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  1. Change one thing to a tech tree ship

    you are telling me,that a 40K tons BB ,historically, could out turn DDs and fast cruisers ? Turn radius is 1 thing, but with all the rudder shift,and propulsion mods, BBs can outmaneuver pretty much everything they face. If you want tighter (historical?) turn radius, than You should have historical rudder shift , historical inertia when slowing and speeding too... BBs turn and direction shift capabality are already ridiculous in this game......
  2. Change one thing to a tech tree ship

    ..hmm.. you are a BB main,and you would want "historical turn radius" ?? You don't like to dodge the torps?? ;-)
  3. how much do you have to pay

    How much is a year of premium ? Idk,,a lot. MM works in a way that sorts the hard paying costumers (if they are not so good)with better teams. What do you think all these stats are for? i know, wargaming says,that even if they do have a MM system that can do this,,they are not using it. But why would`t they use it ? It is their interest to keep costumers happy, and paying..... O.K i`m done with the conspiracy theory for now :-) The thing is nobody ever gonna know outside of the company , if there is any truth in this....
  4. how much do you have to pay

    You are right of course about the stats. I Feel the same way. never cared about it much.
  5. how much do you have to pay

    maybe so. But buying premium for a weekend,or a week,is not really my point. Wargaming relies on long term premiums. Well,all free to play games does. But than again. maybe they just a bunch of good fellows ,who are in this just for the fun.. They don`t need money...
  6. how much do you have to pay

    premium ships is 1 thing. Do you maintain a premium status for a longer period of time? Say more than 3 months? Just asking....
  7. how much do you have to pay

    yes, true. But are they premium paying costumers?
  8. how much do you have to pay

    Non,,,exactly zero. But just think of it. They have to make money. And if paying customers are not satisfied ,they lose profit. Now,i`m sure there are a lot of good players out there,who doesn't need any RNG or MM help to be good. Great many of them.
  9. how much do you have to pay

    i believe you. My question was,if you have below 50% with premium account.... My understanding is,that wargaming as a company, made this game to earn money,profit. Now,this a free to play game,so they have to sell stuff to earn . They make the most on premium accounts ,on long term premiums. It is wargaming interest to keep those players satisfied, and get more players to be paying customers.They do have a patented mm system (well they say they are not using it) that keeps players around the 50% mark.....
  10. how much do you have to pay

    .....well anybody here,who has a premium account , and has the average win rate below 50% ??...... MM is rigged in a way,that keeps win rates at or above 50%....for paying costumers. Now,about the RNG,who knows..... I for one,would really love to play this game without all the RNG,and artificial aim or dispersion "adjustment".. Too many factors, that not in the hand of the players,,,,,,
  11. Matters on when you play

    The thing is,when we have these losing streaks,, 5-6-7 games in a row,,maybe somebody on the red team has the same winning streaks...?? And i`m keep wondering how the f..k i`m ending up with the useless teams so many times one after the other.. One would think, it eventually evens itself out,and it certainly looks that way on weeknights...but not on the weekends.
  12. Matters on when you play

    I think afternoon period is the worst. Guess all the kids playing ?? After 6-7pm it gets a lot better. Morning games are usually slower paced,,good time to harvest credits and xp points?? Weekends are definitely a nightmare,during the day. Another thing i`ve noticed, there is a lot more standard games,at mid tiers on the weekends. Like 5-6 in a row yesterday, with the same tier(6). That, coupled with the weekend warriors ,makes most games more like a circus... Like nobody really knows where to go.....what to do...?
  13. Tired of getting insulted and berated

    And how to actually do that?? By win rate?? Lately most teams(on 1 side) are so bad,,that winning is becoming an ever frustrating achievement. One can still be a good,or at least average player,and not having good stats at all. If you wanna have a good time, have to ignore stats at all. And wargaming do have a skill based matchmaking system, however they say they are not using it. However It is still susceptible, that they do cater, to some extent, for "paying" costumers,, with artificially keeping win rates at, or above, around 50% so premium costumers don't get frustrated too much......
  14. FPS starts out at 76 and goes to 7 fps during game

    Big game studios usually have their games highly optimized ,so you can't really compare it to this one.Game is a lot more cpu dependent ,than it should be. You can try switching between dx9-and dx11 modes. Also would be a great idea to use some sort of hardware monitoring app while you are playing,,so you can see if any components can`t keep up with the demand? Like maxed out cpu core, overheating gpu,,or whatever. Also,try to change in your video card settings,the display scaling options, for some reason unity game engine can be affected by that...
  15. This is the MM I am sick of...

    ..there are people who just "can`t see the forest for the trees ".... I have said the same,,on some map (if it`s large enough,so radar won`t sweep the whole caps)it could be still doable. Even on smaller maps,if team is very incompetent and wont put ships in key positions,,,but for this map (1 more time,so it might actually registers on your mind) the 2 brothers, one can actually cover both caps with 1 radar ship,with 5 ,team can do an around the clock radar coverage. And your saying "MM doesn`t factor radar" is kinda the point of the whole post, that it should consider such a decisive factors.