that these particular changes will be anything like what we eventually get. These are wacky, extreme scenarios that throw balance out the window to collect data. Any changes that get to the live server will likely be much more subtle, but be based on the data collected. Heck, they might not even make changes. (I hope they do, though. I consider spotting to be the third biggest problem with the rework, after the binary nature of AA defense and the lack of communication from WG.) In the meantime, though, I'll actually play on the test server to observe some of the hilarious outcomes this will produce. 9:59 minutes into the game: "Hmm... been flying around for a bit, and I haven't seen anything over here." 10:00 minutes into the game: "Oh, I was directly over a Minotaur and Wooster with thier AA off. I guess I'll just die."
  5. Muninn77

    Thoughts on Somers (Upcoming USN Tier X DD)

    Pretty much. The Gearing really is not much of a gunboat anymore, only beating the Shima, but it is a great torpedo boat, only losing to the Shima, and it looks like Somers doubles down on that. The torps may not hit as hard as the IJN ones, but because they are quadruple mounts instead of quintuple, the reload should be better. Probably closer to the Z-52 reload time, with better warheads.
  6. Muninn77

    CV Autopilot - Inconsistent

    How is it that we had very few autopilot complaint threads before they announced they were fixing it, and at least one daily after they announced they were fixing it? I don't know, that seems a bit backwards to me.
  7. Yeah, I don't use mods like that because the overall winrate of a team wouldn't really change how I play. I always assume my team is all patatos and the enemy team is all unicums. My winrate has been rising ever since I started doing that. The only reason I would want to know the winrate of a player mid match is to shoot back at those players who try to tell everyone what to do and get salty when people ignore them, but are almost always bad players. But in that case, ignoring them and dragging them to victory is the more powerful and fun counter argument, so why bother with winrates?
  8. Muninn77

    Elite Captian Retraining? Why?

    Even if you don't have a premium ship to use to retrain him (because even during retraining, skills work at 100% on premiums all the time), if you've had that 19 pointer for a while, you should have lots of elite commander EXP floating around. You can pump that into the captain to get him fully trained on the Fletcher immediately.
  9. Muninn77


    Yeah, permanent camo starts at tier six, but unless you really like the ship and want to use her to farm elite and commander EXP, I don't reccomend it. The biggest reason to use the permanent camo is to reduce service costs in the higher tiers, and until tiers nine and ten (and eight if you play mostly co-op), service costs are not really too bad.
  10. Muninn77

    detectability-visibility mechanics in cyclone

    You're mixing up spotting range and detection range. What a smoke screen does is reduce your detection range to zero, (the assured detection range of two kilometers is unchanged) untill you fire your guns, at which point your detection range blooms up to whatever the value is for your ship. Radar and hydro basically extend the assured detection range of the ship using them for the duration, with a slight tweak for radar. What a cyclone does is reduce your ship's spotting range to 8KM. The spotting range of a ship is basically how far the ship can see, and is biggest for BBs and smallest for DDs. Importantly, even if you are within a ships detection radius, you can't spot them if you can't see that far. For example, if ship A is detectable from 15KM out, but ship B can only see 13KM out, ship A won't be detected by ship B until it gets within 13KM, and ship A won't even render on the screen more than 13KM out, even if something else is spotting it. Essentially, a smokescreen is a buff to a ship's stealth, while cyclones are a nerf to all ship's vision range. While both make things harder to see, they do it in very different ways.
  11. Muninn77

    Premium Ship Review #102: Monaghan

    What nerf are you talking about? Monaghan has always had two guns in her B-hull configuration, that hasn't changed.
  12. Muninn77

    Total Mystery to me.

    How to tell is someone isn't worth listening to, part one: 1. Blatantly misrepresents facts. (Alaska is not considered a BB in this game, it is classed as a criuser.) 2. Cherry picks examples. (the Khab is one of very few DDs that can take those hits and sail on, considering it's armor and repair party.) 3. Blames a group of players with derogatory terms like "DD mafia" or "BBabies." How to tell if someone isn't worth listening to, part 2: When someone runs the math and points out that what they said can only happen in extreme edge cases, then asks for more information, the person in question gets hostile, refuses to actually provide details, and puts words in the other person's mouth.
  13. Muninn77

    Pobeda VERY OP

    The thing is, at the moment it's hard to get a grasp on how good it actually is, mostly because it's so new and rare that not many people know how to play against it. Basically, right now it's in the same position that ships like the Kii were in during testing. It was so easy to get torpedo hits in the Kii before it released, because nobody expected it to have torpedoes. When the Pobeda releases, and more people play with and against it, I expect it's power to fall a bit. Granted, considering how powerful "you can't manuver freely within my gun range is," it remains to be seen if it falls enough.
  14. Muninn77

    why wg like destroy cvs?

    Oh yeah, they never look at player feedback. (Just ignore things like the gun bloom changes being reverted soon, that "make torpedo bulges take 10% damage, them making Alabama and Massachusetts actually different, adding Enterprise to the game, among countless others.)
  15. I really don't get what you're talking about. If you don't like the overall playstyle of a tech tree ship, what makes you think the rest of the tech tree will be any different? Why would you put so much effort into making your first tier ten ship in a line you hated grinding out? And what exactly is preventing you from playing your Texas right now? It's a tier 5 premium, unless your AFK it's pretty much impossible to be unable to pay the service cost. Listen, the goal of the game is not to get to tier 10 the fastest, it's to get better as a player and have fun. If you really are dead set on playing the Shima, drop down to tier 7 or 8 for a bit, so you can learn how to play it under less stress, and without losing so much money.