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  1. Incoming CV Loadout Thread! Take Cover!
  2. That's why in Ranked people spend most of the game sitting in smokes deleting the one fellow who tries to move up?
  3. It's not OP. The problem is that it encourages a very passive play, which is boring. It would be nice if it went. The problem is, as you said, that the RN CLs are built around smoke. Thus smoke cannot be removed right now without making the RN CLs (and other ships) useless. That's why everyone is rioting, not because of the idea of removing smoke.
  4. Player availability. You can theoretically put any restrictions on MM you want. But the more restrictions, the longer wait times for a battle. Also, there are other considerations. T4 is does not see T6 because Langly vs Cleveland isn't much fun for the CV. Low tiers are restricted because people are still learning. At T5, it opens up. But because you can only have T4/5 matches instead of 4/5/6 or 3/4/5, you have less options as top tier, so you get uptiered more often. 5/6 is less common because the tier spread is smaller, so less people are available. That leaves you uptiered in 5/6/7 matches a lot. Not a whole lot you can do about that. T6 has the same problem, but to a lesser extent for the same reasons. T7 is actually easier for that reason, it get pulled into T5 because of the T5 restrictions. T8 and above aren't bad, most of my T8 ships are competitive at T10 too. CVs of course have a harder time, but they have other problems. By 9 and 10 you are topping out, which is a perk of having high tier ships. IMO, the hardest is when T7 gets uptiered to T9. Ships at T7 are in interwar designs going up against the peak WWII era ships, that doesn't end well usually. Also, good players don't always play high tier. High tier is expensive, and so we play mid tiers as well. Also, we play our favorite ships, most of which aren't T10. T10 is nice, but that doesn't mean those are the only ships we keep. For many, grind isn't a good term to use. The Cleveland, I got to play it for 100K XP, after which I got the bonus of the pensacola. I still have the Cleveland, using it in ranked. The bottom line is this is how it works. Learn to play with the game as it is.
  5. Yup. It took them longer than usual and the weirdest gimmick in game to balance them right the first time. All that goes straight out the window if this goes through. I find it hard to believe that WG would do that.
  6. You've combined the Perth and the rest of the RNCLs. The Perth has the 7s cloud duration, but the generator is active for nearly two minutes. The Line CLs have very short emission time, but the smoke lasts for the normal duration. Very different types. As I said, I am in favor of reducing the smoke meta. The problem is that the smoke meta is a thing, and there are many ships that depend on smoke and are unplayable without it. Thus smoke cannot just be nerfed across the board without other serious changes occuring. However, if DDs and RNCLs were compensated, then by all means remove smoke. I get so sick of playing ranked by sitting in smoke the entire time. I had a game where I had to reposition in a cruiser. I was the only one spotted (not even the BBs), the PT indicator pegged to 7. I'm amazed I survived. The smoke meta needs to go, but not this way.
  7. My question is how you know anything about the British BBs when you aren't a Supertester, since they haven't been released yet and all stats we have are leaked and subject to change. How well you play really has nothing to do with it, which is why I didn't bring up stats in the first place. That was you.
  8. Because BBs don't rely on smoke primarily, unlike DDs and RN CLs. It does make sense. 3 16" guns is going to disperse smoke WAY more than a single 5" gun.
  9. And the funny part is his stats aren't that much better than mine. Maybe he thinks Supertester is a high stat player...
  10. Still not answering the question
  11. My question is this. I get that a shot fired in the smoke disperses it, but what about behind it? Would the firing effect decrease as you got further away from the smoke, or would there be a hard cutoff at the border, which seems stupid.
  12. Well, they're pretty close to yours. More importantly, how is that relevant to my question?
  13. Funny, don't see a Supertester tag on your name, so how would you know whether it's great or not?
  14. I found it. Drop down menu under your name next to the forum search bar. Settings. Signature settings on the left.
  15. I'm not a DD guy, so not qualified to speak to it. Forum Signatures: Go to your settings/profile/account on the forums, I forget where exactly. There should be an option to edit your signature. Stats: Go to WarshipsToday, sign in and go to your stats. About mid-page is a stat picture that you can play around with a little. There is also a link, which you copy and paste into your sig, and you should have the stat picture.