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  1. AJTP89

    Screen is unviewable

    It's not a bug, it's your graphics card. This kind of thing has happened before, and from what I recall it means something is wrong with your GPU. Also, WOWS really doesn't like Macs. It's not officially supported on Mac, and there are all kinds of problems. That may be part of the issue here too.
  2. AJTP89

    Map tactics...

    People don't want to be shot at, so they go away from the enemy. Where is the enemy not? On the border. QED. I also think people want to try and sneak around behind them. There are several rather obvious issues there, the first being that warships aren't exactly stealthy and WOWS does replicate that pretty well. The other issue is that your ship isn't that fast (relatively) and so while you're sneaking your great big battleship around the edge of the map, you're not scaring the enemy away and so they cap and kill your team. By the time you arrive, they've moved on, having already killed your flank. Assuming their CV didn't discover your solo mission and proceed to make your life extremely interesting. Also, people probably figure their BB has 20km range for a reason. The fact that they can't hit anything at that range is of course irrelevant. Range mod GK always makes me cry. But mostly it's not wanting to get shot. Also not being able to logic out the fact that WOWS is a strategy game. Positioning matters, and you need to be able to read the map and look ahead to make predictions on what the enemy will. Then position your guns to stop him from doing that. That logic is pretty obviously lost on the vast majority of players. WG of course thinks the solution is to make the game simpler, rather than making it more rewarding to actually play the objective. I think most players realize they're going to die if they don't run away, but can't read the minimap well enough to figure out that running to the border is just losing map control and so the game. TL;DR, people don't want to get shot and aren't smart enough figure out how to not get shot while still be useful. There are several other theories, most of them involving the locations of glue pots...
  3. AJTP89

    Some ships just seem Hard

    Some ships just click with people, and it's not the same for everyone. People rave about Scharnhorst. I had the chance to try her out, and it was just meh. Guns not big enough to do good AP damage, but not fast enough to do good HE damage. Just couldn't figure her out. Does this mean she's a bad ship? No, I'm just not going to buy her. People said CO was trash. When I played it, I actually liked it. Probably not my favorite boat of all time, but I definitely enjoyed my time with her. Some people grumble about how long Iowa, Missouri, and Montana take to turn. I've never had that issue. People love IJN cruisers, I can't stand them because the ship out turns the turrets (slow turrets are a pet peeve of mine, IMO they don't really balance a ship, but make it a lot less fun to play). Bottom line is it's not unusual that some ships just don't click with you, while others do. That's why you have to read reviews with a grain of salt. It's not you playing. For the most part there's no better ship to play (for the most part, unfortunately the number of exceptions is increasing), it's down to what you like.
  4. I have a much simpler way. CV lower tier than you, you're fine he can't do anything. CV equal tier, the CV might not get you, but he'll make sure his teammates do. CV higher tier, don't even bother turning the AA on, it's just dropping your FPS at this point. So far this system has worked pretty well. The only thing WG managed to screw up worse than CVs was AA...
  5. AJTP89

    What Cruiser line is closest to the Italians?

    I second this. Long range HE spam, with nasty AP surprises, especially on Moskva. IJN and MN would also be options. I don't think RN is really similar. Yes they both have SAP (different kinds though), and while the RN CLs can do crazy acceleration, the open water gunboating isn't really possible, it will just get you deleted eventually. VMF, MN, or IJN (in that order) are what I would suggest.
  6. AJTP89

    Fat Ships

    GK is an island, not a ship. It's both fat and long And yeah, the USN standards have an appeal. That stubby profile really helps with dodging torps. The reason is that in order to add torpedo protection, the USN just slapped more armor (and spacing, etc) on the sides during WWII refits. Kind of the same approach they had with AA guns, just add more But I'm afraid the sleek lines of the Iowas are what I prefer, got to love that speed.
  7. AJTP89

    Swedish DDs

    I've learned not to pick a fight with them in a DD, because they have radar and you don't. I had momentarily forgotten that, and was reminded the hard way. Also, their AA is actually effective. I've been playing Langly, and pretty much the best AA ship I've encountered is the Visby (that's not a high bar at T4, but still...). And from what I've seen that holds true up the line. Remind why the IKEA DDs get better AA than dedicated AA ships like USN cruisers? Also RIP Pan-Asian DDs, gimmick stolen and powercrept like so many other ships.
  8. AJTP89

    Meesa back!

    Hey, most of us don't have that serious memory issues, you didn't leave too long ago. Also kind of hard to forget the news reports, always a fun read. Welcome back, you have missed a lot, most of it unfortunately not good, but as you mentioned, many of us have a bit more spare time for the forseable future. And I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to look forward to renewed shipposting if you're in the mood
  9. AJTP89

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    Everyone on the division's team. Now only half the players in the match are unhappy as opposed to all the players. Because in a CV match only 2 players of the 24 are happy to see the CV. Also you're missing the point of the video. Yuro is pointing out a flaw and exploit in order to push WG to fix it. CVs are inherently broken right now, and by exploiting that to even further break the game the hope is that WG will be forced to fix the problem. Now knowing WG their solution is probably to either nerf Musashi spotter or make it so that CVs can't be air detected instead of admitting they've [edited] up CVs and fix them (or remove them). But by making the problem worse, the hope is that it will get fixed faster. And also, there aren't exactly a ton of people who are sad to see a CV get removed early in the battle. Come to think of it, the reason why CVs have the stupid auto-repair, short fire duration, god AA, etc is to prevent CV sniping. The fact that they're almost impregnable to surface ships was apparently overlooked. But making them invisible from the air but removing their stupid repair/fire mechanics would probably be a better idea, as they're now vulnerable to surface ships. The fact that this dumb idea is workable just further shows how busted CVs are. Though at this point I wouldn't be surprised if WG just made CVs into airfields, since they apparently have moral objections to making them possible to sink.
  10. AJTP89

    Looking for answer regarding MM

    WG said that's how it works. And I think it is working, as single tier battles became WAY more common once they implemented the change. T9 is very often single tier now, and T8 seems more balanced as well. And T10 battles have a lot more T10s. MM times have also gone up. While I haven't tracked my individual ships, the overall trends are pretty obvious. Something definitely was changed, and there's no reason to think WG screwed up and MM is doing something other than they say.
  11. AJTP89

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    To be able to treat them like any other class, they work well with the game, don't need special MM, things like that. The core issue is the CV concept requires restrictions, we can't pretend they're just like surface ships because they're not even surface ships. In addition, I've just concluded WG has no idea how to make them work. Can it theoretically be done? Probably. Does WG have a clue how to? Well if they do they're hiding it pretty damn well.
  12. I play what I find fun, premium or tech tree doesn't matter. Especially now as I'm at a stage where credits aren't an issue. GA is a ton of fun, and MO is always solid. But Montana is by Ranked go to, and Helena is still really fun. Des Moines is always fun as well. I'm enjoying USN DDs as well, and Moskva is great fun too. But Atlanta and Alabama are always dependable. Warspite has been by Operations ship. So yeah, good spread. Doesn't matter how I got it, it all depends how it plays.
  13. If you can, it would be an individual thing. Put in a ticket to support, if WG is willing to do something like that they'll be the ones to get in contact with.
  14. AJTP89

    Shell velocity calculation is way off

    This. Distance is compressed in WOWS, everything from ship dimensions to map size. If the maps were actually scaled properly you'd really have to do around 100knts (I think) to travel the way you do right now. The velocity is really just an arbitrary reference for comparison to other velocities, and really can't be related to real world numbers. Same with all distances in game. I believe the devs talk somewhere about how in early development they had real world dimensions, speeds, etc. But they found gameplay was boring, long range, and slow, so they compressed things. It makes many comparisons tricky, but is definitely the right call for gameplay.
  15. T9 isn't bad ATM. Very often it's same tier, and sometimes downtiered. And even if you are uptiered it's only by 1 so not that bad. T7 is still pretty good, though as someone said not T7 CLs, those got badly screwed in the IFHE rework. T4 and 5 is CV heaven right now, 3 CVs per side isn't unusual. Would hate to be a DD, except Visby, that thing seems to actually have AA that works.