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  1. Davo916

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits for you!

    This is how every DD on my team treats me when I'm out in a BB.
  2. Davo916

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits for you!

    I was getting 5 star Operations until Saturday. Now I can hardly get 1. How's it going at the VFW?
  3. Chugging along! This is going to be a tough Clan Battle season being the holiday season as well. We're getting battles in, but probably not our best showings. It's all good though, it gives opportunities for members with rentals to get some more experience than they would otherwise. If we keep growing at this rate we'll be asking for a Team Charlie!
  4. I'd like to see DD get some credit for damage dealt by ships within DD's smoke and stack with XP from damage by spotting. XP for damage by spotting could use a buff as well. Maybe a multiplier for Cruisers damage dealt from within DD smoke? That drives me crazy when a random teammate asks me for smoke just to pass through it or go around it. If I'm smoking for a teammate, I'm going to be spotting torpedoes and enemies for the teammate to take full advantage of my smoke. I feel my blood pressure rising so let's move on. Damage is a good measure of battle contribution because that is what sinks ships. Ships allowing that damage by keeping targets lit should be better compensated, that's all. Honestly, the whole point system could stand to be reworked. Luckily (or maybe not), WG has a lot of ideas from players!
  5. Actual footage of Ranked Sprint game in season 1, division of clan-mates. Getting to Rank 1 is not as hard when you have help!
  6. Davo916

    VFW Recruiting and Benefits for you!

    Looks like a lot of potential coal earning this weekend with 500 for every five 5-star wins in Scenario Operations.
  7. Looking for a few good folks for fun and adventure on the high seas! Like sinking enemy ships? So do we! Come on out and sink some ship with us.