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  1. While I agree that a certain percentage of wins and losses will be determined regardless of what you do, I believe the percentage of losses that will happen regardless to be lower than most people believe. Not all damage is equal. 3k damage to a ship in a cap circle may be more valuable than 10k damage to a battleship further back.
  2. Ijn planes are squishy, but the hiryu has the same torpedo bombers as the Kaga, just fewer of them and Kaga's torpedos are much faster. You absolutely need air supremacy and dogfighting expert, because the fighters are abysmal as you know. Don't head on strafe, and don't expect to win fights with your fighters. Shoot for keeping your bombers clean.
  3. Roughly the same number of people are playing now that were playing this time last year. But hey, I don't really care either. I just have no respect for people who would request to not face a challenge rather than request tools to face the challenge.
  4. Well, they built a game enjoyable enough to where people would rather WG make changes they want rather than just go play any one of the other thousands of games available.
  5. WG admitted that without the restrictions, there would be match making issues. Now that the changes have been made, it's not broken. You're living in the past.
  6. I asked, because you seem to not know what the words fact and breaking mean. You use these words when you mean opinion and working as intended.
  7. Lol. Either English isn't your first language, or you're adorable.
  8. WG restricts division sizes, so divisions must be game breaking too, right? You know how something is really broken? Their numbers are restricted to 0. Like submarines.
  9. Which is the same reason they release any premium.
  10. If WG felt they were bad for the gaming experience, they wouldn't be releasing 3 premium CVs this year. One could just as easily argue that we should be able to queue with no DDs, because wg has been nerfing them and the mechanics they use even more than CVs.
  11. It's the completely uninvolved AA mechanic that is the problem. Exhaustive list of ways to attack planes: Manually select a squadron. Activate defensive fire. Launch catapult fighter. There's no room for skilled players to distinguish themselves vs planes the way they can vs everything else. That's not the CVs fault.
  12. The issue is the lack of counter play. CVs are like playing chess. Shooting planes from AA is like playing tic tac toe. The problem is tic tac toe.
  13. No, Kaga doesn't need any buffs. Its insane alpha damage potential is only kept in check by it having a difficult ti.e controlling airspace against all other CVs.
  14. Then CVs queuing up for no cruisers, and wreck everything even more.