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  1. It gets worse. I believe high tier BBs with premium spotter and SI have 7 charges...Way more than necessary. I’m not sure why WG decided we needed that many charges.
  2. AJTP89

    puerto rico premium boost refund?

    You don't. That ended quite some time ago.
  3. AJTP89

    Unable to connect to the internet

    Firewall issue maybe? I just tried and had to give access to the WGC, but no issues after that. I had a problem with the WGC where it refused to acknowledge it was connected to one particular wifi network to start updates. I could work around, but that went away a while ago. I think the WGC still has some problems. Just go to the main page and read the articles there, it's the same info.
  4. AJTP89

    When to Grind and when to Pay

    In the end it's up to you to determine how much your time is worth. But 300 FXP/game isn't a good estimation. If you want the AK, load up a couple of high tier ships with every FXP flag and camo you have. That results in an easy 1000+ FXP per game, massively reducing the grind time. Also I play ships I like to grind FXP. I got the AK for free on a standard account with a couple months of playing casually (couple games a day). I loaded my Missouri up with flags and played away. I really like the MO, so it was an enjoyable grind. Could I have done it faster, yup. But it was fun my way. The way I look at it is I play to have fun. Thus I judge purchases by how much the enjoyment is worth to me. Missouri I paid for partially (FXP conversion). It's easily the best money I've spend in WOWS, millions of XP on it, hours of fun, great ship, no credit issues, served me well for years now. I like the AK, but it's not MO and so I wouldn't pay money for it. But a relatively easy grind? Sign me up. For me the bigger thing is the little things. Captain retraining for a new ship, I just cough up the doubloons now, it's worth that small amount of cash to have a captain ready to go. But everything's worth is different for different people. What I consider small change may be more significant to others, and what I consider a significant amount may be considered peanuts to yet another person. In the end, you're the one who has to work for the money.
  5. AJTP89

    Thunderor or Georgia

    How do you want to play, because they play very differently. Georgia is a mid range flanker, basically a Battle Cruiser on steroids. Ship does 40knts, fast firing 18" guns, and great secondaries. Excels at exploiting a flank, deleting cruisers, (it's actually the perfect counter to the premium battle cruisers), and bullying other ships. While not ideal as a brawler, the secondaries make people think twice, and the heal reloads really fast. It's really fun to play, the combination of 40knts for 4 minutes (with speed boost upgrade) with fast firing 18" guns makes sure of that. It's easy to get carried away, but it's also a very strong ship, and definitely one I recommend if you like USN ships, and a fast paced gameplay. Basically if you like cruisers, you'll love GA. Thunderer I don't have, but it's supposed to also be very good. It's thing is a stupid accurate set of 18" guns. You sit back and blap everything. If you like consistent guns and are OK with sitting back a bit, Thunderer is good. The HE is also excellent, I've been hit for 3 fires (remember 8 guns) at long range by one, those 18" lasers put every other BB gun in the game to shame. I think it's just as powerful as the GA, just in different ways. If you want faster paced gameplay chasing down and bullying other ships, GA is for you. If you want to sit a bit back and delete ships, Thunderer. Both are good, but depends what you want to do.
  6. AJTP89

    Premium Ship Review #138 - Bajie

    That was my thought when I first saw the announcement. A premium Izumo? Why? I mean it's not hated any more (pretty decent supposedly), but it's definitely a dip between Amagi and Yamato. Short of a Colorado clone, I can't think of a more un-enticing BB. Who does WG think is going to buy that? Cause it's not like you can use it as a trainer...
  7. Clearly hacking, I know they RPF me too with no located icon for me. Definitely paying off WG employees
  8. AJTP89

    Lock-On Fix?

    Went into controls and rebound the lock target function to one of the extra buttons on the side of my mouse (not all mice have these). That way I can use it easier. I have MMB doing zoom, and my other aux button is the quick chat command for "please kill that guy now."
  9. AJTP89

    Meaning of plus sign on captain skills?

    You get them in various events or buy them from the armory. What's your captain's name?
  10. AJTP89

    Lock-On Fix?

    Pretty sure it's default X. I have it bound to one of the auxiliary buttons on my mouse so I can use it easier, and have had no issues.
  11. AJTP89

    Lock-On Fix?

    X toggles lock-on. If you're locking onto the wrong target, press X to unlock, recenter the cross hair, and press X again. Remember the lock-on goes to the nearest ship, so if the enemy is near one another, it's easy for it to lock onto the wrong ship. Same with shooting at a ship behind another one. It's not perfect, but the only issues I've had are in target rich environments.
  12. AJTP89

    Best Seal Clubber?

    Don't challenge WG, they have a dockyard to use now...
  13. AJTP89

    How can i stay home and play ships instead of working?

    Damn, failed that qualification, actually played game too much I guess. If boats is work, what do you do to relax? Tanks?
  14. AJTP89

    How can i stay home and play ships instead of working?

    Why not play boats at work? I mean depending on the job type, you might even be able to figure out how to get the company to "upgrade" your computer system for you, so you can run those "very important" high power simulations
  15. My advice is to focus on one or two lines. 4 is a bit much, things are quite different between them, get comfortable with a few ships rather than trying them all. You can always come back to them later on. Also Co-op is quite different from random. You can be more aggressive there, and I know a significant portion of the people prefer the faster pace, at the cost of strategy.