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  1. holidays sort of hindered my chain progress, and I just now missed getting it by ONE point in the daily chain (because the clock reset at :25 instead of :30. the game ended on :26. rage is real and IMMENSE.) 4 days left, 5 chains needed. Will we have other chances to earn the dreadnought?
  2. Cyberwasp35

    CV Rework Feedback

    alrighty, just took my first stab at round two: guys, 2 glaring issues right off the bat: 1: MAJOR - planes are unable to see torpedoes. I learned that the HARD way. like, they got a double kill 10 seconds after death hard way. 2: SMALL - we were all hearing random sounds of consumable use. ex: fire alarm bells, smoke activation, reload sounds, ect NON-BUGS 1. offputting - unable to select enemy aircraft for focused aa fire, makes it hard when there are 2 incoming squads near, but only 1 is gunning for you, but auto aa goes for the one passing you by
  3. Hello! I'd like to make the suggestion of linking profile messages, ex- those received on the forums, to a notification tab on the game hub launcher. In context, during the recent first pirate-hunt event, there was a message sent to my profile with a request for reinforcements. I had no idea I had received this message until late September when i swung to the forums to check on the progress on the patch contest submissions. I think it would work to have a connection to the profile message system in Wargaming Game Center. I'm not on the forums, or my email often for that matter, and not otherwise privy to timely awareness to messages.
  4. Cyberwasp35

    anniversary collection

    Real life had me occupied most of the first portion, and I was only able to get started on the collection. at the end, I was working. Is there any way to keep getting collection items at this point? the anniversary events and missions go all month, so I was thinking there had to be a way for it. Or am I going to have to wait till the next anniversary and buy retro packs? on a side note, when they say 'the 19th', why can't it be available ON the 19th? I do 12 hour night shifts in a factory, it REALLY throws off everything for me....
  5. Real life had me more occupied than anything, and I work night shift so the whole '19th' thing slipped past me. is there any way to complete the collection anymore? or am i going to have to wait till the next anniversary?
  6. Cyberwasp35

    No 3rd Anniversary Flag?

    how long do we have to complete the collection? I only was able to get it started before life took priority. (family issues and work trump warships, i'm afraid) Since the anniversary goes all month, i'd think still a bit, yes?