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  1. Operator names

    Your question makes no sense but sailors operate a ship there's no special name for it. The sailor that literally turns the wheel is typically only an E-2 to E-4, no special name.
  2. British ships... why so few

    There are plenty more to come. The British cruisers were just released last year, have patience.
  3. Okhotnik XP Issue

    Ahh, it shows there, it just doesnt show in on the ship itself. Interesting.
  4. So since I bought the Okhotnik I've played about 6 games in her (all wins, LOVE this ship ). I've noticed that while my captain is receiving XP my ship is not. Is anyone else having this issue? PS- I'm not getting any free XP either. PSS- only a +30% do boost for the permanent camp?
  5. If someone bumps into you or you do any team damage your pink battle status will be reset.
  6. No Super League Players?

    Thats really unfortunate, I was looking forward to playing some relaxed games too!
  7. I ranked out Saturday! took 243 games in total. I switched from my Atlanta to Blys and my win rate went from 60% to 80%.
  8. How was your weekend spree?

    Oh my goodness I'm not that good haha. While I was thinking about coming up with a story about how I got 500k in a match, I got nothing, I meant I got the 500k challenge over the weekend for the flags, nothing special. I did have a match where I got 245k in my Taiho.
  9. So I was so excited to finally reach rank 1 on Friday. I was also excited to try out Super League and get some easy containers. I tried about 7 times over the weekend and sat in a queue with only me in it. Why does nobody play Super League? Is it not worth it?
  10. How was your weekend spree?

    Made it to rank 1 and got my 500k damage on my CV. It was a good weekend.
  11. Hot Southern Lady

    Please take my upvote for that one hahahaha
  12. The Minsk..

    Did we just get a non-premium Lenningrad with 4km torps? 45mk/h (with flag) 15km firing range (w/capt skills) and 6.8 detection range (w/capt skills). This thing seems like a beast! I'm considering bringing her into ranked.
  13. Came here to post the eating popcorn emoji, left with a smile.
  14. new tier9 tashkent

    I've play 5 games so far in my new Tashkent. I'd recommend concealment, and I run Repair Party. It's ma beast. averaged about 90k damage so far in it, cant wait for the Khab.