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  1. AJTP89

    Buying new signals.

    Hey we got to have something to complain about
  2. AJTP89

    What's Wrong With These Pictures

    That CV must have hit P on accident
  3. AJTP89

    Three DD Div attack thwarted by team

    That's already a wrinkle in their plan, Graf can probably take on two of them on her own The 3 DD thing is really only successful because you have 3 (usually high skill) players working together. Against the usual random team that's usually enough to carry. But all it takes is a bit of teamwork (and a good radar ship) and that push comes apart quick, and then the reds are at a DD disadvantage with usually bad results.
  4. AJTP89

    Buying new signals.

    Good idea, if I'm purchasing flags it is a bit of a pain to be switching back to forth to remember which ones I need. Seeing our current inventory of what we're trying to buy would be great. Another thing, can the signal coupon be used for more than one order (20 flags)? If I'm buying flags it's usually more than 20, would be nice to apply it more than that. I get that it could get a bit out of hand with the discount, but maybe set the limit a bit higher. Or at least set it up so we can buy 100, but the coupon only applies to the first 20. It's a bit silly to buy 100 flags by buying 20 at a discount and then a separate order of 80. It is really nice to be able to buy signals for credits, finally have something to spend credits on
  5. AJTP89

    Vermont perma camo leaked!

    The real question is whether we can get that new Atlanta camo on Florida...seems appropriate. Either that or a Hurricane camo where the superstructure is just gone
  6. How do you even format your post like that
  7. AJTP89

    W H E N D O T H E Y A R R I V E

  8. Aiming reticles for rockets were changed this patch to standardize them, which did affect GZ. I'm not sure about any changes to the DBs.
  9. AJTP89

    Research XP on CVs

    The difference is you ground out the XP on Langly or Hosho to get the T6. If you did the grind after the change, you'd have reached your ship and that XP could have been gotten on the T6. Whereas with the Weser you didn't have to grind the T4, so you don't get any XP. Remember the XP is for the work you did on the previous ship.
  10. AJTP89

    Kitakami making a return as a tier 10?

    Don't even need AP rockets, I'm guessing HE rockets will get citadels as you can do it on other low tier cruisers. Not to mention she sees the USN Tiny Tims... I think most people who understand what she is don't what to play her because she'll be OP. We want to play her because of the memes from 40 torp Wall of SkillTM. TBH I'd be more concerned if I had one on my team than if I saw one on the enemy.
  11. AJTP89

    Research XP on CVs

    Well yes, if the new line was out for this change. But remember the early release CVs are credited as special ships, so there's no research to do. So even though you have the T6, you didn't research it, so no XP is applied. WG's logic may be a bit hard to follow sometimes, but there usually is a logic. You didn't do any grinding for these ships so it wouldn't make sense if you got extra XP.
  12. AJTP89

    Kitakami making a return as a tier 10?

    The last few ships announcements have been interesting. Kita, Belfast, new USN BB line. Fun times. I still want a bright pink camo for the Kita...
  13. This. You can see all the ships ever released, as well as ships in testing (no stats for the latter). Sounds like exactly what you want.
  14. AJTP89


    We cause a lot of trouble, and the mods have to clean it up. They do a great job keeping things relatively sane here, in addition to their many other duties
  15. The running joke is every patch WG's bots get closer and closer to actual players