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  1. You're just used to the behavior of Random players. Once the bot turns he's moved beyond most of them.
  2. What's this symbol?

    That's the fort symbol. They've finally reclassified the Yamato properly
  3. True, but I was going for national flavor. Japan would be a Mt. Fuji Yamato. Also, despite western predictions, there was no lean to the pagoda masts.
  4. This is getting out of hand now. We just need an Eiffel tower Dunkerque and a Leaning Tower of Roma.
  5. Is THIS Normal?!

    Pensacola secondaries even.
  6. Is THIS Normal?!

    Detonation. Magazine goes boom Whole ship goes boom Only one hit needed. Heck, I've seen DDs get detonated by a near miss from an HE shell.
  7. Favorite warships/Dream fleet

    Iowas. Fast and hard hitting, and absolutely beautiful. In game, it's the Mo. A fleet? Assuming WWII era right? Also, limits? Number of ships, and maybe the purpose of the fleet? I'd take these. Missouri Midway Des Moines Fletcher Moskva Cleveland Atlanta Minotaur I see a slight bias against planes here
  8. Yup. That's what BBs are for. Many times I've put myself in between a team-mate and the reds so they can focus me instead. It's also great when someone does it for me. I have purposely eaten a torp or two in my time as well. My other tactic is to open fire at longer range in a low hp cruiser to distract the reds from someone else. Often I can't help the team anymore because of my low HP, and baiting the reds sometimes relieves pressure on someone else more important. Usually I die, but I've bought time because WASD hack.
  9. HeHe. It's going to be BB BBQ time this weekend. Cleveland is glorious.
  10. Seconded. How about the Turkish Navy? Couple of interesting ships there at least, maybe enough for a whole tree.
  11. Yeah no. If I drive my BB into a cap ahead of everyone else I'll get spotted, the DDs will die laughing, and torp me. The enemy cruisers will melt me, the enemy BBs will focus me. I can tank, but not that much. I'll be dead in 2-3 minutes and won't have capped. If you don't believe me, get your BB, and try it. I bet it happens.
  12. HMS Dreadnought. Still miffed they didn't put it in at T3. Ark Royal. HMS Gloworm.
  13. New to the Des Moines

    I have the Balty set for AA and stealth. 1. PT. knowing how many people want to kill you is useful 3. EM. have to keep them turrets on target. 6. Superintendent. That heal. And radar. 10. CE. Duh. 14. AFT. 7.2km No Fly Zone. Next plan on DE for fires, then PM.
  14. RN BBs have such good HE pen that IFHE doesn't do much for you. Basically you can't any more in game armor than you can with HE. Especially since many cruisers have spaced citadel armor, meaning you can't cit them with HE regardless of pen. Stick with normal HE. IFHE is mostly useful on cruisers. 6in and the 180mm railguns soviet guns really benefit. 8in not so much. the 5in is debatable, but the 100mm guns on the Akizuki absolutely require it.
  15. It's calculated, but not shown. Run the numbers. 1769 BXP + 200% + Premium + Camo only got me to about 7500 XP. So the flag bonuses are there, just not shown. WG isn't known for their great UI. Same also applies to the FXP and Commander XP.