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  1. Sariisa

    IFHE All Night Long

    I love you so much for doing this! THANK YOU!
  2. Sariisa

    Something needs changing

    Two things matter here. The first is that yes, a CV will be able to get a few hits through even with your AA. But it's going to take a heavy toll on his planes, which DOES affect what he can do later in the battle. Think of it as taking out one of a BBs three turrets one barrel at a time. The AA IS making an impact, even if you take some hits. The other question, though, is how close are you to other ships? If you're in an AA cruiser that's near another cruiser or BB, the CV often won't even try to get to you. Sailing all on your own? Yeah, you're a significantly safer target, though you WILL make a dent on the plane count.
  3. Sariisa

    Something needs changing

    There are actually several DDs that can handle CVs very well. The American DDs can take Defensive AA, and go through planes like nobody's business. The Japanese gunboat line can shred planes at high tiers fairly well too. I will also note that an exceptional player in any boat can dominate a game, and some boats (looking at you, Smolensk and Massachusetts) can dictate the game much better than others in the hands of even moderately skilled players. HOWEVER I play both DDs and CVs. And yes, it is EXTREMELY frustrating when you're a DD and the CV does nothing but attack you. It basically neuters your game, either forcing you to stay next to other ships with AA or risking an early (and likely) death by trying to cap or spot for your team. It is ALSO extremely frustrating as a CV when literally NONE of the ships other than the DDs have low enough AA that you can attack them without losing your entire squadron. (That's why CVs attack DDs to begin with... it's the only class that can be hit.) I honestly would prefer to go after that big, juicy BB that can't turn away from my torps... but when it's two Kremlins, a Georgia and an Iowa, I'm not gonna get close until the match is almost over, and that's assuming they end up alone AND a significant number of AA mounts get taken out. I don't claim to have a good answer. Among other things, while I enjoy the new CV gameplay, I'm honestly not very good at it, so any ideas I have would really be as likely to make CVs OP as it would fix things. If you've made it this far, you get a cookie for perseverance.
  4. Is a properly aimed run with Tiny Times with the ship along your line of site or perpendicular? I seem to miss a lot both ways...
  5. Sariisa

    Enterprise - Worth Getting?

    I had my best match ever with a CV in Enterprise. I like the AP DBs because the damage is instant, and you aren't dependent on the damage control being on cooldown for maximum bombing damage. If played well she can also deplete an enemy CV's planes REAL fast. I am also much less likely to run out of planes in her than Lexington. She does struggle if the enemy team has lots of ships with good AA and they stick together, but I think that's probably the same for any of the premium CVs. Saipan might do better in that because her fighters are higher tier, but Enterprise is the only CV I have other than Lexington, so I can't speak to that.
  6. Sariisa

    Enterprise Tips

    What's the best captain's build for Enterprise?
  7. Sariisa


    So let me start by being the first to admit I may just be bad at the new play style... but since the nerf I haven't been able to do ANYTHING. Either all my planes die because they get slaughtered by the wall of flak, or I don't actually do any damage because I can't line up the shots due to spending all my time avoiding the flak. I liked the new play style when I could actually do damage... but now I'm just a waste of space on my team's roster. There has to be a middle ground where CVs can actually hit things and not be overpowered. I will note that DDs should usually NOT be something a CV can regularly hit... they should be better against the larger ships.
  8. Sariisa

    8.0 CV Captain skills?

    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed!
  9. Anyone know which upgrades are the best ones to buy for the Lexington? Also, which of the two attack planes is the best?
  10. Sariisa

    Cruisers obsolete at higher tiers?

    The "relies a lot on islands" is what I have the most problems with... for some reason, whenever an enemy cruiser is behind an island, I can't seem to hit it, but whenever I'm behind an island, I get pounded on by everyone and their mother (who I'm told is a horrible shot). I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but can't figure out what.
  11. I am having the same issue - "The data obtained from the update service is incorrect." Also referred to this forum by support. Unable to play either on my desktop or laptop. Running OS X El Capitan V10.11.5 Mac Pro 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 32 GB RAM 1.38 TB available on hard drive. Fortunately I have a spare PC I can play on, otherwise I wouldn't have even been able to do post in the thread (requires 10 battles before you can post).