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  1. BrentD15

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Battleships

    Same. Also, I think that Viribus Unitus should be dropped own a tier or two.
  2. BrentD15

    Ark Royal ... just why, WG? T_T!

    I know it's been a month, but it bears repeating. The Carrier Update has been a mistake from the start.
  3. BrentD15

    British Aircraft Carriers Subforum?

    I can only imagine such a subforum would become flooded with threads about Ark Royal.
  4. BrentD15

    CVs unplayable now

    Limiting carriers to even tiers only was the worst decision about carriers, and whatever they're doing now is the excrement icing on the toxic cake.
  5. BrentD15

    How about Aquila?

    Easily a Tier VIII premium.
  6. I more see her as a Tier IX Premium Destroyer, with a Radar consumable.
  7. BrentD15

    Why the CV rework is so bad for the game.

    Smash F to Protecc
  8. BrentD15

    Why Remove Bogue

    This whole changeup is just stupid.
  9. BrentD15

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    After getting 7 days of premium from a supercontainer, I was able to unlock the Freddy as of this Sunday. And I must say, that I found the ship a little better than people are bemoaning. I don't dare go for the Secondary Build, tempting as it was. I use it like a Kongo.
  10. BrentD15

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    Well, it looks like after a couple of days and getting over a 1 million credits for Japan, Russia, and Germany, the quest doesn't seem that tough. But it does seem tough for countries like UK and France, the former because the unnecessary gimmicks handicap the abilities of the ships, and the latter because I only have three French ships above Tier 5.
  11. BrentD15

    Da Credits! - not so bad

    I'm averaging around 100-200k credits per game, and I haven't even used a premium yet. Is this a good sign or a bad sign?
  12. BrentD15

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    That should be doable. A few hours per night, 6 nations, 3-4 ships per nation (at the least), mostly tier 6's. Japan: Fubuki, Hatsuharu, Aoba, Fuso USA: Farragut, Pensacola, Dallas, New Mexico, Cleveland Russia: October Revolution, Budyonny, Minsk, Ognevoi, Kiev Germany: Gaede, Nuremburg, Graf Spee, Bayern, Bismarck UK: Acasta, Icarus, Leander, Queen Elizabeth PA: Fushun France: La Galissionaire, Normandie, Aigle If only ARP ships counted as Japan.
  13. Tomorrow, the fourth and final part of the Prinz Eitel Freiderich missions are available. Four million credits per nation, and I have mostly tier 6 ships for each nation (or something equivalent) for almost each nation. I have no Italian, Polish, or Commonwealth ships of equivalent tier. I do, however, have the Graf Spee, Aigle, and October Revolution. For those ships, which of them are my best chances of earning 4 million credits before the missions end?