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  1. You've researched a ship, now what?

    Usually when there is a sale, the discount is heavy on lower tier ships, but little on mid to high tiers. So you usually won't get as much as you want.
  2. Great post, Zoup! Thanks for reaching out and trying to build a better community, as a CC. Just want to add that maybe everyone in the game should practice having a bit more understanding and sympathy. As working adults, full time students etc., we need to accept the situation and try to have fun. We might also want to understand that our teammates partially rely on us, and trying to play better is a respect for our fellow gamers. We should also be more tolerant towards teammates who seem not to play as well as we hope to. In this way I'm sure everyone would have more enjoyment.
  3. anyone got the Yamamoto yet?

    No I think you need to finish the missions to be able to mount TWO decorative flags AT THE SAME TIME on the ship commanded by Yammamoto.
  4. anyone got the Yamamoto yet?

    I've seen Yamato's with two decorative flags, so yes.
  5. Great post! Had no idea of what the flag was about or why the man was removed.
  6. Username Origins?

    It's a term in mathematics, a complex-valued function being holomorphic means that it is highly smooth and has very nice properties.
  7. Soup of Graf Spee

    And curiously, the other team has one, but only one Spee!
  8. Soup of Graf Spee

    Yeah a pretty big win, none of the Spee died actually...
  9. Soup of Graf Spee

    LOL...It looks that everyone has unlocked Graf Spee and enjoyed her!
  10. End of Takao Mission

    I really really hope that WG could extend this mission or re-do it sometime later. (and ideally keeping my current progress!) Normally should be able to get it with some extra grinding, but this month I've got particularly busy with work. I can finish stage 4 for sure but there is no possibility to harvest the rest 40k xp. Takao is my favourite character in the ARP series and the blue ship looks beautiful. I would be sad if there is no other chance.
  11. Definitely agree. I'm quite "casual" since I'm busy usually. Having tried hard to spend time on this month's grindy ARP Takao, but still have the whole last stage for the last three days. Gonna give up. Hope there would be other chances in the future or WG could consider extending the mission.
  12. Open Letter to WG

    Totally agree with this. The OP plays this game since he likes warships. We can understand that one hopes to play well, but after all this is a game and we play for fun. Whether you play well enough or not, it might be better to focus on enjoying the content itself. As Hocht has pointed out, it comes down to the attitude one takes toward the game. Put down your competitive hat (wear them tighter instead in your professional life) and try to have some relaxation. On the other hand, the level of your performance compared to others is something that you don't have a full control of. Not to mention a lot of times bad games are not your fault at all. Keep trying and learning if you want to become better. Other than that, it does not make much sense in letting the negative emotion take over, which would only harm your enjoyment of the game and stop you from getting better.
  13. Joining: Canadian Battle Group 1

    Hi! Newbie here, based in Vancouver BC. I'm not an actual Canadian, an international student instead. (But man, I like Canada). Would be interested in teaming up with people here. I only have US and German BBs to tier IV. Recently got a Warspite (favorite historical ship) and Dunkerque both at VI. Not a ton of time but try to play regularly.