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  1. AJTP89

    Is the Russian DD line worth pursuing?

    Depends. If you want to play DDs, then no. If you want to play CLs, then yeah, they're a good line.
  2. AJTP89

    Stocking up on consumables

    Same here, I often have a baseball game on my second screen while playing WOWS. That way something's always going on. WOWS is going to be mandatory once the playoffs start, too much stress to just sit and watch. I'm a Random, guy, but I've been liking coop more lately, always fun to just blast something
  3. Hmm, sounds like a BB buff to me. And encourages passive play. At first I thought you were going for extra realism, but nope, sounds like you just can't handle gunboat DDs. Remember, ships are not tanks. Modern warships had (and have) complex systems for stabilizing the guns and factoring in ship movement. The Germans even had guns that were stabilized on three axes if I recall correctly. In other words, it was quite possible for ships to fire accurately while on the move. Furthermore, the more rounds fired, the more accurate the ships became, as they corrected their aim based on the previous shell fall. So yeah, constant firing actually improves accuracy. Most ships by the end of WWII had computer assisted aiming, that took radar data on the enemy, plotted course, range, speed, etc, factored in their own movements, a bunch of other variables, and spat out a solution that was automatically transmitted to the gun turrets. The turrets used this data to automatically train and elevate, and then the fire control system kept them on that setting through the ship maneuvers. Firing was centrally controlled, shell splashes (or hits) were recorded and factored in to zero in the firing solution. The result was very accurate constant fire while both ships were moving in nearly any visibility conditions. Under full central control, the men in the turrets only reloaded, only aiming if central control was taken offline. You're right, it is mind boggling what engineering could achieve. But the rain of fire some ships can put out in WOWS is pretty realistic. The USN in WWII could put out serious firepower. Our CLs basically shredded anything that got in range. Multiple instances of DDs firing constantly and accurately while maneuvering violently. In several instances the volume of incoming fire caused returns on surface and air radars. And during shore bombardments aircraft had to fly in predesignated lanes, otherwise they stood a good chance of getting hit by a large caliber shell. Congratulations, you've found one of the areas where WOWS is actually pretty realistic.
  4. AJTP89

    Stocking up on consumables

    No kidding, fast math says 582 24hr days of gameplay, nearly 2 straight years. Since the games only been out for 4, I'm guessing most are coop and so much shorter. But still, that's dedication. OP, simple answer is no, short of getting a bunch in a container or something. Long answer is as these guys said, spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get WG's UI to keep up with what you want to do. Personally, I'd rather play the game than click buttons and wait out lag to save a couple extra credits. I can make the difference in one battle, which I can play in the time it takes to stock up.
  5. Now I see it. Weird angle, but sure, whatever.
  6. AJTP89

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    Wait, WG yanked the 457s from the Conq? Must have missed that. Not that anyone uses them. But if people want to play with them, fine. I suspect OP is right, they pulled them to make Thunderer "unique." And to no one's surprise pumped out another borderline OP copy paste high tier premium. WG does a lot of talking about increasing low tier population, but yet they keep pumping out high tier premiums. Hm, wonder if that has anything to do with no one playing low tier...
  7. Dammit, now I can't stop seeing it. I also see a 4 pin plug and play electrical component. I guess they're supposed to be guns, but why the rings?
  8. AJTP89

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    I mean it's pushing 80, surprised that's all that's wrong with it Seriously though, WG seems to make sound changes every patch, and every patch they screw it up for the release. Everytime they "upgrade" the sound, something audio related breaks, and they have to emergency patch it. Is it that hard to get it right the first time? As funny as it was for everyone in the battle to hear the Alabama's sound as if they were playing it, it was a bit disconcerting when my 6" guns sounded a lot bigger. And then there was the one where the Freedom Camo silenced the Cleveland's guns. What is it with audio bugs WG?
  9. Yeah, I've unloaded a full BB AP broadside at an almost dead DD just to make sure he's dead. I've seen to many DDs escape with 1K HP to have any qualms about kill stealing. Even worse with RN CLs, almost kill them, they get away, and the next time they're spotted they're back to half HP and we've got to do it all again. If a stealthy ship is spotted, unload everything on them until they're dead. In my mind, it's only kill stealing if a ship is clearly doomed, but you hold your fire until the last second to get the kill. Unloading as fast as you reload no matter the HP of the target is always acceptable. And we've all been playing long enough to know that trusting anything to teammates is a great way to let the enemy win.
  10. AJTP89

    a place to leave a note

    Yup, wouldn’t mind a notepad feature myself. Able to write notes about my plans for that captain, and just random in game notes for myself. Yeah there are other options, but something in game would be nice.
  11. Man, Harugumo and Kitakaze are going to rock your world. Akizuki too. 100mm guns with buffed HE pen and ridiculous ROF. Gumo got honorary cruiser status with Khaba as the only DDs to be able to take full AP pen damage. They're big and slow, but they make other gunboat DDs run and hide. Heck, they even make some cruisers run and hide. And they're not the only dakka ships left. Minotaur (RN T10 CL) has 10 6" guns with about 3 sec reload, AP only though (RN cruisers are interesting, read the wiki). Wooster, T10 USN CL, basically a T10 6" ATL. The Des Memes is still pretty good as well. And then the Smolensk and Colbert basically Wooster on crack. There's a lot of ships that you really want no part of in a DD.
  12. Hydro is basically radar, but shorter range/longer detection. Spots any ship within range, and spots torps at a lesser range. I'm a BB guy, lot of respect for you guys that can do well in DDs, I need my heal lol. And I've had my butt saved by a DD smoke more times than I can count. Just don't expect me to sit in it, unless I'm almost dead and use it to heal, the most I'm going to do is use it to disengage and reposition. As soon as I shoot, the smoke is useless. Also, you can't drop smoke on me as I'm moving the opposite direction at full speed and expect me to stop. I literally cannot stop that fast. I've seen many complaints about how BB drivers just barge right through smoke, but often it's because there no way we can stop in time, and trying to do so would just leave us awkwardly dead in the water, still spotted. I really appreciate DDs trying to help with smoke, and very often it's useful, just remember we're WAY bigger than you, and physics remembers that even if you don't. And yes, a DD on a flank is a real pain, because I can't push because that would mean giving broadside and potentially eating a full torp spread. A shima can shut down a flank real fast, just by dropping one set of torps. Also, keeping ships spotted, not allowing them to disengage, cruisers hate that. A well played DD is someone you never see, but always know is there. I'm curious, why did you leave WOWS? Just moved on, or something particularly that drove you away?
  13. Yeah, captain skills are a lot more interesting now, that change was definitely a good one. Yammy, yeah, don't do anything dumb in front of one if you want to keep on living. It still overmatches everything (though I believe a few new ships have 50mm plating that makes it very hard to cit through the nose, though not impossible). The 460s are still the biggest in the game, though a few ship now have 457s. The accuracy is still excellent, and there's now a legendary upgrade that can make it better. However, it also still has a very high citadel with odd angles. So it's still very dangerous, but IMO other ships have started to close the gap. Gun bloom is the detection range increase when you fire your guns. I don't know how much you kept in touch, but used to be they bloomed out to a certain distance, which was often less than the firing range. This allowed some ships to stealth fire in open water. That was changed a while back so that detection after firing main guns is always the firing range. No more stealth in open water, some of the gunboat DD players still haven't recovered fully. Also, firing guns in smoke now increases your detection range, though not as much, and it depends on the gun caliber. So DDs and CLs only bloom to 3-5km, while BBs have 15km bloom in smoke. Basically large ships can no longer sit in smoke and shoot undetected. Also, especially important for DD, the German cruisers and T9 and 10 BBs have hydro with a 6km range. Don't try and smoke up in that range. German DDs also have hydro, though only around 5km range. And a final note, the T9 USN premium BB Missouri is an Iowa class BB, but with radar. A lot of people don't know that, it's hilarious when some tries to smoke up, only to be lit up and killed by a BB. So just an heads up. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the game after being gone so long. It's changed slowly for us (I think you left about the time I started playing), I'm curious to see how much it has changed.
  14. Uh, don't bet on it. CVs, different is an understatement, completely new mechanics. If you thought T8 premiums were bad, boy are you in for a surprise. We have a new T9 or 10 premium once a month now, and if we're lucky it's only slightly OP. You should look up IFHE. And the captain skills have been reworked twice now. Gun bloom detection is way different, both open water and smokescreens. Showing broadside in certain nations will not get you deleted now. And secondaries are actually dangerous on German, French, and certain US BBs now. Also the only German CV (yes, seriously, GZ secondaries are vicious). That said, people still complain about DDs with Romulan cloaking devices, BB drivers who don't know where the W key is, and cruisers with flamethrowers. Some things never change.
  15. So no wolf packs? Dammit. Probably a good idea though, a three sub division....yeah, not fun for the poor BB they decide to pick on.