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  1. i think they kept it in spirit, the battery meter is sort of like O2, but it just doesn't screw you over like a sudden OK NEED AIR TIME TO SURFACE while your trying to run away from impending doom, and to suddenly be stuck on surface and get hamshanked by the enemy fleet while you can only limp on surface
  2. ok, after several games, here's where I'm at: Pros: as a dd, I think it works to have the subs location stationary between pings - dd's definately feel like they have more purpose - subs will definately level the playing field if a game comes down to the wire if one team has beefier ships against a group of smaller, squishier. - it definately feels like subs are true hunters, but at considerable risk. good at drawing out dd's, prevents smoke camping, but again at a balanced risk - I think the spotting mechanic works as it is MID-GROUND: as a dd, the depth charges are devastating and that's good, but as a sub, it's almost annoying to be so quickly killed. Is it same damage in a set area? however, if your shave damage with distance from explosion, you should probably reduce DC reload time. cons: - torp homing feels really weak after the initial turn, or takes too long to engage - sub torp launch- what's the point of having the directional; is it to guide where to turn the sub? if so, maybe tweak the subs turn to be more responsive, or maybe so at slower speed? the slower, the better the turn perhaps - game start initial submerge - visual - i get why you have the initial plunge, but visually the subs tilt jerks to a halt as soon as it hits 30m. perhaps smooth it a little? it's only the match start, you're going full speed once you're under 10m - sub torpedo homing seems like it starts way too far out, then doesn't home in effectively regardless of pings on target. (or i'm struggling to understand how it actually works?) - ping hit box on dd's just doesn't seem to do anything, or it's impossible to gauge distance with ping and ping speed. distance indicator needed? but nomatter where I aim at a dd, it's almost impossibly to ping, even if i lead the target BIG ISSUE: - SUB vs SUB is just irritatingly drawn out. It's more efficient to go for the ram. I'd suggest increasing the torp homing but ONLY AGAINST SUBS, or at least something to make a sub v sub instance a it less "torp dodge wait, torp dodge wait" on repeat till the end of time - I would suggest LIMITING SUB COUNT to maybe like carriers, 1 or 2 per game current opinion: Subs are a good addition, very good for their role and I'm REALLY enjoying using them, just need their edges smoothed out. however feeling extremely squishy (though understandably so) and incredibly useful when used properly. The Destroyers now feel MUCH more useful, and not just for huff puff torp runs, however (and i may be shooting myself in the aft saying this) perhaps a bit TOO good vs subs? (see image)
  3. Been playing other games while waiting for a game ALL DAY. between server crashes/restarts needing me to restart a game search, i haven't stopped looking. I haven't had a SINGLE GAME all day. Please WG, cap the wait time or ALLOW CO-OP, i want to try out the subs
  4. from what i've actually been able to play, they seem fun, but a strain to use. My biggest qualm right now is that it's taking up nearly all the server uptime just to find a few games. yesterday, i only managed a few between normals and subs, and today so far, it's all been sitting in wait times. not a single game yet. if anything, I'd ask for an immediate limit on wait times. Please just cap it and fill it with bots, it's not a big deal on a test server; we can't test if we cant play. that aside, Pings are incredibly a gamble to judge distance time to target. Are the torpedos only homing in if you launch them THEN ping the target? it's hard to tell if they home in if you ping them before launch. So far, that's all i can gleam from the test; I've been sitting in the waiting line for half hours at a time. and seeing how many players it says are in range, this is abysmal.
  5. not to belabor the point or put a broken record back on, but, i concur with the sentiment that you REALLY need to put a cap on the MM wait time, or put in co-op. this waiting time is INSANE. i'm approaching 30 min wait, in a battleship of all things subs are fun and all but it's almost impossible to test properly if getting a game has worse odds than the lottery.
  6. Cyberwasp35

    A message from the Pumpkins

    i don't think it's 100% avoidable, to be honest. mistakes happen once in a great while. i think it was pretty smooth this go-round, any intentional fleet kills excessively rare
  7. Cyberwasp35

    A message from the Pumpkins

    289 here! To my fellow Pumpkin fleet folks, i had such a great time and was rather inspired by the whole thing. This is my commemoration piece, dedicated to all of us who willingly vegetized for the benefit of the community, and to the WG hosts and crew for the opportunity and their commitment to the cause! PS: I would totally rock an 'overgrown' ship camo... XD
  8. Cyberwasp35

    Full Pumpkin Event Statistics

    Pumpkin here! I just wanna say i found this whole experience incredibly fun, and rewarding! met a lot of great people and played alot of great games. By statistics, i think this was a resounding success! average-based rewards seems to be working great as a system, along with scheduling. (my time was more limited, sadly) but as for a participant i felt like i had plenty of flex room and plenty of time to enjoy it as i wanted, as well as help folks earn some of that sweet sweet swag! So, TL;DR: had an amazing time, amazing gameplay moments, and amazing people. 10/10, I'd do it all again! Thank you to Femennenly and the crew for their work on hosting and their fantastic management, and to WG for hosting.
  9. I'd like to volunteer to fill one of the last positions, if it's available! :) I love being out and about providing rewards!
  10. hey guys, if there's any spots left on the roster, which it sounds like there are, I'd still volunteer to sign up for this last day and a half if you want? One thing I kinda noticed, this event and last, they needed backup volunteers to be the hunted... i've volunteered for both and haven't been picked so, y'know. I'm still available, just let me know!
  11. Cyberwasp35

    LAST CHANCE - Azur Lane Collab!

    as a side note, i've had to get a lot of my collection items through duplicates. and with no containers to buy, that's even further limiting my ability to complete the collection. 5 dup's per buy? IMO, that's just too much for how many there are to collect. I don't suppose I could request a slight extension on time to collect the last of these things?
  12. Cyberwasp35

    LAST CHANCE - Azur Lane Collab!

    ok, due to real life restrictions and actualy taime available, i may end up just shy of completing the collection before friday. mainly due to, again, extremely long hours and having to work these last 2 days. I can only do so much per day before i have to sleep. 12 hours factory work shifts, NIGHT shifts, kind of throw a wrench in everything. my play time is quite LITERALLY halved. does collection end at the same time, or can we keep collecting at it after the store bundles and the like have expired? or am I SoL? (again)
  13. Cyberwasp35

    WINNERS - Starfall Competition

    To be honest, I'd LIKE to participate, but I'm incredibly jilted... I have to work each day, from 8 PM to 8 AM in a production factory. I'm not free till Monday 8 am, so I quite literally cannot do much without cutting into much needed sleep... I mean, thanks for the offer and everything, but it's literally unobtainable for me :(
  14. holidays sort of hindered my chain progress, and I just now missed getting it by ONE point in the daily chain (because the clock reset at :25 instead of :30. the game ended on :26. rage is real and IMMENSE.) 4 days left, 5 chains needed. Will we have other chances to earn the dreadnought?
  15. Cyberwasp35

    CV Rework Feedback

    alrighty, just took my first stab at round two: guys, 2 glaring issues right off the bat: 1: MAJOR - planes are unable to see torpedoes. I learned that the HARD way. like, they got a double kill 10 seconds after death hard way. 2: SMALL - we were all hearing random sounds of consumable use. ex: fire alarm bells, smoke activation, reload sounds, ect NON-BUGS 1. offputting - unable to select enemy aircraft for focused aa fire, makes it hard when there are 2 incoming squads near, but only 1 is gunning for you, but auto aa goes for the one passing you by