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  1. TheBigM145

    BACON POST #2!!!!!!

  2. TheBigM145

    KotS Camouflage Contest – Winner!

    Typically it would be directly credited to your account. I got my box yesterday, so just check your camos first.
  3. TheBigM145

    KotS Camouflage Contest – Winner!

    For the record I specifically checked with WG before submitting my entry (which is below). I'm not going to go into details, but I wouldn't have submitted if I didn't think it was going to be fair for me to do so. I also had 0 expectation of getting this far. As far as the time requirements, as someone who has participated in the "full ship" camo contests before (Helena in my case), the process for this one was far less time consuming than it was for that one. We didn't have to design a full paint job, just a tile which was then applied to the ship. Thus the shorter time frame wasn't really a problem. I knocked out 2 in half an afternoon.
  4. TheBigM145

    What happened to HMS Indomitable?

    Still want my Kitty Purrfurst captain and the skin from his party CV in game
  5. Interesting stuff so far folks, keep it up! Only disappointment is the lack of seals. @_TheSneakySnake_ might be happy though.
  6. TheBigM145

    North Carolina Anchors Away Tour

    Yeah, same. My sources (both on the WG side and the Nauticus side) say they approached Nauticus about it, but got turned down. I know there's one guy that works on the ship that's all for it :).
  7. TheBigM145

    North Carolina Anchors Away Tour

    I think, according to various sources, they were approached, but couldn't do it at the time as they were still repairing hurricane damage. NC is a ship I'd go to. Same with Wisconsin... which I was at recently
  8. TheBigM145

    EU Migration

    While I won't lie and say that there isn't a perception by some that players from certain countries are worse, I think there's adequate evidence that perception is changing. South American teams are starting to do better in high profile events. There were several in the Group stage of KotS for example, including a few Brazilian teams. Moving to EU won't make a difference.
  9. AWesome! Hopefully y'all can get that done and possibly even the Wisconsin.
  10. We use Toornament to track all this information as linked in the article above. The Third place game will be between KOTS 8 champs PWP and newcomer RNG. The finals will be contested by KotS 5 and 7 champs O7 and perennial contender CUTER.
  11. Exactly, we're constantly looking to make the event better and we all acknowledge we're human and have room to improve. Only one I'm really going to address directly is the banned ship issue. Quite frankly, having this many banned ships is rather new to us so while we did discuss how to approach what happens if someone brought one, we never really settled on a solution. We'll kick around some options when writing the next ruleset (provided there are non-test ships that are banned, no guarantees one way or the other on that one). Not sure what the final answer will be, but it will go on "The List" I keep each event with stuff that comes up that the rules either don't address or we otherwise need to look at. All of the things above are on the list as well as couple other things that were less visible, but still worth adressing.
  12. That's not my understanding as to how that particular situation went down. What information got to me is that during the restart process, there was a technical glitch the host didn't know how to deal with. This is part of what led to having refs being a bit more proactive in checking games and staying in the lobbys (if not joining the games). At the very least going forward I'm going to have refs entering any room where a mulligan is called to make sure things go on smoothly.
  13. While I'm not going to go into the full nitty gritty here, I'll outline the method (which was stated in the rules). 1) Head to Head record among the tied teams 2) Strength of schedule (2 different methods, though only 1 was ultimately relevant) 3) Random draw Anyone who wants a more techincal explanation, I'm happy to give one in PMs (here or Discord) .
  14. In this case, the seed order was disregarded and the seeded teams were assigned to groups randomly. The brackets were set based on the group you were assgined to, half the winners end up on each side of the bracket. As it happened, the Group B winners (O7) and the Group H winner (PWP) were on the same side. They were also the only 2 seeds to win their groups. For the record, this was the illustrated bracket I made for the team reps (which I should have done in the Seeding/Structure document but didn't for whatever reason.