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  1. GSXstage1

    Lapanto a Struggle?

    Ok, I am missing something. Lol. A torpedo?
  2. GSXstage1

    Lapanto a Struggle?

    I feel your pain on Vittorio. Roma I paid for and she plays like a different ship. No SAP. WG limited the amount of damage SAP can do to DD's so VV struggles against them which I don't think is fair at all. She is a mid range brawler so it's best to lay back at the beginning of the game and hope RNG is good to you. When the game gets going real good and some ships have been sunk, move in and brawl with her using AP. That"s what I do at least and she performs much better. Keep in mind her 90mm secondary's are junk. They can't pen a DD but once in awhile they will start a small fire. The 6 inch dispersion is awful so never build her up as a secondary ship. Build her for survivability. She can bow tank when angled and if you catch a BB broadside you can really rip it up. Learning when to get aggressive and where is the key. That's my advice anyway and I hope you can get her figured out soon.
  3. GSXstage1

    Latest on battleship Texas restoration

    Man I hope her Hull and upper structure can take the strain when they move her. Hopefully she is not deeply seated in mud like the last time.
  4. GSXstage1

    Soon to be...

    Try laying back in a BB while this little mosquito caps everything. Can you imagine how hard it would be for planes and Long Range BB fire to hit this thing?
  5. GSXstage1

    Lapanto a Struggle?

    I just got the tier 9 Italian BB Lepanto. I don't mind some of the Italian BB's and have had monster games in them. Roma is good while the Sisters seem harder to be consistent with which is strange as I believe they all have the same stats except Vittorio has longer reload. WHY that is is a mystery. I found Lepanto to be very tanky and the dispersion is not that bad at long range. The SAP is very meh so I switched to the AP and got some choice hits including 2 Citadels. Good speed and turns decent. 1 game does not tell a story as I believe MM was good to me this game. No super BB's etc. So it remains to be seen how she will fair against those 18 inch and up guns and also tier 10 and 11 CV's. I agree with my Daughter that tier 10 is a mess right now and I am not having fun with it either. I know some of my clan mates like it and I say more power to them. It's good that different tiers exist so all of us can find our sweet spots in the game. I also took my tier 9 Alsace out [ Which it has been awhile ] and had a blast in it. Only 88,000 points and 1 DD kill but with her speed I capped twice and her AA did enough to keep me alive against the tier 11 CV. My take on Lepanto is wait for MM to give you a good matchup and she will do fine but the proof will be in the pudding as I grind her. Here is the game I played.
  6. Yes, They existed, yet were not ocean going fighting vessel's in WW1. Also CV's did NOT carry rockets. Land based planes had some and the were used against ground troops. Very inaccurate. Lexington and Saratoga were not very effective until the early 1930's and then landings were still a roll of the dice.
  7. How about banning cv's up to tier 7
  8. The Lower tier CV's are a curse and ruin the game. They are fake and many other words I cannot type on this forum do to thin skinned Momma's boys running to Teacher to tell.
  9. I am on the public test server and I got the HMS Repulse. I flagged and upgraded it and tried to enter game. It says I cannot steer ship into battle [Won't let me play it} Why the hell not? Can I get my credits I spent on the modules back?
  10. I think the proper question to a Poll is SHOULD Subs EVER be allowed in random games.
  11. GSXstage1

    what's your go to ship?

    Krasny Krym and Genova. When having a bad day I know I can count on these ships making it worse. Lol.
  12. GSXstage1

    New ship or hoax?

    Simply put, A Fake.
  13. GSXstage1

    Sometimes your destined to lose.

    Yep. Lasted whole game.
  14. When your own team does everything it can to give a game away, you best effort at a carry does not go far enough. Keep fighting and moving forward and pray for better mates the next game. I have been carried many a times myself.
  15. GSXstage1

    Hail Cesare! With an Attitude.

    It was unfair when Germany invaded Poland. Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland etc but it still happened.