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  1. diddlyv

    Botched hotfix for 8.0.1.

    Given historically once the F6 Hellcat hit the fleet the Japanese did not stand a chance in the Air War and there was something like a 20 to 1 kill ratio and even the wildcat out killed the zero after starting to do diving attacks not dog-fighting and using the thatch weave Japanese CVs have been OP beyond belief. Historically the did not do much at all after midway except to sink the Hornet.
  2. diddlyv


    Those that know are ignoring this thread.
  3. Nerfing Premiums post release is not a new precedent. The Gremy was nerfed almost to extinction when they took away stealth fire. Pisses me off that I can be stealth torped to death in one salvo but cannot stealth fire 1.5 k damage rounds.
  4. Hopefully they fix AA so planes can be shot down, particularly US ships were really good at shooting down planes in WWII due to Prox fuze
  5. diddlyv

    Dasha Absent

    Have not seen much of Dasha for a while, any reason why she has been absent???
  6. diddlyv

    ovechkin missions

    when does the Ovechkin mission start. I am participating but do not see any mission
  7. diddlyv

    Daily Shipments

    DId I miss something or were they supposed to display today???
  8. What are the actual ships that are represented by the various green and red ships involved in the halloween missions. Last year there was a listing but cannot find one this year
  9. diddlyv

    Hidden Bonus Code in "Pin Up" Video

    Is starting the video good enough to get credit for watching
  10. When can we expect the next free experience ship to be released and what type and tier is anticipated?
  11. diddlyv

    Boise no Good

    Bought the Boise just for its storied history and the fact that I met an old guy at a McDonalds one time that was on the Boise for the whole war. Have had some good games with it and some suck games as well. Overall it can be fun even with the abysmal shell arcs and time of flight. A 8.5 second reload would help a lot.
  12. Is there going to be another round of Public Test 7.6 or will they be dropped next week without we mere mortals having a crack at them in PT???
  13. Thanks scored one in a Cristmas Container for $5