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  1. Muninn77

    Fix Match Maker...this is stupid

    @FacePalming, check the first spoiler tab in this thread.
  2. Muninn77

    Odin Another Dockyard Whiff?

    Speed is one way to do that, but it's far from the only one. Vision control is the one I prefer. Look at Daring, for example. She is god-awful slow for a T10 DD, tied for worst base speed with the Halland, and Halland at least has a speed boost. But Daring still excels at setting up and winning those one on one knife fights simply because she's stealthy enough to catch people off guard. The Odin is the same way. You will have trouble on the approach, but her 12KM concealment is pretty workable if you combine it with islands, and once she does set up that one on one, the only BB at the tier that can pose a large threat in that situation is the Tirpitz. I'm not saying she's easy to play, quite the opposite. In my opinion, she's only slightly more powerful than the Tirpitz or Bismarck, while being a lot harder to make work. But for a guy like me, who lives both for close range fights and to abuse the concealment system? She's a perfect fit.
  3. Muninn77

    Odin Another Dockyard Whiff?

    I definitely think you aren't giving her enough credit. She pulled in a 52% winrate over the last week, compared to the Tirpiz and Bismark pulling in 49%. In the firepower section, you have it mostly, but you are overlooking a few very important facts. The first is that all of Odin's secondaries penetrate 32mm naturally, while the Bismarck and Tirpiz need IFHE for the 105s to do that, meaning the bulk of thier secondary DPM against same or higher tiered BBs is locked behind four skill points. In addition, Odin has better firing for the majority of her secondaries, so as long as you forget having both 150s on the same target, you can keep safely angled and have effective secondaries. At 20 degrees, you are in the autobounce zone, and have 263K DPM on target. In the defense section, you are honestly way off base. The Odin, along with her same tier sisters, has spectacular armor. She has a 60mm icebreaker on her bow, letting her bounce shots from even Yamato and the like if they aim too low, and her 50mm deck and 45mm armor sections foil the majority of HE that isn't from a BB. And a note that 45mm casemate: yes, that is weaker than on the Bismarck sisters, but the casemate on the isn't going to be foiling much, either. 45mm is still enough to auto-bounce everything in the game if angled, and you always want to be angled in Odin, or even the Bismarck sisters. The only time you shouldn't be angled is when you are doing a drive-by at close range. And Odin is better set up to stay angled thanks to the gun layout. So, while she does have technically worse armor than the other two T8 KM BBs, it is only be a small amount, and is just shy of the gold standard for the tier. However, she does have a very different playstyle than the Bismarck sisters. Her low health means she has to be very selective about picking fights. You need to find targets you can kill quickly, and then you use stealth and islands to fight them one on one. As long as you don't try to get the rear 150 and 305 on target, any other BB will have a terrible time trying to damage you, while your secondaries just eat through thier health, and torpedoes can serve as a finisher if you get the chance. Basically, while the Bismarck class is a kick down the door and tank the blows style of brawler, Odin needs to be played like a back alley mugger: find an isolated target, and sneak up on them to force a fight they can't win. EDIT: just saw that you mentioned the pen on the 105s. Sorry I somehow missed that.
  4. Muninn77

    the US BB line split

    What on earth are you babbling about? These ships are not done in any way, they haven't even begun testing yet. Or are you really so blind to how game development (or reality) works that you expect WG to be able to magically create perfect ships before live testing? There's a reason they are works IN PROGRESS.
  5. Muninn77

    Dockyard Mission Directives issue?

    @LowSpeed_US The way it works is that each stage of the dockyard has several mission. Two of them will give you dockyard tokens, while the rest give you credits, flags, what have you. Once you have competed a set amount of those missions, seven in the case of the first stage, you get one more token and the next stage opens up.
  6. Muninn77

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    That's my point. People don't consider the Thunderer OP because of the issues you mentioned, but will whine about the Slava that is even worse off in all those areas for frankly negligible and tiny benifits in other areas. It just goes to show that people tend not to look at the facts before yelling about bias.
  7. Muninn77

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    Okay, I'll bite. How does a ship with 25mm bow and stern plating and three charges of a normal heal have better survivability and armor than a ship with 32mm bow and stern plating and four charges of a improved heal?
  8. Muninn77

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    The reaction to Slava is the example of why "Russian bias" is just an overblown meme. Compared to Thunderer, the current form of Slava has better ballistics, less than 2K more AP alpha, 400 meters more range, slightly increased accuracy and less than 10K more health. Thunderer has better (deep breath) HE alpha, HE and AP DPM, stealth, armor, heal, rudder shift, turning circle, AA, and turret traverse. If Slava is basically just a worse Thunderer at this point, and Slava is "OP," why haven't I heard much about the Thunderer being OP. My bet is on the flags they fly.
  9. Muninn77

    American Cruisers...very bad DPM.

    If you think what WG is telling us about damage in all the resources listed above is incorrect, how about you tell us some specifics? Put your money where your mouth is and tell us what specifically is incorrect about the damage model as laid out. Because I've got over 5K battles and the handful of times I thought the game robbed me of damage, I did more research and found that there was a clear reason why I got the numbers I did. So if you want to be taken seriously at all, tell us what is wrong.
  10. Muninn77

    Daring's Unique Upgrade in 5th Slot?

    I think the thing most people are overlooking about the Daring's proposed unique mod is that it doesn't take away from the guns at all. You can still keep your blistering rate of fire and actually make the ship into a good torpedo boat as well in exchange for some concealment. The big problem I have with it is the fact that I can't swap between the two at will. I play Daring for the cap contesting, and this mod basically dumpsters the ability to do that. If I could swap at will, even if it was just to one set mod, I would be tempted, but right now? Not worth it.
  11. Muninn77

    Another Flammu vid. Real or hype?

    So, let me get this straight. Are you really asking if Flamu is building too much hype for a ship he calls "meh," or if said "meh" ship somehow renders all other nations moot? If not, what are you asking?
  12. Honestly, the dockyard is just (very nice) dressing on a progress bar. The actual process behind getting the Odin as compared to the PR is much different. The PR event was, bar none, the scummiest cash grab I have seen from a game that isn't some sort of mobile scam app. It was designed from the get go to pressure players into spending money as soon as possible with the ticking clock aspect. In addition, the fact that the first few directives were pretty easy was made to pressure even people who didn't want the PR into buying it so they "didn't lose thier progress." In contrast, the Odin event was clear from the get go, is a "earn bigger and bigger discounts" type event as opposed to the PRs "free or nothing." There is no ticking clock attached besides the one at the end of the event, so no math problems to find out how much money you need to spend. Its just so much better all around. Now only if WG would get rid of all loot boxes in the premium shop....
  13. Muninn77

    Can we get some combat signal crates!?

    Step one: go to premium shop and buy credits. (Or just play some profitable ships instead of wasting money that way.) Step two: go to armory and buy combat signals with credits or coal. Step three: there is no step three.
  14. Muninn77

    American Cruisers...very bad DPM.

    Post made four hours ago, poster last seen online four hours ago. Getting real sick of these hit and run posters. Anyways, can I just point out that everything everyone above me has posted are some of the first search results from putting "world of warships shell damage" into Google? Five seconds searching and a few minutes reading or watching would have saved you all that time.
  15. Muninn77

    What the heck is Pink?

    Okay, starting with your question about pink: It means the player has been warned about unsporting behavior. It can happen one of two ways: team damage, or being or going AFK. With team damage, it takes a bit to trigger it. Swapping paint thankfully won't do it, but carelessly fired torpedoes will easily do it. Never fire a torpedo if there is a chance a friendly will take it. Going AFK is exactly what it sounds like: leaving the battle early, never getting into it in the first place, or just never doing anything while the battle goes on. If you see a ship with zero base EXP at the end, they were AFK the whole game. This can happen due to internet problems, but there is no actual penalty attached to being pink, it's just a warning. Don't get too upset if that happens. If you continue to do that stuff while pink, however, the game will turn you orange and lock you into co-op for a while. And as for your second part, under battle type select there is an option for training room. You can create your own room and set it to private and do whatever you want with it. Be warned, the UI for setting one up is trash, so it might take a bit to figure it out.