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  1. I doubt that the plane functionality is tied to the turret. Plane launching is a consumable, the actual launching is only a graphic. It would be surprising if the consumable availability was tied to the turret status. By that same logic, you could only launch the plane if the turret was trained out, which I highly doubt is the case. So the short answer is no, the 14in shell that destroyed the turret did nothing to the catapult and plane on top
  2. It can vary, depending on which drive you put it on. For me, the Game Center is in the C:/ProgramData/Wargaming.net/GameCenter path. That's just the gamecenter and associated files. World of Warships itself come from the C:/Games/World of Warships folder, everything in the World of Warships folder is required to run the game. Hope this helps.
  3. How to piss off a Harugumo

    Even then the AA on those things is so good it'd be really hard on the CV. I think a triple asashio division would be the best counter
  4. How to piss off a Harugumo

    I think hands down that would be the most hated division in WOWS. Can you imagine trying to do ANYTHING against that? That's so evil it's not even funny
  5. Help with Gamecenter Connection

    So the Gamecenter has refused to update WOWS to 0.7.9. At least on the connection at work. However, on my internet connection at home it will connect to the update service. The problem is I live in the middle of nowhere, and good internet can't be had for any money. Thus the home internet is my phone, connected to my computer via a USB cable. It's slow (600 kbps), but it's enough to play WOWS with no issues. However, downloading 1.6 GB of update isn't going to happen. So I bring the laptop to work, and let it do it's thing, usually. But now the WGC won't talk to the Wi-Fi here on campus. I've submitted a ticket, but I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas. I've actually uninstalled WOWS (and the gamecenter), reinstalled the gamecenter, and now it's refusing to download the game. I've manually cleared it through the firewall, run it as adminstrator. It's not a wi-fi thing, because if I flip my phone to hotspot via wi-fi, that works too (though too slow to update). Anyone have any ideas? Edit: OK, something really weird now. I flipped my mobile hotspot on to test if it would work that way. It connected, and I then switched back to campus wi-fi. It continued to download, and is now working away at 10 Mbps. I'm just confused now.
  6. How to piss off a Harugumo

    That doesn't even bear thinking about. A triple Hargumo div is probably the fastest way to lose karma. The HE cancer would be...over the top. But it would be lots fun
  7. We're working on it, we all got made recruiters, but no one is the XO unfortunately. All we really need to get ahold of him long enough to make someone deputy. I actually can't get into the game at the moment, the WGC won't update the new patch. Trying to get that sorted now.
  8. Invite with no further actions

    Register, download and install, and there should be goodies waiting for you in port. If you're already playing, I think it's too late.
  9. Hoy, quit stealing players from Lone Wolf Although WOLF5's commander is MIA so with everything reset, we're kind of stuck. So might be looking for a new clan soon Seriously, good to see other clans popping up for casual solo players.
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    Yup, remember one ranked game where the DD spotted the red mino sneaking into position. Called out the target, and everybody unloaded on him. Poor guy just got insta deleted by the whole team. Definitely made capping easier.
  11. Yup, learned that the hard way. Dodged Fujin torps in my Cleveland, thought it would be safe to charge his smoke. The next salvo got me just as I spotted him. That taught me to learn torp reloads on DDs. Also which ones have a reload booster.
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    The solution to them is 16 or even 18in AP. That's right, the BBs. Maybe if you DDs stop calling us names, the BBs might help with your radar problem.
  13. No, muh St. Louis Now how will I go sealclubbing? Seriously, that ship was a bit OP.
  14. Something tells me SSBNs aren't going to make it into the game. Can you imagine, both fleets just instantly vaporized...
  15. Japanese DDs dunk by 20mm Fire?

    Not quite, the story doesn't end there. As he was peppering the superstructure of the IJN CA with .38 slugs, the ship stopped firing at his plane, and he could see the crew looking and pointing at him. They think that because the pilot was slightly oriental looking, the Japs thought he was one of their own pilots, possibly having captured an aircraft, and the .38 shots were signals of some sort. Apparently they didn't quite think the Americans were crazy (or desperate) enough to go after a CA with a .38 revolver. Yeah, all kinds of crazy things happened in WWII.