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  1. USS Arizona

    I want to take a moment to appreciate just how GORGEOUS Arizona's alternate camo is. That is all. Well done, WG!
  2. Unrequited Love - Gneisenau

    I want to like this ship. I REALLY want to like this ship. I absolutely love her, but I don't like her. She is a cruel mistress. Easy on the eyes, a smooth talker... but oh my god Those guns are abysmal. Up close, out far, it doesn't matter. You could have an enemy Fuso at 6km broadside, and you won't hit it. Yet at the same time, you could blind fire over an island and max range, and devastate a cruiser. WG, I beg you, please buff the accuracy. She needs more consistency. I will continue to love Gneisenau, but until her guns get some love, she will remain a temperamental tramp, that I will not like.
  3. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    ^^^THIS^^^ As a BB main, I play aggressively and support my team, but ONLY when my team supports me. I have too many times pushed a cap only to be deleted by the DD nobody spotted. I have had too many radar cruisers hide behind me rather than pop radar to kill the DD sitting in smoke. I've had too few DDs smoke up for me while I'm tanking damage for the team, and I've had too few Carriers provide fighter support when it's badly needed. When a BB player tanks 2, 3, 4 million potential damage and gets zero support, that BB player will play passively the next match.
  4. My arms hurt so bad
  5. Kurfurst Secondary Build Question

    Kurfurst is probably best served with a survivability build due to the ungodly level of HE spam at high tiers. Seriously WG, nerf fire already. That said, I typically don't practice what I preach, so I did an IFHE secondary build for my Kurfurst and I doubt I'll ever change that. Aeroon did a video demonstrating that the 128mm secondaries on GK and Gneisenau follow the 1/4 penetration rule (even before the buff), and when equipped with IFHE, will pass the threshold necessary to penetrate 32mm armor. That's the route I went. Captain build below: Note that I (unfortunately) have to bypass Adrenaline Rush and concealment, but really, the Kurfurst is seen from Saturn, so concealment doesn't matter much when you play her as a brawler. I do occasionally long for AR though. I also use double spotter plane to help spot torpedoes when my hydro is on cooldown. Hopefully with the new Legendary Module, I can respec out of Expert Marksman and into Adrenaline Rush. Modules below: Because I don't take AR, I equip the 406s for quicker reload. Supposedly, the 406s have better pen values at closer range anyway, but I'm going off of hearsay. It's a personal choice, of course, but the 406s just make more sense to me since the 420s still can't overmatch 32mm bow armor, and the minor increase in alpha strike with the 420s don't offset the slower reload enough to justify running them. As for gameplay, don't expect to be an in-your-face brawler every match - that's a good way to eat a faceful of torps. I use my secondary build as more defensive than anything until late match. The IFHE helps inflict more damage to armored enemies that get too close, and that seems to make them back off for a spell. That kind of playstyle will fit most of your matches - find a spot, park it, pick your shots, and use your secondaries to swat unwanted flies. Once it's safe to start brawling though, hold onto your butt, because this secondary build will pay dividends. Bow tanking Yamato? No prob, your secondaries will easily snatch 20k of her health while you maneuver to kiss that tender little cheek of hers. Low health Montana wants to ram you and your can't get your guns around fast enough to deal the coup de grace? No problem, your secondaries got you covered as they punch through ole' Monty's bow like it wasn't even there. Here are a few screenshots of my secondaries pulling more than their fair share of weight: ---> 73,000 damage from secondaries, thank you very much! ---> 65,000 damage from secondaries, thank you very much! TL;DR: Secondary build with the GK is optimal when using IFHE, but is situational at best. Fun, yes, but not useful in the majority of matches.
  6. Roma Needs Some Love

    My biggest gripe is the overpens. Seriously. Battleships are supposed to be a hard counter to cruisers, yet when i have an Atlanta sitting 10km away, sitting perfectly broadside, and fire spamming me to death and all I can reply with is overpens, that's when i want to put the ship back in my port and never play her again.
  7. Over-penetrations are getting ridiculous.

    I was hitting cruisers. You know, the things BBs are supposed to be a hard counter for? The safest thing any cruiser captain can do when engaging a Gneisenau is still perfectly still and completely broadside. Nothing will happen to them.
  8. Title says it all. If Battleships are #balanced, then why do so few of my shells stick in their target? Gneisenau is already 6 barrels of RNG garbage, but come on now. I don't even spec into secondaries, but my secondaries are doing ALL of my work! The match before this one? 4 pens, 8 overpens out of 62 shots fired. The match before that? 5 pens, 13 overpens out of 52 shots fired. I get trollish mechanics, and i get that German BBs are supposed to be played up close, but oh. my. god. I can barely get anything on target, and when my shells do hit, they have a far greater chance of doing minimal damage. Don't even get me started on having a CV at 7km and failing to kill it because I either overpenned or missed.
  9. Prinz Eugen build?

    Correct. I use the Eugen as a DD hunter, so if I flush a DD or two (or three...) and they all panic drop torps, I can laugh in German while I pop hydro, light them up for my team, and let them all have it while clumsily dancing around all dem fish.
  10. Prinz Eugen build?

    I put Franz von Jutland in mine and turned her into a full blown DD hunter. Tier 1 skills: Priority Target, Preventative Maintenance, Expert Loader Tier 2 skills: Jack of All Trades, Adrenaline Rush, Expert Marksman Tier 3 skills: Vigilance, Superintendent Tier 4 skills: Concealment Expert Mods: Main Arm 1, DamaCon 1, Aim Sys 1, Rudder, Target Acquisition With hydro, I spot torpedoes over 5km out. DDs don't stand a chance when I get up close!
  11. Wow! Hipper is love, Hipper is life!

    Hipper is an amazing ship! I have mine AA spec'd, and good lawd, she eats planes!
  12. Are French Cruisers Good?

    My experience with French cruisers is this: Tier 1-7: amazing. Simply amazing. Algerie is one of the finest ships in the game Tier 8+: imagine one of those floating things that remains in your toilet after a night of whiskey and tacos. Now take that floater, put it on a stick, slap a French flag on it, and call it a cruiser. Seriously, every forum I've ever read talks about how OP the Martell and Saint Louis are, but I just don't see it. My damage averages, k/d ratio, and average kills took a nosedive after the Algerie. In a recent match in the Saint Louis, I had more shatters than pens, and i got citadeled by everything that looked my way. Seriously. I shattered on superstructure. I shattered on bow. I shattered on DDs. I shattered on tier 7 cruisers. I had a Myoko 90* broadside at 13km and AP was loaded. Yup, you guessed it: 2 citadels and 5 shatters. Don't believe me? Peep my stats by ship: Just to preface, my overall WTR for cruisers specifically is 1258, so I don't consider myself a bad cruiser player. Friant: 1311 Duguay-Trouin: 1463 Emile Bertin: 1344 La Galissonniere: 1377 Algerie: 1267 Charles Martel: 1055 Saint-Louis: 1051 So there you have it. Going from tier 7 to tier 8 saw my success level in French cruisers drop over 200 points. Maybe its my playstyle, maybe its my decision making, maybe its my luck, but the French line all play relatively the same and I found that starting at tier 8 they just don't scale well with the enemy ships you will encounter. Just my $0.02. Edit: after 5 matches, and 5 consecutive losses, and 5 consecutive "being deleted upon being spotted" I've come to the conclusion that the community have all figured out that French cruisers are easy damage to farm, and accordingly, I've sold all of my French cruisers. I have relegated this line to the trash-heap of WoWS where they belong.
  13. Franz Von Jutland - Hindenburg

    The only real perk I can see getting from Von Jutland is either speccing a full blown survivability build on a BB to get the cooldown on repair down to 60 seconds, or utilizing the buffed Vigilance for DD hunting. All of my German ships have high rank captains, so I'm struggling to see where I can fit Von Jutland in. His buffed skills are simply too situational for me to want to grind a new captain. As for the Roon, I enjoy her more than the Hindy, tbh. Do yourself a favor and try out a secondary build for the lols. DDs will panic when they realize the Roon's secondaries pack a punch.
  14. The Most Roma Match Ever

    I want to preface by saying that I quite enjoy the Roma. When she performs, she REALLY performs. However, because she's so temperamental, when she sucks, she REALLY sucks