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  1. GSXstage1

    Roma. Mysterious Guns?

    I have heard of those on many different ships. Thank you, I learned something.
  2. Has anyone noticed these two cannon not in turrets on the amidship section of BB Roma's Deck? They look slightly larger than the 90mm secondary guns. The are not listed in the Roma's inventory of Artillery. Anyone have the answer?
  3. GSXstage1

    A little courtesy please.

    Part of the problem. And read the forum rules before you post and run your mouth.
  4. No matter they game style of play etc, I and many thousands of others play WOW to do battle with Surface ships. I have been playing over 3 years and my love of history and Naval Warfare like Jutland and many others brought me here. I have always hated sky cancer but I understand that in the 1930,s and 40's CV's played an ever increasing role in Naval warfare so I accept CV's in tier 5 and above. Putting CV's in with anything lower is I believe a very wrong choice for the game and the players as CV's were experimental in WW1 and it's planes did not carry out attacks against enemy fleets let alone have rockets on them. Most players also did not come here to play against Submarines, which WOW said they would NEVER put in the game. That's why I think their should be an option to play against subs or not to. And IMHO I think CV's should be restricted to tier 5 and above.
  5. GSXstage1

    Getting Depressed

    Wow. I see we have an all seeing , all knowing nose in the air Prima Dona. I am The Girls Father and I can sincerely say She is not looking for your attention. I also have a Son who plays this game. She likes the community here as does not need some self appointed Judge to discourage her from asking for help within the community here. What in the world has she ever done to you to make a smart remark like you did? Either help with your vast experience or keep your uninformed thoughts to yourself. The people here and Heidi herself do not need it. Thank you, and have a good day.
  6. GSXstage1

    Can we have an option for no-CV matches?

    That has been asked for as long as I have been playing. WG will not do it because it knows most players will opt out of CV games and the CV players will be extremely upset. I do agree that CV's should not be in the game until tier 5 because tier 2, 3 and 4 ships were built BEFORE CV's were operational. CV's played almost no important rolls in WW1 and were not operating with fleets out in the open ocean very much. They were more of an experiment during ww1.
  7. GSXstage1

    New Ranked Favorite

  8. GSXstage1

    New Ranked Favorite

    My Detection in the Ashitaka is over 15k .Lol. I doubt I Snipe at anything!
  9. GSXstage1

    New Ranked Favorite

    Last time we did tier 7 ranked I reached number 1 with the Italian Cruiser Abruzzi. This season Sinops have taken over ranked so I was trying all kinds of different ships to counter The Russian BB. Personally I don't care for the Sinop's play style so I struggled using Scharnhorst, Haida, Lyon etc. Finally I have found success in a BB you don't see to often in ranked let alone random play anymore. The IJN Ashitaka. 19.9 Gun range and 410 mm. This BB is accurate at extreme range and her guns hit a ton! HE is decent against DD's and my secondaries are ok since I put my 19 point Yamato Captain on her. She is fast and when angled correctly can take punishment. She is also turtle backed, so while taking damage at close range she is hard to citadel and her guns penetrate damn well. I am up to rank 9 now and am looking forward to see how far she can get me up the ranks. Those of you who have her, give her a ride and see what you think. GLHF!
  10. GSXstage1

    Clans should be on the same side in ranked

    I agree with you 100% My Son said he saw some funny business in game yesterday so that is a great idea to prevent it.
  11. GSXstage1

    If only there wasn’t Sinop...

    My Daughter Heidi is correct. Last season of tier 7 ranked my Son and I both got to number 1 using the Abruzzi. It is a great flanking cruiser and good at spamming long distance torps. Give her a chance. She is not as soft as some of the other Italian Cruisers and evades well.
  12. You know my Daughter. Heidi. We only have one gaming computer so She, My Son and I take turns. Hope to get another computer soon.
  13. Sir, What about my Daughter? She spends her OWN money on this game and has a wr of 61% with 49000 Damage a game. She has 350 battles and has ships up to tier 8. She is looking forward to her first ranked experience . So should she be banned from playing because of you wanting to have team mates that have more experience? I am telling you she will SMOKE some of the guys on here with thousands of battles under their belt and has very good common sense and battle instincts. Should I tell her she can't play because you don't want her to?
  14. GSXstage1


    I am of the same opinion. Love Ocean map. It would really show raw skill by players and force teams to work together. I do like some of the maps with islands at times but the higher tier you go islands are frustrating. I doubt most players will want more of Ocean but I could be wrong. Maybe they should do a poll?