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  1. HayabusaZ

    7 x Bogus Codes <3 Venom

    Thanks for the codes, all worked after I typed in the two that had problems.
  2. HayabusaZ

    I hate the state of the game now.

    DDs seem to have too many jobs already. Looks like the meta is going to change yet again.
  3. HayabusaZ

    I hate the state of the game now.

    I'm beginning to think that they like problems, it seems to keep people engaged to some degree. Some even come here to post long after they quit playing the game. I think they are hoping for some improvements that never seem to come. Subs concern me, just not sure if they are worth getting excited about (one way or the other) yet. Having a class in the game that whole classes of ships need someone else to counter seems like a questionable way to start with them. The first few weeks the server will be flooded with them once they are released to PvE / PvP, that's when I may take a break for a while and see how it all works out after a month or so. This isn't something unusual for me, as I tend to take breaks every once in a while anyway, and it just seems to be a good time to do so.
  4. HayabusaZ

    I hate the state of the game now.

    I believe that would be Ohio , or maybe California .
  5. HayabusaZ

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    While I appreciate all the effort and things stuffed into this anniversary event, it comes off as a big "yawn" compared to previous years. Still making questionable decisions I see. I'm just glad I'm not the one making them, I'd probably not do any better. Still being a little shy on top tier ships makes these kind of events a little disappointing for many of us.
  6. I was on some of the most balanced COOP teams I have seen, many where most players had 1 kill each. Each player seemed to know where to go and what to do. Nice when a plan comes together!
  7. HayabusaZ

    Super Containers in name only

    I've not tracked my SC hauls, seems like it is easier to stay sane if I ignore the content and just keep the excitement level a little lower. I have received a few nice things over time, but I go in with lower expectations now, experience says there is going to be nothing to get overly excited about.
  8. I have a long list of ships I'm meandering through at the moment. Nagato very different from th Fuso King George V maybe the sweet spot ofthe mid tier RN BBs Gangut feels a lot like the Oct. Revolution Myoko close to becoming a Mogami Fiji close to becoming a Edinburgh and I just unlocked Chapayev so the DD is a long way off. Isokaze, trying to decide which route to take for the upgrade from here Acasta my current RN DD Gnevny I can't say I enjoy this one as much as the Podvoisky that used to occupy this slot and still others I have more or less abandoned for the moment: New Mexico, oh boy another slow BB to look forward to after this one New Orleans, kinda forgot I had this ship until the snowflakes happened Ernst Gaede another ship that has gotten lost in port Yorck, I like this ship and have fun playing sometimes Algerie, I like this ship and still take her out every once in a long while Jian Wei, I still play this one occasionally and Hosho, Yawn
  9. HayabusaZ

    Which U.S. Cruisers for a PvE Main?

    If not a Portland class maybe a Northhampton? Maybe the Augusta or Chicago? They were from between the Pensacola class and the Portland class after all, so being at the same tier as the Pensacola would not be out of the question. Since they were lighter, they might exchange some HP for their heal, which would be their gimmick. Or I suppose they could get Radar at tier VI instead?
  10. HayabusaZ

    Schorrs acting different

    That's just them trying to take a shortcut by going though the island.
  11. HayabusaZ

    Which U.S. Cruisers for a PvE Main?

    Or just give us another ship at tier VI like maybe USS Portland? I know some don't like using the Class ship as a premium, but in this case I think you could make a case for it, I mean it isn't going to be breaking the meta putting it there.
  12. HayabusaZ

    US BB California doubloons price

    I would rather have a speed boost than the secondaries, just saying.
  13. HayabusaZ

    Collection Duplicates ( Many )

    I don't watch this very closely, but as I recall at one point I was at 23 items and 5 duplicates, no idea where I am at now. I haven't finished my collection, so I pretty sure I'll have more duplicates if I look tonight.
  14. HayabusaZ

    Which U.S. Cruisers for a PvE Main?

    Pensacola gun rotation will feel familiar coming from BBs, you need to plan ahead so they are pointed in the correct direction when you need them. This was one of my favorites before it moved down to Tier 6, now it makes a great ship in PvE and Scenarios where things tend to happen in a predictable pattern. I've kept all the cruisers from Tier III up, as they are fun to play, so far I have the New Orleans and the Cleveland, and working on the Baltimore for Op: Cherry Blossom if it ever makes it back into Scenarios. With the Boise you get the heal and give up some speed for it, topping out at 30 kts means you have to remember you are a little slower than other US ships which are usually 32.5 like the Helena. It can make a difference in some cases where you have to allow for the extra time to get somewhere. Running a speed flag helps here, same as on Graf Spee.
  15. I think it will take more than these small discounts to get me to purchase anything right now. This should be a fun time of the year, with the anniversary and all, but right now I'm not feeling any good karma for WG. Maybe well see something exciting for the anniversary to shake things up? Hope so anyway.