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  1. I think they need to swap the role of strafe and dogfighting. Make dog fighting take more ammo, but shoot down planes quicker. Strafe takes less ammo, is far less likely to shoot down a plane than dog fighting, and panics all squadrons in the path for 5-7 seconds. So strafe still functions as fleet defense, but I'm not going to down 18 planes with 1 squadron in 3 seconds.
  2. So that CVs can still attack border hugging scrubs.
  3. If you don't like the MM, you could pick up ijn CVs, and support your team. It's like going 1 on 1 with the MM itself.
  4. I voted yes, but I think yes only if flags, not modules, and you see the number of each ship type, not the level of detail you have in the current loading screen.
  5. T8 CVs do get bottom tier'd a lot. I wonder if MM prefers having Al ship types represented, it would make sense. Combine that with the lack of t9 and 10 CV play and there you go. As far as how to play Shokaku when the enemies all grouped up, focus on your Fighters and scouting while that's going on. It won't last forever, it can't. And when they do break up you should have enough bombers actually do something. If that doesn't get you going, then maybe go back to Hiryu and work on hitting ships that are grouped up, in a more forgiving environment. Anything to help you work better under pressure.
  6. Strike Hiryu is my favorite ship, as it can handle almost anything it sees. The surface ships that can give it trouble are the Neptune, Atlanta, Iowa, Missouri, and some North Carolinas and Alabamas. Facing other CVs it's almost all about the player, and even then, of equal skill, the Hiryu will only struggle against the Saipan. And at tier 7, you're less likely to be bottom tier, and when you are, there's usually only a couple tier 9s. Dealing with tier 8 AA isn't much of an issue, as there aren't really any great t8 AA cruisers, and if there are, they're played so rarely I have forgotten about their existence.
  7. I believe that after you establish yourself as an average player, the next best thing to work on is how to mitigate disaster. I don't see the point in giving up on the possibility of victory, and going off to farm damage. Work on helping your team go from this To this To this
  8. Rather than halve the damage, WG should put in a wargames mode. Where you face things like torpedo soup, carrier fleets, battleships trying to get your broadside, etc. And time the players on how long they survive, and then let them go through the replays to see who did damage when and from where.
  9. I suppose it's all a matter of how you look at things. DDs tend to be the ones that secure the caps, and other ships are better at keeping caps from being secured. So everyone else maintains the status quo which ends up a win because the DD secured the cap.
  10. I'm not going for making planes harder to shoot down I'm going for player skill being a major factor in AA effectiveness. Right now AA has to suck for most ships because it's passive, and overlap is common. If it was stronger, most CVs would never do anything. Unfortunately, that means that after about a day, you're as effective at shooting down planes as you're ever going to get. And the vast majority of what impacts how you will fare against a CV is determined by how you queue up. Sure, that is true to an extent with all ships, but the extent pales in comparison to CVs. The problem, as I see it, is that when I take out my Hiryu, unless you're an Atlanta, Saipan, Iowa, Missouri, or Neptune, I own you, and there is nothing you can do about it. I believe you should be able to do something about it if you're not a potato.
  11. Happiness is a warm gun.
  12. Change the usn pattern to converge as well. If usn doesn't need faster torp speed for drops further out, that's fine. Maybe make auto drops straight line, manual drops converge for all nations.
  13. The reason is that people have become so salty in the game that the ocean is now super corrosive. So ships will basically have to be scrapped after one engagement.
  14. So, I was just in a match that had me in a strike Hiryu, and I was paired with an AS Independence. The other team had a strike Ryujo, who was dived up with 2 t7 BBs and a strike Ranger. The Ryujo was so mad about being paired with a strike Ranger he torped the ranger, then suicided. The ranger used damage con, so one of the Ryujo's div mates finished him off. Needless to say, lots of reports were likely made against those two. I've heard about people doing things like this before, but it's the first time I've seen it. What's worse, the reds got 5 kills despite that event, and having an afk Indianapolis. It would likely have been one hell of a game.
  15. AA with extended range, that can shoot down a squadron in seconds, and no one in that extended AA range can be bothered to do it? Are all of your teams afk or something?