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  1. I don't follow how you got to these emblems are intended to humiliate you, and are tea bagging. I was under the impression that a part of humiliation was for others to be aware of the embarrassment you have suffered. And they're tea bagging? All of the dots to connect seem to be missing there, except one, and that's awareness of the alternative meaning of the phrase.
  2. I thought I read that if the person didn't have a badge selected, then none would display, but badges we're selected by default. If there's no way to not have a badge, then it's hardly poor sportsmanship.
  3. I really don't see what the big deal with it is.
  4. SAIPAN-Pay to Win Ship

    Decrease the Ranger's fighter reserves a little bit, and that would probably work. 202 Ranger was great at winning the air war. Make the player have to be a little cautious with the fighters, and that'd be a good load out.
  5. The play has been pretty bad lately. People liked to blame weekenders or people on school break, but this was about par for the course today. When the person on the losing team gets top XP, Confederate, high caliber, and clear skies, there's a lot of bad play.
  6. SAIPAN-Pay to Win Ship

    CV player skill >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CV. I have mopped the floor with a ton of Saipans in a strike Hiryu.
  7. I wonder what all is considered. Ship type and tier is obviously considered. But after that initial 24 selection is made, couldn't a quick simple team composition pass be made? Can we get a comparable number of ships with radar on each side without creating a ship type/tier imbalance? Then def fire, then hydro. If no, then ok, proceed anyway. If yes, then in the OP, 2 Missouris get swapped for 2 Iowa's, or an Iowa and the Freddy.
  8. Can you....

    I don't really know that I'd want people who work on adding collectibles and badges working on map design and game balance. There's very little inherent skill overlap in those things.
  9. I think missions to encourage team play can easily be done. For example: Earn 20k base experience across any number of matches where you win and survive. So no yoloing, and the outcome matters.
  10. Reasons #1-#9 are ignorance. Reason #10 is the CV dun messed up. For example, a few days ago, I was playing CV, bottom tier, got 2 kills, topped the team, but was apparently the worst CV player one of my teammates had ever seen.
  11. Ya, this is probably the best way to do it.
  12. In those cases, negative, attack the designated target. But then, if they want you to do that, they're crazy enough to report you whether you can talk or not.
  13. Generally speaking, those are things that I never communicate to my team, short of the last one, but you can just designate the AA ship as a target. If people make a request in chat, and I intend to help them with it as soon as I can, I usually respond with affirmative.
  14. Skill based match maker?

    Won't solve the player complaint issue. When you see someone complain about their team, look at where they finish on their team. You'll notice a trend.
  15. Prioritization of trash talk over dealing damage is certainly a sign of poor play.