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  1. Kinetic_Strike

    19+ capts.

    I think if they stuck to the 3.4 million pts required, I would expect the captain to be premium (kind of reverse of the ships). Could go on any ship of a nation without retraining (so essentially you could have your single BB captain on any of that countries BBs). edit: the other way, I would expect it to be a super premium plus captain: can go on any ship, from any country, with free skill resets.
  2. Kinetic_Strike

    Which Ship is Stronger for Its Class?

    Update: picked up Stalingrad (on primary account) and suck in it. I also paid full price in coal for Smolensk on that one but built it up differently. Went with max range open water on this account, but that one I did concealment and sneaky DD killer build. It fits my way-too-many Atlanta/Manotaur/Wooster/DesMoines game style better. I should have known better, I've preferred being a cagey *bleep* in games since the early 90's, so....
  3. Kinetic_Strike

    Internal drama?

    He beat the challenge while using the equivalent of $96 of doubloons in game, premium time, and a $35 ship to make the directive's easier. Then just started getting trollier. edit: and he works for WG so all of that is "free" to him and I guess the rest of the playerbase can just suck it.
  4. Kinetic_Strike

    Which Ship is Stronger for Its Class?

    I have enough for Stalingrad on down after ranked. I think I might prefer Somers as I'm the kind of jerk who likes torping people and playing objectives. but I'm leaning toward Stalingrad simply because it's been around for awhile and is likely closest to removal.
  5. Kinetic_Strike

    Yuro fatally skewers high-tier German BBs

    Don't forget they just had that infamous German (in)accuracy buffed with this patch as well.
  6. Kinetic_Strike

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Outrageous. It makes the sealclubbing with Sansonetti helming Cesare that much more obnoxious better. Even the secondaries are lit up special!
  7. Kinetic_Strike

    My TX Yamoto, after a long grind

    PS, she looks glorious with the alternate color scheme on the permacamo. The blue version of the IJN camos is gorgeous.
  8. Kinetic_Strike

    [ALL] ModStation

    I'm really tempted to just drag it over from the old folder and see what kind of disaster unfolds. Heaven knows my aim will be terrible. I'll just need to spam Smolensk until they fix it, I can just walk the shells on target. edit: Modstation has it now
  9. Kinetic_Strike

    [ALL] ModStation

    I see Navigator isn't in Modstation or Aslain's. Does it need to be updated after this patch? I recall seeing new UI changes (crosshair I think), guessing that would affect it?
  10. Only got the 1 year anniversary and 30% off, which is fine but I started in 2016...
  11. This account is essentially my kids account, but I've played it to grind out different lines and possssssibly spent way too much on Christmas crates the first year. I ground out of most of the ARP ships on both accounts before they finally caved the last month or so and could get everything easily. Their account actually has all of the collections finished. I did manage to rank out both accounts in the same season before the burnout really set in
  12. I honestly can't bothered to grind much more. Between two accounts I have 16 T10 on one, 6 + Smolensk on the other (and reset Henri IV), only common ship is GK. I play a few matches at a time and that's about it nowadays.
  13. Kinetic_Strike

    Got booted, then says technical issue cant log back in

    Same, can't connect. Someone plug the hamster wheel back in!
  14. Except Kutusov can, at the very least, HE pen portions of BB deck and hull armor through her entire MM spread, if not pen them anywhere she pleases when facing T6/7 BB's. Whereas Smolensk can NOT pen a single BB hull or deck plate she sees. Maybe the threat is a little overrated...