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  1. ARandomClaymore

    Increasing the punishment time for AFK players

    Cheers, bud! I can't recall who peed in my Cheerios that day when I posted that. I've slept since then.
  2. ARandomClaymore

    Forum Observations

    I haven't been able to play going on 3 weeks now due to work/ life. BBBUUUUUTTTT...I do have a new headset that should make you and the others happy! Cheers, Classic!
  3. ARandomClaymore

    Increasing the punishment time for AFK players

    So due to circumstances beyond my control, like a few of the games I had where everyone would load in, except for me, and I could sit there hearing all the gun fire and seeing the players die, while still sitting on the load-in screen. I'd have to do a forced PC shutdown, restart, and then log back into the game to see if I could finally make it in the battle (hoping I wouldn't get penalized for dropping a match before dying). YOU want to "take" 84 million credits I earned to "hand out" to 11 other players.You want to penalize me for that!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Then if the same thing happens again, YOU again want to "take" an additional 63 million credits I earned, along with 38,000 doubloons I acquired via various purchases, and "hand out" those as well. There is not even a MEME out there to even begin to describe how silly that sounds (sorry Code of Con. prevents me from using much better words). First world problems. If an AFK player is the most challenging thing you have to face over the course of your day, you're getting off pretty freaking easy. Hang in there, life gets harder than just gaming.
  4. Agreed, I stopped playing solo. It's neither "fun or engaging". My solo WR sucks. I've had plenty of solid games playing solo but the MM is horrible and I would stack loss after loss. When the match is over and I'm at the top (or in the top 4) of the losing team, that illustrates just how bad MM system and players are. Granted, I'm not solid every single game, but it's amazing to see some really, really poor play by other players, MM, and RNG, that I seem to be teamed up with game after game. Now with Fallout 76 having dropped it's been a couple weeks since I have logged in to play. Coupled with not feeling anything WG is doing with gameplay tweaking, and lack of anything worth while in the Premium shop, nothing at the moment is calling me back to play. Crappy feeling, because the game is awesome despite the flaws. Cheers!
  5. ARandomClaymore

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Sounds like Crowder reference...
  6. Apparently, my mic issues were so bad the other night after you departed, I was delegated to switching my settings to "Push to Talk"... I haven't popped back on Discord since.
  7. ARandomClaymore

    Aslains mod pack

    One needs to make it a point to check out Aslain's on pretty much a daily basis to stay up to date with the Mod Pack updates.
  8. 791 HP away from a 5 star win. That's when WG decided the game NEEDED to end with shells just about to kiss The Great Gorgon and kill it. 791 HP!!!! Almost broke 1 million in damage. WG cheats and cheats well in this particular Halloween Scenario.
  9. ARandomClaymore

    Does anyone play Arms Race?

    Yes. Payout on a win is similar to Random/ Ranked. I'm a horrible DD player as you well know. I am using Arms Race to work through the Kitakaze just to see how stupid OP the ship is (it's stupid silly!). I'm posting up crooked numbers playing a ship type I have no business playing because of this game mode. Will I ever take it into Random, nope! And I'm ok with that and I'm sure those players are happy that I'm not. Love the fact no stats are kept, but I do agree with others that it sucks grinding for Legendary Mods is currently exempt from this game mode. Perhaps it will change in the future.
  10. ARandomClaymore

    Do stats count for Arms Race?

    No Stats are not kept. Nor should Stats be kept for this gade mode. That is one of the many things I love about this particular game mode. Even after the horrible night I had playing it earlier this week where I seemingly couldn't get a win.
  11. ARandomClaymore

    OK Wargaming. I can take a hint.

    I feel you, OP. The impressive thing is, you actually won a game in the Conq. It's been so long since I've had a win in that ship, my 37% win rate is a reflection of that. I simply do not take it out anymore. It sits in port with all my T8 BB's that have similar 30%-range win rates. Despite strong games in these ships, I never seem to win in them. As for me, I no longer have the need to prove "Confirmation Bias" on my end, that WG, MM and RNG are against me all the freaking time when I play. I now have the proof! I played 4 games of Arms Race Tuesday night. The first 3 games were all losses where I was #1/2 overall on the losing team every time. I'm talking about on money shell hits, massive damage (150k+, kills, the whole nine yards). Dialed in man! In one game I had all the kills for my team. Total C.R.A.P. teammates. Then, game four I ended up winning and was trolled by MM and RNG. The FIX was in, the switch got flipped. Didn't even break 40k damage, 0 kills, shells dancing all over. Ended up DEAD LAST on the team! A total swing in gameplay and results. I went back and screen shot all 4 of those battles. It's amazing when I have strong games, they are losses. When I have poor games, those are the wins. Nice pattern I have seen develop over time for me and my experience in playing this game.
  12. ARandomClaymore

    Bot torpedo dodging, enough is enough.

    Yep, I even made the comment that I wish this Forum had an ignore feature...
  13. ARandomClaymore

    Bot torpedo dodging, enough is enough.

    @Ensign_Cthulhu, toss up the replay. Let's see it. I was told by someone in another post that bots cannot torp beat in co-op. Also when I mentioned that when a bot TX dodged my torps from 3km out, it was player error. Dropped them in the highlighted grey area and none connected. That was the day I stopped playing co-op.
  14. ARandomClaymore

    Finally made 750k free XP, what next?

    @Ramsalot, great catching you in Arms Race the other evening and getting the win. WG, needs to do something about these upcoming ships. These "Special currency" ships are B.S. Sitting on 6.3 million Free XP and growing daily. Same with Credits (333 million). Waiting for something good. Probably will be until the day the game goes under.