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  1. 0.6.14 Bug Reporting

    I was just playing a game in my T-22, and right after I got spotted by another DD, the camera got stuck in one place and the map and my ship sailed off my screen. I could still fire my guns and everything, and when I put the ship in reverse, it sailed back on to the screen. I still had full control of the ship, the camera was just frozen in one spot. In addition, all of the timers, the smoke, the boost, all my weapons, were stuck partway through reload, but, as I said, i could still fire my guns. The mini-map was frozen as well, but it still kept track of when the red team was spotted. They would just show back up on the mini-map at the last known location. And then, after I quit the match, (I had no idea if i was even still floating at that point, I had gotten set on fire twice, but the hp it showed me having didn't move) I took a look at the replay. The camera still got stuck and everything, but everything else moved and reacted like normal. I have the replay, if anybody wants to take a look at it, just tell me a site to upload it at and I'll post a link here. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me, so I wonder is this a bug in the new patch, or a one in a million thing? Also, first time posting on the forum, so if my formatting is a bit funny, I apologize.