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  1. @lordsauron will make you Cit your pants!
  2. Hope you all had a fun and productive weekend!
  3. Always looking for active players to become active members. Come by our Discord and say hello!
  4. Can't believe we've been recruiting for over 2 years...
  5. Wait... we're not supposed to "bump" anymore because nobody reads past the first page? I don't get it.
  6. Davo916

    [ALL] ModStation

    Time to uninstall and try again!
  7. Join us here for voice com https://discord.gg/akm7PX4
  8. @Nicoli_Voldkif will make you Cit your pants!
  9. @SRW_USMC is waiting for you...
  10. Davo916

    VFW Open Recruiting

    Many happy gobbles to our friends at VFW!
  11. What the hell does that mean? Beta tester with 46 battles? I don't understand.