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  1. That's the most hilariously awkward thing anyone could have said in the aftermath of a battle.
  2. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Her guns are a deceit. A lid, covering up an overgrown privy. A prop to keep thee from the Balans of thine desire.
  3. These threads are always a treat, seehafer.
  4. Biggest "Kill on Sight" cruiser

    Flint and Belfast are my two biggest kill-on-sight cruisers.
  5. I hereby declare the Shenyang as acceptable.

    ShenYang is a Minekaze with guns that don't suck.
  6. HSF Graf Spee hate. Why?

    Because she's just a carbon copy of a ship many people got for free. Oh, and she's flat.
  7. Maybe the sigma values of the other ships needs a buff, and not nerf a single ship.
  8. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    Seriously, why avoid the name Littorio?
  9. Battleship Roma

    Huh. I thought starshells didn't need a special weapon to fire.
  10. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    That would be the Graf Zeppelin.
  11. Wow: Tier 4 Shen Yang is stronk

    She's a Minekaze with guns that don't suck rocks.
  12. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    I don't know why they even bothered.
  13. Bots use flags now.

    Have a plan to sink every bote you meet.
  14. WoWS dying?

    It's actually been a few weeks since I've played this game last, until last night for obvious reasons.