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  1. AJTP89

    Can't play anymore

    The reality of the matter is if you want to run really any game, you need PC. Most aren't designed for Mac. There's a reason I've bought PCs, most software out there is designed for Windows.
  2. AJTP89

    Smoke a damaged BB

    As a BB driver, I can't shoot and hide in smoke. So if I'm pushing or tanking, smoke is useless because I'm not going to stop shooting. However, if I am trying to get out of dodge, in danger of dying, I'm disengaging so not shooting. In that case a smoke is very welcome to hide my overextended [edited].
  3. AJTP89

    How to fit your team in one square

    I detect a significant lack of appreciation for your team. It takes real skill for everyone to fit their ship that close together. You should be happy to have such skilled navigators on your side Also, expected the title to be an exaggeration. But nope, all but the CV are pretty much in one grid square. I would have loved to be the enemy Asashio.
  4. AJTP89

    The CV and DD problem

    Uh, he's trying. Instead of whining about OP CVs he's asking how to deal with them. But here you are making unhelpful snide remarks.
  5. AJTP89

    Self Driving Ai Cars almost ready!?

    Nope. Computers still can't process images the way the human eye and brain can. Until they can do that, fully autonomous cars can't happen. They work fine as long as everything is as it should be. But I hate to think what would happen when they hit the first construction zone. Heck, even I can barely navigate the the cone mazes sometimes, no way some computer programmed to follow painted lines can do it. And that's just one example. A camera can't look half a mile down a road and tell the difference between a waving branch and an oncoming car at 60 mph. And how will it adjust for different weather conditions? How about my dirt road with craters....I mean potholes all over that you have to dodge. And then there's the whole problem of relying on GPS. Also, OK, it got you to your destination, are you just stopped in the street, or can it park as well? Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool technology, and eventually we won't have to drive. But that's a good bit off. I'd prefer if they'd take smaller steps, like a highway cruise control that can steer and pass. That would be nice, and probably easily achievable. But one day I do think we'll be telling our grandkids "back in my day, we actually had to DRIVE OURSELVES to work every day, you young kids have no idea how good you have it now."
  6. AJTP89

    Questions from a BB noob

    Don't show broadside. You might not get deleted, but you will get hit hard more often than not. Good practice not too.
  7. AJTP89

    Not receiving doubloons when entering or starting.

    Why would you get doubloons when you start the game?
  8. AJTP89

    Never give up

    Hey, leave some achievements for the rest of us But yeah, Randoms are a grind sometimes, but the great games make it all worth it. And that is definitely a great game. Congrats
  9. AJTP89

    Finally found the Pefect BB for this Game

    All yours for only 5M FXP
  10. AJTP89

    How Strong was Italian Navy?

    On paper it was very good. Local to the Med, so not IJN, USN, or RN levels. But definitely equal to the French and Germans (though not Bismark). Senior command was incompetent though, and fuel was an eternal problem. Also, they had no carrier or other naval aviation, so they were at a severe disadvantage there compared to the Brits. Especially because as with most nations, the different military branches didn't work well together, so Air Force support was sketchy at best. So realistically they were quickly sidelined in WWII. They did have some very good ships though. Shame they were never used properly.
  11. Where did it say German 105mm HE pen is 17mm? There's been no change that I know of.
  12. AJTP89

    Curious Carriers Carry No Magazine?

    At the rate their going with invulnerable CVs, I sometimes think they should just scrap the ship all together, you just get an airfield on an island that your planes are based out of. It can't be sunk, burned, or controlled, seems to be exactly what WG wants for CVs.
  13. AJTP89

    Where's premium ammo?

    Pretty sure he's not. At least, I sincerely hope not.
  14. AJTP89

    One Shot Deletes

    Detonations from full health were removed. But full HP dev strikes (citadels) are still very much allowed. Working as intended, you just screwed up.
  15. I agree with you. But I should point out that while some people are mad about the nerf (which is dumb), and others want their cash back, not just doubloons (again dumb, they clearly haven't read the EULA), most people are worked up about the loot crate connection. The conspiracy is that WG baited people into buying the crates with the chance of getting a rare OP ship, but planned the whole time to nerf it shortly afterwards. Now, you can argue about the crate thing (my opinion is that you pays your money, and takes your chances), believing WG purposely nerfed GC after hyping it for loot crates is a bit of a stretch. If anything, the plethora of premiums resulting from the loot crates might have exacerbated the issue and brought it to WG's notice. But people with those kind of theories are beyond reason anyway. But they're the ones raising the biggest fuss about the nerf. But yeah, OP ships are bad for the game. So either remove them (Nikolai, Belfast) or nerf them. If you read the fine print, it says WG can change the ship at anytime, they don't even have to give you a refund. You might not like the fact that your sealclubber was nerfed, but they warned you it could happen. One of the reasons I stopped playing WOWS for mobile was because premium consumables were available for doubloons only. Those give you an in game advantage that can't get gotten without real money, that's called PTW. So I don't play it (I'm also not going to grind out thousands of XP on my phone). One of the things that makes WOWS great is that it is not PTW, and nerfing OP premiums is part of what keeps it that way, so I'm all for it. The fact that WG gives doubloon refunds gives me confidence that I'll always get something for my money.