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  1. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    Destroyer flak

    I don't know if people have noticed, but a large few branches of destroyers have "Dual purpose" main battery guns that can fire at either aircraft or surface ships. However, it doesn't pick and choose, obviously. This means that if aircraft are overhead and the destroyer is firing at a surface ship, their main guns are effectively firing two different types of ammo from the same barrels SIMULTANEOUSLY. Sounds a little physics breaking, even for an arcade-y game like warships. what I'd like to see is this: Destroyer main battery is initially loaded for surface ship fights If aircraft are in aa and the destroyer has not activated priority aa sector, the main battery does not count towards the aa firing at the planes When the priority sector is selected, the main battery with be relegated to an automatic system, and cannot fire at surface ships for the duration of the sector fire The batteries will have a short cooldown afterward(that particular destroyer's reload time) and the batteries are returned to player control I just find it game breaking when something like the Friesland has aa that rivals heavy cruisers, when its effective aa mounts are 6 single mount machine guns. another passing comment, people in smoke should be spotted when firing their aa, no exceptions to any ship type. If my primary form of influence in the match in being shot out of the sky by a smol that fell asleep with his finger on the trigger, I want to at least see him.
  2. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    Idea for CV balance change

    It's why I've thought about the idea of permanent plane loss being re-introduced, the struggle there is that it completely defeats the purpose of the rework, which was to make cv more accessible to newer players. Imagine if you will, that you lost a gun barrel every time you fired your main guns, or if each barrel carried a maximum of a few dozen rounds, that's kind-of what carrier game-play was before the rework. Someone mentioned in a thread months ago the idea of planes having a limited range of operations, forcing the carrier to move with the team instead of hanging back, being impossible to hit. It was a good idea, though I think something would need to be done for survivability of the carrier, because pushing forward can be a really good way to get the carrier killed since it becomes the primary target of most players when its spotted.
  3. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    Idea for CV balance change

    A couple of things, the spotting mechanics do always feel at least a little clunky, the thought process behind the spotting mechanics change was mostly because the disorienting nature of your pilots being practically blind, in the case of DDs, if they're playing it smart, you wont see them until 2-3km, and most of them have aa that reaches almost 6km, meaning you've now blundered your aircraft into someone's aa, with no prior knowledge as to where they are, and DDs such as the European, French and American can and will chew threw planes like 5gum, making it a struggle to get out of danger, and a risk to attempt a pass, especially if the carrier is bottom tier in the engagement, and it often is. got a little off topic, but basically, a carrier only out-spots a ship by virtue of being faster, and the trade off is that your armament/spotting ability is guaranteed to be seen before the ship is, unless its a battleship, and can be shot down. I do agree that I would love to see aa be turned into a player controlled system would put a bit more action into it other than stagnantly hoping the aa can kill of the planes. if ships were given the capability to wipe out a squadron before they could get an attack through however, the carrier would need something to compensate, otherwise carrier isn't a class, but a damage farm for the enemy team, which isn't fun.
  4. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    Idea for CV balance change

    for the points: decreasing carrier hp for plane losses, with how aa functions, means that CV would be punished simply for existing in a match, it would mean that aa damage would directly be transferred to the carrier itself, which could be devastating. many if not all of the ships in the game can shoot down planes, even by themselves. The carrier would effectively be suiciding themselves. completely agree perhaps they could increase the service time, though the service time right now is lowest at around a minute per plane, so maybe less reserves would be better. I would only bring back fixed plane counts if AA was nerfed or if the amount of aircraft carried was increased drastically above the one-and-a-half squadron count we have now. something like indom would be brought to it's knees in the opening minutes of the match if this were in play. I can agree with the current system, where you can place fighters that come in from the moon anywhere, but if fighters were moved to a player controlled element I think two cv per team might be more fitting. A lot of this comes from I think a point of unfamiliarity, cv is such a drastic change of pace, and some aren't willing to adapt to counter it, which really is just layer the aa, most carriers don't want to suicide a squadron into an aa blob.
  5. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    Idea for CV balance change

    I can agree with that, it would make the carrier consider when to push another flight or when to hang back, the only problem I can see with that is how much of the carrier is the planes. currently, if a carrier isn't sending planes, the only other thing they can do is reposition the ship, and most carriers (Germans excluded) prefer to be behind their team, this would effectively make them useless for a period of time, if not over the course of the match. unless maybe there was a cycling system where it only affects that squadron type and has a cooldown, I could see a 2 minute cooldown for a squadron to recover from fatigue being fair.
  6. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    Idea for CV balance change

    I could see it working as a second layer of player vision radius, something that could vary depending on the height of the ships conning tower and such, perhaps?
  7. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    Idea for CV balance change

    I don't deny that CV is in a fine-okayish spot right now, and most of my battles played are as CV. What this Idea was about was making carrier gameplay a bit more rewarding for both the carrier and the opponent. The community is and has been SUPER toxic about how the rework was implemented, and I was just offering my two-cents about what it would look like should carrier be pushed more towards a support role, which I think, at least, would be more enjoyable than getting turkey-shot out of the sky by 100% accurate AA from a target I didn't know was there until the squadron was in effective kill range, or being unable anything but spot targets for my team and have nothing to show for it other than a "did gud" pat on the back for the 150k spotting damage. A little bit of my own salt there, but as mediocre as I am, I'd like to see a bit more reward than punishment for those times I do manage to play well. those 80k silver repair costs are no joke when you barely manage to get 120k for the match.
  8. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    Idea for CV balance change

    So here's an Idea I've been mulling about in my head for a while, that could (hopefully?) solve some issues people have when it comes to carriers. Do take what I say with a grain of salt and I'd love to see some, respectful, insight into this idea. Damage Lean heavier into the DOT damage model, increase fire/flood chance, but lower damage. This one change could take the pressure off some other classes. Speed and detection. so, as a CV, it can be difficult trying to support your team, especially if they split into two flanking columns on opposite sides of the map, an increase in squadron speed would allow the carrier to arrive on the scene faster to assist should the enemy carrier be present. Additionally, and this is the most radical part of the idea, change the spotting mechanics. What I mean by this, is: Reduce surface detection range for all ship classes to above current air spotting, but below current surface spotting, preferably somewhere in the middle. Increase air spotting range to current surface spotting range, with the caveat of being unable to spot a ship outside its normal detection range when firing (so no spotting from an enemy firing, just visual of the shells) and limited plane travel height, (so no climbing mountains, I'd imagine this would function like the barriers of the map, automatically turning the squadron around if it scales a taller mountain) When spotting, have a delay to the reveal of the target, similar to radar, but perhaps a longer duration, ~10-15 seconds maybe. This may not be perfect per se, however the idea is to incentivize CVs to play a far more supportive role, spotting for the team and guarding against enemy carrier spotting/attacks, which ties into the third point; Gameplay Currently Carrier stands as the hardest class to master as well as the most expensive class to play, I'd like to propose one last set of changes. Remove fighters as a consumable, and give the player an option when selecting "Attack Aircraft" , when selecting squadron 1, press either T or Y to select between rocket aircraft, for an anti-ship role, or fighter aircraft, for an anti-air role. Incentivize support play by rewarding EXP and credits for both spotting damage and aircraft damage, maybe not as much as kills, objectives, or raw damage, but enough to make people want to play to and with their team. Conclusion I know I don't have thousands of battles like many others, so my opinion may not be worth much, but I have played the game since beta, and think it would only further help the health of the game to bring in changes such as these, feel free to let me know what you think or maybe provide criticism about something I didn't take into account. See you on the water, fellow commanders.
  9. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    I'm terrible at DD, but I can't really figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    Japanese DD's, furthest I've gotten so far is T6.
  10. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    I'm terrible at DD, but I can't really figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    how do I know specifically what ships are radar ships? I know it sounds noob-ish but it's not something I've really had to put into consideration before this thanks to the way I've played the game before this. Are there charts anywhere I can view that list the ships that come with it as a consumable? I've looked on the wiki but I feel like that barely covers most of them. (I have encountered ships that I thought didn't have radar use it.)
  11. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    I'm terrible at DD, but I can't really figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    where do I go to view wows replays? I haven't actually watched one outside of youtube videos, and it looks like it has a special file type.
  12. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    I'm terrible at DD, but I can't really figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    I play largely on the IJN tech tree, I have up to T6 on both DD lines. I know that the IJN dd's are known for stealth and insane torps, so I try to focus on those aspects. however, torp prediction skills seem to be hampered, maybe bc I play CV so much and have gotten used to virtually point-blanking the things? what I have seen is that if I launch roughly 40 torps in a match, if I'm lucky I'll hit 2-3 of them. aiming at BB's, CA/CL's at generally 6km and under.
  13. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    I'm terrible at DD, but I can't really figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    I've looked at a lot of "tips and tricks" videos. often I'll be trying to cap, spot or smoke up for the team, torping on occasion. however if I suddenly get into a gun fight I lose or can't even run and hide. and rarely if ever do I hit torpedoes. I've yet to see my damage in a dd exceed 20k, and I tend to die early when I do manage to get more damage in.
  14. So I've been playing the game for a while now, mostly playing battleships and carriers. But I've wanted to branch out and learn the other two classes the game currently has. cruisers are easy enough, smaller, faster, less tanky battleships; but when it comes to destroyers I just can't seem to do any of it right, and I was hoping that someone might be able to help me figure it out so I could work to be a better player for the sake of my teammates.
  15. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    CV Rocket Attacks, why have they not been nerfed?

    Maybe they could include dispersion of aircraft-born attacks in the dispersions increase of the various skills and camos? I've already found that a good destroyer can easily dodge a lot of what carriers throw at them. Rockets are really fast, but they aren't always easy to hit. maybe it's just bc I'm a mediocre player all around?