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  1. holomorphic

    Anchors Away Tour 2020 - Master Thread

    They say at every stop there's a different T-shirt. I hope they have different scavenger hunt questions?
  2. holomorphic

    PSA: Special ship coupons end today !

    Could be a server time issue. They may not time it based on local server time, but rather on a uniform time regardless of different regions. Just a hypothesis.
  3. holomorphic

    There is no 'free stuff' in WoW

    One tricky thing is the definition of "free". If something is given to you in change of your time or effort, or even simply a click on their webpage, do you consider it free? It's good to keep the notion of "opportunity cost" in mind.
  4. holomorphic

    Anchors Away Tour: Update + FAQ

    Dear Fem, Thanks for the confirmation! Does it mean that visitors can still tour the ship as usual on that day? Or people have to be in a designated area much shrunk from the space where one can previously explore? Sincerely, A captain
  5. holomorphic

    Who else really hates Base XP?

    Not entirely. One other big aspect is scouting. So spotting for your team contributes. Also your overall strategic goal is winning the war. That's why there's a big factor multiplied for the winning party, as everyone else has mentioned.
  6. I don't think it's a big problem. What do you lose? Some silver to outfit the ship. So what? You can easily make that back. What do you gain? A free port slot. Another Atago that you can grab and play without waiting if you happen to blow up your first one in a battle and just get out. A second chance to farm bonus first-win XP (and also FXP, ECXP) every day. A separate Atago that allows for a different build in modules so that you don't need to spend silver or gold to switch back and forth if you want to try out different builds. The rest of the things are practically the same. So I support WG's implementation of the crates.
  7. holomorphic

    Forum culture

    There are a zoo of different opinions and attitudes on the forum. It seems that as long as you keep calm and rational, you would be pretty safe. In addition to that and everything suggested by other posts: 1. Maybe it's also good to be supportive and friendly! 2. Use the search function to see if your question has been asked.
  8. holomorphic

    RN Cruiser Premium?

    As quite a few have already mentioned, it would have been great if we can train RN captains in Commonwealth ships, like Perth. I would really like it.
  9. holomorphic

    RN Cruiser Premium?

    I guess this is quite feasible.
  10. holomorphic

    RN Cruiser Premium?

    Indeed the whole RN lines suffer from these a lot.
  11. holomorphic

    RN Cruiser Premium?

    I doubt WG would give the RN CLs HE in the near future. After all, this is one big focus of argument around the release of the line, and yet WG has kept the ships without HE. To equip them with HE demands a complete re-balance of the line. Given this prospect, I guess a lot of the players would be unhappy if premium RN cruisers always have HE and require captains with IFHE or DE. And WG could say that if you rely on HE, then don't play this line. (No offense, just speculating WG's arguments.) That being said, I think later we could as well have a RN CA line with HE. It makes sense that the heavier bros have more selections over ammunition, doesn't it! In that case, inevitably WG needs to consider premium cruisers with only short-fused AP and with AP+HE. But still, currently the pressing issue is that we have no premium RN cruiser, while there have been a ton for, say, Soviet and they are releasing even more! And we are no short of ideas for famous RN cruisers!
  12. holomorphic

    RN Cruiser Premium?

    Can't agree more. Even if we still have Belfast, it does not train well the British cruiser captains. So one way or the other, WG should come up with an RN premium cruiser as soon as possible.
  13. holomorphic

    RN Cruiser Premium?

    Now that Belfast is supposed to be permanently out of the shop. We don't even have a RN premium cruiser. It's time for WG to come up with a new one! Why is WG releasing so many more US and Japanese premium ships while passing on such a great chance to make more money?
  14. holomorphic

    Haida confirmed July 1st, Eh?

    I doubt it. The Canadians are already hyped up and there's no reason that WG does not harvest their wallets.
  15. Was there last summer, visiting all the way from Vancouver BC... Fantastic tour. You can even go down to the boiler rooms, and the staff volunteers are very knowledgeable. Pity that the gift shop closed early and I did not get a chance to visit, since the ship was so much fun and I could not get my feet off it. Hope to go again sometime, but it's not easy from the west coast.