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  1. WhaleWarrior

    Abusive purple players

  2. WhaleWarrior

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    Nothing for us, the old loyal whales.
  3. WhaleWarrior

    Twitch Drops – Monstrous Edition: Week 4

    Can you make them available at the armory?
  4. WhaleWarrior

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    Great idea with Battle of the Beasts. Would love to see a collab with Game of Thrones.
  5. WhaleWarrior

    Armada: Habakkuk

    So after clicking the “collect your gift” button, I logged into my account and now the 10k doubloons are gone. Another good joke WG, congrats!
  6. WhaleWarrior


  7. WhaleWarrior

    ST 0.10.1, second season of Ranked Battles.

    Please add combat flags as rewards
  8. I’m not from the US but have PayPal account. Do I get the rewards if I recruit players from US and Canada?
  9. Is there a way to reset the skills of each type of ship from the same commander? Only way would be to assign him to that type of ship? So after the free reset skills ends, we would have to spends doubloons or elite xp 4 times to have a full reset?
  10. WhaleWarrior

    Reset Commander link

    Would it be possible to make another link to demount all upgrades? Thank you!
  11. WhaleWarrior

    Unmounting Upgrades ... Locked on Sell/Replace

    Worked on my side
  12. WhaleWarrior

    Commander Skills Update

    Can you please also add a link to demount all upgrades of all ships?
  13. WhaleWarrior

    Are US DDs still worth grinding?

    IMO, they are the best balanced DD line.