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  1. So...where is that 1 time special 10G for $1 ? Only see $0.99 for 1G...... Never mind,,found it....
  2. VonSmallHausenn

    Cyclone or Storm Poll

    Neither.This^^^^^^^^^^..and a CL suddenly facing a BB or heavy CA,,especially when uptiered... Nightmare.
  3. VonSmallHausenn


    ...the only ones knowing for sure how common cheating is in the game, are the devs. Since they already confirmed the actions ,steps, they doing to prevent or get rid off cheating, you can be sure,it`s more than 1 or 2 players per server population. Cheating is on par with any, if not all multiplayer games. Don't be naive about it. Even the most tightly controlled -enforced competitions have cheaters ,,just pay attention to news. A good cheat is the one that not too obvious, just to give that plus needed to be above the common player. Some mods can give that (even legal mods) without any added fees or subscriptions involved .Just think of the x marks the spot,,before it become part of the client. And it`s actually the players who are very attracted to the game,,who will try to cheat,,if can`t get ahead of the rest ...
  4. VonSmallHausenn


    ,,hmm...so if you were able to cheat back than,,,one could possibly cheat now....right? There is always a possibility..... From time to time, un- explainable things,,(luck?) (RNG) happens in the game. Like when one sailing undetected, (meaning undetected from start to this point) than comes a salvo from out of nowhere,,,direct hit,,,and gets you almost erased..? Or when sitting-slowly moving in smoke(again,without being detected before you popped smoke,,so there is no indication on last position) than comes a lucky salvo,,,aimed at your sizable smoke screen,,and bumm,there goes 90% of your HP pool... Of course,,might be just RNG,,,(?) but than again,,RNG has given too big of a matter in this game...perhaps...
  5. VonSmallHausenn

    Tier 7 in Tier 9

    Most of the complains about how often one is up-tiered ,not the up-tiering itself. Since the last patch,what was supposed to fix some of the T8 MM problems,,did not do any improvement for most, i`m seeing a lot more T10 games with my T8,,and for some reason,big hike, T7 in T9 games... My T8 Edi usually have 1 game out of 5 when it`s not bottom tired. T7 Fiji,now, 1 in 3 games bottom tiered in T9 games.... Wargaming keeps changing the MM system,,,and not for good.
  6. VonSmallHausenn

    Tier 7 in Tier 9

    ....and here comes all the suggestion ,how to play when you are up-tiered..... OP did not ask for help how to play. Getting sick of all the high and mighty players downplaying an obvious and highly debated problem with wargaming MM practices. Of course playing against 2T+ ships is manageable. Still,,ships were designed (in game) to play against same tier opponents. There is a reason why ranked and clan battles allows same tier ships only. To be FAIR. No other reason. If nothing else, up-tiering should be limited, at least at 50-50 ratio, one same tier battle after an up-tiered one.... not much to ask.
  7. VonSmallHausenn

    detection abnormality ?

    ..and actually..that what i was thinking first,, a dd sitting in smoke firing at me,radar-ed by the Worcester from behind full cover.,and for some reason the smoke did not get rendered.....i was that close....than i radar-ed,, and was a mighty surprise,, it was the Worcester,,half hidden behind island... I know he was hiding there,but could not understand how can he shoot me,,and yet unable to see him......
  8. VonSmallHausenn

    detection abnormality ?

    hmm, No. Smoke is very different,,as if ship you engage is at close range, opponent going to see you too. My encounter was at close range,,had him sitting in smoke,,i would have seen him....
  9. VonSmallHausenn

    detection abnormality ?

    ..yes..but couple it with radar or hydro,,and you can fire ,at least with some of your guns,,invisible...
  10. VonSmallHausenn

    detection abnormality ?

    Interesting. So one more thing, how radar or hydro can be exploited. Never happened to me before. I guess i`ts something,that can be extremely useful ,,when playing radar ship. Firing invisible ,at close range.......
  11. VonSmallHausenn

    detection abnormality ?

    So there is always something new,even after 6k+ battles played. Random match . Was playing the Moskva, red Worcester was sitting behind island,only front guns poking out from cover, rest of ship in cover. Range about 7-8km. He was using radar,and firing me with front guns hitting only. Straight line of view ,,nothing between my ship and his front quarters poking out from behind island. Yet,,i could not see him, no detection,,could see the shells coming out from front of me,,,,(no smoke,,close range) but not the ship,,until i hit radar,,than there he was. So apparently this is normal,,as the ship center point was behind cover,so the whole ship was undetected,,even though ,the a good portion of the ship,,with the front gun turrets firing ,were poking out in plain view?
  12. VonSmallHausenn

    Switching from 32 to 64-bits configuration

    OP ..hmm.. are you talking about operating system , as windows 10, or the game itself ?
  13. VonSmallHausenn

    Tier 8 MM is more broken than ever

    Just out, fresh from game... 3 T8 games one after another,,,all 3 lost,,1dd,2 CL.... all 3 T10 games,,,, This is where the system is broken. They should not push you into being bottom tiered , one after the other. You can all say,all you want,how statistically i would get fair MM over time.....but in reality,,, i`m not playing dozens of games per day,,,to get that "fair" chance.... ? And somebody mentioned ,if you lose being bottom tiered, in game,,next you NOT gonna get sucked into one,,,, I don`t see that working either... HONESTLY,,about 3 out of 4 , T8 games i`m bottom [edited]......Every day.
  14. VonSmallHausenn

    Tier 8 MM is more broken than ever

    Proven. Legitimate. Nobody questions the unfair T8 MM system anymore . Problem is, most answers are addressing how to live with it...... and we should not . Yes, one can manage it . I for one, don`t really care about long term stats, if my 5-6 games per day on that tier, are mostly up-tiered . There is absolutely no reason for wargaming , to implement this system, other than pushing you to get into T10, and spend money on premium time, premium camouflages etc.....
  15. VonSmallHausenn

    Tier 8 Matchmaking Shadow-Patched?

    T9 is busy wracking havoc in T7 games....Not as bad asT8,,still,T7 gets it`s share of T9 games. Plenty of T9 around...It`s the +/ - 2 tier matchmaking,that screws everything up.