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  1. Baskerville77

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    It has nothing to do with torp range. If you are going at a BB to torp them with torps that can't be stealth fired, and you approach from an angle where their guns are pointing, you still screwed up. And that goes for every type of BB at low tiers, the Russians are not really special in that regard. At that point, I'm gonna be less worried about taking a salvo of HE from one BB, more worried about taking several salvos from a cruiser or other DD. And saying "per salvo" is a bit of a stretch. If you're still spotted and within the 12KM range of the BB 25 or more seconds later, I really doubt you're gonna still be afloat long enough to eat a second salvo. And even then, that's assuming that they are shooting HE. Most BB players use AP, and while a salvo can still hurt, the changes to BB AP vs DDs means it's unlikely to kill a healthy DD unless you get a lucky salvo with 8+ shells hitting. And if the DD isn't healthy, well, I doubt the BB is going to be at the top of your problems list. First off, I've never run out of the DCP in my OR either. And I get that result by using it exactly like every other BB's DCP. They might be a bit better at shutting down damage over time under intense concentrated fire, but I've found that if I'm in a situation where I need to use the DCP 30 seconds after I used it, I'm gonna die from direct fire anyways. This is one of the things that is making me a bit divided on if I want to go down the line. I consider the limited DCP to be straight up worse than the standard variant, because I still use it the same as the others (and take around the same amount of fire damage as a result) but it also has the threat of being gone permanently. As for not needing secondaries, Eh? As I pointed out above, most BB players will probably have AP loaded, so the first salvo won't be quite as devastating. Good for you, you do you, but honestly? The OR is one of the BBs I fear least in her tier spread. She might have 12 guns, but the turret layout means that a lot of the time she can only put six on a target if she needs to switch targets. Heck, with her lack of super firing turrets, sometimes It's only three! Combine that with her 32 second reload and horrible turret traverse rate, and I feel safe approaching her in a DD as long as I come from an angle she's not expecting. Sure, if I come at her from the direction her guns are pointing, I'm gonna get paddled and deserve it, but, say it with me now, that goes for all BBs. Listen, I do think the Russian BBs might be a bit strong at this point, but it's not against DDs, it's against BBs and CL/CAs. At mid to low tiers, the only thing about them that should give a good DD player pause is their armor scheme, and at high tiers, any German BB is much, much, much, scarier than anything else, due to hydro and secondaries.
  2. Baskerville77

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    Very much this. In addition, they might be a bit more protected against HE, but they still burn nicely, (even more so than other BBs after you exhaust their limited DCP) and have large turning circles, limiting their torpedo-beats capabilities. Their quick turning turrets might make them a bit more of a problem in CQC torp ambushes, but their still a distant second to the Germans with their secondaries, quick turning turrets, and sometimes hydro.
  3. Baskerville77

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    Of course not. I have some criticisms of them myself. The big two are that the radar seems absolutely useless and a waste of a consumable, especially considering the changes to CE, and that the rate of turn on the turrets will make it too strong against DD ambushes at close range. But here's the thing, the OP didn't talk about those, or even anything unique to the ship in question. His sole complaint, and the reason for running to the forums with cries of "overpowered," was that it hit him when he thought he was safe behind an island. That's it. If that's criteria for being "overpowered," then every ship with be overpowered sometimes.
  4. Baskerville77

    India X-Ray & Victor Lima signals

    Well, they do stack together, so you get double the bonus to fires. On my firestarter DDs, I run both, because that nullifies the IFHE penalty.
  5. ......................................................... There. Now you know what a period looks like. Please use them. Please. For the love of god, use them, I'm begging you! Snark aside, Atlanta hasn't been nerfed. Shes not a good ship (she is fun, though) and has a learning curve, but she hasn't been nerfed specifically.
  6. Baskerville77

    Floods? I Fear no Stinkin' Floods!

    Nope. I actually tested this, and floods do only last about 15 seconds. In fact, I went in a training room and let a full flood and a full fire play out. A full flood did about 700 less damage than a full fire. Kind of ridiculous, considering how hard it is to get a flood.
  7. Baskerville77

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    People don't complain about torpedoes being limited (even though they technically are) because that limit is so high as to be irrelevant in most matches. Not to mention that all destroyers have guns and other consumables they can use at any time (barring cool downs), separate from their torpedoes. Carriers, on the other hand, have a very reachable limit to their attacks of a specific type, and all of their utility is based on the limits of those attacks. The only thing a CV can do without a plane is auto use it's defensive consumables or spot with the carrier itself, and both of those are of extremely limited use in winning the game. And to counter a point I know you are going to bring up... Yes, even a single plane can spot for the team, but due to the AA mechanics, as soon as it wanders over something with decent AA, it will go poof. And the planes might be regenerating as you do the spotting, but that still a long length of time when you are only spotting, instead of doing damage in addition to spotting.
  8. Baskerville77

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    Now you're just arguing semantics. There are a limited number of planes avalible in a match. It doesn't matter that in, for example, 45 minutes I could have my CV back up to full hangars of planes, because battles only last 20 minutes. This is why Mouse was talking about "functional deplaning" and not literal deplaning. And comparing planes to guns or torps is fundamentally dishonest. Guns and torps are only limited by reload speed, planes are limited by "ammo." Two different ways of limiting damage output. If your DD only reloaded by picking up old torps they fired, you might have a point. But they don't, so you don't.
  9. Baskerville77

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    Upvoted for that jpeg. Now to actually read the thread.
  10. Baskerville77

    Bias again with Fake Russian BB's

    Do people not know what "work in progress" means anymore? Even if they are overpowered, wait untill they actually release to start crying doom. You look less silly that way.
  11. Every time I refresh the page, there's another post! Keep going, this is glorious!
  12. Considering you want the game to be changed to help you improve instead of even considering that you are not perfect, nobody's surprised that you don't want to improve. I'm more surprised you expect to be taken seriously. And as for your interactions with the human race: I'm sorry to hear how negative most of them are. If only there was a common cause we could point to, like a person that will insult someone they don't know for being referenced in an online argument. If only we could find someone like that... Wait...
  13. Baskerville77

    Ummmm.....OK then...I'll take it.....

    Eh, you get about 1k in a decent win most of the time. Should just be a couple of win, and even if he gets really unlucky, maybe about 10 losses? Completely possible.
  14. Baskerville77

    I rented a ship oh my god no torps and no toys at all.

    Battlecruisers and cruisers are not the same thing. So, even in real life, Hood was not a cruiser. And that doesn't matter at all in this context, because we are talking about World of Warships, where she is considered a battleship in the game. Seriously, dude, just accept that you can dislike a ship without the ship being garbage. I hate playing my König Albert, but I realize that's a personal thing because it is currently one of the most over-performing ships in the game and trying to insist that it's bad based on my limited experience would just make me a laughingstock.
  15. Baskerville77

    I rented a ship oh my god no torps and no toys at all.

    Hoo boy, where to start... First: Out of the 79 Battleships currently in the game, only 6 have torpedoes, so if you judge based on that, you are going to be disappointed by pretty much everyone of them. Second: Mouse's review calls her a "mehbote," slightly below average but not garbage. But the thing to remember is that review is outdated. It was published when it was first released, and one of the biggest problems with it, the lackluster AP, has been buffed, making her firepower arguably the best at T7. Finally: No. No, the Hood is not a cruiser. She wasn't in real life, and she isn't in the game. Seriously, where did you get the idea that she was a cruiser?