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  1. True story. Yesterday I went up against a pretty lousy CV player (sub 40% win rate). In said game, I shot down 62 planes, sank 6 ships, and dealt 140k damage. The red team was wondering if they even had a CV. End game screens revealed that red CV finished 3rd on their team. The red CV and I could have swapped places, and the same team would have still easily won.
  2. It could easily be argued that there are no punishments in this game, only missed rewards. You can spend flags, experience, and credits, and if you play poorly enough, long enough at high tier, you could end up with no credits. But once you unlock a ship, it's yours.
  3. Ya, the destroyer had 3 kills already, so I was really, really hoping someone would bother to lob a shell that way. They lived for another 5 minutes while I was helping secure A cap. Lovely AC cap strategy, did not work out.
  4. Ya, had a game yesterday where a destroyer that was around 10km from the fleet with 200 health left shot down 3 of my fighters, I was spotting for so long. Fortunately that destroyer only sank one friendly with the torpedos that were instantly spotted.
  5. The worst CVs are the CVs that don't don't keep all 12 reds spotted until they muster up the desire to hit them with incredibly easy to pull off 100% unavoidable devastating strikes, while strafing down every plane in the sky with their unlimited ammo and omnipresence.
  6. The theory goes that those are times when more people have free time, and so they play the game. But having less free time overall, they tend to not be as good, because they play less. Rather than question that premise, we search for random holidays to explain the incredibly poor play experienced during weekdays.
  7. Punishment vs Praise

    I believe the carrot and the stick both have their uses. There are a lot of carrots in the game already, and the sticks have been fairly harmless. I mean, is there any real penalty right now for turning pink? And soon, you could be temporarily banished to co-op after having been warned. But is there a earnings penalty for being pink? I don't think so, just for the friendly damage dealt.
  8. People do that? I can understand going for the ram after having taken torps, but why ram the torped?
  9. Infinite fire meta has to stop

    Is fire the problem here? Would it be acceptable to trade all of the DoT they dealt to alpha damage? That would have probably made things worse for you. I can understand frustration with continuing to take damage after having reached a position of safety, but it doesn't sound like you ever reached such a position. Fire was not the issue here, you being under sustained attack for too long was the issue.
  10. The ideal solution would be to not attack your teammates to begin with. But people are careless, and want to be free of consequence for their carelessness. Not attacking your teammates is a really low bar. Lower it anymore, and you'll have people who haven't installed the game yet complaining about how they haven't won any games.
  11. Because no one's ever in any real danger in those modes. Or, if you want a friendly fire less mode, go play those modes.
  12. At this point, allowing friendly fire would require a decent amount of work, because there are audio and visual cues about the things that will do you harm. You see shells coming your way, you know if they hit you, they will hurt. You hear shells hit you, you know you're being penned/bouncing/etc shells that can cause you damage. You see splashes around you from a direct you weren't looking, you know someone is trying to hurt you. If only some of those things can hurt me, I need to know, and be able to filter out what's harmless, so that I don't make a misinformed decision, because half of the impacts I'm hearing are from the friendly troll Atlanta. (Atlantas are always trolls)
  13. What I try to do is, whenever I'm thinking of changing targets, is look at the mini-map and see if I need to begin repositioning as well. I also try to do that if my current target I just being chipped away at, although I am more susceptible to tunnel vision in those cases. Fortunately, people seem to not like being on the receiving end of sustained fire, so it doesn't happen too much.
  14. I don't know, you can get a pretty good idea of where the torps are going from the first pic, and there's no smoke anywhere to be seen. There's also no last known position of any ships on the mini-map, although OP may not have that enabled.