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  1. GeoBrigade

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Thank you for the fun event and flag. Its was a nice challenge, something different than the challenges within the game.
  2. GeoBrigade

    The Coo of Boom Flag

  3. GeoBrigade

    Free Captain Repec Time Period?

    Thank you. I went through five different articles couldn’t find it.
  4. Hi does anyone know the time period for the free captain respect?
  5. GeoBrigade

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    Also yeah , here is another thought why is that a BB can do 50k to 100k salvos every 30 seconds but a DD has to wait around 2+ minutes to reload its torps and they probably won’t even hit because rng torp spread is a thing. So unfair I’d say.
  6. Hi all, With the announcement of the radar change I’d have to say this is a great start to making the DD class playable again. But let’s not end there! BBs are still a huge problem and stealth radar cruiser Minotaur is a big game breaking thing for DDs still. In all honesty why is that a BB from 15+ km away still able to smack a DD around. In true reality DDs shouldn’t be able to get hit accurately by a BB until at least sub 6.5km. Like come on just think about it a little bit, your telling me that a 35+knot DD that can move on a dime can actually be hit by a slow maneuverability, horrible accuracy, and with very slow turret traverse can hit a DD from 15+km, I doubt it. Also, why hasn’t Minotaurs radar been nerfed like the Woosters has yet, hello… Did you think that Wooster radar was broken but have you even ran into a mino with radar? Talk about needing to be fixed… Anyways, I’d like to see your comments below. Tell me do you think that the radar change was good or bad? Do you think that there is more needed into making the DD an actual playable class in the game again?
  7. They just want your money. DO IT!
  8. GeoBrigade


    Best KOTS ever!
  9. What do you have to do if the webpage refused to connect?
  10. GeoBrigade


    2nd Place in WARGAMES I: SUNDA STRAIT today
  11. GeoBrigade


    Looking for more Social players please look at the requirements.
  12. GeoBrigade