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  1. VonSmallHausenn

    WoWs following a historical development timeline?

    ..it goes way back if you follow the same line of reasoning. Have the French and English follow the original 14 points of Woodrow Wilson after ww1, the nazis would not get into power, Hitler would have stayed in the gutter, mumbling on street corners... etc....
  2. VonSmallHausenn

    Are we ever going to get a perm new game mode?

    ...thx god for that.... Would not mind some diff battle mode for REAL naval combat,,,but have no stomach for space battles, and the Halloween bull...p type fantasy modes.... There are plenty of those shooter games around,,no need to make this one just another end of the world/zombie - clone game...
  3. VonSmallHausenn

    Mouse on "Balance"...

    Current path is well sustainable , given the targeted new player base, with daddy`s credit cards , and hunger for fantasy stuff , who don`t give a damn about historical norms....
  4. VonSmallHausenn


    .. anyone here remembers the old "lemmings" game on Amiga 500 ? ..... :-)
  5. VonSmallHausenn

    Tier 7 no more

    Well, no. The intended fix was, to prevent "stretches of being bottom tiered " The whole thing is useless. I`m getting the same 4-5 games in a row being bottom T as you mentioned. What WG should fix is, to make sure 1 ship does not get sucked into higher tier matches repeatedly... No need to the over complicated 20 games calibration, than 20 games averages mm..... For every game a ship is bottom tiered , next should be mid or top tiered. Preferably next 2 matches. And for some reason, i do think T6-7 does not even get the upmentioned 40% limit.. I think that limit is just for T8 ships... The other thing is, tracking the games is not that easy, since we have no way knowing where we stand in any 20 games cycle, so one must track games for like 60 or more matches to see any usable data....
  6. VonSmallHausenn

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    ?? chill dude. Get your medication before you post. Does not matter at what tier, and what class. There should be no 2CV per team in the game, period.
  7. VonSmallHausenn

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    indeed ,,a smaller CL...that still have to do the role of a dd,,,,, These DDs require great deal of a team work to be usable...as intended. Team work is all but none existent in randoms.... And a solo french DD, just an easy target when red airplanes spotting it endlessly ...(with 2 CV )
  8. VonSmallHausenn

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    it`s not the CV as a class. It`s the 2 CV per team.... WG is pushing out DDs without smoke screen or any usable AA defense , yet, most games has (at least mid tier ) 2 CVs per team.... Very engaging and fun game experience....
  9. VonSmallHausenn


    ..and sometimes.. ships do disappear for seconds, even when well within their concealment range ... that is a bug...or another rendering issue...or server connection error (temporary ) ... or a heck knows why....
  10. VonSmallHausenn


    Well, there is a rendering issue, when the ship is at the edge of its`s concealment range. Yes sometimes ship flashes in and out, being visible for seconds, then invisible for seconds. I think i`ts the limitation of the game engine ? A BB or any large surface ship, should not just pop up, larger than life, when enters the visibility range.... But since everything is scaled and compressed in the game, would be hard to implement a gradually fading in , fading out effect, i would guess ?
  11. They may fixed T8, however T5-T6 now gets the same treatment as T8 before.... More uptiering, regardless if past the 20 games threshold for the fix to kick in....
  12. VonSmallHausenn

    Nicholas T5 dd ...AA ??

    Yeah,,somehow i have missed that change. That explains it..... Thx for the info !
  13. VonSmallHausenn

    Nicholas T5 dd ...AA ??

    Any dd captains,who plays the Nich regularly ? CV rework made the Nich an absolute beast of AA, at least against T4 planes (T6 still good)... Than the patch before the last, nerfed it to somewhat to mid level ,still not bad... Then came the last patch..AA is next to non existent.. Any thought on this ? I don`t find any other of my ships affected (AA) much in last 2 patches....
  14. VonSmallHausenn

    Windows update

    Well,,Microsoft used to be competent .... However , last 2 years, windows updates are causing major problems,including BSOD . So there is a good chance, the update was the culprit with OP`s system. He could have got one of the big updates, that MS is pushing now,, those big updates, can really mess up a system. Hope he gets this sorted out.
  15. VonSmallHausenn

    Windows update

    ....^^^^^^^... listen to this guy. BSOD happened right after windows update,, no cleaning, re-setting cards ,cpu ,ram will help. Numerous issues with windows updates this year. Try to get support from Microsoft,, but you might have to reinstall the OS... For future reference : DISABLE automatic windows updates for good. You can do it manually like every couple of months, but first always check all available info on recent updates,,if they have big issues. If that is the case,,wait, till Microsoft fixes the issue,,than update....