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  1. If you're making this assessment based on numbers alone, you are making an assumption. Obviously if a player has only been around for 3 months and in a few clans already, it's a pretty safe assumption! But just because someone has been in a clan before does not mean they contribute little. And, like you said, just because their stats are awesome doesn't mean they are. It's always good to look and get an idea of what you'll be dealing with. All I'm saying is that stats do not translate into who the person is or how well they play as a teammate. Obviously, you are free to use whatever criteria you want with your clan. If you'd like to start a separate thread (or mention me in one that already exists?) to discuss stat points that should be considered in recruiting, I'd love to be a part of that discussion. I know a lot of clans that are more competitive use much more criteria and are much more strict about hitting certain marks. I'm more focused on community so activity and communication are more important to me than damage and kills. That is not to say that stats are of no importance, just not my priority.
  2. I can see how you might make that assumption, but it's not always true. Just because a new player is temporarily content with an inactive clan doesn't necessarily mean they won't ever desire more. Most often it's a case of "they told me they were active, but I'm always playing alone" that drives them to find a new clan. It's the mirror of my pet peeve; players that say they want an active clan yet never get on voice once they join (these folks never stay long). I'll give anyone a chance. Not to say I'll let anyone in the clan, just a chance for an interview. When I look at player stats, I'm more interested in the ratio of time in game to battles played. I know all too well that playing support can lead to low stats, so as long as there is no evidence of yolo back to port play. When someone's been playing for 2 years and less than 1,000 battles, that's a giant red flag regardless of damage stats. Also, having good stats is no guarantee the player is not a [edited] bag. The main factors for me are activity and getting along well with the other members. After that it all comes down to training together. Of course, it's always nice when you get a new member that already has skill and knowledge of the game! All in all; I'd say 90% of the "crumbs" we end up with were the ones holding their old clan together. In fact, our interest (and the subsequent thought of losing their "glue") in a player has reinvigorated clans that were on the path to the trash.
  3. I'd like to at least know how many inactive clans there are for statistics. All in all it doesn't really matter. It's nice to look at the numbers and try to draw some correlations, but honestly we pick up folks from crumbling clans fairly often. Some people like being in an inactive clan because nothing is asked of them. Then one day they decide they want more, and that means leaving.
  4. Thought we were going to play on the EU server... What's going on?
  5. Just looking at some fresh numbers. There are over 933 clans and player numbers are between 14, 000 - 20,000. That means 21.3 members per clan on the high side and 14.4 on the low side. New clans definitely have their work cut out!
  6. Davo916

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    I made two maps; one for lower tiers and one for higher tiers. For lower tiers, this map offers easy access to 1 cap from each side. The center cap is a bit more challenging with sandbars to deny torpedoes yet offer no cover. I think you could take a few islands out and scale it up to use it for higher tiers. Brown islands are too tall to fire over. Lime islands can be fired over. Gold islands aren't tall enough to hide a DD. This map I dreamed up to keep players from riding the edge of the map or running off to a corner. All caps are easily contestable and the icebergs channel the action toward the map center. The islands here are really icebergs so the larger the berg, the more ice is sticking out of the water.
  7. Davo916

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    Your paint skills are fine, but now I want a glass of milk and a Chic-fil-A sandwich...