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  1. TheBigM145

    New NA Community Manager :)

    Welcome to the fun!
  2. TheBigM145

    VE Day Stream - Submit Your Questions

    If there's one historical battle you'd like to see played out iin World of Warships, what would it be and are there any "what if" aspects you'd want to test out?
  3. *Makes note to wear Hawaiian shirt to AA Norfolk, should it still occur*
  4. TheBigM145

    Armada: Orkan

    Figured this was the case, but wanted to hear from an offcial source before I plunked down my Doubs.
  5. TheBigM145

    Armada: Orkan

    Was wondering the same thing. I hereby summon @Hapa_Fodder to see if we can get an answer :)
  6. TheBigM145

    Impero T8 premium or Italian BB line?

    I think it's safer to say EU is even more polarized about it.
  7. TheBigM145

    German Battleship play style

    Closest it probably the French, though their guns actually work beyond 15km unlike the Germans. Russians also like getting in close, but don't have quite the same brawling potential.
  8. Happens. :) And, yes, more coffee sounds like a splendid idea
  9. We skipped a whole month? I mean, with how things are going every day feels like a month, so it's possible.
  10. TheBigM145

    Welcome to the brand new development blog

    I'm assuming we'll still be told when there's something to read there.
  11. TheBigM145

    Welcome to the brand new development blog

    Looks to me like the site is meant to centralize all the postings on Medium, Facebook, and Reddit so we can find everything in one place. This I think is a good step.
  12. TheBigM145

    Doubloon Price Increase!

    The base price for doubloons, US $.40/100 or 1 D = $0.004, has been static since 12/2019.
  13. TheBigM145

    New Ships this next patch?

  14. Eh, I couldn't make it in the end. Good to know, I'll go to the Mainz and dig up some more.
  15. Question for @KARMAT1KA on this especially. How many horrible ship puns am I permitted?