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  1. WhaleWarrior

    Ship xp to Free xp

    WG should do a big sale for converting XP to free XP. The more you have to convert, the better the discount. Lots of old players with tons of XP.
  2. WhaleWarrior

    One Complaint I Don't Understand

    He is just selling himself to make money while streaming. He is an entertainer and do that for a living. He will say whatever he feels is the best approach to market himself and gain more followers/subscribers $$$
  3. WhaleWarrior

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Azur Lane Intro Pack

    The mission were given for free to all players. Why do you advertise it as a prime gaming benefit , if you are not giving another one again only for prime gaming members?
  4. WhaleWarrior

    people reporting because you play a cv

    WG should go after players reporting other players just for playing a certain type of ship, and block them from reporting.
  5. WhaleWarrior

    Update 0.11.4: French Cruisers

    Disabled the option to sell the modules of Premium and special ships. All players who sold them earlier will have them credited to their accounts. If we sell them now they will be restored?
  6. WhaleWarrior

    don't get the point of 9 ships Brawl

    Brawl too should count towards Naval Battles challenge between clans.
  7. WhaleWarrior

    When does Ranked start?

    First place in loosing team at gold league should save the star.
  8. WhaleWarrior

    EN Wiki Team is Recruiting!

    You need to improve the wiki in spanish too.
  9. WhaleWarrior

    The Return of Puerto Rico

    Just trying to provide positive ideas and solutions. Very nice and polite answer from your side. Glad you liked it, and thank you for removing the “crazy” label that was put by the administrator.
  10. WhaleWarrior

    The Return of Puerto Rico

    For all of us who have them all, being able to get one or two (since they are lower tier) ships from other dockyard events might be a good compensation.
  11. 20 MEGA 2500 Doubloons 2500 Doubloons 2500 Doubloons 12500 Coal 5 Spring Sky Camo 20 New Year Sky Camo 20 New Year Sky Camo 30 Dragon Signal 30 Wyvern Signal 30 Hydra Signal 30 Ouroboros Signal 30 Basilisk Signal 30 Basilisk Signal T8 Borodino T8 Tiger 59 T7 Yukon T6 ISE T6 Jurua T6 Leone T6 Mysore
  12. WhaleWarrior

    Anybody else missing Arms race?

    It was a nice battle type for clearing t9 snowflakes.
  13. WhaleWarrior

    WoWS x Warhammer 40,000: Orks and Black Templars

    Very happy about it. Following and posting the drops would also be great to make sure the drop rates are accurate.