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  1. diddlyv

    California HYPE

    it shows on the CPT log book when will it drop and how does one get it?
  2. Nothing worse than todays cold wet weather, tomorrow it will be sunny and warm, the weather will be much better then
  3. Do I need to grab the Friesland or would I be better served to wait for the next free exp ship to drop. You that own it is it worth the million free?
  4. diddlyv

    Friesland Guns never stop

    is the hot tip to blow the million free on the Friesland or hold off for a better ship for the million free or wait till I have 2 million and get it even if not worth the million
  5. diddlyv

    252K Coal Thunderer or Yoshino

    Have the smolensk since day it dropped. Don't really like yamato or warspite nor the Zao or Azuma. Have the entire tech tree fleet an about all the regular premiums missing some HSF and Azure Lanes as well as the last couple of IJNs. Not sure how I will go still need a partial bag of coal like 54 so cant pull the string till next container. Thanks for all the input
  6. couple of hundred coal away from 252 K, should I buy the Thunderer or save a few K coal and get the Yoshino, the other alternative is to sit on the coal and wait for the next coal ship.
  7. diddlyv


    Is the Friesland worth the cool million free exp?? Should I jump on it or wait a bit to see how she fares in actual play
  8. diddlyv

    Submarines are Coming

    I have been seriously opposed to subs but now see if they are equipped with nuclear missiles and able to eliminate the entire red fleet in one shot there may well be a good use for them especially for eliminating discussion of how screwed up the CV rework truly is
  9. diddlyv

    Submarines are Coming

    Wargaming does not care about the player base evidence: 1. CV rework fixed something that was not broken unless you were unlucky enough to face the very few players like femmenly on the red team, 2. Research Bureau sell ships at half price regrind and buy at full price, vs just giving us missions that must be completed in sequence from tier I - Tier X to obtain rewards. (interim level bonus awards would be great insentive and this would get players to play the lower tier ships which is the stated purpose of research bureau, if one allowed reward ships to be purchased with free exp and doubloons this would accomplish the real purpose of of research bureau getting real money to convert elite exp or buy doubloons) and now, 3. force 30Kt submerged subs on us. If wargaming truely cared they would implement subs more realistically WWI subs at tiers with WWI ships with slow surface speeds and abysmally low submerged speeds. Progressively improve subs as they were at the start of wwII and progress to the more capable new classes at the end of the war, for tier X perhaps install albacore hulls and increase speeds for diesel electric boats, and make subs at all levels subject to detection and attack by airplanes including land base patrol planes and sea planes that are consumables also in addition to Coop, random, scenario, Clan and Ranked battles add Submarine Random and Submarine Coop. This will allow those who want to be involved with subs to choose the battle type where subs can play. Wargaming will not listen to this as they don't give a fig about the player base and would rather loose a player like me who has every ship in the tech tree in port and probably 90% of the premiums, only lacking Azur Lane and HSF ships and those costing Steel I do not have or reward ships like Arkansas B. I shudder to think of the total dollars I have given wargaming. That will cease to be a problem as they have stated rather clearly they don't care one iota about me, really only want my money, but have taken actions that will preclude me spending any more on this game. As for the game itself I will only continue to play as long as it is still fun. After the CV rework the fun part has diminished and should my ships start getting vaporized by super research bureau reward ships and submarines in battles where I do not actively choose to face or play submarines the fun will have ended and alas so will my participation
  10. diddlyv

    Submarines are Coming

    Wargamming seems to be hell bent on running the current crop of players off from the game. First they cram a broken CV rework up our bums, they then insert a totally unnecessary and may I say unreasonable Research Bureau up there as well, then just as things were getting stretched out to accommodate the formers, submarines are being inserted also. NO SUB!!!! if you must then: 1. Full time hydro with no cool down on all ships 2. Max speed submerged 9 KT with high drain on batteries if the full 9 kt submerged speed is used. 3. If Submerged with snorkel 85% of surface speed. Snorkels were susptable to getting swamped causing auto close and sucking air out of sub could not maintain full speed except for very smooth seas 4. Max surface speed approx 18- 25 kts 5. Very slow reload speed for torps say 3 - 5 minutes. 6. Surfaced and periscope depth subs highly detectable by aircraft.
  11. diddlyv

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Wargammming is hades bent on forcing unwanted crap down our throats. First they fixed an unbroken CV that is now seriously broken and they cant fix or admit defeat. Now we are granted the privilege of selling an entire line of ships for half price regrinding it and buying the ships and upgrades at full price, rinse and repeat numerous times and you can get one or two ships. I have every ship in the tech tree and 4 of 5 early release french DDs, there is no way I am getting rid of any of them. They could have accomplished the same end by creating missions starting at tier 1 that must be completed in order to earn the points without forcing the sale of our hard earned ships. Wargamming does not give a hoot about the community at large and caters to a few vocal super users for lack of a better term. I have spent an inordinate amount of money on this game and have nearly all the premiums other than reward ships for beta testers the HS fleet and azur lane and a few others. One should think Wargaming might want to curry favor from those who spend big bucks but I guess they think I will continue to support no matter how far and how deep they bend me over. Perhaps they will find out how very wrong they are.
  12. diddlyv

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    The reseach bureau is a BAD!!!!!! Idea. Far better just require ascending missions from Tier 1 to Tier X without requiring us to sell hard earned ships for half price, grind and repurchase for full price. The ascending missions will promote play at all tiers which is the stated purpose of research bureau. Making reward ships available for coal and free exp will encourage grinding and paying to convert elite exp to free which is the real purpose getting cash into the coffers. Eliminate research credits and sell all new ships avail in research bureau for coal or free exp the free exp will work the same a forcing a grind when the real hope is people will buy free exp and free exp past the ships
  13. diddlyv

    HMS Ark Royal premium ship

    Have seen a few in random, so will it drop with the 8.6 update or be kept in secret till the anniversary of the famous strike on Bismarck
  14. Don't force me to sell my hard ground ships, I have all the tech tree ships in port with the exception of the tier X brit CV that I will probably just free experience as the CV rework is an abortion and really cannot see ever earning the exp for the tier X brit. I also have 111 premiums including the ARP in my fleet of 301 ships not counting the 9 rouge ships that i have in port, so habitually have not been opposed to dropping real $$$ on the game Give me missions to run with my ships by tier and type, will gladly play the ships for the rewards. Just don't want to loose the ships for half their value and repurchase at full cost as well as loosing the ability of playing those hard earned ships while regrinding the line. I am not opposed to grinding a line and look forward to the grinding of new lines as they appear. Pretty sure one could certainly come out with full lines for common wealth ships at least DDs and Cruisers as well as DD and Cruiser lines for the Italian navy but that require work to develop, is much easier to push us towards giving up hard earned ships and re-earning them and the upgraded hulls which requires no development other than a method to whole sale demount upgrades and stick in the inventory. I see what is really behind this, take all my exp from a line stick it on the tier 1 ship with the certain knowledge that some of the grinds are really a pain. Most players wont want to crank that grind so out comes the wallet and the elite exp on the tier I ship is converted to Free exp to bi-pass the pain in the backside ships.
  15. Don't have a replay, there were no islands or even ships to produce smoke in the immediate vicinity. Had been shooting at the Mass, It did go behind and island and did not reappear on the near side until very far from the island and only 7 K away and several K east of the Island. And with 23 K games played it should be rather obvious I spend too much time playing, to waste time complaining about something that did not happen.