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  1. I Need Support help!!!!!

    Warseal - I see you - thanks to Bear_82 for passing this along. Let us know what we can do to assist you.
  2. Anybody know how I could get a copy of this? Also, it only surfaces on the German version of Amazon which makes me wonder if there is an English translation available.
  3. British aircraft carriers

    I think the best option isn't a tech tree line. Go the route they did with the German line and add one or two premium CVs. Same idea as the Russian tech tree - no BB line, but there are premium BBs. This will solve a number of issues: Circumvent the "need to rework CV line" complaint Gives the UK some CV love Avoid worrying about trying to fit a tree and just focus on making 1-2 ships that fit where they need to be (e.g. even if it's T3 and/or T6)