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  1. Davo916

    [ALL] ModStation

    Time to uninstall and try again!
  2. Davo916

    Frame Rate / Stuttering

    I have this problem ever since the last update. Used to be 60 fps almost constant, then overnight it dropped to 5. I tried this and that, but the problem for me is my antiquated rig. The enhancements are too much for this tired old machine.
  3. Davo916

    Sync Dropping Even In low Tier

    Oh the hyperbole is intense here. "Classless to sync drop," or "complete disaster" comments are just funny to me. It would be classless to sync drop with the intent of throwing a match. Sync dropping in good spirit is good fun! We do it as often as possible. Everyone involved is trying to earn bragging rights, not have a lopsided game. Team killers that adore being pink, now that's classless and a complete disaster! How do you get multiple clan members into a single Random battle? You div up and sync drop. It's not malicious. It's not a troll move. It's a way to get clan members involved in the community we're striving to create here. If some folks abuse it, report them! As with any other instances of players abusing the system, report the scumbags! Trolls don't even like trolls. If you think every player that does a sync drop is just out to ruin your day, you probably still think that the event accounts are Russian robots stealing your data. Nothing sensible will likely help you out of your delusions. We don't sync drop to get an advantage in game, necessarily. We do it to get together and blow ship up!
  4. Davo916

    Competitive DD Lessons When and How to Kite the Enemy

    A great video I'll be sharing with my clan, thanks! One thing I would add is don't fire torps at a ship you are chasing. Didn't have that scenario play out in this video, but I see it in game all too often. Obviously, if the you've chased the target to a corner it's a different story. I was surprised to see this a lot in Ranked games. DD fires torps at a target he can't hit then a cruiser pops up and our DD has nothing but his little pew-pew and dies. Tragic. Maybe you did allude to it with your comments on patience. Sometimes you just need to spot and not worry about damage. Just remain prepared and ready to strike as you light up the enemy for allied fire. That reminds me; sometimes in the late-game it is advantageous to fire torps hoping to turn a BB broadside to your allies. I found this to be most helpful in training up the IJN branch, but can be done well with most destroyers in the game. This carries over to the CV as well and is quite a bit easier from the air. All you do is drop torps at an angle that offers the target a possible dodge but that dodge path will require them to give broadside to your allies. I usually get at least 1 torp hit before the team has made the target Cit his pants.
  5. Davo916

    What in the world is THIS??????

    Good catch! And a response in around an hour?! Fem had her coffee this morning?
  6. Smart move on remapping the Q key! I doubt anyone uses the rudder locks much anyway. That would actually make more sense if we could remap keys Q and E for port and starboard AA focus. The fact that the key we use now opens a compass rose with free mouse to click a side is more of a pain than trying to reach an unfamiliar key. I thought it would've been better to change AA to where there is no focus fire; just reduce duration of effect, reduce cool-down, increase number of uses of the existing consumable, and make it available to more ships (maybe all ships). Not that I want this change very much now. I'd rather see them get this new system dialed in. CV sniping was very much a thing. I really only saw it below T6 and rarely at T6. A couple of the maps in lower tiers make it an easy start to battle for CV to spot each other and if one is not very good it sinks. All the maps at higher tiers will have you passing over enemies before spotting CV is possible so the cost is already higher. Also I noticed the higher tier of battle, the more early damage to surface ships and air superiority of a sector paid off. I could go on, but it doesn't matter now! ;-) They hit the reset button on us! Overall, I feel like I'm in a weird set of DD when I play the new CV. I know that probably doesn't make sense to most people. I feel like more of a support role with the threat of possible damage more menacing than actual damage.
  7. 1. Many of my clan-mates are active CV hunters now. The game is certainly NOT weighted in the CV's favor. CV certainly is less effective in controlling a match compared to before. 2. If you're flying through CV flack, you're going to lose a lot of aircraft. They don't want CV sniping each other like they would sometimes before. Also, with the lack of ship control while in flight the shortened fire and flooding duration keeps players from constantly returning to ship for damage control. 3. Yeah, wth?! Cleveland was a nice AA ship when it was T6. Now it's T8 and has lower AA? Cleveland should be one of the ships aircraft steer clear of. 4. Not sure how much they can or should adjust this. More torpedo hits will most certainly equate into more players complaining. 5. Yes! Using Ctrl + free clicking the compass rose would be a lot easier for a lot of us. Are you aware that you can use "~" to access sector control as well as "o"? The "~" is much closer to the keys we already use most. 6. I'd like to see a more uniform time for sector control between ships. The whole idea makes little sense to me. It takes time to account for the sailors moving from one side of the ship to the other. Why are they going from one side to the other? Were there AA guns not being manned before? Are there more AA guns than can be fired by normal crew? Yeah, doesn't pass the straight face test for me. It really only serves to give players the feel of focusing AA fire. 7. In my experience it does not pay to worry much about aircraft, depending upon a few things of course. Aside from spotting and torpedo runs, using WASD hack should work just as well against aircraft as against other ships. It's definitely harsh when aircraft is keeping you spotted and the enemy team is focusing fire on you. That has to be the worst I've seen so far and it's really not that far off from a low detection DD keeping enemies spotted for the team. Slightly more annoying maybe since the DD can be killed while downed aircraft will be replaced. All in all, I think WG has done a great job with the rework. I don't think that all the issues can be addressed while maintaining any sense of realism. In the real world, naval aviation changed the face of naval combat forever. The power of naval aviation cannot be replicated without serious balance issues because naval aviation IS a powerhouse. There's quite a bit that still needs to be dialed in before this rework is all worked out, and it's never going to be perfect for all players. I'm sure there are plenty of patches on the way to iron out all the wrinkles. I, for one, am excited to see where this leads.
  8. Davo916

    Give WG some time on the CV rework.

    Seems to be an issue on the live server now as well. People, STOP going into Co-op with CV and complaining about a bad game. No bot CV for some reason, so you're not going to have much fun.
  9. Davo916

    Give WG some time on the CV rework.

    It's the live test server. I can understand why the pay-to-play crowd is upset, especially if they're not interested in CV play in the first place. The game atmosphere is pretty hectic right now with everyone trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, most players didn't make time for participation in testing. Even of those of us who did, a lot of the feedback I saw was "this is crap" and not constructive. Of the players that provided thorough and detailed criticism, a lot of the issues have been addressed. The issues that need to be worked out now could have been addressed already if there was strong participation in testing. There was not. "Why should I waste time on PT when I'm paying for premium on the live server?" Well, now we all have to test it.
  10. Davo916

    AA needs nerf seriously

    DD's were always hard(ish) to kill with aircraft, nothing new here. I find them a bit easier to hit with rockets and an angled DB drop can do some serious damage to DD. I'll miss being able to cross drop torpedoes but I sure as h#ll am glad that I don't get cross dropped anymore. I'm a DD main and the only problem CV used to pose for me was spotting. Once in a while I came across someone especially good in CV that could get me with torps or bombs, but those were very few and far between.
  11. Davo916

    AA needs nerf seriously

    CV players now need to pay real attention to ship AA fields. A lone target is about the only way to get more than 1 attack per launch. If there are several enemies nearby, you'd be lucky to get 1 run in. I've been testing since TST as well and I think they've balanced it all fairly well. I'm sure they'll be fine tuning over the next several patches. It might take a week or two for players to stop s#!++!ng themselves and get into a groove. Until then, we get salt mines on the forums. *Edit* This was my first game ion the up[date. No points assigned or anything.
  12. It's a pain in the aft, but at T10 shouldn't it be? A while back, I took several ships into the Training Room to see how they compared. Someone had been complaining that his Kurfurst was melted in mere seconds by Harugumo. I guess "mere seconds" is somewhat subjective...
  13. Davo916

    New Concealment Expert

    We will get to re-spec. When I tried it on PT, I didn't really notice a difference.
  14. Davo916

    Which DD to choose?

    Some great feedback here! I'd just like to add that if you are experienced with the cruiser play at T10, you might play quite well in the DD's that play more like fast cruisers. Harugumo, for example, can spot for a few minutes then after your cruisers move closer hide in smoke and farm some damage. Just thinking you might have an easy time filling that role. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of DD play (and want to choose between Z and Gear), I suggest playing the US line. T8, T9, and T10 are all great ships.
  15. As a DD main with 4 T10 DD's (Shima, Gumo, Z-52, Gearing) I say keep pushing! Shimakaze was my first T10 and I don't think it's really worth the grind anymore. Especially after the torpedo nerf hits with the next update. The T9 Yugumo is much more effective in battle. I use my T7 Akatsuki as my money-maker. The T9 and T10 Kitakaze and Harugumo are savage, don't miss out on these fun ships! If you enjoy the gunboats as much as you say, you will not be disappointed with either of them. As for a balanced DD, I like the Z-52. Strong guns and torps with killer hydro to boot. You should get on the Public Test server this weekend and check out the high tier ships so you know what to expect on the live server. Find T10's in the Arsenal on PT. Try it before you buy it kind of thing. As for radar, well ... suck it up buttercup! Radar isn't going anywhere so you'd better learn to counter or deal with it. At least a DD is fast enough to create distance while avoiding incoming rounds. Other ships just have to take the punishment and wait it out when surprised by radar. The radar affect will change with the next update as well. You'll have a few seconds where only the ship using radar will see you. The idea is to give DD's a chance to make a move before every enemy in range is raining shells on them. Good luck and happy hunting!