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  1. GSXstage1

    What part of this would be fun for a new player?

    I have always had a bad place in my Heart for seal clubbing. It seems many experienced players pad their WR by seal clubbing against newer players. I have seen it when I was starting out and it's not fun at all. IMHO if WOW would limit the Captains to 9 points max up to tier 5 it would help. When you reach tier 5 you can have better pt Capts. Just an idea.
  2. GSXstage1

    Being reported

    Sorry, but people worry way too thin skinned these day's. Words ONLY hurt if YOU let them. Just ignore and move forward.
  3. GSXstage1

    Personal Milestone Achieved!

    I did that in a Dresden. Had 7 Kills in a Warspite.
  4. GSXstage1

    Personal Milestone Achieved!

    Heck I remember when I was at 45% and 27,000 damage a game. It's been a heck of a grind.
  5. Back in July 2016, I this game caught my eye. Being an Ex Service member and History teacher I jumped at it because I love old warships. BB's CA, CL, and DD's. Yes I left CV's out, lol. I started playing on an old laptop that was NOT built for gaming and it used to overheat and crash during games quite a lot. I have a daughter that liked to play also so we just sailed around having fun not knowing what we were doing. Heck, I didn't know what a Capts skill was for 6 months! Needless to say my stats were horrible. 2 years ago the competitive side in me took over and I was learning the game pretty good and really trying hard and my numbers SLOWLY started rising. Received a lot of help from players here in the forum. Joined a clan and learned from them. Larened the bad that goes along with a clan also. Anyway to make a long story short, I just passed 50 percent on my win rate. I have other stats that are very average also but at least they are heading in the right direction. Thanks to all who have helped me achieve being an average player. Lol.
  6. GSXstage1

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    Certain players have different play styles. I understand that. And complaining about different styles is not going to change the behavior of many players. IMO I don't respect BB's that lay back. I like a brawling play style So I was against Deadeye from the start. It's just personal preference etc.
  7. GSXstage1

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    Sorry but MOST people are against the deadeye and think it's just a crutch. Use a BB as it should...Get in there and fight. Stop being a Yellow stain and move UP to support your mates.
  8. WG, You really need to compromise with the sigma of the Italian BB line. I understand GC is OP at tier 5 but killing the sigma on the rest of the Italian BB line is just over compensation. 1.5 Sigma is just disgracefully on these ships. I am not suggesting it be raised to compare to GC's 1.9 but 1.7 would seem fair. I mean the tier 6 Andrea Doria is a floating outhouse even when up close. The best players will have decent games in here but it's a struggle all the time. Give them a fighting chance. And the SAP ammo seems to be a joke unless the situation is perfect. I hope some changes are made.
  9. GSXstage1

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    It's perception. You have heard the old saying "When perception becomes reality" Well that's what this is. Last night In my tier 5 Italian GC I scored 2 kills and 134,000 HP without deadeye in a tier 7 game. it's funny because the big scoring hits were done at extreme range " Something the Italians are not known for" but when I got in and brawled up close the dispersion was terrible. You would think it would be the other way around but RNG is RNG.
  10. GSXstage1

    I REALLY tried ( Italian BBs )

    I also am having a Hard time liking them after playing them over and over. Now, I have had VERY good games in the tier 7 but those are few and far between. The Andrea Doria guns are the same as the tier 5 yet the sigma is 1.6 as all the other Italian BB's are except Cesare. Please WG, tell me your thinking as to why these ships have to have so little Pen power and why the accuracy is so Bad in ships that can't pen an aluminum rowboat sitting on the bank of a river. It is possible to have some good games in the tier 4 and 5 but you really have to work at it and play smart. Tier 6 is useless and tier 7 is below average at best. Then we go to tier 8 Roma 's and the Pen is to much! Make up your Darn minds.
  11. GSXstage1

    A lot of If's with USS Flint

    Flint is weak in most situations. I was able to create my own situations and MM did me a favor so I had a good game. Yes any ship can, you are correct.
  12. GSXstage1

    A lot of If's with USS Flint

    Flint does have a lot of drawbacks post update. But in a good MM game she can still put up decent numbers. But 11 K range is horrible.
  13. Since the update I have heard many many people talk about Flint now being useless and I can see why they say that but, If you are NOT up tiered If you run up against a team with only 1 or no radar at all If their is only 1 or no CV's If you pay attention and use your low detectability If you use islands to your advantage If your patient and pick and choose your battles You Can and will have good games. I took mine out and I am usually a very aggressive player as my wr shows. Just under 50%. All those if's happened in this game and it was fun. A Fiji finally got me while I was protecting a cap but it helped us win. Hope you guys have as good luck as I had in this game.
  14. GSXstage1

    Noticed a cool difference

    She is kidding.