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  1. Fining for not causing ramming

    OP, you do realize that the other player got fined as well, right? Both players get fined because implementing a system that accurately determines fault would require several breakthroughs in programming and a TON of resources. Besides, in this case you lost less than a tenth of a percentage of your reward for the battle. Not really worth the fuss or a ticket. Accidental paint swapping happens. Most of the time, it's just annoying. I can only thing of three reasons to get upset about it: 1. The ships glitch out and get stuck on one another. 2. The other ship keeps ramming you on purpose. 3. The ram endangers you, such as pushing you out of smoke or into torpedoes. From how tiny the fine is, I know 1 and 2 didn't happen. If 3 did happen, and you feel it is on purpose, only then would I submit a ticket. Otherwise, let it go. These things happen in a game like this.
  2. Yep, that is the amount it would take to research the B-hull on the N. Carolina plus the base price for the Iowa. The B-hull is a prerequisite for researching the Iowa.
  3. Detection range Broken.

    What? Are you seriously asking WG to only let ships shoot at things they themselves have spotted? God no. That would rip out pretty much everything that defines how the game is played. Destroyers in particular would be almost completely invisible if they never fired their guns. Not to mention vision control is the single most important part of teamwork.
  4. Puka Puka Fleet

    Maybe actually look at the wargaming website before saying things like this? Of the two articles posted on the 13th, one was about the crossover, and the other was about the history of naval cameo in the USN. Considering you are ranting about a thing you can turn off in port and not have to deal with, you would still look like a fool. But not having one of your arguments shot down with 30 seconds of research would make you look slightly less foolish.
  5. Transaction Error? Any solution?

    My friend had this problem a while back. He had trouble even logging in, and attempting to select a skill on a captain would take up to a minute, and even then half the time he got a transaction error. Eventually, he found that the new driver on his motherboard was making it hard to connect to the server, for reasons that escape me. Maybe check that? Sorry I can't be of more help, I don't know much about computers myslef.
  6. Unique upgrades for tier 10 ships

    Most of these upgrades are balanced around replacing some other upgrades. They are supposed to offer a different playstyle than the normal ship, not just a flat better one. Besides, some of these would be staggeringly overpowered if they were in their own slot. For example the Gearing would have -25% detection range with the concealment and unique mods equipped. That would break game balance in half. Not to mention if you had to pay for that extra slot, the game would truly be pay to win.
  7. CaptnJack_6

    Well, I think the problem is sort of a culture shock going straight from the lower tiers to the higher ones. Cruiser armor really does not keep pace with the escalating offensive capabilities of all ships at higher tiers, so cruisers have to play more of a careful support role. They can still do great, but it takes a bit more effort and experience than a DD or BB at the same tier. In addition, people at tier 8 and up (myself included) tend to have played longer and are more looking for a good competition. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to play more casually and not as competitively, I'm just saying tier 8 isn't going to be as welcoming to that as the lower ones. And lastly, what cruiser did you pick up? Some of them only really work with a specific combination of skills or upgrades. If you want to continue playing it, I could try giving you some pointers.
  8.    LockDown chat ban

    Sorry, I was just keeping an eye on this thread to go with my popcorn, but I just wanted to say: Your family sounds awesome.
  9. Nevermind me, just a rage thread

    I feel you Lert. Sometimes I wonder how these people got to tier X. I was just on the other side of this. Battle lasted 6-7 minutes and only 6 ships died. 2 DDs on my team, and 4 BBs on theirs. We capped all three caps unopposed and they never even entered them. It's better than being on the other side, but still frustrating. Hope the rest of the day goes better.
  10. 1. I basically just farm the EXP to build up a stockpile. Keep in mind, you can't use that EXP to get a captain partway to a new point. If it requires 5,000 to get to the next point and you only have 4,000 in combined elite captain EXP and free EXP, you can't boost him at all. So build up a stockpile for the higher and stupidly expensive skill points or for retraining. 2. I'm not quite sure what you are asking here. The amount of points on a captain makes no direct difference on how much EXP is earned. Sure, a ship with 19 points is going to outdo a ship with zero and earn more EXP that way, but higher tier ships earn more raw EXP and so are better for farming. Plus with how different the Mass's ideal skills are compared to other USN BBs, you might need to respec the captain to make it work in the Colorado. 3. Having multiple different 19 pointers can drastically increase the rate you earn elite EXP, so it is worth it. Typically though, I use the EXP to get them over the hump to a new point, or if a ship really needs a specific skill, I use it to get that skill ASAP. Generally speaking, you should spend it on boosting ships you enjoy and play a bunch. Finally, you do know that premium ships like the Mass don't require retraining for captians, right? You could stick that captain on any other premium without a loss in skills. And if you are retraining the capital for a new tech tree ship, the skills still work at full strength while in a premium. (Though as I said, the Mass's secondary focus makes her a bit of a bad choice as a USN BB trainer.) Hope this helps!
  11. Some Jean Bart screenshots

    Anybody know if we'll see her in 7.8? I got my free EXP all ready for her.
  12. Hey Wargaming.....

    Right? It's extra puzzling since Fire Proof and Unsinkable are arguably harder to get than Dreadnought. Plus, Dreadnought is literally unobtainable for 90% of cruisers and destroyers. It just bugs me.
  13. Mean and not accurate

    To all you people saying team damage should be eliminated, would you rather have torpedoes with a 2099 era IFF system and a phasing device that lets them ghost through friendly ships, or magical pixie dust explosions that only hurt red ships? Because one removes removes the valid tactics of using reds as shields against reds as well as being so fantasy based to be unintuitive, while the other will see a spike in players blocking teammate shots and torps to deny them damage and kills, or just to troll. Just learn to watch your fire, and apologize for accidents.
  14. Taking the 2 point skill Adrenaline Rush and NOT putting Main Battery Mod 2 in slot 3. There really are no options for BBs below tier 9 to increase their base reload. AR is pretty much it.
  15. French Cruisers Tier VI to X changes in 07.8

    Well, the CM leads the tier 8 cruisers in winrate by almost a percentage point (52.62 vs 51.68 by Cleveland) and the SL is third in tier 9 with 52.63. (The Seattle has 53.72 in second. The Kronshtadt has 56.55, but it won't get nerfed because it's a premium.) They are not overperforming in a gamebreaking way at the moment, but they don't need just straight bugs by any means. It looks like WG wants to boost the whole line with the consumable, but just slapping it on two ships that are already performing well might break the game. I think WG is trying to keep these two in particular at the same level with the reload nerf.