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  1. "Sneakers". Although truthfully I haven't looked at my fridge the same since reading these.
  2. I've got all 3 ships, and I'm pretty sure captains with the skill needed. If your still looking for data tomorrow I will also contribute.
  3. The Atlanta in coop

    I don't think their targeting is as simple as picking the lowest HP target, I've notice many times they don't follow that. Just yesterday I was in a game with a friend, both of us in Alabamas, followed by an Atago, and even though all 3 of us were close in with 2 bot BB's, they chose to stick on me as the target, instead of the atago that was just as close, and at half health at the time. And theres been many times before that where I've seen them go after higher health targets instead. I think I remember reading something a while ago that ships have a "threat" stat or something that aids them in their targeting? It was in regards to the Eugen when it was first coming out, something about it having a threat stat changed because the bots were like seagulls over a dropped box of fries when they saw it. I could be just crazy tho
  4. I haven't had issues with it, not yet at least. Not denying it's a horrible ship though. I haven't met my quota of dumb **** for the month yet, so I bought it and threw my tirpitz captain in it and speced it for secondaries. Bad ship, but good for a laugh.
  5. Looking forward to this! Interesting that none of the MK 37 fire directors seem to move though.
  6. While I don't really know whether I think it's OP, or UP, it does have me wondering why it sits at tier 7 at least. What's the difference between it and an HE spamming cleveland? Granted it gets unlimited uses of defensive fire, and may or may not be a better AA cruiser, but outside of that it seems like an overall worse ship. And any competent carrier captain knows to avoid Atlantas. And now with the Belfast coming, I think that at the minimum the Atlanta needs a look at.