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  1. TheBigM145

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    An important thing to keep in mind is that new features are often tested in these events. Mutiple teams, contracting battle field, a new twist on Arms Race, all fun things they're giving a whirl. While I get the historical aspects of the game, I don't mind them spreading their wings every so often to expand their player base. I already want this mode for Tournament play after playing it in PT :) .
  2. TheBigM145

    Grozovoi nerf

    Interesting idea.
  3. TheBigM145

    To Kuznetsov or Not

    HAven't been able to make him work yet, but I'll give it time :).
  4. TheBigM145

    The demise of TheURLGuy

    Moar FishFeed!!!!!
  5. TheBigM145

    So I need some help with replays...

    This was my guess too.
  6. Of those, it's French Dasha because how can you go wrong with a beret! Overall though, I'm really a fan of ARP Takao.
  7. Like the idea of a Twitch "supercontainer". Really cool!
  8. TheBigM145

    PSA: Free commander respec!

    Thanks for the update Fem!
  9. TheBigM145

    ST: Clan Brawl!

    I am very intrigued by this...
  10. TheBigM145

    A Friendly Challenge To WG

    I'd much prefer they do their modeling on detailed drawings than grainy photographs from the period.
  11. TheBigM145

    Anchors Away Tour 2019: Swag and Prizes

    My advice would be to study up on the likes and dislikes of the staff there and some basic gameplay stuff. Asking nicely also sometimes works.
  12. TheBigM145

    ST: Closed testing

    Interested to see what comes of this
  13. TheBigM145

    New To this Game

    Here's my 2 cents to add to this. While all lines have their pluses and minuses, there are some that are more friendly to new players as they have a lower skill floor. Here's my list as to the "difficulty " of each nation/ line. Surface ships only, CVs are their own thing Easy: US (all lines, except CL) IJN (all lines) Medium Germany (All lines) France (all current lines) Advanced: RN DDs and BBs Soviet (all current lines, BBs too) US CLs Pan Asia DDs Expert: RN CLs
  14. TheBigM145

    Anchors Away Tour Stop 1: USS New Jersey on May 11th!

    While I had been on an Iowa before (the Wisconsin ) this was my first time activly touring one as at the time I went you could only really walk on the deck. Seeing one up close gives a new perspective as to the size of the ship. Walking around, up, down, and such makes it even more clear. Funny story though, I had, the weekend prior, been on a cruise ship that's actually bigger than a BB so.... Favorite part had to be at the very top of the ship where you could look down on the whole thing and really drink it in. Here's my shot from up there .