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  1. I'm going to start having to put this in my sig. T8 ships are able to handle T10 ships just fine. Seriously, you're not going to be leading the charge, but it's not hard to be effective, and serious damage to T10 ships makes you A LOT of money. I had a NO battle where I did 30K damage total. But 15K of that was to T10 DDs, and I had 2 solo caps. We won, I felt my radar and presence in the caps were effective. I was third on the team, with over 2K BXP and a very nice chunk of credits. No problems being effective in T10 with a NO, and it's not exactly the strongest ship in it's tier.
  2. So, when you buy premium, you get 50% more XP and Credits in every battle than a standard account. As a bonus, you get access to the premium port. The port is a bonus on the premium account, in addition to the extra credits and XP.
  3. Sounds like an interesting idea. Not to much difference, like maybe 10 to 13 with a matching speed drop. You'd want to be careful you didn't switch type halfway through though. It wouldn't be to bad for the other players, they'd know the max range so it wouldn't matter too much. I always assume there are torps coming, wouldn't change much on my end. -BB player BTW.
  4. Always remember that when your cruiser bits off more than it can chew, my BB is ready to take the fire and delete bad BB that did that to you. In return, we expect you to keep the pests (DDs and Planes) away from us. Everyone's happier when we work with one another.
  5. My guess is that he's not looking for highly specific gameplay. General ship advice, general cruiser advice (ammo type, positioning, concealment, cover, etc). Then USN CA and the DM specifically. I play the Baltimore, pretty close. And there's nothing unique to the ship, just solid cruiser game-play. Yes, the USN line has it's own twist, and the Des Moines is a bit unique, but you guys know what they are. The general strengths and weaknesses. I'm betting that if you got dropped into a Des Moines, it might not be your best game, but you would know generally what you should be doing. Remember, this isn't the Unicum guide, this is a newbie. Of course, I could be wrong and Pigeon is looking for a USN CA specialist. Official confirmation would be nice.
  6. This. I'd like to know what's involved, expected, time commitment etc. I'll probably pass, still learning, don't have the DM anyway. But would like to know what I'd be getting myself into.
  7. OP. High tier CVs are notorious for low population. And playing at off hours only exasperates it. MM can only do so much. How would you like to be a GK in a match where there was only 1 CV on the other side? Cause that's the answer to that, don't require equal number of CVs. Oh wait, that didn't work. Maybe play the game (you should have been able to murder that Yamato) and then move on to the next one.
  8. The BBs can't be at the front, that never ends well. But they should be up with the cruisers and DDs. My way of thinking about it. DDs up front contesting caps, spotting ships. The BBs and cruisers are behind the cap (within 5-10km of it). They can support the the DDs, and engage enemies. The cruisers and BBs mutually support each other. But often this doesn't work. Many cruisers are great at long range HE spam, so they have no incentive to get close. That means the enemy DDs have no counter while the CLs spam the BBs at 19km, so the BBs can farm fireproof medals when they heal all that damage back. Pushing in a BB often looks great, but usually at the first sign of the enemy the CLs go to camping stations and stop, the BBs engage reverse, and all of sudden the only thing the reds can shoot is you. Basically, pushing in a BB only works if the team does it too. It's much easier to sit at 20km and snipe. I try to push in, but often, it's only me. Also, I disagree with the guy who said taking a BB among islands is a bad idea. You have to smart about it, but parking a BB in a channel is really effective sometimes, and surprise BB at 4km makes anyone crapthemselves. The number of cruisers happily lobbing shells over an island I've bushwacked is hilarious. Especially since they usually panic and screw up their torps. I like the MO and AL a lot mostly because you can play them like cruisers. Duck and weave, pop in and out of stealth, radar for the MO, troll AA, dodge shells like a CL, oh, and you have good armor and 9 16" guns. Lots of fun played like that.
  9. Basically if you can pen the main belt into the citadel, waterline. If you can't, then go deckline. So BB AP - waterline. CA AP against other cruisers - waterline. Some DDs AP against CLs - waterline. RN BB HE against CLs - Waterline. If you can hit the citadel, waterline is where it's at. That can change based on range and angle as well. Example: DM vs Iowa. At range, HE and AP into upperworks. But if the Iowa give the DM broadside at close range, it's AP into the waterline. Never give broadside to a DM, you'll be dead before you know it. But CA AP against BB - deckline (it will tear them up faster than HE). All HE - deck. Angled (unless you can overmatch bow) superstructure. You can't generalize, but know what your ammo can do and aim accordingly.
  10. Engaging reverse and running slowly away works great unless there's a DD or a CV around. I've tried that tactic with success, but multiple times the CV or a Shima spread has taught me that my ship can do 33kts for a reason. Playing your opponents is a good idea. I wish I could do it more. I play CAs and BBs, but not DDs. Maybe eventually. I do make sure to watch videos on every new ship, even if I'm not going to play them, so as to know what the strengths and weaknesses are and how to effectively fight them. French CL/As have 9km torps with excellent arcs, for example. Good to know, even though I have no interest in playing the line right now.
  11. Just think of how boring various shades of gray would be.
  12. Do you drive a BB? I know it would take even longer IRL, but run into an island, have to avoid the idiot in the DD who ran across your bow, getting to your team when you spawned alone an a flank. It all takes a while, and doesn't need to take longer. EVERYTHING in this game is sped up, not just acceleration. (Also, deacceleration isn't a thing, it's just acceleration in an arbitrarily defined negative direction)
  13. I believe P also toggles the secondaries.
  14. Do you have the Manual secondary Skill? If so, then you need to manually select the target with the cursor (Ctrl+LMB) so the A appears over the ship. Any secondaries that bear will then fire once the target is in range. If not, double check your ranges. Also, most cannot fire straight ahead or astern, their firing arcs are to the side. What ship is this? And what captains skills?