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  1. HayabusaZ

    Ocean Map!

    I think the first time I played Ocean was in a Cleveland, not exactly my favorite ship there. I spent the whole first part of the match shooting and ducking back into concealment, trying to stay alive until more of the red ships were dead. But yeah, it should be in the rotation more often than it is. I know there are some Captains that absolutely hate the map, and it is a different kind of challenge for sure.
  2. HayabusaZ

    Are Narai ships coded to focus an Atlanta?

    Atlanta can do awesome, it just requires a lot of pre-planning and careful positioning, as others have stated so knowing the map and timing of when the the bots appear is helpful. I have the 13 km range on mine and it seems to help in some situations in Narai, allowing me to stay under cover and still contribute to the team results. Being able to spam HE from cover is essential at some points in the game, but if I'm in a match where everyone is hanging back, I've been known to torp the Missouri by getting into position at the central island and waiting for it to come out to play; then getting out of Dodge as quickly as possible behind the island. If played to her strengths she is a wonderful ship in Narai. Mistakes in positioning and timing can be punished hard, but you can say the same for most Cruisers. I'm looking forward to the Flint coming to the Armoury in the future, should be fun times.
  3. HayabusaZ

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    It was nice to see the post on the website this morning that some of the OPs were back, only Raptor Rescue didn't make it. Maybe it will come back with Narai.
  4. I was sort of worried about this type of thing happening when they said they were pulling Narai to "fix" it. If the troubled code was that bad, then I am beginning to understand why they felt it necessary to pull Narai. Sometimes pulling code out causes unforeseen consequences. Hope this is something less onerous to correct, and thanks for the update Fem.
  5. HayabusaZ

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    No pitchfork here, just trying to understand what they are doing. I'm still unsure why you would pull code (they actually probably just disabled the execution of the code) from the live server that everyone is using to undertake trouble shooting to find the errant code. Makes no sense, there are, or should be other environments available to them that they can make use of to run tests. All they have to do is recreate the server environment and load the code on another system (not the live server). At the very least you are going to have to test the "fix" before releasing it back into the live server. So there has to be a place where they can look at this code and test, modify, retest...so back to the question why did they see the need to take the OP out of rotation? Taking it out of rotation doesn't help with fixing it, it just irritates and frustrates the players who are missing out on the OP that is the most fun of any of the OPs left in the game. Only after they are satisfied that they have the errant code corrected should the live server be updated with the "fix". When they find the issue maybe, just maybe, it will correct things in RR and other bot behavior, also the auto pilot issues. If they thought taking it out of rotation would settle things down until it is fixed, well, it probably isn't going to work that way. Just telling us they were working on the fix might have been a better approach. Narai was working, not as well as it used to, but working well enough for players to continue playing and having fun at it. Now we wait and see, it will be nice if WOWs actually makes good on the promise this time, I can dream, can't I. Hoping they don't take advantage of the down time to "fix" other things in Narai that aren't broken, it seems to have struck a nice balance between difficulty and fun.
  6. Maybe I'm missing something here, why pull Narai? The explanation doesn't seem quite right. If you have broken code already out in the field, you don't pull something out from under your customer to "work on it". Not unless it is so broken that the rest of the feature set is unusable. Which isn't the case here. You would work on your code in a isolated server or a VM not the live server, then on a test server once you have found the problem and a possible solution. I'm not buying the excuse we have been given as to why it has been pulled. In this case i doubt they have removed the code from the game, probably just did an edit and the code is no longer executable in the game until they deem a fix is ready. Why they have chosen to take this path is unclear at this point, since the existing code was playable in Narai, and as has been pointed out in posts above, it didn't even cause unrecoverable losses for many teams (usually just a loss of a star). Maybe they feel the same code is responsible for the issues elsewhere in the game, and this is the simplest part to work out the bugs. I think you would still follow the same procedure in correcting the issue. This just feels odd (or bad, or wrong) to me.
  7. HayabusaZ

    ST, changes to test ships and Devonshire

    Ouch, Odin took a big hit, a tier VIII with Tier VI HP. I just hope her distinctive features are worth it.
  8. HayabusaZ

    Changes in the armory

    I am in the same boat so to speak, besides my Atlanta needs company, and Flint's smoke should be excellent to team up with other ships like Atlanta. Looking forward to getting the Flint.
  9. HayabusaZ

    5 new free weeb boats.

    I still have all of mine, I remember working on them one year trying to finish them off. Don't play them much anymore, except for the Myoko's which work well in the Scenarios. Also, now they are premium, my Takao may see more use. I have used the Kongo and Myoko clones to try out different setups, as others have stated. Guess I might still get the Dragon ships in a crate drop at some point, but I don't think I'm going to go out of my way to earn or buy either of them. I just don't need any more Myoko clones in port, including the TT Myoko I have 5 now.
  10. HayabusaZ

    Harsh truths

    Because they might get the paint on their pixel boat scratched! You have to wonder why they chose a DD to begin with. I'm not a very good DD player, but at least I know what I should be doing, and usually when to attempt to perform these tasks. Must not YOLO! Must watch the miniMap.
  11. HayabusaZ

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    Congratulations on your expanding family!
  12. HayabusaZ

    Operation changed just now?

    I had a stray thought, maybe a random teammate should be assigned the role of driving the Raptor. After all how hard could it be. Then I watched a few battles, and remembered you can't even get teammates to go the the exit point in another OP when that is the final thing they have to do to win. So I'm officially going to stop thinking for today. Oh, and in before the lock!
  13. HayabusaZ

    I didn't know that this was possible

    You weren't by any chance running Jingles as a captain? Maybe he got the guns and torpedoes destroyed mixed up?
  14. HayabusaZ

    Operation changed just now?

    Yeah, I already miss Narai, sigh. And I haven't played since I finished off my snowflakes.
  15. I've been in battles where no one would bother to go for the transports, and I've had to cross through everyone to go after the transports. Of course I was late getting there, but still managed to head off the lead ship, but it took me way to far from the harbor, and took a while to get back. The funniest thing I've seen was a team where players were pleading with everyone to stay together and forget about the "extra" tasks, like sinking the carrier and transports. They just wanted everyone in the harbor to go for a 3 star win. I've seen this in other OPs where players didn't want to play for 4-5 star wins and were content with 2 or 3 stars. I can kind of see it in some of the difficult Ops with random players, but Narai, come on, even with randoms it usually isn't that bad. Well maybe on the weekends it can get that bad.