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  1. [Edited] WG

  2. BBs are the most narcissistic class

    Oh brother...........
  3. BBs are the most narcissistic class

    I love DDs, BBs and CVs very much. I have the most fun in DDs and BBs. How dare you insult me, as I hate all the stuff you just whined about, just the same as you, Jackwad.
  4. Detonations Removed from Ranked

    I want to see burning carcasses flying through the air.
  5. Detonations Removed from Ranked

    Well, I guess we all have our pet peeves.............
  6. AFK is just plain NOT an issue. PERIOD. Now, this particular monkey has been poked so many times in every orifice repeatedly, over and over and over again. And THEN some more. It has arrived at the point that I no longer get irritated, I just feel compelled to point out that it is a non issue, if for no other reason than- "Well.........SOMEBODY should say SOMETHING........." You have far more crap wagons who are NOT AFK, and you WISH they were AFK, that THEY do far more damage to the team than the 1 in 500 AFK'ers EVER will their entire career. And like you said- you already lose credits when you AFK.
  7. Detonations Removed from Ranked

    You miss MY point- improvise, adapt and hopefully overcome.........
  8. I won the argument the minute you posted this idiotic thread. And it's your mommy's job to scrub you. Not mine.
  9. Exactly. Whining about nerfing and buffing, this sucks, that sucks, everything sucks, AFKs ruin the game, invisifire, Waaaaahhh, I want "that word which I shall never mention", too much smoke, I hate CVs because they are OP...... on and on and on. Not to mention berating you about your win rate when you tell them to stop whining like a Vagasil queen. It just never ends.
  10. WOW! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Manual bomb drops... Operations

    I haven't figured out how to manual drop yet. I do pretty well, mostly. Usually averaging about 2-3 kills per game on a good day.
  12. Yes, that's what losers do here when they have no argument, and nothing intelligent to say. Insult people via constantly fluctuating win rate. That's all you got? Not impressed. Just shows what a loser you are. Go have mommy wipe your butt backwards, instead of forwards this time.
  13. Detonations Removed from Ranked

    LLLOLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome.
  14. Detonations Removed from Ranked

    No. Leave it alone. Stop sniveling because you got waaaaaaay too into the game moment and got popped, which caused you a "junk" hemorrhage. Vagasil- squash 2 tubes up there and don't call me. Ever.
  15. Detonations Removed from Ranked