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  1. BrentD15

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    Well, it looks like after a couple of days and getting over a 1 million credits for Japan, Russia, and Germany, the quest doesn't seem that tough. But it does seem tough for countries like UK and France, the former because the unnecessary gimmicks handicap the abilities of the ships, and the latter because I only have three French ships above Tier 5.
  2. BrentD15

    Da Credits! - not so bad

    I'm averaging around 100-200k credits per game, and I haven't even used a premium yet. Is this a good sign or a bad sign?
  3. BrentD15

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    That should be doable. A few hours per night, 6 nations, 3-4 ships per nation (at the least), mostly tier 6's. Japan: Fubuki, Hatsuharu, Aoba, Fuso USA: Farragut, Pensacola, Dallas, New Mexico, Cleveland Russia: October Revolution, Budyonny, Minsk, Ognevoi, Kiev Germany: Gaede, Nuremburg, Graf Spee, Bayern, Bismarck UK: Acasta, Icarus, Leander, Queen Elizabeth PA: Fushun France: La Galissionaire, Normandie, Aigle If only ARP ships counted as Japan.
  4. Tomorrow, the fourth and final part of the Prinz Eitel Freiderich missions are available. Four million credits per nation, and I have mostly tier 6 ships for each nation (or something equivalent) for almost each nation. I have no Italian, Polish, or Commonwealth ships of equivalent tier. I do, however, have the Graf Spee, Aigle, and October Revolution. For those ships, which of them are my best chances of earning 4 million credits before the missions end?
  5. BrentD15

    I was having fun with German line up until T7

    WarGimmick showing its hand again.
  6. BrentD15


    I saw it in game yesterday. How? Where? When?
  7. BrentD15

    You're in Charge of Premium Ship Releases for 2019

    Well, it's not like WarGimmick can't make an ahistorical refit to make the guns fight at 750m/s, because we all know they stick to historical accuracy.
  8. BrentD15


    Why was this added to the Russian tech tree subforum?
  9. BrentD15

    Myoko — Japanese Tier VII cruiser.

    I always get citadel'd HARD in this ship. I must be playing it wrong?
  10. BrentD15

    You're in Charge of Premium Ship Releases for 2019

    It couldn't be any more awkward than differences in gun performance between destroyers in the Pan-Asian tech tree. That being said, I still disagree with your reasoning. (And besides, it's not like WarGaming sticks to historical values anyways).
  11. BrentD15

    You're in Charge of Premium Ship Releases for 2019

    I don't understand this. Why would this make her "unsuitable" as a Tier VI Tech Tree ship?
  12. BrentD15

    RN Cruiser Premium?

    I approve of a Tier V premium light cruiser like this.
  13. Regarding what you said about the recent controversy towards community contributors: I agree. WarGaming's corporate needs better communications practices between their regional branches, especially regarding controversies that create PR nightmares.