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  1. AJTP89

    Two Thoughts on WGfest 2018

    Remember we got the Russians before the British, so would you expect the Italians before the Russians?
  2. Now you know better than to try and play tonight right? RNGesus giveth, and RNGesus taketh away, and he gave plenty last night so.... Very nice run, and I find it satisfying that the Conqueror ended it.
  3. AJTP89

    Hotkey reserved help!

    I've had similar issues. I have the artillery camera bound to the MMB (still like to have free look on RMB). I do recall having the "hotkey reserved" message pop up, I recall messing with it, but I can't remember how I got around it. I think it was just a bunch of clicking. I made sure the default setting for MMB (fire and follow) was assigned to something else. Also, for each command, there are two spaces for key assignment. I think I had to assign the key to one of them, but the other still wouldn't take it. Basically I messed around with it for a while and it finally stuck. I don't think I had to edit the preferences file. Also, try binding something else to your RMB, then replacing it with artillery camera
  4. For me it's the Missouri. I ended up paying most of the doubloon price to convert the FXP. But I bought the doubloons on sale, and waited for a 35:1 sale. Forget the final price, but it was about that of a T8 premium. And I love the MO. It's a great ship, radar is just a bonus. And then there's the money making part. Definitely my best purchase in WOWS, especially when it was removed permanently. A runner up is the $200 US fleet bundle I got a few years back on a 4th of July sale. Had about half the ships, so got a bunch of doubloons and some great ships (Atlanta). The ships I wanted and the doubloons were worth about the $200, which made the extra ships I didn't plan on playing very much basically free. So I have a Sims for operations, Indianapolis for fun, and Enterprise and Saipan for when the CV rework comes out (or something for Saipan at least). Basically I've felt that all my purchases in WOWS (I only make them once or twice a year) have been very much worth it. But those two are the standouts.
  5. The port GUI is abysmal, moving around is frustrating. But they haven't said anything about fixing it, so probably going to be a while.
  6. AJTP89

    T3-5 Battleship dispersion

    When most people say dispersion, they're referring to how far the shells tend to spread from the center aiming point. The technical term is more precise as you pointed out. But BBs absolutely become more accurate as tier increases. The spread of shells from a Yamato, or how the shells disperse, is much tighter than the Kawachi. The OP was not referring to the technical dispersion, so neither was I.
  7. AJTP89

    T3-5 Battleship dispersion

    T4-5 BB dispersion is terrible. Not a whole lot you can do but move on up the line.
  8. AJTP89

    This banner at the top of the main forum page amuses me

    Yeah, I had a chuckle too. Was thinking the loot boxes weren't exactly gambling, but I guess WG sees it differently.
  9. AJTP89

    My 100 Mega Box Haul!

    Hmm, about a 9% chance of a ship. Basically 1 in 10. Although even 120 is a small sample size. And the ships can vary widely as well. Guess it depends on how much you like those chances and how much you're willing to pay for signals and camo. I think I'll just spend my money on some premium time this year, I know what I'm getting.
  10. That's true, the US was always going to win a full out war with Japan (short of the Germans beating both the British and the Russians and forcing the US to deal with them on their own). However, Japan didn't want to beat the US, they only wanted to be the primary power in the pacific so they could have their territorial expansion. Things might have gone differently if the strike on Pearl had hit the CVs as well, or if they didn't hit Pearl at all. If they didn't jolt the US and instantly turn everyone against them, there may not have been the will to fight a war over random islands in the Pacific. Or if the CVs were done the US might have been forced to allow Japan their expansions. Japan was never going to invade mainland US (or probably even Hawaii). They would have been happy for the US to mind its own business and the let them run the Pacific. And if they hadn't made the US really, really mad, they might have gotten away with it, especially as we had German issues at the time. I'm not saying we should have just let Japan run rampant in the Pacific, I believe we were absolutely correct in stopping them. But Japan could have feasibly forced the US to turn a blind eye to their territorial expansion. Probably would have created more problems down the road, but that's a different problem. Of course they had to go and bomb Pearl Harbor with no declaration of war, at which point the US was looking for revenge, and we didn't trust them anymore, so we had to beat them completely. Yamamoto realized this as soon as he heard they missed the CVs. He was proved right at Midway, and after that it was all downhill for Japan. The lesson is that America will tolerate a lot of shenanigans in places that most people can't find on a labeled map. But mess directly with us, and there will be consequences.
  11. AJTP89

    BBs are Useless Now

    My Missouri must have missed the memo, because I was citadeling things left, right and center last game.
  12. AJTP89

    Diary of a Ship Monk

    Now I have image in my head. Though Deadpool is the perfect captain for the Conqueror.
  13. AJTP89

    Why why why why BB players

    You know, us BBs can't ever win. If we're shooting at cruisers and BBs the team yells at us to shoot DDs, we shoot DDs so much WG nerfs our ability to damage them and you yell at us to shoot the cruisers. Make up your minds Seriously though, DDs are usually more dangerous, and at 10km the odds are pretty good of hitting one. This might be our only chance to snack him. And if a cruiser is in range of the CV something went wrong long ago.
  14. AJTP89

    1m Credit club

    Nice! Welcome to the club. And you did it without the MO which makes all the more impressive!
  15. AJTP89

    How is this Legal?

    So, you didn't check that the coupon applied before you bought the ship? I got a 30% coupon too a while ago (for WOWS), and made certain it applied before I pulled the trigger there. Kind of your own fault there. That said, if you were on the WOWS premium store, and the coupon text didn't specify, then yeah, I'd be kind of mad too. Illegal? Don't think so, it is for 30% off at their store. Definitely bad marketing, but you'd have a hard time making that case stick, even in CA. My guess is it's a mistake, and support is just being their usual PIA. IMO they should at least give you the 30% difference in doubloons, as WG very rarely refunds actual money. So a mistake? Yes. Illegal? Probably not. Also, not sure that WOWS NA is under CA law. Their headquarters is in TX now. If there was legal action, I think it would be in the state you live in or the state their HQ is in. But their money processing center is out of Cyprus, and who knows where the guys responsible for generating that coupon are. It would be a mess for sure.