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  1. cometguy

    Sharks are Winning by a long shot

    It seems to be run better than the fire and ice one. Last night I saw the eagles were getting a 20% bonus to close the gap.
  2. cometguy

    Chat Ban

    Every group of people comes up with their own acceptable rules of behavior. They're all pretty arbitrary. But if you want to tell someone how you feel, it's a good idea to learn what those rules are. Otherwise, they aren't going to listen to you, and you might as well be talking to a wall. Why the rules are the way they are doesn't matter very much. Also, the gaming community is notorious for being hostile, and if you're deemed to be too hostile for a hostile group, you may want to take a long look in the mirror.
  3. cometguy

    Should Ocean Come Back?

    I've said it before, but I want an ocean map available at all tiers. I believe people complained about ocean because they never had to learn to sail in open waters until the end game. So if you can see ocean from day one, then learning to operate in open water is just a part of life.
  4. cometguy

    Lost for words

    Ya, it's definitely the least common one around here as well.
  5. cometguy

    Lost for words

  6. My assumption clan battles is tier 10 to encourage more people to grind more ship lines. Which will not only help with player retention, but encourage the purchasing of premium account time to grind lines faster. There's also this illusion that tier 10 is where the best play is, but there seem to be more complaints about poor players at tier 10 than at tiers 1-9 combined, so I'm disinclined to believe that story.
  7. cometguy

    Focus fire the map icon!!!!

    I'm not crazy about it, but at least now that everyone has it, everyone knows it's a thing, and can figure out how to deal with it. When it was a mod, if you didn't know about it, there'd be times where you'd think someone had uncanny accuracy.
  8. cometguy

    Auto Resupply Fix?

    I'm not sure, but I'd really like a universal setting to never use doubloons for resupply.
  9. cometguy

    Lost for words

    Haven't watched the video, but while I would wager they were going for "let's get it in" a la John McCarthy of UFC fame, what first came to mind due to the image was "let's get it on" a la Marvin Gaye.
  10. cometguy

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Haven't played a game today, so my greatest achievement is visiting a gaming forum.
  11. cometguy

    Why are the Sharks Winning?

    I think sharks are winning, because they're better suited to combat in the ocean than eagles are. Also, sharks tend to be much larger than eagles.
  12. I've noticed an increased rate of simple mistakes, but it's on both sides. For example, just had a standard battle on mountain range where my team made a variety of mistakes, like destroyers pushing cruisers, cruisers sailing broadside, etc. Both the east and west flank was getting pushed back on to our cap. The red team's tactical mistake was leaving the middle of the map uncontested, and collapsing down on our cap trying to farm damage. So I went right up the middle and capped to steal the win.
  13. When they redid the CV controls, right click moves the squadrons. Greatly reduced accidental commands.
  14. I just double click the quadrant, no need to do anything special.
  15. cometguy

    Allowing for larger divisions in randoms

    And this is why it shouldn't be put in. Outside of the very rare draw, every match ends with half the people having lost. If the win rate of a 3 man unicum division isn't enough to make you happy, then any additional efforts would be throwing good money after bad.