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  1. Left index finger pain syndrome WoWs

    That's why I bound the zoom to the MMB on the mouse. Hitting shift all the time was asking too much keyboard acrobatics I have found myself mashing the W key on occasion to go faster when I'm already at full. My hand tends to cramp after a long session, I could use a bigger/better mouse, but this one works. I do worry about wearing out the LMB as I do play the St. Louis and Atlanta a good deal.
  2. DD captains now a days

    Very True
  3. Hi

    Welcome to the party. While chat in WOWS can be salty, overall it's better than WOT. As long as you don't get caught in the crossfire between the BB mains and the DD mafia here on the forums you should be fine. In game, don't show broadside and remember you boat doesn't accelerate anywhere near as fast as a tank, so don't play the ship like a tank or you'll get caught out. I suggest you find a youtuber you enjoy and watch a bunch of their WOWS videos to give you an idea of how the game works. Flamu, Notser, Jingles, are 3, and there are many more. Little White Mouse is the go to for premium ship reviews. Final piece of advice. Stay away from carriers (CVs) for a while. They're very hard to learn and play well, and will only frustrate a new player. For that reason they've getting a major overhaul in the next 6 months, so anything you would learn would likely be out the window. The other 3 types are good, try them all and pick the ones you like. Same with the nations
  4. Victory screen effects

    Huh, would have thought it'd show up on the defeat screen...
  5. It's a flat fee. If your ship enters the battle, it will cost you the same to repair whether you survived with 100% HP or got detonated 2 minutes in. The rearm cost is variable, the more ordnance you fire, the more it costs. Tanking and performance only increase your credit earnings, they don't affect the repair cost. And you don't need a premium account or premium ships to run at T8+. It's nice to have premiums, but as long as your a decent player you can still keep running a profit on a standard account with no premiums. I have a standard account, and it was never a problem. I now have a bunch of premiums, but those just allow me to have lots of extra cash for the next ship. In a tier 8 or 9 game where I do decently I make 50-100K profit (no camoes, usually don't run the flags). So by no means do you need to have premium things to advance. Also, if it was cheap to play T8+, everyone would do it, and then the low tier ships would always be bottom tier. There's always two sides to the coin.
  6. RNG isn't the issue. NC is one of the most accurate BBs in game. The shells float, but at 15km and less it's pretty easy to learn to hit things. T7 to T8 is a jump, but you're doing it in the right ship. NC is probably tier for tier the best USN BB, except maybe the MO. However, there is a learning curve, which you may still be in. Also, the NC, IA, MO, AL, and MT do not play like the standard BBs. So not only is the tier changing (usually top tier to at least 50% bottom tier) but the ship style is changing too. The NC is perfectly viable in T10, especially with the great concealment. Use that concealment to avoid being focused and to get in close to your victims. Also, know where to aim, the NCs guns are very rewarding if you know where to aim. Broadside USN and IJN BBs aim for waterline. Waterline on broadside cruisers. A little higher on angled cruisers at mid to long range - plunging fire. Close it, you can overmatch so aim for the nose. KMS and RN BBs aim for the deck line for the pen damage as citadels are rare and most waterline shots will shatter. DDs, just shoot. If you can, wait until they're angled then fire so the shell hits them at an angle and has time to arm, causing full penetration damage. Finally, you should be mid range support. Not way back at 20km, not in the cap. 10-12 km, using your concealment to disengage if needed, but close enough to make the reds feel your 16in guns. Have team-mates around you, you can't solo an entire flank. You can also be AA cover. The NC probably has the best tier for tier AA of any BB. Finally, just get comfortable with the ship. It may take a good number of games to get used to the NC, but played right she is an awesome ship.
  7. Yup, it'd be the guy who started off with an uncalled for rant. Ah, didn't make the connection with the battle. Um, the Indians aren't exactly know for their naval power (though to be fair, Ernest Evans, skipper of the USS Johnson of Leyte Gulf fame, was I believe part Cherokee). Also, why would a Russian company know anything about the Indian problems in the US. It's a small issue most Americans probably don't know about (unless you're a Indians or Redskins fan). Not sure why it would be relevant in a naval game. As for the gay guy. Um, you do know the official Russian policy on homosexuals isn't exactly that of the US, right? It's probably safe to say that WG isn't going to be honoring homosexual people anytime soon. Also, this thread is headed into dangerous political ground. I'm out before the mods come looking.
  8. I'm lost. That looks like a replenishment ship, but can't see any link to oppressed and victimized groups. And the sailor looks like a perfectly normal white male, which is not a group generally considered to be oppressed. I agree, it's a nice ship, but can't see why it calls for a rant.
  9. Be careful, too crap and people think easy target and focus you down. Play the Pensacola (or the old one) and see what I mean. Bismark is something I tend to ignore. It's not crap, but neither is it so good it must die immediately. The secondaries are irritating but not deadly to my BB, and except at close range the guns aren't that impressive. The armor makes it an unrewarding target to shoot, so I tend to shoot other things first. Of course, if you give broadside at less than 10km my 16in USN guns will knock 20K off you, but other than that, Bismark is well down on my priority target list. You might try derping around in a high tier premium BB. Act like a noob until the right moment, then surprise them. Other than that, can't really think of thinks. Most of the time when I see a garbage ship I go, oh, an Emden, let me put him out of his misery and then move on with the game! 1 Devastrike later, and the trash has been culled.
  10. Would anyone care or even notice? Probably not. Look, the bottom line is people play the T3s for what, maybe 10 games? maybe 20. Then it's on to the next ship. As long as it's not terrible, no one really cares too much because people only play them to get to the next tier. Also, if a ship is too good, people go seal-clubbing. I'm guilty there. The St. Louis is borderline OP, good armor and ridiculous guns. It wrecks DDs, terrorizes CLs, and torches BBs. It turns well enough to dodge torps, and CVs are pretty easy to dodge at this tier. As a result, the only thing I'm afraid of is another St. Louis, and so I routinely go out and clobber unsuspecting newbs in it. Imagine if every T3 were like that. New players would get destroyed, lose interest, and quit the game. That's not what WG wants, and so partly why they don't really pay much attention to the low tier ships. IIRC there was a bunch of buffs for a whole bunch of low tier ships a while back, but it's the only one I can remember.
  11. Build your own flag packages

    Simple business. You only want, say, two types of flags. But those flags are only available in a bundle with 3 other types. You pay for all five just to get the two you wanted. They make more money that way than if you could just buy whatever you needed. If you could select your own flags, then you only pay for what you need, and so spend less overall because you're not buying extra things. It's irritating for the customer, but it's really common in all businesses. WG is here to make money, so can't really blame them for using a really common tactic to get more.
  12. Jingles is great, but for me he's entertainment mostly. He admits he's sh!t at games, and he's right. While he's not going to give you bad advice (for the most part) it's usually pretty general and simple. He also doesn't do in depth ship and mechanic reviews. Don't get me wrong, he's the only one I watch every day because he's hilarious, but ship advice, I find some one else. Notser, eh, he good, but IMO he's gone downhill. Most of his videos are complaining about something now, and it bothers me. He also takes way too long to say what he needs to say. I think he's much better on stream. I think he's solid, but not my type. Flamu IMO is the best for advice. He tends to focus more on highly skilled play, which can affect his ship reviews, but overall he's very good, gives thorough analysis of everything. He explains he reasons for his opinions and backs it up with facts and examples. If I want good information on something WOWS related, I look for his video on it. He doesn't stand fools lightly, but he's hilarious on stream. @LittleWhiteMouse posts the best ship reviews here. I always read them even if I have no plans to buy the ship, because it gives me everything I need to know about. Her opinion is valuable, but she breaks down the performance of each aspect of the ship in an unparalleled way. Her style contains all the important information, complete with stats and comparisons, but manages not to bore you to death with piles of statistical details (I only wish the papers I have to read could do the same). There are others, but those are my go to sources. Also, some people like certain styles, so what I like you may not. Just pick some that you like, there are a lot of fantastic people out there.
  13. Very hard to know. Again though, maneuvering would throw the shots off. First, a mod that showed unspotted enemy ships on the UI would pretty much be impossible. That would require, as others have said, hacking the server, and then visualizing that data on screen, yeah not going to happen. I do believe that there are mods that will allow the location of unspotted ships to be displayed on the mini-map. That's got to be hard to pull off, but I believe some streamer got busted a couple months back for something like that. That's more a strategic advantage though, and wouldn't really help someone hit you. Likely you were just up against a good player. I can snap shot a salvo off at a ship that is briefly spotted if I happen to be aimed that way. Sometimes the game doesn't even have time to lock on. Remember, good BB players get very good at judging turns on cruisers and other BBs. Many times I've snap shotted a turning ship and hit them hard 15 seconds after they went dark. When I play a cruiser, I always continue maneuvering for a good minute after I go unspotted. Also, RN cruisers and many other ships slow before dropping smoke. A player can judge where the ship will stop, and shoot. The smoke will deploy, ship goes unspotted, and then BOOM, citadels. It was worse right after RN CLs release, every time they smoked upped they either drifted out of it, or they made easy targets while deploying. Players have gotten better now, but I can still reliably hit even DDs after they've deployed smoke. Speaking of smoke, it's not hard with a spotter plane to hit ships firing in smoke. Ranked this season was hilarious. Almost every game, some one would pop smoke and be happily spamming away. I'd launch the spotter from my AL, and zero in. Usually managed to do significant damage before they wised up. I made a Kutozov so mad one game, every time he'd smoke up, I'd hit him. He ended up with 200 HP, most of lost to me while he was in smoke. And as a look at my stats will show, I am by no means a top player. To sum up, player skill and experience is usually better than most illegal assists. They won't really help a bad player, and only marginally help a good player. I'd prefer a skilled player over one with every cheat out there any day (both morally and game play wise). Likely you are playing against some good players. There have been multiple times when I've been outplayed. I generally compliment the guy, and then learn from what he did to make myself better. I think you should look at what you did and see if there was a mistake that could be improved on next game. (damn, that is really philosophical. Eh, bottom line, you're probably the problem, not his mods) (or RNG)
  14. What's This [edited] WG

    It's because of the issue of CVs. Which they are working on. They're aware of the problem, and they plan to fix it. Also, sometimes things happen. I've had a CV MM dump I think twice in what, 1100 games? Not bad. It's different from usual, and everyone usually has some fun. Then we move on to the next game. Not something to get worked up about.
  15. If as you describe, you were maneuvering violently, aimbots wouldn't help. They can only predict movement based on current data. Thus while very simple for straight line movement, turning left and right, and constantly varying throttle setting will throw them off. What likely is happening is that you are maneuvering somewhat predictably, i.e. your general direction is obvious, or limited by terrain or other considerations. Thus a good player can see where you are likely to move, and aim accordingly. It's easier than many people think to predict where a DD is going to move, and even in a BB I can usually land a couple of hits. In addition, high dispersion may actually help, since the wider spread of shells helps negate uncertainty in aiming. Finally, RNG may just be trolling you. If you look at the player's stats, my guess is he will be quite good, with a good amount of experience in the ship he's playing and probably DDs. Aimbots are usually used by low skill players, and even the aimbot can't make their stats good. If you were getting nailed by a potato with one high tier premium, then there might be cause for suspicion. However, one game is by no means enough to tell if a player is cheating. Also, WG's anti-hack system tends to be on the paranoid side (several here have gotten warnings for approved mods). If he is using something, chances are he will get caught by the system pretty quick.