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  1. Working as intended. Get back to me when you end up with multiple losing streaks in the double digits. I would gladly take that over some of the B.S. losing streaks I've encountered playing this game. There's a reason I no longer play Solo Random anymore. Despite solid individual games, one cannot choose the other 11 MM assigns to them. Just take a break, or switch modes. Good luck to you.
  2. I've seen me some lemming trains...

    My bad, you're correct, not this map. 'n global warming!
  3. It's all good. Sarcasm has the uncanny ability to get lost via the internet. However, does the game frustrate me at times: absolutely (last weekend for me is a perfect example). However I continue to play because it's extremely challenging and fun. That is why I put up with the annoyances that come my way. If it really gets to me, I walk away from it for a bit and come back. If you play a game and it never frustrates you, then you're doing something wrong. Cheers!
  4. Forced to play Co Op: OMG!

    My thoughts on the penalty for the OP's actions...
  5. Forced to play Co Op: OMG!

    How I envision the OP's current psychological state...
  6. I've seen me some lemming trains...

    I. Hate. That. Map. I hate everything about that map. It needs to be set on fire, and all the icebergs need to be ice picked to death for eternity...
  7. Anniversary rewards, fresh from the oven!

    Grateful it's simply "play" a T10 game. Not: Play a T10 battle, Hit with 50 Torps, Cause 500k in fire damage, Earn ALL Heroic Achievements 3 times in a battle, 50 Assisted Ribbons, 50 Defended Ribbons, Get a Double Kraken, Solo Warrior, Survive and finally, WIN the battle...
  8. Anniversary rewards, fresh from the oven!

    I really preferred the old format where one could hit the tab of the week they wanted to see for rewards, tech tree ship discounts, etc. over the entire month. Now, it's endless scrolling and content plastered all over the page This new format caters to today's ADD/ ADHD crowd. Cluttered with so much stuff, it's simply to busy to follow in any sane manner. The one month they had that flow chart looking monstrosity, I hit the back button. Simply my opinion.
  9. Yeah, that "Bama, right at the end, that was dirty. And I believe I was the closest target for it to fire at. Nope, WG still has it programmed to ignore EVERYTHING but the forts. Still waiting for WG to drop the number of forts to save from (3) back down to (2) like when UF first dropped.
  10. Good times with you all last night after walking me through Discord set-up and the mic issue, until I got it resolved. Look forward to playing with you guys again should you want me back for more. Cheers!
  11. logic...applied...hurts
  12. OP, perhaps Ranked is where players who never play BB's decide to give them a go and MM decides you need them on your team. I mean they wouldn't want to tank their Random WR, right!? In my case in regards to Ranked so far this season (as a BB main), I've been teamed with what have clearly been NOOB DD players via MM. See what I did there. It goes both ways. I have played 30 battles in Ranked: (2) in T8 Cruisers (1-1), (4) in T8 BB's (Amagi 4-0), and (24) battles in my T10 Republique exclusively (14-10). I have placed in the top 3 time and time again, middle of the pack a handful of times, and only once was I dead last, and that was a horrible 15k damage battle where I was deleted by a flanking Shima that was never spotted the entire battle. So, where do we go from here? In any case, good luck with your Ranked Season. Cheers!
  13. Will do. I should be on around 7:30pm CDT this evening for around 2 hours or so. Cheers guys!
  14. I'm going to look for you this evening after I put the kid down. Especially if it's UF. Don't care to lose a week of playing because of it. Or perhaps a week off might benefit me. Lately, I've been surround by to many idiots in game and via the Forum.