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  1. HayabusaZ


    It just looks at ships to balance teams, not the players. So, working as intended comrade.
  2. I'm torn on this subject, I ground my way through the US BBs all the way to Colorado, and honestly don't enjoy the play style any more. So that's a strike against putting more ships like that in the game. On the other hand I would like to see the Tennessee in game. So I do understand the appeal of these ships. I'd almost rather see them introduced as Premiums as to have to grind up another slow BB line to get them. But that would be a lot of premium ships! Rant: Anything is better than the Georgia that is coming according to the development blog. A made up ship for a US BB! Why? No, just no.
  3. HayabusaZ

    Alternate british battleship line

    Well, every line has a stinker or two in it. The stats could be adjusted some to make the ship fit in tier VI and be somewhat competitive. If it has the same guns as Warsprite, and maybe US BB speed it could work, depending on how much smaller it is. That would determine the health points the ship would be given. Might have to make up a AA upgrade to make it playable if CVs ever get balanced correctly.
  4. HayabusaZ

    Why doesn't Wichita have a heal?

    But, its' hard to balance ships for bad players. I can see where this ship could be great for good to great players that have situational awareness and use the mini map to plan ahead, and are not just rushing forward to shoot at something. If you ever get caught out, this ships is going to be pretty unforgiving. Tier VII is pretty crowded with American cruisers. I could only see putting Wichita there if you were moving Indianapolis down a tier (which I would not object to and should have been done with the cruiser split), and I suspect that is why it is a Tier VIII cruiser. Given the Tier VIII MM, this ship looks to be painful when up tiered, and very competitive when top tier.
  5. HayabusaZ

    Heavy Cruiser Rework? What's this?

    How did you get a picture of the developers?
  6. HayabusaZ

    The Problem, In 3 Pictures

    And unfortunately these same players appear to be everywhere, Ranked, Random, Scenarios, and Coop. I actually lost 2 coop games in a row, and 3 out of 4 overall a couple of days ago. I don't think that has ever happened before. I watched an Edinburgh sail into a cap between 2 cruisers and a BB, he never even got his torps off, wasn't firing his guns, it was over so quickly. I was in a Yorck, and fortunately for me a Colorado was right behind us, otherwise I would have been toast. By the time we finished off these 3 ships, we were the only green ships left. I didn't see what happened to everyone else, but by the 5 minute mark, it was 2 on 7 match till we lost on points.
  7. HayabusaZ

    Why so much Whining Gents?

    Many of us want new ships, new content, new maps, new scenarios, then we get what we wanted, or at least what someone wanted us to have, and it all goes to hell in a hand basket. It's incredibly difficult to please any of us on a consistent basis.
  8. HayabusaZ

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    The problem with the release of under-powered ships (just look at the Indianapolis as an example) is that WoWS takes forever to acknowledge that the ship is under-performing, and the Buffs are usually not what the players say the ship needs to be competitive. But I agree it is a safer strategy for WOWS to use.
  9. I didn't even log in 2 nights this week so far, so my game play has been affected, when I do it is just to get a couple of containers and log out. If I'm playing scenarios, then 2 or 3 games and I'm done for the night. Although with the current scenario, it might take longer with random teams. Seems to be flooded with divisions who don't seem to understand the concept, and just play like it is a random battle. Which leads to disaster.
  10. HayabusaZ

    Where did all the Bad DD Players go?

    Can we send the back to random?
  11. HayabusaZ

    Where did all the Bad DD Players go?

    And they are in Coop and especially Scenarios, at least when I played.
  12. A better analogy might be buying a song from iTunes, and having the artist come back in 18 months and issue you a new version of the song. They may change the wording or tempo, in any event you get different content than what you originally had. How many would be upset if a country song got the pop treatment, or maybe changed to rap; or maybe just a shortened version of the same material that leaves off the last stanza. For some it would be fine, others would be up in arms, many might not notice depending on how invested they were in the original content. Does this happen? I don't know, so much of what we have is stored in the cloud today, it may be happening right under our noses. Would most of us even notice?
  13. For some here, it's one of those things that if you ignore it and don't talk about it, well, they fear it will never get corrected. The WIP is suppose to let us know that the stats are not final and are subject to change, but instead has the effect of causing people to jump out of their skin to try to make sure it gets changed before the ship is released. Sometimes this is justified, but we could at least wait till we can see the ship out of port and how it performs in the game. Numbers many times don't tell the whole story.
  14. HayabusaZ

    What daily containers do you pick?

    Normally I choose Resources, occasionally I go for the credits, just to change things up. I'm not really grinding at the moment, but I'm getting close on a couple of ships, without really trying. Last year when I was grinding a couple of lines, I used up most of my credits, still hasn't recovered. I think I have less than 40 m credits at the moment. I think it is my Yorck that is getting close to becoming a Hipper, and it wouldn't take much effort to get my Dallas to roll into a Helena. But no hurry with the state the game is in at the moment, I'm not playing as much, maybe getting a single container each night, then on to something else.
  15. Exeter would be a more interesting ship, if, there was a British CA line. Other than it's historical appeal, I would have preferred a CL that I could use as a captain trainer. Now if it is available in the Arsenal, that will be a different matter. I don't think I will be spending any $ or dubs for any of these ships. Just not interested in a DD at the moment, the BB and the other cruiser aren't interesting enough either at this time. Back in Dec., it would have been different. Now, not so much.