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  1. A replay would help us figure out if this was a bug or just something you missed.
  2. Muninn77

    Vampire II

    I take it you don't know that Vampire II already has a better version built in? She's the same as Daring and the rest of the British DD line in that respect. Take her into a training room and test her for yourself if you don't believe me.
  3. Replay or it didn't happen.
  4. He didn't mention it because the tier does not matter. What matters is that CVs (of all tiers) are balanced around having twelve ships worth of AA in opposition. The problem being discussed is that when they are pitted against seven or fewer ships, thier unchanged hanger size against the decreased AA power means that they become much more influential in comparison. Thus, it comes down to CV against CV, and since short team battles are supposed to be the more competitive modes like clan battles and ranked, it makes those modes less appealing. This is true at any tier. Any short battle at any tier with CVs in play is less competitive for the majority of the ships in that game, and I don't think I need to explain why that is a bad thing. P.S: If you try to say I shouldn't chime in about this subject, you should probably stop quoting me. I'm gonna put in my two cents regardless, but then at least you aren't directly responsible for what you are complaining about.
  5. I don't agree with many CV complaints, but this one I could not agree more with. Coming, WG, it's an easy fix too. Just cut down the hanger size for smaller teams. It can't just be a one to one percentage ratio with smaller team sizes, but that would at least be a start.
  6. Muninn77

    Uh huh - Italian BB Tier V

    I think that you are missing that that would be one of, if not the most, dramatic changes that a single hull change would have in the game. It would basically be a different ship, with different armor, guns, gun layout, AA, maneuverability, everything. And unless they drastically nerfed it's capabilities from what it could do IRL, it really should be at tier 6. Besides, WG isn't gonna miss a chance to sell us a 1930s version at T6 down the line.
  7. Muninn77

    Uh huh - Italian BB Tier V

    She looks straight out of 1915 because she is straight out of 1915. Besides, we already have the most modern version of this ship class in the game, as the Giulio Cesare, and I'm sure I don't need to tell you why WG dosn't want to duplicate her performance.
  8. Muninn77

    SAP shells and how they work?

    SAP can citadel, but it's limited to ships that can be citadeled with HE. SAP is basically just HE with more damage and penetration at the cost of bounce angles, so that makes sense. In order to citadel with SAP, the ship you are shooting at has to have A: the citadel all the way up to the outer hull, and B: not have more citadel armor than the SAP has penetration. Those two conditions mean it's mostly low to mid tier cruisers that can be citadeled with SAP. Almost nothing at the higher tiers has the citadel right up against the hull like that.
  9. Muninn77

    Shikishima, French Secondaries

    I mean, French secondaries were absolutely worthless before, so nothing has changed there. On the other hand, I've been having an absolute blast with the German BBs and the new secondary skills.
  10. It's been months since the "order ships by last battle played" option in port has worked. Last I heard WG was working on it, but it's still not fixed. I've gotten very tired of having to mess with the port filters to find the current ship I'm grinding.
  11. Muninn77

    USS Black concealment

    Do you have "Fearless Brawler" on her? Remember, that increases detection by 5%.
  12. Muninn77

    Not sure I understand the new meta WG wants to push

    Well, this is one of the stupider topics I've seen in a while. Seriously, I could make the exact opposite argument. Let me give it a try... ahem: Close Quarters Expert: reduces the reload time of the battleship's main battery after an enemy has been spotted within the firing range of your ship's secondary battery. Heavy HE and SAP Shells: increases the damage of the cruiser's HE and SAP shells by 10%, but also increases the detectability of ships with a main battery caliber of 149 mm and above by 15%. Wow, so WG wants BBs to yolo in and die and cruisers to stay way in the back and just spam damage? Blah Blah WG bad. Why do you feel the need to cherry pick when there are other things that we should be discussing? Like WG greedy way of monetizing the new skills, or the ridiculous amount of EXP needed to get to the new skill cap?
  13. Muninn77

    Are Venezia guns simply pathetic?

    The reason people keep ignoring you asking about AP is because you spend the title of your post and the first three paragraphs complaining about the guns overall. It gives the impression that you have trouble with the guns themselves, not the AP. Besides, a ship that wants to fire her other ammo 99% of the time is a terrible choice to learn about cruiser AP in. Try the French line, those reward ammo choice more.
  14. You guys do know that you can just...not play ranked, right? If you hate it that much...just play randoms. That's what I did for every season up to this one.