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  1. AJTP89

    42+G update

    The patch wasn't 42GB. 42GB sounds like you downloaded the whole game.
  2. AJTP89

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    Not quite, the TK penalties for hitting torps on team-mates are still there, though changed a bit. So if people fling torps willy-nilly it will catch up with them. I'm guessing no XP/credits for a battle where they landed a couple friendly torps will send a message (I also expect the forum threads whining about this to be hilarious).
  3. That warning is intended if you are the last person in the battle. It may be that the CV player had already left, in which case you would be the last person left.
  4. Pssh, they're not going to look like that. They're going to look like this
  5. AJTP89

    Who Does WGs Math?

    If you look at the BXP you did get more for the 5 star win. However for the 3 star win you also had several additional bonuses that weren't on the 5 star win. 3 star had a +500XP for a mission, and +50% XP for first daily win. So yeah, that's the difference there. FXP comes out of that as well so there's that difference. It's all right there in your detailed stats which I guess you didn't check before posting? As for credits that's independent of XP and depends on percent damage done and tier. It's not dependent on amount of stars you earn. WG does legitimately do some weird math at times (armor penetration rounding anyone?), but in this case it looks like it's you who didn't do the math.
  6. AJTP89

    Old Premium CV Nerfs

    Pretty much this, everything CV related could change with the rework. That's why full doubloon refunds were offered for premium CVs. Also, for the USN CVs technically that's not a direct nerf, the Tiny Tim rocket planes, which are on multiple CVs, were changed. So that makes it a global change and not CV specific. The GZ is probably the same idea though those planes may only be on GZ. Either way, WG is pretty clearly moving away from unnerfable premiums, which in my opinion is a good thing long term. Only other option is to remove them, I'd rather have a small change made than potentially a historical ship made unavailable.
  7. IJN old line is torp, new line (aki, kita, and gumo) is guns. USN is traditionally guns, but T9 and T10 torps are pretty good and there are better gunboats. Old RU and French line is gunboat, some of them are more cruisers than DDs. New RU line split is still guns but have usable torps. RN boats are pretty good at both, but probably tend to guns. Germans are not great at either, OK torps and OK guns, their strength is the smoke hydro combo. Pan Asian DDs....does anyone even play those? OK guns, OK torps. IKEA DDs are torpboats with decent guns. I think that's everyone? Really it's only the old IJN line that is torps only, almost all the rest are OK at both, with a few exceptions (low tier USN DDs and Khaba notably have bad torps, French torps are also very secondary). It's not as cut and dried as it used to be.
  8. AJTP89

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    If this thing shows up in a Dev blog I'm blaming you for giving them ideas Though would be pretty cool to see that thing in game, maybe a game mode where it fights solo against a standard team
  9. Petro doesn't surprise me. Kremlin kind of does, but Deadeye was a big buff for her, also easiest of the AP focused BBs to use so that probably helps. Kleber is interesting, I suspect that might be a low battles thing, only people are good with that kind of ship are going to make it up that line. MVR again low battles and I would guess is still flattening out after her initial round of changes, still AP rockets... Colombo is still too new, I don't think she even has a full patch of general release? Give her time for the average playerbase to sink the stats. Vermont, again not surprised that ship can do a lot of damage if you play it right and I'm guessing your average player gave up 50K XP into Kansas. It's kind of surprising that only three ships have a WR over 50%. Partly surprised to not see Thunderer up there, but my guess is the average player just spams HE from 20km which gets you nice damage numbers but doesn't actually help the team win. And I guess FDR isn't quite as OP as people like to think...
  10. Ah yes, because accidently bumping into someone while getting out of spawn and killing both of you before the game even starts would be a ton fun.
  11. You're right about reinforced bows on BBs, but icebreakers work quite differently. Their bows are designed to ride up on top of the ice and then use the weight of the ship to bust through the ice. They're not cutting through it with the bow like a knife. This is also why you can't use BBs as true icebreakers (though I imagine 50K armored tons with that amount of HP behind it does at decent job to a point). Belt armor is of course going to be better than whatever liner hulls are made of, but remember the armor belt doesn't extend that far below the waterline. You'd have to look at individual depths for each belt, but I suspect the iceberg would hit under the main belt on most BBs. But on most BBs, certainly by WWII, that would be right on the torpedo defense system, which is designed to deal with situations exactly like that. There's a ton of compartmentalization there, so even gashed for a good portion of the ship's length I imagine the TDS would be be able to handle it, especially with active damage control. And beyond that watertight integrity had to be much better on a warships than a liner, so I imagine it would be manageable. Also remember that warships also have much much better active damage control. I have no idea what Titanic's ability was to effect repairs, pump out, seal compartments, and counterflood, but I'm betting most warships are better equipped and better trained at it. As we saw in WWII, especially in the Pacific, good damage control training makes the difference between losing the ship and patching it up to keep on fighting. I think Titanic was doomed anyway, but good active damage control would be another layer a warship would have is such a scenario. Yeah, the main hull compartments weren't sealed on top, so once enough were flooded they overflowed and filled the rest, which is generally not great for staying afloat. Remember though that shipbuilding on that scale was just starting though, so lessons were learned. That also doesn't make this quite a fair comparison. HMS Dreadnought, the first of what we consider modern BBs, was only 6 years earlier. WWI and WWII era ships had a lot of time to learn and experiences such as Titanic's to learn from. I guess what I'm saying is it would be kind of scary if shipbuilders didn't learn from Titanic and later ships weren't able to survive that kind of collision. So yes, to answer OP's question, those modern BBs most likely (can never say for certain of course) would survive a Titanic style collision, in part because of lessons learned from Titanic.
  12. AJTP89

    WoWS is soooo buggy

    As others said, no stats indicates you lost connection at some point. Happens occasionally to me. No damage counter probably means you didn't turn that option on in settings. Ships not shown correctly? You're going to have to be a bit more specific. Replays do work, make sure they're from the same patch and double click on them. Should start up. If not drag and drop the replay file onto the WOWS.exe file. Again, you're providing no context so we can help. If you want some help then actually try, if you just want to rant Reddit is going to be more open to that.
  13. AJTP89

    Which T10 tech BB is the best?

    Think you mean Izumo And in the case of the paper ships you could pretty easily replace them with ships that did exist. US and RN are some of the few navies which had more ships than are represented in game The slow line could be less paper if WG followed the 1920 SD and Tillman designs, instead of whatever the heck combination they actually gave us. Hilariously a Russian CV line is probably less fantasy than the German one, as in Russia actually had a couple CV plans. The Germans didn't have any more aside from GZ AFAIK. People do a lot of complaining about paper Russian ships, but I'm pretty sure the German CVs win the "most made up ship line" award. True, but I think if WG really wanted to stay historical they could fill the French tree, the French had enough BBs to get them to at least T8 with some shuffling around.
  14. AJTP89

    Which T10 tech BB is the best?

    No such thing. All the BBs have strengths and weaknesses. Yamato is great at nuking things from medium to long range, but will get eaten alive in a brawl. Montana doesn't have any huge weaknesses, but doesn't have outstanding points like the others. GK has bad accuracy so can't snipe but is the ship for a brawl. Republic is a long range ship that's great at flanking, but with bad armor that means cruisers eat it alive. Conqueror is an outstanding damage farmer from range but lacks AP compared to other BBs and the armor to be tanky even with the ShipPrinter 8000 (TM). Kremlin is a nasty tanky mid range BB, but lacks accuracy at long range and the huge citadel means brawling is usually a bad idea. Colombo is just weird. So yeah, depends on what you want to do. If you're looking for the ship that's the best fit in the most situations Montana is probably it. But in terms of an universal best option there isn't one. Despite many claims to the contrary WG has overall balanced the game pretty well.
  15. Magazine go kaboom. Not common, but definitely possible. Did you get a Detonation achievement?