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  1. Transaction Error

    Same here when trying to put camo on.... Guess a sort of server error ?
  2. harrassment

    OP....half of these guys ,giving you advice about not to hide your stats,,,just ignore them. Any so called good player,who brings up your stats ,during a match,,just a sorry [edited]loser..... Hide your stats,and play on with your best .. Those stats are for you primary ,,not for other players amusement..
  3. Learned something about ranked today.

    ..well we have a great numbers of useless dds too.....,,sitting in smoke,farming damage,not spotting-scouting at all....many of those around. Or the other way too,,dds who just cap,,but no spotting,and not trying to counter flanking red dds at all....Many times teams lost,while holding all caps ,but out spotted and eventually out gunned and destroyed all.
  4. I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    A bit off topic,,,but are you serious ?? .THIS >>>....."The root of this toxicity is debated, my guess its the social/political climate of the EEUU/USA".... All FPS MMO games are toxic,regardless who ,and where playing. . The root is HUMAN nature. We are all FUBAR...... so we vent out our frustration when we play. End of story. And it`s normal too. I say, this is the place where all venting supposed to happen... It`s safe. Nobody gets hurt,just some feelings.... So let them (us) be toxic. Better than go out and shoot each other,or stab each other..
  5. Update 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    So i guess after this update,we can`t hide ARP ships to show up in port ?
  6. fellow Fiji drivers

    Used to get it for my Farragut dd,like every patch.Since i`m not playing much dd lately,haven't noticed anything for that.Fiji is my every day go to ship for a year ,,this is the first time mentioned problems happening with it. Strange ,strange,strange.
  7. fellow Fiji drivers

    Anyone else having problems with hitting targets since the patch ?? Started Wednesday ,,most of my shells are all around the targets at mid to far range..... And even a closer range,,used to easily citadel Atlantas,and other light cruisers,,,but not lately.. Did they change something to the ship?
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    ..oh yes,,when u had 2 radar cruisers per match,,now it's like 6....perma radar on the caps...
  9. Possible Solution to Radar

    ...OP is right,,,i`m a radar guy ,,but this is ridiculous.Tier 6-7 ruined with all the radars .Tier 6 dds don`t stand a chance to cap,if they facing 5-6 radar cruisers per match.This CA split up potentially ruined the game ........
  10. Game is Overheating my Graphics Card

    dude,,lowering your graphics settings is NOT the answer you looking for. A healthy system {hardware) should not overheat under normal circumstances in ANY game. And this game is not that graphic dependent,more like a cpu hog. . How is the environment around your gaming rig ? You live in the tropics,or the south ,with temps in the 90`s-100`s in your room?? Does not matter how many fans ,at what speed your rig has,if the ambient temps are too hot around it. And pls,,pls do provide some info what temps,at what components ,on what hardware you are getting? It might be not even the video card,but cpu,or memory,or chipset that overheats....
  11. Game is Overheating my Graphics Card

    Also, for some (if not all) cards, you are actually better off, if you set the fan speed manually. Set up a profile for the game,,and increase the rpm of the fan(s).
  12. wow crashed critical error

    So windows update screws up your game. Are you mad and raging at Microsoft?? It happens a lot. Not really wargaming`s fault,,and most likely fix will not come from them.. Better search yourself on the net,if other players with this game,or diff games with same game engine(unity) ,,have similar problems after that update(1803),usually somebody comes up with a solution-fix. Don`t expect wargaming to get on this,unless it is widespread and affects too many players...
  13. Daily Ranked Progress Thread

    So ranked is all about the BBs now. If you get good BBs on the team,,you win ,,if morons,,you lose. This season CA,CL,does not matter a bit. DDs to some extent,,but when u have 3-4 BBs out of seven....? . There should be a 2BB limit per team.....
  14. . First week of May?? Where in the U.S,,and what schools ?? But definitely feels worse than the weekends...can`t get a decent game since Saturday....MM turned worse since the update ,,in my opinion . No school break would explain the extremely unbalanced teams. You are either on the side that gets hammered with almost no ship loss on red side,or if lucky,on the winning side,still not enjoyable....
  15. Minimap Bugged?

    same here