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  1. Hmm. Worked for me. @Kalvothe ^
  2. TheBigM145

    Plymouth - anyone seen one in battle?

    A handfull popped up in KotS, though more on EU IIRC
  3. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/verizon-registration-2021/ Should work now.
  4. TheBigM145

    King of the Sea XII—$30,000 in Prizes

    Smaland is banned by rule anyway, but not the point. While you make a fair point, the ship bans don't come into play until the mid stage of the tournament. Hence, ship bans may be informed by prior play.
  5. TheBigM145

    Access EU or Asia server from NA?

    Just be wary of ping. EU shouldn't be a problem. Asia could be.
  6. TheBigM145

    Weekly Combat Missions: Thanksgiving Day

    Was just about to get on this as a resident of James City County, Virginia (no, do NOT think about that name). For anyone that goes on the whole "pilgrims/Mayflower/etc were the first settlers" thing keep this in mind: They were orginally destined for Virginia. They missed, by a ways.
  7. TheBigM145

    Results – Verizon Warrior’s Championship

    EST = UTC -5 , PST = UTC -8. So Saturday starts at 11am Eastern, 8 am Pacific, Sunday at 9am Eastern, 6am Pacific
  8. TheBigM145

    Results – Verizon Warrior’s Championship

    We did one KotS post rework with CVs.
  9. TheBigM145

    Results – Verizon Warrior’s Championship

    The last WG supported event that used CVs was KotS VII I beleive and, well, it didn't go well. It led to very...uninteresting gameplay to say the least and CVs haven't been back since. I'm sure there's someone that could provide a more detailed answer, but for now, I doubt you'll see a tournament with CVs any time soon.
  10. TheBigM145

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    Experienced players need to grind new lines or regrind ships to get research points, so there's legit reasons for them to be at lower tiers. There's also the Epoch campaign thingy.
  11. TheBigM145

    King of the Sea XI: Inter-Regional Results

    Last update I saw of that list was in the Summer Sale post: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/summer-sale-2020/
  12. TheBigM145

    King of the Sea XI: Inter-Regional Results

    Last KotS container comes in this weekends stream.
  13. TheBigM145

    King of the Sea XI: Inter-Regional Results

    The codes unlock the missions, the containers you get by watching at least 90 minutes automatically.
  14. TheBigM145

    King of the Sea XI Tournament

    My guess. like last time, would be sometime after the patch drops on Wensday
  15. Definatly not unique to America. Power Leveling services (which I'm assuming this is akin to) have been around for ages and I'm told are rather big in Asia.