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  1. Davo916

    [ALL] ModStation

    Time to uninstall and try again!
  2. Join us here for voice com https://discord.gg/akm7PX4
  3. @Nicoli_Voldkif will make you Cit your pants!
  4. Waste of time when you can get Alaska....
  5. @SRW_USMC is waiting for you...
  6. Davo916

    VFW Recruiting, Benefits and Veterans

    Many happy gobbles to our friends at VFW!
  7. What the hell does that mean? Beta tester with 46 battles? I don't understand.
  8. @sirlancelot5 We require tier-6 ships at a minimum. If you're looking to learn and improve (that's awesome) WarGaming has a lot of instructional videos on YouTube. You'll find that the ships get better as you go higher up in tiers. The Public Test Server is a good way to check out higher tier ships before grinding your way on the live server. Good luck and happy hunting!
  9. The gnome overlord makes hid debut as Commander!! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/ring-commanders/
  10. Hope to see you in battle soon!