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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought June 18th, 2018

    Two really caught my eye: Metal Wolf Chaos finally getting a western release made me so happy, if only so that I can say to my friends "you know FROM SOFTWARE? The guys that made those great, somber, atmospheric games with very little dialog? They made this too." And Devil May Cry 5 getting announced, AND showing gameplay? A thousand times yes. And it's not part of that spin-off that was a good game, but a terrible Devil May Cry game. Plus, Cyberpunk 2077 has me hopeful that I can play a CD Projekt Red game without getting turned away from it by the clash between my tastes and the setting.
  2. I know this gets asked a lot but....

    Pretty sure the actual reason they don't release details is that they don't want people gaming the system in a way that empathizes personal economic benefit over actual teamplay. God knows teamwork is rare enough already. And as for low free exp gain, signals that boost free exp boost it by a ton compared to regular exp. Papa Papa boosts free exp by 300%, while Charlie London boosts regular exp by 50%. Running out of free exp flags will tank your gain.
  3. User using illegal mod

    Actually, I don't think he was spotted. At least, not at first, maybe at the end, since I wasn't paying attention the the situational awareness icon. And unless my memory fails me, Belfast gets a bloom out to 5.5 or so KM? I think? So he was right on the cusp of it. I can see why the OP would be upset though, the Iron Duke died to fire right after shooting. I think he even got a flesh wound award.
  4. User using illegal mod

    Having watched the replay, I'm 99% sure that Iron Duke wasn't cheating. You were sitting completely or almost completely still in the smoke, firing your guns, broadside on when he hit you with those salvos. You were giving him the largest possible stationary target. Not to mention he was, what, 5-7 KM away? Close enough that the sigma penalty for not having a lock wouldn't matter. As for him being defensive, well, you started it by accusing him of cheating. I think his exact words in response were "Smoke does not make you immune, Belfast," followed by "and I can aim."
  5. Direct your anger at people who deserve it. Mouse isn't the one playing semantics, she was pointing out how WG was. As for the GZ itself, I would bet that it will not be put in the shop until the carrier rework rolls around. As she is now, she is way too powerful against all surface ships. I can understand her effectiveness against BBs, as some ships are specialized against other classes and are still balanced. What I cannot get behind is her effectiveness against CAs offensively, with massive DB squadrons blunting the effect of Defensive Fire and ensuring that even lots of overpens will hurt, and her defensive effectiveness against DDs, with hydro letting her torpedo-beat easily and secondaries making staying near her risky at best. And while WG has pretty much never nerfed premium ships specifically, sweeping mechanic changes have nerfed some in the past. Gremyashchy and Błyskawica did lose some power with the removal of stealth firing, for example. So, that leaves pretty much two likely options, in my opinion: WG made the current iteration of GZ super-powerful on purpose to drum up hype for it's wider release after the carrier rework, when it has been brought down to a more reasonable level. WG made the current iteration of GZ super-powerful on accident, and don't want to release it until after the carrier rework, when it has been brought down to a more reasonable level. I really hope it is the latter, but the fact that they sold the König Albert again after heavily implying that it would never be sold again after the last time they put it in shop has damaged my trust somewhat. I suppose they could release it as is before the rework, or keep it stupidly powerful after the rework, or just not sell it, but I don't think that would go over well with anybody.
  6. Can't make the Roma work

    First, can I just say it's a treat to have an actual discussion on the internet where it dosn't devolve into name calling at the first, overall minor disagreement? I'd almost forgotten that was possible. While I may disagree with your opinion, I cannot fault the way you put them forwards. Thank you. That said, on to my rebuttal: Even in that specific, advantageous scenario where any battleship could do well in a brawl, I would still rather be in any other tier 8 BB than the Roma, and I like the Roma. The Alabama has a super tight turning circle letting her adopt the best angle quickly, on top of higher alpha strike and a submerged citadel. (The Massachusetts has all that, plus better secondaries from what I've heard.) The Amagi has the heaviest broadside in the tier, more raw penetration at that range, and better secondaries, not to mention almost British HE. The Bismark and Tirpitz... are the Bismark and Tirpitz. In my opinion, the two best brawlers tier for tier. The Gascogne and Richelieu are both fast enough to reposition, both have better secondaries, and one can bring absurd amounts of firepower to play while bow tanking, and the other has a heal that's off cool-down more than it is on. The Kii has everything the Amagi has, plus torpedoes. The Monarch has a faster reload, letting her switch between AP and HE quicker as well as compensating for the 100 less damage on her AP, plus that absurd British HE. The North Carolina is, in my opinion, the second worst brawler at the tier, but she still has a better broadside and bigger shells than the Roma. While the Roma can brawl, in the sense that every battleship can brawl, she is utterly unsuited to it. Almost all of her strengths- Such as amazing concealment, best penetration over range, and railgun muzzle velocity- fall away at brawling ranges, while many of her weaknesses- Like weak sides, horrible secondaries, and overmatch and HE problems- are the opposite of what I look for in a good brawling BB. Honestly, I would gladly give up the turret rotation speed in exchange for more accuracy. The way she is now, almost everything is great for a sniping battleship, but she has the accuracy and rotation speed of a brawler, without any way to use them. As she is right now, she's less than the sum of her parts.
  7. Can't make the Roma work

    Sorry, but to successful brawl in the Roma, you not only have to brawl super smart, but hope your opponent does something reckless and stupid. Roma's smaller guns and overmatch problems means she has to rely on her terrible HE shells if the opponent is bow tanking, cause her secondarys sure won't help. Beating a Roma in a brawl is as simple as throwing your BB into reverse. That way, the Roma player has to either disengage by turning, showing her weak broadside to you, disengage by reversing, leaving her a sitting duck for torps or other ships, or just try to ram, and most likely forfeit a ship that only gets stronger as the game goes on. None of those are good options. Not to mention her turret traverse, while absolutely wonderful, is of limited use in that situation. Roma is not so fast that she can reliably outrun the opponent's turrets in most situations, and if your turrets are using that awesome speed, your side is exposed. And if your side is exposed, you're eating lots of almost completely un-healable damage. In my opinion, that giving up too much to gain something that's possible to get at long range with her ridiculous penetration in a much safer way.
  8. Can't make the Roma work

    I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT BRAWL!!!!! Sorry for being dramatic, but that is a quick trip back to port. While that fantastic turret rotation might make it easy to track targets at close range, nothing else about her wants to be that close. Her secondarys are pathetic, the big ones shoot slowly, and shoot AP, and the small ones have bad fire chance, and are too small to damage anything other than some DDs. In addition, the armor is great for bow tanking, but the above water citadel eats hits at close range if you show any of your sides. She does excel at flanking, however. Her ideal situation is to sneak into a good position, where you can force the red team to choose to show broadside to your monster penetration AP, or the rest of your team. Preferably with an island blocking any shots at your sides. That ain't easy to do though. She's not hard to play decently, but she is hard to play super well in, at least in my opinion. And for a final Roma tip: pray to the random number generator before every trigger pull. Her accuracy is awful, and her smaller guns mean that you get more bounces if shells don't hit the right spot. Hope this helps.
  9. Sorry, no. The original poster was clear in what he meant, and your post of Tom going "what" was not. The consumable (not module) is what he was talking about, the one that is named in the game, and thus referred to everywhere, as defensive fire. He wasn't talking about normal AA fire. And while many of the high tier BBs do have good AA power, it is still no substitute for defensive fire. The Texas may shoot down lots of planes, but it cannot scatter them. Only activating defensive fire can do that. Some battleships can definitely make a strike expensive, but only one of them can make the strike less accurate. EDIT: And then, of course, I forget the very consumable the thread was discussing. A catapult fighter can disrupt a drop, but it is super inconsistent. A: the fighter has to be out. B: the fighter has to not get shot down. C: the fighter has to attach to a bomber squad, and not a fighter, if it attaches at all. And even after all that, it still only disrupts one squad. Not to mention the short time it's up on BBs. So, I guess it's a substitute for defensive fire, in the same way a band-aid is a substitute for surgery.
  10. How to Control your Win Rate

    Yeah, it's called (at least in some of the circles I frequent) unstable equilibrium. It can be really bad in a lot of games. LOL springs to mind. Basically, it's when your team advancing towards winning either boosts your capabilities, (like getting gold for slaying a hero in LOL) or diminishes your opponent's capabilities. (like removing guns and torps from the game in WOWS) Like, imagine in soccer if every time you scored, the opposing team had to play with one less player. Games between evenly matched teams would quickly turn one sided. Problem is, it's hard to get rid of in a good way. Artificially boosting the losing team is the easiest way to do it, but that can feel like the win was stolen, or like the game pitying you depending on what side you are one. Anyways, that's my two cents on why routes are so common.
  11. Not sure what you're going what about. There is only one battleship in the game with defensive fire, and that's the Hood. No others have them.
  12. Question about Hood AA

    Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought was going on. I was just really hoping it wasn't. It makes judging how effective the DFAA is gonna be after you've taken a few HE hits almost impossible in the heat of battle. Thanks for the info. Also, that was a fun match we had a bit ago. It ended pretty much how I thought it would once the battle was underway, you out-spotting me and me getting lit up by everyone. Now I need to get you twice to break even.
  13. Question about Hood AA

    Yeah, that's what I figured. Like I said, it seems like the game says "long-range" when it means "large caliber." It's a pity, those rocket mounts are so fragile, I was planing to use this pop-up to keep an eye on how many were still functioning. Now I can't do that without a calculator. It seems like the Hood's non-standard AA layouts really messes with this pop-up, though, considering that it dosn't even have the range for the rockets listed.
  14. Question about Hood AA

    So, I was playing the Hood the other day, and I got into a situation where I used defensive fire to defend myself from air attack, as you do. A little bit later, I hit the H button to check if I would go undetected if I put out a fire, and I noticed something odd about the numbers it was giving me for my AA. Every source I have read says that her rockets have a 1.5 KM range, and are the only thing buffed by defensive AA, to the tune of at 25 fold boost. That brings the AA the rockets put out from 50 stock, up to 1250 stock. But the in game screen does not reflect this. For comparison, here is Hood regularly: and here is Hood with DF active: Now, my Hood isn't stock in terms of AA, so the numbers don't 100% match up, but that is most definitely not a %2500 increase in her close AA bubble. It looks to me like the guns are lumped by caliber, despite the fact that the game says range. Unless literally everyone, including myself, missed the Hood getting buffed in a patch, and based on my performances in game, I don't think that's the case. (not to mention, this buff would be insane) Or am I just missing something else? @LittleWhiteMouse, do you have thoughts on this?
  15. True, but I was thinking more from the perspective of skipping the grind altogether. If you look at it from the perspective of pay to accelerate the grind, there are many ways to do that. Buy a premium so you can double dip (or more if you have more than one premium ship of that nation) in the first win of the day bonus, buy the top of the line bundle for that ship with the 25 battle EXP boost, or just buy lots of EXP boosting flags and camos. Then pay to get all that elite EXP converted into free EXP, and you could significantly shorten the grind by throwing tons of money at it. But you still have to earn that EXP. There is (thankfully) no way to create an account and buy that kind of advantage before anything else. Still, I wasn't clear enough in my first post. I apologize.