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  1. Without Belfast we don't even have any premium RN cruiser! Perth cannot be counted since practically it does not train RN cruiser captains.
  2. Azur Lane Nelson Translation please?

    I've downloaded and played a bit the Chinese version. Pretty sure it's JP voice acting. The game was developed in China. Seems there is no development team in JP, except for a JP-dedicated server and publisher. Not sure for the collaborator if WG only negotiates with the JP publisher or talks directly to the Chinese office.
  3. Azur Lane Nelson Translation please?

    Funny thing is... Azure Lane is a Chinese game, but the language packs are in Japanese. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azur_Lane
  4. I respecced 36 Captains today ...

    I took part in clan battles in Season 2 but did not find where I could respec for free. Anyone else having the same issue?
  5. You've researched a ship, now what?

    Usually when there is a sale, the discount is heavy on lower tier ships, but little on mid to high tiers. So you usually won't get as much as you want.
  6. Great post, Zoup! Thanks for reaching out and trying to build a better community, as a CC. Just want to add that maybe everyone in the game should practice having a bit more understanding and sympathy. As working adults, full time students etc., we need to accept the situation and try to have fun. We might also want to understand that our teammates partially rely on us, and trying to play better is a respect for our fellow gamers. We should also be more tolerant towards teammates who seem not to play as well as we hope to. In this way I'm sure everyone would have more enjoyment.
  7. anyone got the Yamamoto yet?

    No I think you need to finish the missions to be able to mount TWO decorative flags AT THE SAME TIME on the ship commanded by Yammamoto.
  8. anyone got the Yamamoto yet?

    I've seen Yamato's with two decorative flags, so yes.
  9. Great post! Had no idea of what the flag was about or why the man was removed.
  10. Username Origins?

    It's a term in mathematics, a complex-valued function being holomorphic means that it is highly smooth and has very nice properties.
  11. Soup of Graf Spee

    And curiously, the other team has one, but only one Spee!
  12. Soup of Graf Spee

    Yeah a pretty big win, none of the Spee died actually...
  13. Soup of Graf Spee

    LOL...It looks that everyone has unlocked Graf Spee and enjoyed her!