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  1. Cause when the team has a T6 IJN DD and a Cleveland, a Bogue and a couple T5 CLs and BBs, things aren't so fun
  2. Yeah, why not. Besides, all us Texans need you know where we're from. Might as well let the other guys do it too. Also, you forgot the ARP Kongo paint jobs. Those are the, ah, shall we say, most noticeable?
  3. My BB hits RN CL. Knocks off all but 3K HP. Call for team members to finish him off No one does. RN CL disappears. When next spotted, said CL is on half HP wrecking DD that didn't finish him off when he was really low. It's happened way too many times.
  4. Eh, most of mine are notorious AA ships. I've a few CVs try my NC (with predictable results). I think the high tier USN DD DF is a surprise though. I was in the NC with a fletcher and the enemy Essex came in, guess he thought the tier difference plus the fact that I was on half HP would make it easier. But the fletcher popped DF, and between that and my AA, that strike just vaporized. My favorite is the Cleveland. No CV even tries the AA anymore. You can probably get away with no AA spec because the instant you're spotted, the CV will leave your entire side of map alone. I've seen full 2 CV strike packages come in, spot my ship, and turn around instantly. I really find that amusing.
  5. Yeah, don't play DDs. And I am aware that it's not that effective. However, from the amount of people I see sitting in smoke in DDs spamming away, I would guess that there's a definite segment that would mind (maybe not the best players, but still)
  6. It's only every second salvo? Seriously, fire does bother me that much (OK, conquerors and Zaos do), I have heal and repair for that. That's one of my jobs as a BB. Take fire so other more vulnerable ships don't. That DM that's spamming me? I'll disengage in a minute or so, and heal up, no problems. And while he's shooting me, he's not shooting the DD that's capping. And if fire really bothers you, there's a captain skill that really helps.
  7. H'm didn't know the Cleve's velocity was historical. Well, it has been faster, so restoring it to it's previous speed would be straitforward. I don't think anyone would argue that that speed is usable a T8. I think you're right on with the Brooklyn. It would be very hard to fit it in anywhere else. I know the 12" has a 20s reload, but maybe drop it down to give it a big firepower advantage over the Scharnhorst, because the armor won't be anywhere near as good. I don't think AA and a slightly bigger gun would be enough to counter the Scharnhorst's armor, torpedoes, and secondaries.
  8. I voted no. I don't mind Ocean when I'm in a BB. It's actually pretty fun in a BB. But There are three other types of ship in the game, of which I play one (don't know how CVs like the map, anyone care to comment?). It's a pain in cruisers. A huge pain. The instant you fire, everyone is aiming at you, and there's nothing you can do. Maybe in a stealthy ship, and smoke ships probably have it easier. But the bottom line is, for better or worse, the meta involved islands. Ocean is completely different from every other map. I personally haven't seen it since they pulled it's frequency. I'm OK with it as an occasional appearance (though with my luck I'll be in the Atlanta). Maybe make it BB only, make the BBs appreciate the other classes. The only benefit Ocean has is it's great for training room testing. Tears of the desert is hated for the same reason as Ocean. Too open. But there's just enough cover to make moving around in BBs really hard to, so everyone hates it. Literally every game on that map half the players comment on how much they hate the map. That one really needs to go. I know people really hate epicenter on that map, but it can't really make it worse. TOD needs to go.
  9. Ah, but remember, the Cleveland is heavily nerfed, and then nerfed again to fit into T6 and the CL to CA progression that WG has since stopped. The Cleveland gets the historical ROF and traverse. The shell velocity gets brought down to its Beta velocity. It gets radar. The range gets increased. The AA is unnerfed. Maybe a concealment buff. T8 upgrades. The Chapeyev now has a very nasty competitor, especially if CVs are fixed, making AAA cruisers relevant. The Brooklyn will be cool as well, not sure where they would fit her in, but 15 6" is awesome. Alaska will be a premium BB. I would make a case for her a T8, radar and DF as well as heal. Fast firing 12" (like 15s reload), good concealment but armor only slighty better than a cruiser. That would be a ship I would like. However, I think Doomlock's theory of slotting her in at T7 will be more likely, making her a direct competitor to the Scharnhorst. I would like to see DF on her, AA escort was her purpose after all.
  10. The idea is that to get the flag, you have to buy the top bundle. Thus people have an incentive to get the most expensive bundle. If they gave the flag away, then there's less incentive to buy the top bundle. It's called marketing.
  11. It's either play a game with a commander of a certain level, or gain 1500 commander XP, I forget which. Pretty easy, I get one every game. There's a list somewhere on here with all the medals and their requirements. It's supposed to be cryptic, but they've all been figured out.
  12. Isn't it 50 planes as well, or is it thirty? And it may not have been half. Including everything in the hangar, and all the float planes, a T8 match has A LOT of planes.
  13. The PTS server. Do you know how hard it is to get a win on there? And I was playing the Khab... (finally won three, but the frustration involved...) Just drive the ship, and try not to do anything stupid. But no, even that is too much to ask.
  14. Why would the DDs be happy? They can't sit in smoke and spam unless someone's spotting for them. And yes, as a BB and CA main, doing my own spotting would be terrible. Also, CVs don't need another nerf.
  15. H'm citadel should always do full damage, in the CO's case, what is it, 13.5K (or is that the NC/IA/MO/AL/MT)? Did the damage numbers come off in two parts, the 3.5K for the overpens, and the 13000 separately, and you missed the citadel hit? Otherwise, probably a ribbon label thing, but as Lert said, that's usually with pens/overpens Replay would be nice