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  1. Richard_Hansen1

    Team Kill.

    I think that's pretty funny. But then again egos are ;)
  2. And sometimes broadside in front of a bunch of rocks not being able to move off, lol!
  3. Richard_Hansen1

    Coop Flake players. (Poll)

    Bacon Never loses, especially in macaroni and cheese.
  4. Richard_Hansen1

    Coop Flake players. (Poll)

    I got that when a friend of mine who was a marine used to tell me the term was “silly villians”
  5. Richard_Hansen1

    Coop Flake players. (Poll)

    You know I’ve come to realize that’s it, plain and simple!
  6. Richard_Hansen1

    Sometimes you just have to chuckle : )

    You should just kamikazi a cv. That's sure to draw fire! :) Come to think of it, I DO have an enterprise!
  7. Richard_Hansen1

    Sometimes you just have to chuckle : )

    Maybe, but my next fish launcher is going to be a Kitakaze!
  8. Richard_Hansen1

    Sometimes you just have to chuckle : )

    Now i LOVE that! :)
  9. Richard_Hansen1

    Sometimes you just have to chuckle : )

    It's about letting people bully and usually not even good players. It a thought process where a player or players don't want to own up to their responsibility of a failed game and go around looking for scapegoats to their own problems. I wish they take the whole karma thing out. I don't care either way, but the last thing a person wants to see, is you've been reported for just poor gameplay in the view of someone usually not in a position to judge. I can see this being annoying to some. They need a switch or control to toggle it off entirely for people who could care less.
  10. Richard_Hansen1

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    Nice ship! Why was it not commissioned till years later?
  11. Richard_Hansen1

    Ridiculously OP bots

    Even 4 years later i am glad co-op exists. The funny thing is that the same people that whine in random actually come into co-op and whine or report. Co-op is for training and playing out scenarios. To be young or even "frighteningly" adolescent is indeed humorous. I have noticed the bots are getting better, or wait, maybe I'm getting worse! :) Have fun!
  12. Richard_Hansen1

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    And it’s as simple as that, no more no less. Excellent response, well done!
  13. Richard_Hansen1

    Please help me understand

    I'm stealing that line for my own :), Well done!
  14. I was thinking the same thing. I never buy, but i get them all the time after i make a roll of team battle winnings.
  15. Richard_Hansen1

    Colorado is garbage. Do the USN BBs get better?

    I actually like it. I treat it just like an oversize New Mexico and I position myself far away with the fire estinguisher and with AP shells. And citadel the hell out of everyone far away. I love it