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  1. GSXstage1

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    WG is just feeding the Unicoms with the MM at the expense of everyone else. Got to keep them happy.
  2. I have all the Italian Cruisers tier 5 through 8. Genova is very hard to have a great game in but it is possible. The rest are functional if you change your play style. Take advantage of thier speed and turning ability. You can't brawl with them at all. Stay at the end of your gun range and always take a spotter. Twist turn and run. launch torps etc. Keep moving and turning. Don't get isolated. They are Damn good DD killers. Amalfi and Zara I have had great games in. Trento also though not as much. Keep trying you will get the hang of them and then enjoy them imho. For me, I'm glad I got 3 of them. The tier 5's I can do without.
  3. Always remember, Next to War, All human endevours shrink to insignficance. George Patton Jr. I thank your Grand Father for his service.
  4. Karma is useless, Chat bans are useless. But naming and shaming will get peoples attention and maybe they will look into what they are doing wrong. WG has created a Berkley atmosphere here and all we have are thin skinned whiners and sea going snitches.
  5. GSXstage1

    Thanks for your service veterans ! ...

    To the Gentleman who pressed the boring icon, Press Off! We did our service to protect. We sacraficed for you, Some gave all they had! So either keep your boring icon to yourself or pick up a weapon and stand a post! I served 8 yrs and to the hundreds on here who served I say Thank you! And I say a prayer and a Thank you to the many who gave everything! Don't disrepect people who EARNED respect.
  6. GSXstage1

    FEAR the KRYM!

    Thank you.
  7. GSXstage1

    FEAR the KRYM!

    Love this ship. People Underestimate it in game and it will surprise them. Post your good games with an underestimated ship!
  8. Abruzzi is a Damn Good ship. I ranked out with it and usually have good games with her. Tranto, Zara and Amalfi are also good ship which you have to play like French Cruisers. Yes I wish the reload was better but overall those 4 Italian Cruisers do very well. Genova is very hard to get a good game out of and is the other tier 5 Cruiser. Those two will sit in port most of the time if not forever.
  9. GSXstage1

    Ive been told there are no hacks

    If thats the case, Change clans. Thier are many that have player who would be glad to help if you are open to suggestions and want to learn. I would be glad to myself. Just don't give up. took me 6 months and over 3,000 games to get a decent understanding of the mechanics,,,etc etc. Hurt my WR bad but thats ok.
  10. GSXstage1

    Some thoughts on Twilight Battle

    Hell no. Whats more I'm finished with the Halloween events. The players ruined it this year.
  11. GSXstage1

    Weekend Madness

    ah,,er,,,THE OTHER TEAM...
  12. GSXstage1

    Weekend Madness

    Yes, And SO MANY say during the game they don't care if they win.
  13. GSXstage1

    Weekend Madness

    Ive been playing Warships for awhile now and I can't remember a worse bunch of teams on a weekend in awhile at any tier. People turning and running, Camping, Hide behind rocks ALL game long. Sailing to the edge and not helping. I know the weekend has national guard grade troops or sailors etc but this is Madness. Almost every game is a butt stomp roll over game. All week long it seemed normal. People trying as hard as they could for the win. Saw some great play from a lot of people and had good games myself but Friday after 5pm until now it has been pathetic. I hope you all are having better luck. Have a good night.
  14. GSXstage1

    I think MM is messed up in new patch

    Lets get this straihgt,,,the limit for CV's for lower tiers is 3? Against ships built BEFORE CV's even sailed the oceans or had little Or no AA at all. The CV limit for Higher tiers is two, Against ships built for dealing with planes and better torp protection? Something is reall [edited]backwards.
  15. GSXstage1

    The three most beautiful ships in the game IMHO

    Hood #1 Amalfi #2 Roma #3 Bayard #4 Alsace #5