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  1. Yes, blame one of the top XP earners on the team. Not the other 3 T9 BB's that all finished below (special shout-out to the Izumo in last), but someone who evidently did a lot of damage and kept their guns in the match. Your team may have had problems, but the Hizen doesn't appear to have been one of them.
  2. So now the start time is pushed all the way back to 1pm in the eastern US? Ugh.
  3. They are definitely teeny tiny now. Playing a DD the shell tracks are so insignificant...
  4. Kinetic_Strike

    Daylight Savings and Ranked Battles

    Yes. And you're going to say that according to current UTC time it's fine. But as the attached complete snip shows, it had started at 11 AM local time, went through nearly two complete sprints, then DST changed and poof an hour gone. (Even that snip seems off, there's a 3 hour difference between east and west regardless of DST being in effect, but in WG land only two hours between PST and EST.) Are there any plans to change the start time back to an earlier time? Edit: looking at the times closer, I love the variable 2-3 hour difference between PT and ET.
  5. Kinetic_Strike

    Daylight Savings and Ranked Battles

    Still broken. Stealth ranked battle nerf.
  6. This - you don't need to hide the reds and purples from each other. You just want them somewhat evenly distributed.Take a couple of those reds, swap for greens, and that match is a lot more competitive. The skill grouping can be fairly broad as well. I imagine something like <48%, 48-52%, and >52% would be a start. Sure you might have a 62% unicum matched up against a 55% player, but it's not a massive differential at that point. Someone like that has fundamentals down pretty well and won't make blindingly stupid mistakes.
  7. Kinetic_Strike

    Daylight Savings and Ranked Battles

    Still not fixed.
  8. Kinetic_Strike

    Daylight Savings and Ranked Battles

    Update, it's one hour. As of 11:45 it was still claiming 2 hours but then poof it unlocked at noon. So the tribbles at HQ doing math aren't very good at it.
  9. I see no evidence presented that indicates an in-game troll was using Wows Monitor.
  10. Looking at a 2 hour delay now. Twenty minutes after they should be available and the game is telling me 2 hours. Saw another post from yesterday regarding a 1 hour delay. Someone should check the time at the mothership. Thanks.
  11. And now today I have a two hour wait. Someone didn't understand how to apply the fix I think...
  12. Kinetic_Strike

    NEW UI - Can you change this?

    I like that effects are shown, and that it allows you to mix and match and go back before mastering, but the recommended bright yellow is deceptive and overall things are unclear. Chosen, recommended, mastered? It should be fairly intuitive not a mess.
  13. Kinetic_Strike

    Ummm, WG, about Your Captain Bad Advice Collection Items...

    You'd be amazed at what is at this website: https://www.pasty.com/snow/index.html 266" of snow so far. Several other interesting portions of the website including Pasty Cam, making pasties on Pasty Day at the retirement home (those wild old folk!), prizes from the Pasty contest. You can order pasties directly, get them shipped or even *home delivered*! You can even sign up for your very own Pasty internet to keep you connected out in the woods.
  14. Kinetic_Strike

    Atlanta was fun

    Ummmmm, Narai is gone for now. Who knows when or if it will return.