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  1. Ranked Players

    After bashing my head against a wall tonight basically, I have yet to understand how these potatoes can get up to the 5-2 bracket and think they are good. I have news for those players, your terrible and you drag your team down. I heard T6 randoms needs some help so go back to that. I mean jesus christ. Tonight was like running into a who bunch of people who were trying out for the terrible triathlon. I just couldn't figure out who to name the crowned princess of it, so I am just going to give that away to all the players I was stuck with who had sub 50% WR and thinking they are god at this game by Yoloing and then wondering why we lost. Worst part is when pointed out to them how much they such and why the screwed up, a sorry follows. That isn't going to fix you giving the enemy team 100 points cause you suck at this game. Please go back to randoms and coop. Tired of seeing terrible players failing and succeeding at climbing a ladder that they shouldn't even be in the first place.
  2. Weekend Rant

    I must say that most weekends are harder than normal to get a decent team together to have close matches. However, this weekend seemed like the worse by far I have seen. One game to stands out to me. Playing in my Z-52 and I hydro almost every enemy DD on the enemy team. Not far from me there is a DM, Missouri, Gearing, NO, Monty, and Bismarck. Not one of these ships even fires a round at the DDs. Of course, this led to a complete ROFL stomp by the enemy team as they at least focused us down. This game alone has convinced me that WG needs to do something to stop the worse players in this game from playing above a certain tier. Failing your way up a line just so you can think look at my shinny boat is terrible. The game play I have seen this weekend is like someone walking into BestBuy and filling an application that looks like this: "jack richards i want job for money today i washd dogs for meh uncel but it was his dog i like to by gamez from u guys so i should work here i got a b in skool computers are ez for me to use phonenumber". That crap is the real-world equivalent of how some of these people play in higher tiers. These players know nothing about how to properly play the ship they failed up to. Kind of makes me wish I was in their head when they were contemplating what line to go up. I can only imagine it was like being at the store to pick out what you want for dinner. Only difference is you showed up at the store on a mixture of acid and heroin so when you got to the register all you had was 2 bottles of club soda and 10 lbs of raw horseradish. Then half way through the line and learning how to properly play that ship class their fetal alcohol syndrome kicked in and suddenly they found themselves being attacked by giant skittles that wanted to steal their horseradish. WG really needs to do something about this. Implement a training section that players must complete before being able to que up for anything above a certain Tier. Make a weekly requirement to complete a training, something. This crap of getting steamrolled because half the team doesn’t know how to play their ships is the problem with retention. Being able to purchase T8 premiums and never playing a T8 game is the problem and why higher tier game play sucks as bad as it does. TLDR: Weekend players suck.
  3. Sequential fire or salvo fire?

    It all depends on how the target is facing. If they are broadside, full salvo. If they bow on or at an angle, I fire sequentially.
  4. Weekend WR Salty Thread

    T10 right now is just terrible. I have yet to understand how people even get to 10 and suck at this game so bad. It is really killing high tier game play. If WG wants to truly stop seal clubbing, they need to step up to the plate and solve the crap players in T10. Do something to prevent them from battling in random until they have the stats to do so.
  5. what is up with crates

    Since the containers were first introduced I have only gotten two. That is counting the first one we were given. Last one I got was back in December and I collect containers everyday on three accounts. This whole system is screwed. Yes they are free and WG didn't need to do it, however it would be nice to get rewarded every now and then instead of here is one every 4-6 months. Three accounts and 9 containers a day mean that something is wrong with this picture.
  6. "XVM" is Back

    ​I was only pointing out the hypocrisies in what was said prior. Sure some clans don't care about stats but others do. Those that don't are like the Community College for you and the others one are the Ivy League schools. Which would you want to attend? Not sure about you but I do enjoy having my stats high enough to join a great clan.
  7. "XVM" is Back

    ​My experience tells me that most of the time if a player is bad, then he is bad and I don't rely on him/her to create any event. I will just do it myself and carry them to victory if possible.
  8. "XVM" is Back

    ​Colleges not accepting because they don't have the grades isn't bullying. Just shows you need to go to Community College instead. That is the own persons fault for doing stupid crap while in school.
  9. Matchmaking Monitor Application

    On a side note, I love how most of the people claim no to this are the ones with subpar stats already and they could be the ones who benefit most from this. This 100%.
  10. "XVM" is Back

    ​So clans not accepting people because they don't have the stats is bullying. Better inform OPG they are bullying people since you have to have certain stats to join that clan.
  11. Matchmaking Monitor Application

    Wouldn't bother me since I don't use this account for game play.
  12. "XVM" is Back

    ​This game is already toxic during in game chat. Most games I get I see someone saying [edited]team or potatos go back to randoms. Half the time I am joining in calling people out due to their idiotness in this game. And clans will use this. It will be a good tool to use in clan battles and such as it will inform you of what your looking at. Just because you won't use it in your clan doesn't mean you speak for every clan in this game.
  13. "XVM" is Back

    ​It technically isn't in game though. Its an external application that in no ways alters game files or even adds anything to the game client itself. WG can't ban this mod due to that fact as they have no way of even tracking if and when a player is using it. Will it add to the toxicity of players I see in game? No since half of the players in game don't even use the forums and will never even see this application. Clans will use it for recruiting and the world will keep spinning and people like me and you will keep playing.
  14. "XVM" is Back

    ​If you don't want it then don't use it. Problem solved. I for one will be using this as it will allow me to know if a game is going to be a complete crap shoot or a great game.