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  1. Why do you care so much if it doesn’t matter? And it does serve a purpose. Compliments let people know you liked their gameplay. Reports give people a harmless way to vent. Angry players can mash report and feel better, remove that and they may start sending more PMs in game or tickets to WG. The karma system isn’t perfect, but when it comes to the list of things in WOWS that need dev attention it’s pretty much on the bottom.
  2. I'm not sure how you think the players had an active decision in ending the battle, your team probably hit zero points, which also ends the battle.
  3. AJTP89

    Are USN BBs worth the effort?

    Holy Necro. The guy wasn't asking about 3v3 ranked (where even some very good ships aren't ideal), just in general.
  4. AJTP89

    Abused Reporting System

    I dunno about that, I've run across more salty toxic players in my handful of Coop games than all my Randoms. Never seen people get TK'd for "killstealing" in Random. You might have a point if karma was at all important. But it's not, reported or complimented doesn't do anything but change a number. Also people will report you for bad play (at least in their eyes), so chat kinda has nothing to do with it. But I'm not sure why you're so worked up about a totally meaningless mechanic. I'd argue that WG should have far bigger priorities than messing with something that doesn't impact the game at all.
  5. Yeah, but balance. They had them damage all ships for a couple iterations and it was hella broken. I forget what exactly made it into public test so don't want to get into NDA trouble, but it's for the best that they don't do surface ship damage now. Even if they did do surface ship damage it'd make sense for ones landing on deck to not explode since depth charges are triggered by a pressure sensor which of course wouldn't go off on the surface.
  6. Realism? The shockwave goes up you know, so can absolutely hit things that are on the surface. Less damage as it's further away, but depth charges are a significant hazard to surface vessels as well as subs. Previous versions of depth charges actually did damage to surface ships in game, was kinda broken tbh so it got removed.. But it's totally intended and reasonable that surfaced subs still take depth charge damage.
  7. If BBs are the weakest class why do you play them so much?
  8. Well then don't make threads with inflammatory titles. If you suspect it's your bank why would you accuse WG of it without doublechecking? But as you said, probably your bank, many do charge for international transactions. I'd talk with them about it, maybe see if there's a payment method that avoids it.
  9. AJTP89

    Free camera = Ctrl + Shift+ Backspace ???

    It works in game, not sure if it works in replays, those can be weird.
  10. AJTP89

    WG balance department and RU CV

    Every new ship follows this pattern. The first people to get them are usually the better players, so the stats are inflated. Then as more and more people get them the stats even out. Note the difference in battles, Pobeda has 268 while Enterprise and 350K+. Sample size matters. Give it a month or two and we'll see where they end up.
  11. AJTP89

    Player reports

    If you're this bothered by people being a-holes in the chat online gaming may not be your thing. Words do nothing, reports do nothing. If it really bothers you just disable chat. You decide how big a problem this is. If you obsess over it, then it's an issue. If you just ignore the random morons in chat like the rest of us it isn't an issue.
  12. AJTP89

    Player reports

    How do they take advantage of it? Reports pretty much do nothing.
  13. If you don't have the 182k CXP then you didn't exchange it for that. Send a ticket, they'll at least be able to tell you what you exchanged it for and what you need to do to get it back.
  14. Oh, I thought you were talking about the ship and was very confused for a minute (those are easier to get back BTW). Submit a support ticket now, explaining the issue and that you want him back. WG will probably give him back, but I don't know how they'll do it. If you cashed out with XP then they may deduct the XP from your account and restore him. If you just dismissed him they may just give him back. In both these scenarios you'll probably lose any XP and skills you had on him. The other option is they may just roll your account back to before you dismissed him. Keep in mind that everything you did since will also be reset. But submit a ticket, they'll take it from there. And don't do anything major on your account while you wait.
  15. And why do we need more than one? I know reading isn't the strong point for the WOWS playerbase but I don't think we need forum links pasted all over the site. One easy to find link should be sufficient.