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  1. TheBigM145

    Aiming Mods

    Only one in vanilla, there are two modded ones in Aslain's
  2. TheBigM145


    While it may not be "esports" in the traditional sense, we do have an active competitive scene. In fact, the King of the Seas tournament starts this weekend and there's still space avaiable in the NA bracket. Details HERE
  3. Discord link on the article is fixed now BTW. Still got 5 spots left!
  4. Looking into getting that fixed. EDIT: Here is the correct Discord Link
  5. TheBigM145

    Clan Battle Season 4

    There was a hint that it would start during the Royal Navy event.
  6. *grumbles something about WG never doing anything his side of the country*
  7. TheBigM145

    Servers down?

    They usually go down for awhile on patch day, I think the official estimate was 6-9 am EDT
  8. TheBigM145

    Esports for wows?

    There's always Epicenter =).
  9. TheBigM145

    Esports for wows?

    Yeah, there's still a bit of work to do yet to make competitive WoWS into "good TV". Efforts are being made, just not there yet.
  10. TheBigM145

    So what time does the Super Container event start?

    Usually 7am Eastern from my experience is when things will hit. Oddly, while my daily containers reset, my daily missions haven't
  11. This, plus the server may still be in Cali even though the WoWS team isn't.
  12. TheBigM145

    RN Event in Plain English

    @Gneisenau013, the issue is how does one earn Guineas and how much will it cost to acquire them. Niether of these topics are adressed.
  13. TheBigM145

    RN Event in Plain English

    Glad Guineas were unclear to someone else. Could use some clarity there WG
  14. I'm still short 2 crew worth myself.