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  1. The_Massacrerer

    Brawls rewards... Can someone explain?

    Yes, exactly. This was the only reason I was asking. Previously, the 750K credits was rolled into my post battle report. I know this, because I remembered distinctly being surprised that I had won over a million credits from the match (The normal credits plus the 750K credits). This time that did not happen.
  2. The_Massacrerer

    Brawls rewards... Can someone explain?

    I wonder if that's what they meant by it showing up in the first "tab"?
  3. The_Massacrerer

    Brawls rewards... Can someone explain?

    Yes, I've won 13 games so far. And both thresholds for 750k credits look exactly the same on the after battle screen.. It doesn't show the extra credits. But I remember it showing it in the last brawls that when you won the 750k credits it would add them to the credit you got for the game, and give me like 900k credits or something.
  4. So I apparently unlocked two levels of the brawls rewards... 750K credits each. Yet, they don't seem to be showing up. Is this happening to anyone else? This is probably just me being ignorant, but can somebody explain how this works? I did contact player support, but I really don't understand what they were talking about: "We inform you that the receipt of credits for this mission is visible only in the first tab. In this case, you have successfully received 750,000 credits on August 5 at 19:20 PT (UTC -7)"
  5. The_Massacrerer

    How much did you make selling consumable camouflages?

    171 million
  6. Great... Thanks 👍
  7. I got 4 x Mega-Crates from my T10 ships. 30 x Ouroboros flags (+777% xp) 40 x Winter Strands Perth (Commonwealth cruiser) Not bad I guess 😊 Not sure about the Perth... Anyone know if it's good?
  8. The_Massacrerer

    Warning about Birthday Coupon

    Very good.
  9. The_Massacrerer

    The highest rated cruisers (poll results)

    Can someone explain the Huang He coming it at position number 3 on T6? 🤔
  10. The_Massacrerer

    Regarding Preußen and Delny

    If I can get back to the original topic of this thread... I have researched both the GK and the Khaba. I have the GK in port, but I have not yet purchased the Khaba. If I purchase her to get the snowflake certificate, will I get the same amount of credits back once the appropriate update arrives, or will I get a discounted amount of credits back to my account? I just don't want to pay about 9 million credits to get one certificate. Does anybody know?
  11. The_Massacrerer

    Most effective way to spend Community Tokens?

    Sorry if this has been answered previously, or is in another thread... But is it worth buying the 3 x KOTS crates for 6k community tokens, like is it still possible to finish that collection? I need a total of 6 x KOTS items, and I can buy 3 x KOTS crates from the community tokens. But is that a lost cause... Is there still going to be a way to complete that collection in the future?
  12. The_Massacrerer

    Purchase BF containers as a gift?

    So I was finally able to get this to work, but I think the problem was there was something wrong with my browser. Long story short... I had to use a different browser and then everything showed up. Thanks to all for your suggestions 👍
  13. The_Massacrerer

    Purchase BF containers as a gift?

    So the problem that I'm having is that when I go to the armory in game, I'm able to purchase for cash. When I go to the website, I have to purchase them with doubloons? I don't see a way of purchasing the Black Friday containers for cash on the website... And additionally I'm not seeing the purchase as a gift option either. Am I missing something?
  14. Is there a way to purchase the Black Friday containers as a gift? I would like to purchase some for my son, but when I get to the payment screen there's only a button that says "Pay", not "give as a gift" option. I don't want to pay for them only to find out that the next screen after that there is no give as a gift option. Does anybody know?