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  1. 12345678790

    US Independence Day Mystery Achievement(s??)

    Appears from the game's data files that the achievement is awarded after winning 5 games playing USN ships in any game mode.
  2. In patch 0.11.1, the internal structure for storing flags was reworked: instead of a single spritesheet, each flag is now stored as a separate image by itself in the following directory: . . .\content\gameplay\common\flags\FLAGNAME.dds
  3. 12345678790

    Ship Info Mod?

    You'll need to edit the following file: \World_Of_Warships_NA\bin\<highest_number>\res\texts\en\LC_MESSAGES\global.mo
  4. 12345678790

    Enterprise this, Enterprise that.

    Congrats! On a side note, have you any idea roughly how many citadel ribbons you had? I must've gotten ~800 myself over the last week
  5. Two questions @Ahskance, my apologies if they've already been answered elsewhere: 1) Will winners of the competitive missions be regional or global? 2) Can Superships complete the missions?
  6. Nope, here's a complete list of ships obtainable from Supercontainers as of now:
  7. 12345678790

    [ALL] Georgia B

    Send me a PM or get in touch on Discord.
  8. Hi all! Just wondering whether it's possible or not to edit the values in GameParams.data via modding, and if so, how would one go about doing so and what would the file structure in res\ be? Thanks!
  9. 12345678790

    ASW data

    Updated for 10.7. (only difference was Incomparable received ASW aircraft)
  10. 12345678790

    [ALL] Georgia B

    Will look into camouflage.xml editing
  11. 12345678790

    [ALL] Georgia B

    A fairly basic mod that alters the standard Georgia's camo to appear similar to that of Black ships. Installation Click HERE to download the .zip Extract to \World_Of_Warships_NA\bin\<highest_number>\res_mods\ Reload the game client. Imagery Important The mod alters the main and secondary guns' files used Georgia too. Other ships that use the same guns (e.g. Ohio) may appear with the black camo scheme too. Unfortunately I wasn't able to fix this (even with PnF modding), so if anybody knows how to please let me know! Some of the items on the ship, such as the lifeboats, crane, and liferafts, are missing the black skin as I wasn't able to pinpoint their files. Will be fixed in the future when I manage to get the texture names worked out. Acknowledgements Special thanks go to @DonDozen and @SAP_IS_NOT_OP for giving me the idea!
  12. 12345678790

    ASW data

    Visual representation of the data:
  13. 12345678790

    ASW data

    Completed the data on BBs with the DC airstrike.
  14. 12345678790

    ASW data

    Were those added after the PTS update today? Didn't find them in the data file from the first day of the PTS
  15. 12345678790

    ASW data

    Hi all! Thought I'd compile a list of ships that currently carry ASW capabilities (depth charges and/or depth charge airstrike plane) along with some of their associated stats. Might be handy as a reference when subs are added to Ranked in 10.7. Ship-based depth charges data: Depth charge airstrike consumable (found on some BBs) data: Visualized: Do note that as this data was sourced from the PTS, it's liable to change. I'll try and update it again when 10.7 hits.