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  1. I imagine this is how that all went down:
  2. The scaling in the game is so bizarre, that you shouldn't trust your own judgement on distances. Aerial torps travel around a kilometer before they arm.
  3. Makes me think they want to encourage Haks to go 4-2-2.
  4. Been a while since I played usn CVs, but I don't think they get panicked as much as ijn does. If you get two drops off side by side, there may be no dodging it. It'll be all about shooting down planes.
  5. Yep, I hear they're tier 8 planes though.
  6. Bayern. That ship and I have a relationship that is toxic.
  7. Everything is about return on investment. Sending planes around the edge of the map to try to snipe a ship you haven't even spotted yet is almost always a bad investment. I have killed CVs early, plenty of times, but I never skirt the edge of the map. If when scouting the enemy, I locate the CV, and there's no significant AA protection, then I'm going to try to sink that CV. Otherwise, I do my best to protect the fleet and get another clear skies.
  8. It's stuff like that has caused me to refuse to pay more than $20 for a game in at least the last 5 years, with the only exception being WoWS. Between the value not being there, and so many games being released with serious bugs, I just don't see the point in paying full price for a AAA title.
  9. Back before I had a favorite ship, I would buy any ship I unlocked, so long as it was t7 or lower, and sell the ship 2 tiers lower. I always seemed to have enough credits to do that. Now, I have a favorite ship, so credits aren't a problem, and I pull the trigger regardless.
  10. CV play is far more involved than any other ship type in game. It's as close to rocket science as the game gets.
  11. Got a kraken in my stock Iowa, which was awesome, considering I've got 12 whole games in the boat now. Most of the games I played in tier 7 ships were thrown into tier 9 games, and they faired pretty well. Wonder if that was a sign of growing higher tier play or a coincidence.
  12. 6-8 are really good. 5 and below I don't really enjoy, because the ships tend to have been designed for a transitioning era. Tier 9 and 10 aren't very fun to me. There's just not enough ship variety, so one game feels indistinguishable from another.
  13. 2 week solo win rate, Saipan has the highest. Kills 50% more planes than the next best CV at t7, does 79% of the damage Kaga does and 113% of damage the Hiryu does. Kaga is OP, but needs divisions to be broken. Saipan is broken regardless of circumstance.
  14. With so few CV options (2 in most cases) balancing CVs against each other is impossible unless they are clones. The data shows more, weaker squadrons beats fewer stronger squadrons. To achieve balance among CVs, you'd need something with an advantage over ijn, but a disadvantage over usn. Then each CV would be at an advantage against one, a disadvantage against the other, and a push against itself. I also strongly disagree with the removal of manual attacks. Players have to be able to shoot in the direction of players they can't see.