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  1. holomorphic

    Sackville Camo for Yukon

    Thanks a lot for the note! Also got it! A really nice camo. Happy that WG implemented and gave it for free eventually.
  2. holomorphic

    100% cashback coupon

    Can you buy doubloons directly and also get the same amount? Or the coupon doesn't work for doubloons?
  3. holomorphic

    What's the mathematics behind armor penetration?

    Exactly. These calculations are nothing for a computer. But input/output, particularly sending stuff through the internet, and rendering, are more time-consuming.
  4. holomorphic

    What's the mathematics behind armor penetration?

    I have a related question. We can follow the shells in game and observe where they hit on the enemy ships. However, I do remember reading on the wiki page, a long time ago, that the flying shells rendered in game are just graphical approximations and do not reflect accurately where they really strike. If this is true, then we have no way of observing the fall of shots or reasoning on the damage composition. However, I just skimmed through the wiki quickly and cannot find the statement any more. So the question is: is the shell trace accurate or not? Anyone can point to the source? Thank you.
  5. holomorphic

    Where is Notser?

    Notser is the first CC I've watched on YT and his positive, supportive attitude is the best among CCs. The hilarious "pull a Notser" says everything. His knowledge on the game and history may not be the best, but more than good enough IMO. As someone pretty much only watching YT recordings, I miss a lot his videos. But I understand that there is a real life and he has gone through some tough periods (his cat's condition etc). So I completely understand he might not do this any more. And I support his move whatever he decides. @Notser I hope you and your loved ones are well! All the best!
  6. No. It is a Japanese series. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_Galactic_Heroes
  7. Also a fan of LOGH. But yeah, too bad to see the high prices of the lump sum bundles and the loot boxes (particularly given the recent PR disasters). The mission is designed such that you can only get one commander through playing. The web page is even so sluggish with typos on the number of commanders, as pointed out by an earlier post.
  8. I remember the summer sale used to be direct discounts on ships. Then they sold loot boxes and you could choose which kind, ships or camos. Now they have introduced this token thing and you progressively unlock different loot boxes, from camos to ships, from low tiers to high. See the pattern? Perhaps next year it would be a new token to get loot boxes which contain 2021 summer tokens. Then tokens to get tokens to get tokens...
  9. But there is also the issue of opportunistic cost. By choosing Signals containers one cannot open other containers. So to me still it seems WG is reducing the amount of reward to players.
  10. holomorphic

    PSA: Special ship coupons end today !

    Could be a server time issue. They may not time it based on local server time, but rather on a uniform time regardless of different regions. Just a hypothesis.
  11. holomorphic

    There is no 'free stuff' in WoW

    One tricky thing is the definition of "free". If something is given to you in change of your time or effort, or even simply a click on their webpage, do you consider it free? It's good to keep the notion of "opportunity cost" in mind.
  12. holomorphic

    Who else really hates Base XP?

    Not entirely. One other big aspect is scouting. So spotting for your team contributes. Also your overall strategic goal is winning the war. That's why there's a big factor multiplied for the winning party, as everyone else has mentioned.
  13. I don't think it's a big problem. What do you lose? Some silver to outfit the ship. So what? You can easily make that back. What do you gain? A free port slot. Another Atago that you can grab and play without waiting if you happen to blow up your first one in a battle and just get out. A second chance to farm bonus first-win XP (and also FXP, ECXP) every day. A separate Atago that allows for a different build in modules so that you don't need to spend silver or gold to switch back and forth if you want to try out different builds. The rest of the things are practically the same. So I support WG's implementation of the crates.
  14. holomorphic

    Forum culture

    There are a zoo of different opinions and attitudes on the forum. It seems that as long as you keep calm and rational, you would be pretty safe. In addition to that and everything suggested by other posts: 1. Maybe it's also good to be supportive and friendly! 2. Use the search function to see if your question has been asked.