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  1. Free captain retraining and upgrade demounts in non CVs tier IX ships should still be free for players doing ranked until season ends. Before the CV rework it was possible to use same captain and upgrades for randoms and ranked. Now, with all the CVs in randoms, cap skills and upgrades need to be changed if switching same ship from ranked to random games.
  2. WhaleWarrior

    Chinese New Year containers

    Hope they release containers of the third year anniversary, still missing most items from that collection.
  3. WhaleWarrior

    PSA - Free Captain Respec's Expire < 24 Hours

    It is not possible to define cap skills with all the changes and constant reworks going on, please wargaming extend the captain respecs and module demounts discount until there is a solid solution for the constant reworks and balances going on.
  4. When game started there were only 5 economic flags besides the combat flags. Now with the special flags there are a total of 13 economic flags, but slots for flags remain at 8. WG should increase the slots, like 8 for combat and 8 for economics. Also implement a way to select the flags, and then mount the selected ones using a mount button (and also a demount all flags button) . Clicking and mounting/demounting, clicking and mounting/demounting... one flag at a time is ridiculous.
  5. WhaleWarrior

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    No CVs in clanwars, no CVs in ranked. Adding randoms with no CVs, wouldn’t be a solution until this rework is well defined? So people can choose to play, or not to play with CVs. All happy.
  6. WhaleWarrior

    Free Respec ends Friday morning

    With all the CV rework issue, it would be nice if wargaming extends the free respec time until they find a solution for this issue.
  7. WhaleWarrior

    [PSA] Public Test 0.7.11 Rewards

    I accomplished all the 3 round missions. I was not credited 1 premium day. 150 doubloons. 3 victor Lima and 3 papá papá flags. The rewards were shown ready to be credited when logged in at https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/ But were never credited to my account. Sent many tickets. They just said it shows as credited and closed the case.
  8. Bought the 24 pack, got: The 4 Black ships 2500 doubloons 42 Premium days 105,000 free xp 180 Shadow Lurker Camos 30 Type 59 Camos
  9. WhaleWarrior


    A good selling technique from wargaming to persuade people that was not planning to buy Christmas crates. Now they have a reason, to get those ships in Christmas containers and complete the doubloon missions. I’m not criticizing, people don’t need to buy anything to play the game. Just saying is a good selling technique. Though we still don’t know if those ships will be available in the Xmas containers.