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  1. Port Queens

    Katori - every once in a while for fun I'll take it out. It's actually usually fun, but I rarely get around to playing it. New Mexico. Really like this ship, have a 12pt captain on it (I think). But the AZ can actually hit the broadside of a barn, and I can put my 19pt IA captain in it. When I need the captain, I'll sell it and retrain the captain. But haven't got around to it yet. Myoko clones. Got them from the ARP missions. Absolutely suck in them. I don't know how people play with that abysmal turret traverse. And you get citadeled from every angle. Kongo clones. I like these ships. Just don't play them much. Enterprise, Saipan, Sims. Got these in a package with a whole bunch of other USN premiums that I do play. One day maybe I'll try CVs and DDs, but for now they'll just stay in port. Vampire. Did the mission. Played it once or twice. Pretty much forgot about it. It was fun, but T3 DD isn't my thing. Texas. Just don't play it that often. Every once in a while I'll drop my 19 pt BB AA captain into her, but it's not a great ship, and T5 is tough right now. So I just admire the Stars and Stripes Camo in port. Alabama. I really like this ship. It's a cruiser with 16" guns and lots of armor. It's my go to for T8 Ranked. But I have the MO. So when I need to play for credits and captain training, I play that. Everyonce in a while I take it out, but it's basically been power-crept by the Missouri. Man, just realized I have a lot of tonnage sitting around rusting. Eh, still have a couple slots. If only I could convert the bazillon captain slots I've been given...
  2. Have Your Fun Now CV Mains!

    It'll be a good time to be a BB though. Plenty of AA escort for those of us who know what that is, and plenty of juicy targets on the other side. Going to be a lot of HE spam though. Really wouldn't care to be a DD when the line splits though...
  3. China Can Produce Larger Carriers

    There's a big difference between those ski ramp CVs and the 100K ton nuclear powered CVs the US runs currently. Also, we have 3 times the number of those than they do. The Chinese are significant military threat, but they're not going to be winning naval battles against the USN any time soon (assuming we get some guys who can drive a boat without hitting something).
  4. Khaba. Best CL in game. Seriously, it's a DD that plays like a cruiser. It's hilarious to see people trying to hit you when you're doing 45 knts and zig-zagging. I've done pretty well on the PTS with it, and I figure if a BB guy can make it work, then any half-way competent DD player should be fine in it. I don't know about cruisers. Most cruiser are either way to big to play like a DD, or go boom when a BB thinks about shooting them. Cruisers have citadels, DDs don't. Might be interesting to see what the upcoming USN CLs are like, but right now I don't think there's anything that fits the bill.
  5. No surface counter? Actually there is. It's called teamwork. An AA spec cruiser with DF can cover a very hefty chunk of sea. Some BBs have very nasty AA as well. And the RN cruisers have some nasty AA as well. Even some DDs have some respectable AA. In a BB, if there's a CV, keep close to a cruiser, or at least a couple other BBs. The concentrated AA will at least take the sting out of a strike. A DD is tough, but you can dodge a lot of things, or pop smoke. If you're lucky, a cruiser will be able to sneak in close enough to help out as well. Basically keep with other ships. Go off alone, and the CV will wreck you. Also, keep moving, even a full AA spec Iowa will die if you're stationary when the strike comes in (I may or may not have learned that the hard way). In a cruiser, you are the suppport. Take a central position, so it's hard for the CV to move planes without coming into your range. Position yourself near a few BBs to escort them (helps with the DDs too). If you can, get in close to a cap to clear the air over it. You might not be doing as much damage playing this way, but you're helping the team win far more than by farming fire damage on BBs. Cruisers are support ships, and with CVs they are essential in the support role. Finally, if the CV is top tier and he wants you, short of being an AA spec Des Moines with DF, he's going to get you eventually. The scariest thing is WOWS is an excellent CV captain (the hardest thing to be in WOWS is also an excellent CV captain). But if he loses 10-15 planes every strike, and has to make 3 strikes, that means he isn't doing anything else, which helps the team out as well. Tying down the CV is often just as good as killing all his planes. Also, fighters might not kill you directly, but they spot, and harass your CV. While I usually won't pop DF for them, killing fighters is also helping the team out.
  6. Vulgarities

    Personally it doesn't bother me. While I strive not to use vulgarities when talking with other people, I've worked with plenty of colorful individuals, it's not like I've haven't heard it before. Morons are going to be morons, people talk how they want, nothing we do is going to change that. If you're so sensitive you can't take a few f-bombs or off-color jokes in chat, you need to get out in the world more. Obviously you wouldn't want to talk like that, but the world ain't perfect. And to be honest, I've dropped a few choice comments in chat if something gets me worked up enough (the BB who is shooting HE at a broadside cruiser consistently)
  7. We all know equal splitting of classes isn't going to happen. When was the last time you had an equal number of BBs and DDs in a game?
  8. I voted for limiting the DDs, but I also think the number of BBs should be capped. Neither should be so low that it affects MM every game, but enough to prevent lopsided matches. Maybe limit 3-4 DDs per side, and 5-6 BB per side. Games with 6 DDs per side or 8 BB per side are usually fun for no one. This would fix that issue, but it shouldn't cause problems with with queue times for the most part because usually most games are well with those limits. CVs are already hard capped at 2, and 1 isn't all that common. If too many cruisers becomes a problem, deal with it down the road, but I haven't heard anyone complain about too many cruisers in a game (except for DDs about radar).
  9. And extremely hard to get (reach Rank 1 in 3 seasons).
  10. Not very, I've seen more flints than Makarovs in game.
  11. Ships changing tiers

    Yes. Cleveland goes to T8 and Pepsi goes to T6. Balty and NO will also drop a tier. The Cleve will be in a different tech tree as well. If you have the Cleveland and Pepsi you will probably receive the new T6 and T7, with the appropriate amount of XP. In past line splits WG has been really good to make sure players don't lose anything, so your progression will not be hindered by the split. However, the split is a little bit off, so you have time to set yourself up.
  12. Does AP ever cause fires?

    Their not OP in the sense that they make it easier to win games. However, they allow a player to easily get good numbers and are annoying and hell to fight against. Yeah, your BB can heal 100% of his damage, but when every salvo sets 2 fires, if you can't get away from him, you're going to die. That's irritating but the kicker is he can sit stationary broadside in front of you and your AP will only do minimal damage (though that seems to have changed in the recent patch). In other words, he damage you no matter what you do, and is nearly impossible to consistently damage in return. Cruisers have it worse IMO. Regardless of angle, a HE salvo from a Conq will do more damage, and in addition break the engine, steering, or both, forcing a repair. With less heal ability and less HP, cruisers are much more vulnerable than BBs. However, something changed last patch (it seems to have been unintentional) that allowed the Conq to be citadeled more easily. If that stays it will do a lot to make the ship tolerable.
  13. Game client is garbage, it's never worked for me. I use the old launcher with no problems. If you do a search you should be able to find it here, download it, and should work no problems.
  14. What is WG thinking?

    Well, I for one play the game for fun. And well my definition of fun is doing well and winning, I also enjoy the occasional gimmicks and gags just for fun. Not all the time, but it changes things up, and is usually great fun for a week or so. If you can't laugh about something in game, you're taking the game way to seriously IMO.