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  1. WhaleWarrior

    Coal Ship question + 1more

    Always better to buy t10s for coal, t9s are offered at santa crates.
  2. WhaleWarrior

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    Looking forward to see Dasha captains available again .
  3. WhaleWarrior

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    Thank you WG for creating such a great game that provides hours of entertainment and helps me distract from life problems. I would be thankful to get 25.000 doubloons if possible. Thank you!
  4. Players with high quantity of ships should be given more time to clear the victory bonuses. Or implement a system like with 200+ ships u only need to clear 75% of your fleet. Above 300 ships u only need to clear 50%. Then other ships will auto clear,.How can someone with 300+ ships, play ranked, clanwars, participate in public tests and get to clear all the victory bonuses of all ships?
  5. Anyone else hoping to see Dasha captains available for this 4th anniversary?
  6. My first clanwar. Id like the Dasha Captains
  7. WhaleWarrior

    We Need a "Demount All" Option For Signals

    Also a demount all signals for all ships and another button to demount all consumables for all ships.
  8. WhaleWarrior

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    Id like #3, hockey player.
  9. WhaleWarrior

    More uses for Republic Tokens please.

    Final bundle should be cruiser Bayard and not spending up to 30k doubloons for a free T9 tech tree DD. Senseless crazy grind for crates and bundles that only offer free tech tree ships coming in next update.
  10. WhaleWarrior

    Thoughts on Vanguard/ Wichita (Bundle Today)

    I’d suggest to buy Christmas crates instead which for same price u get 20 mega or big, and get chances of getting more ships plus ton of bundles.
  11. WhaleWarrior

    Clan Brawl

    Clans which rank in the Top 1,000; Top 100; Top 10; or are named the Champion Clan in the selected prime time will be awarded special achievements. In such cases, all Clan members who play at least one battle during the Clan Brawl will be awarded these achievements. Did anyone received any of these special achievements? Some of our clanmates that participated have T8 ships, but no T10s. Will there be T10 rentals for those that participated in the T8 clan brawl?