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  1. The_Massacrerer

    Big Mamie ad

    I thought you would enjoy this comic ad from the mid-60s! Never paid it much attention before until I started playing Warships :-) Enjoy!
  2. The_Massacrerer

    The over/under for the PR Hall of Fame?

    This is what I was thinking☝️
  3. There appear to be thousands of players who rank in the Hall of Fame after each event. However, I'm wondering what people think the over/under will be for the amount of people who get in the Hall of Fame by actually completing the Puerto Rico grind? 50? 100? 1000? 5000? Let's here some numbers, Captains!
  4. The_Massacrerer

    Research Bureau Seasons

    Ah... This is precisely the information I was looking for 👍 don't know why I didn't think to check the WoW Wiki... Thanks!
  5. The_Massacrerer

    Research Bureau Seasons

    This ☝️
  6. The_Massacrerer

    CV comparison in the current meta

    Hey, thanks for all the great advice! This will really help me make an informed decision 👍
  7. Hello Captains, I'm wondering if somebody can provide me with a succinct (doesn't have to be too detailed) comparison of the pros/cons of the CV lines, as they play in the current meta, or point me to a thread that does so? I haven't actually played any CVS in a long time, but on the off-chance that I wanted to dabble in them again, I just wanted to know what I was getting myself in for with the different CV lines. Thanks 👍
  8. The_Massacrerer

    Game freeze after victory

    I had this issue as well. I re-entered the game with my mods disabled, and I was able to play fine. Yesterday, I went and re-downloaded a newer 8.10 Aslain modpack from the one that came out on the same day as they update, and the newer modpack seemed to be compatible. I'm no longer having the freeze issues after the game ends.
  9. The_Massacrerer

    T10 Filth Camo - Someone give me hope :)

    I fully completed the T8 and T9 sets (camos on 4th and 8th bundles respectively). For the T10 set, I received the T10 camo on the 8th bundle.
  10. Does anyone have a some suggestions for the best Captains Perks setup for the three classes of ships in the Twilight battle mode? Typically, there is really only about one real good setup for each ship, but if you spec wrong, the points are wasted... at least for me because I'm not going to pay to respec. Suggestions, Captains?
  11. The_Massacrerer

    Research Bureau when will 2nd Season start? and

    So WHEN does the 2nd season start?
  12. The_Massacrerer

    Belle Epoche

    Really? I did not know that! I will make sure and turn it on this evening and see what happens. Thanks for the tip 😁
  13. The_Massacrerer

    Belle Epoche

    I'm in the same boat as you, except I need one more (or 2 x doubles) to complete my collection. Unfortunately, I don't believe they have any in-game for sale right now. It's my hope that they will put them up for sale for coal in the armory at some time in the near future.
  14. The_Massacrerer

    Ship for Coal - help me choose

    Does anyone know if they would give any type of advance notice before they remove this from purchase? I have enough coal to buy it right now, but I'd like to wait for the late December 25% discount coupon and save myself about 60k coal...
  15. The_Massacrerer

    Game Night set up... What are your preferences?

    That's awesome!! Well done 👍