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  1. Up incoming clan. Has proved it over the last few competitive tournaments. Don’t underestimate these guys they have earned their spot.
  2. GeoBrigade

    [OO7] Double Strike - Selectively Recruiting.

    just a free billboard advertisement is what i use the forum as dont except anything out of it
  3. GeoBrigade

    [OO7] Double Strike - Selectively Recruiting.

    This isnt for o7 its for oo7. Im not incharge of o7.
  4. [OO7] Double Strike Leadership Commander: Grizzly95 Deputy Commanders: Gilhop, Alpinerooster, and GeoBrigade Recruiters: GE_Capital, Helipro, and Senpai What is Double Strike? Double Strike [OO7] sub-clan to Devastating Strike [O7], founded in May 2017 as [SOUR] the sub-clan to [SALTY] with the sole intent of dominating competitive game play in WoWS. We are one of the few clans in NA with the most obtained oil since it was implemented. We have all the steel upgrades and are currently working on getting the last coal upgrade. In 2019, Double Strike looks forward to completely build the Naval Base to 100% and being one of the top 10 competitive teams. What do we look for in a player? Double Strike is looking for people who are willing to put time and effort into becoming part of a competitively driven community. Double Strike Minimum Requirements: Be able to communicate effectively in English Have Discord, Teamspeak installed and have a working mic 60%+ Win rate (Tiers and ships played will be taken into consideration) 2100 PR (Based off wows-numbers) 1500+ Battles played Be competent with multiple classes of ship Have multiple Tier 8 competitive ships Have multiple Tier 10 competitive ships Can read the flow of battle and play smart Have a sense of humor but also the ability to be focused during competitive play Every member is expected to continue improving What do we offer? A well-established and stable community Plenty of skilled members to play in a division with Weekly practice in the form of training, scrimmages with other clans and internal battles Continuous participation in tournaments and other competitive modes How does the recruiting phase work? To maintain a high standard of player performance, new members will undergo a trial phase. This phase is a month-long evaluation where officers and other senior members will keep track of division, training and official match performances. While random game stats do give an indication of knowing basic game mechanics, they do not however shed light on the team play aspect of the individual. It is expected that every trial member does his/her utmost with regards to team play. Statistics will never tell us the whole story, so if you still think you have what it takes to join Double Strike, join our Discord and contact one of the above leaders/recruiters. Achievements: Multiple members have hit rank 1 during rank seasons Double Strike made it into Typhoon for Season 1 of Clan Battles Double Strike made it into Hurricane for Season 2 of Clan Battles Double Strike made it into Typhoon for Season 3 of Clan Battles Double Strike made it into Hurricane for Season 4 of Clan Battles Double Strike won Wargames IV: Kolombangara More TBA Discord Rules and Link: The Following are our general guidelines and expectations for members/visitors in the O7/Double Strike discord and within WoWs: 1. Procedure: If a member of our discord and/or one of our clans is caught breaking one of these rules or a complaint is produced about said member then said member will be evaluated by an Officer based on - The legitimacy of the complaint The severity of the complaint. If the member is found to be in breach of our code of conduct then a warning will be issued for the first instance, if the problem persists then disciplinary action may be applied, especially if said member is part of one of our competitive teams. Banning or expulsions may be used but will be a last resort and only used in the most extreme of cases. 2. Code for general/casual Communications: For the most part we are not interested in policing your actions or behavior in a video game, especially on the casual level, however, when it crosses the line into harassment, grieving, or personal attacks, or it is an active issue for the enjoyment of others (screaming, smashing keys, offensive audio/visual) then steps will be taken to correct the issue. Use your best judgement, we have no problems with general salt, swearing, rabble-rousing etc. but we will not accept behavior that crosses the line. 3. Code for Competitive Communications: Any member that is participating in a competitive event or is a representative of one of our teams will be held to a higher standard at those competitive events. We will not accept any negative or aggressive comments directed at the enemy team. We are first and foremost good sportsmen and professional when playing at a higher level. Grieving/Crap Talking/Team killing will also not be accepted. If anything has been missed the leadership at Double Strike reserves the right to take action if a situation develops outside of the above guidelines and also to make any alterations to this code provided that prior notice is given.
  5. GeoBrigade

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Thank you for the fun event and flag. Its was a nice challenge, something different than the challenges within the game.
  6. GeoBrigade

    The Coo of Boom Flag

  7. GeoBrigade

    Free Captain Repec Time Period?

    Thank you. I went through five different articles couldn’t find it.
  8. Hi does anyone know the time period for the free captain respect?
  9. GeoBrigade

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    Also yeah , here is another thought why is that a BB can do 50k to 100k salvos every 30 seconds but a DD has to wait around 2+ minutes to reload its torps and they probably won’t even hit because rng torp spread is a thing. So unfair I’d say.
  10. Hi all, With the announcement of the radar change I’d have to say this is a great start to making the DD class playable again. But let’s not end there! BBs are still a huge problem and stealth radar cruiser Minotaur is a big game breaking thing for DDs still. In all honesty why is that a BB from 15+ km away still able to smack a DD around. In true reality DDs shouldn’t be able to get hit accurately by a BB until at least sub 6.5km. Like come on just think about it a little bit, your telling me that a 35+knot DD that can move on a dime can actually be hit by a slow maneuverability, horrible accuracy, and with very slow turret traverse can hit a DD from 15+km, I doubt it. Also, why hasn’t Minotaurs radar been nerfed like the Woosters has yet, hello… Did you think that Wooster radar was broken but have you even ran into a mino with radar? Talk about needing to be fixed… Anyways, I’d like to see your comments below. Tell me do you think that the radar change was good or bad? Do you think that there is more needed into making the DD an actual playable class in the game again?
  11. They just want your money. DO IT!
  12. GeoBrigade


    Best KOTS ever!
  13. What do you have to do if the webpage refused to connect?
  14. GeoBrigade


    2nd Place in WARGAMES I: SUNDA STRAIT today