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  1. GSXstage1

    No CVs

    Most people don't complain much about those other things you listed. Obviously your a CV supporter or a WOW White Knight. The CV game as it is is driving people and money they would spend on the game away. Money does talk and changes will come.
  2. GSXstage1

    CV Rework Feedback

    Very Well said and explained. I always knew you were smart.
  3. All have a right to complain about what is important to them. Period
  4. Lord, Stop making it into E equals M-c Squared. It is very obvious what he is saying. A DD player who spots very well and nets only a few thousand HP is still a good dd player etc. Kills and HP are not the only factor in winning.
  5. Sir, Lexington and her Sister Saratoga were laid down as Battlecruisers in the 1920's. Rather than scrap the completed hulls because of the Washington Naval Treaty, they were both converted to CV's. Very Large CV's at that with A lot more Armor than a conventional CV. Be also glad Lexington is not in her original for as she mounted 8 203 MM guns in 4 dual turrets.
  6. GSXstage1

    No CVs

    I do believe they should have an opt out option. Most players Ive talked to since I started playing play the game because of the love of surface battles like Jutland, Dogger Bank etc. I am one of those players. I also understand that CV's were involved and became the most important ships in WW2. But the imbalance begins early in the tier grind. Some tier 3 cruisers were not equipped with AA at all. CV's were not safely operational until the late 1920's. Many a Pilot was injured or died taking off or landing on those early CV's. Also. Rockets in WW1 against surface ships were not used. They did use them on planes over enemy trenches and fortifications in the rear of the enemy lines but not at sea. Also they were not accurate at all. Even in ww2 they failed to hit targets more than they did. CV's were at least 150k away or more from enemy fleets most times in ww2. Getting off more than a couple strikes in one day did not happen often. Having constant strikes and being spotted all the time is frustrating to players who want to play surface battles. Unlimited planes to go along with is not very realistic. I know WOW is not based on realism but many players wish it would be. Having an opt out option I think would make the vast majority very happy. I don't understand the resistance to that idea, unless your a CV main player who is afraid their won't be many who opt in to play against CV's. If so, that alone shows you the amount of the population in WOW that would rather not play with CV's. As for me, I'm ok with having 1 cv per game on each side starting at tier 5. No tier 3 or 4 should be in those games as they were built BEFORE CV's became operational. I also believe the number of planes and strikes should be limited per game and rockets should be removed from CV's until tier 6 or 7 to be more realistic. And the accuracy of the rockets should be limited. However, I do believe the amount of damage a torp hit in tier 5 and 6 should be increased to make that more realistic. HMS Barham turned turtle and blew up in the Med from 3 torps hits. 3 Italian BBs were sunk at Taranto from only 2 to 3 torp hits apiece. BBs taking 5 and 6 torp hits and surviving in tier 5 and 6 is not fair to the CV player nor is it very realistic. A bomb hit, depending on size did significant damage during testing by Billy Mitchell in 1922 but they were not accurate and the test BBs were stationary. Anyway I believe the OP out option is the best way to make the majority of players have fun playing again. I do get the opinion of the other side and respect it. I hope we can come to some solution soon.
  7. Times another 1,000 and the math adds up.
  8. GSXstage1

    Summary of Sub_Octavian's Q&A

    Falls on deaf ears. Well wallet is closed. Why admitting a mistake is so hard is beyond me. Obviously WOW is Pro CV and does not care about the majority of people who play other classes and the effect these Op's CV's are having. Tier 3 armored cruisers with no AA against tier 4 CV's with Rockets that were never used against ships in WW1. Highter tier CV's with guided missle rockets that never miss..FAKE. etc etc perma spotted dds etc etc
  9. Money talks,,or the lack of it does.
  10. How about you deal with it! We are going to complain until they do do some thing about. It will NEVER stop until they do
  11. GSXstage1

    Do top clans get secret buffs?

    Read the true story of Taffey 3. It was a group of escort CV's with 2 Destroyer's and 2 destroyer escorts for defense. They ran into a Jap force of a few BBs including Yamato. I won't spoil the ending for you, you have to read it yourself but in the end, The Japanese BBs retreated. Lol.
  12. Stalingrad and Bourogne.
  13. GSXstage1

    noob question - math

    I have over 13,000 battles under my belt. I quit the techno crap along time ago. Makes your head spin and cloud up. I am an average player who has some great games. I can tell you this. Learn to read the mini map. Watch it more than the regular. Situational awarness is huge. If your in a BB and a BB is coming at you bow first,,Use HE. If he shows his side, use AP. Same if a Heavy cruiser is bow forst to you. A light cruiser you can pen with AP through his bow alot. Those rules work most of the time and are easy to remember. If your in a cruiser,,against a BB,,use HE unless he is broadside and not paying attention to you. If so,,you can AP him very nicely. Against a DD,,Always HE when possible. Again,,same with BBs,,If your in a cruiser,,bow first HE,,Side AP. Also. Know your enemy ships. Big key, knowing his capabilities. I think if you follow those rules you will be successful most of the time. Good luck & Good Shooting.
  14. GSXstage1

    Carriers total Aircraft. this is not much?

    Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! USS Nevada Got underway at Pearl Harbor very quickly. Bismarck Got steam up and was moving in 15 min after Brit spotter planes located Him in a Norwegian Fjord.
  15. GSXstage1

    Carriers total Aircraft. this is not much?

    Then CV's should be at least 150k away from the fleet of ships they are attacking. Realism folks. I wish the game would stick to more realistic themes and such. The best solution is an opt out. Giving people the option to play with or with out cv's