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  1. TexCowboy_1

    [SPICY] (NA) Recruitment. Come and join the family!

    Hello, I'm interested and I prefer Teamspeak. I have 14 tier 10 ships Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm intersted and I prefer Teamspeak. Thanks
  3. Hi, Look me up I had just joined a Clan ( USCC ) problem is they dont do the clan battle's, so I need to join a clan that actually does the battles. I'm leaving that clan in about 5 minute's. Thanks
  4. TexCowboy_1

    BlackSun is recruiting!

    Hi, I am interested in joining, I go by TexCowboy_1, I would have to leave clan I am on. I am tired of not getting to play much while other players get to play about every match. I have all the tier 10 BB's, and 5 of the tier 10 Cruisers. My email is, sirspadester1@gmail.com Thanks
  5. TexCowboy_1

    AO Recruitment

    Hi, I am interested in leaving current clan I am on and joining a new one. I prefer playing the battleship but can play cruiser if needed. My email is, sirspadester1@gmail.com . I also have team speak Thanks