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  1. You just called out 90% of the people who play the game. oh wait maybe I did too.
  2. MasterofGladness

    Not enough memory for update

    Turn off the Windows page file and deal with the slow performance until you install the update then turn it back on.
  3. MasterofGladness

    This game cost me 2 karma

    My taunt patch helps my karma. Lost every point after i picked it. It's awesome...
  4. MasterofGladness

    Is Captain Skill meta inherently flawed?

    Awwa the little snowflake doesn't want to have to work to get something he thinks because he participates he should be rewarded. I have one 19-point Captain I am not at a disadvantage in any ship. My ability to survive and position myself correctly gives me the advantage and only radar will help them. I lost count of how many four km Torpedoes I put into the side of Cruisers and battleships because they didn't see me sneaking in behind that Island. There is no Captain Skill for that.
  5. MasterofGladness

    Are premium crates getting worse?

    So you gambled and lost and you're mad at the house... Cool story whiny bro
  6. MasterofGladness

    Mystified a bit about Karma points

    It's really simple they mean absolutely nothing they serve absolutely no purpose and if you pick an emblem that offends people you will get downvoted like crazy and it is hilarious. I chose the most obnoxious offensive emblem there is, the one with beams shooting out of the eyes of what could only be some type god.
  7. MasterofGladness

    A fitting end to Ranked Sprint

    That's nice. I keep getting stuck with morons who can't live past 2 minutes. Destroyers racing to cap and get sunk at the first cap and battleships who refused to move up and respond with why do you think it has 15 to 20 km range. I'm betting these are the same guys who bring destroyers to operations and then complain to everyone else when they die first and b**** in chat that they didn't get any support from the battleships that were 20 kilometers away it takes a village because people that dumb would be killed the first time they were on their own outside a tree would fall on their heads or a lion would eat them or they would jump into quicksand or hang from a building hundreds of feet in the air to impress their friends trying so hard to be cool.
  8. MasterofGladness

    Kill a DD with DD secondaries - Believe it or not!

    Been there, done that. Got accuses of hacking too. It was glorious
  9. MasterofGladness

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Yes. it's just not feasible to connect radar to the line of sight mechanic already in the game. They can't be bothered to fix something as stupid as radar through solid objects but they're quick to force that new garbage that I will have to use.
  10. MasterofGladness

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    Op, That's way too many details we already know it's your fault.
  11. MasterofGladness

    Dasha Perova

    I can't be bothered reading all the replies to see if someone already said this but you can delete two files from the World of Warships folder and it will remove all of the non-standard voices. It's something like sound mods official. There's absolutely no way in hell I could play any of those screechie super annoying anime captains. I was about to delete them because they sound like s*** until I found the official sound Mod files and deleted them instead. they get put back every time it's patched but it's so simple to get rid of. I don't know if it works for dasha because I haven't tried her in any ship yet but it's well worth it to get rid of the garbage anime screeching.
  12. MasterofGladness

    Fire complains

    Too Short didn't read. However I hate it when fire complains it's like having two wives
  13. MasterofGladness

    1st "super" super container

    Ships are what make them super, everything else they give is just useful at best.
  14. MasterofGladness

    New year collection ridicule duplicate chances

    logicallyfallacious.com Gambler’s Fallacy (also known as: the Monte Carlo fallacy, the doctrine of the maturity of chances) Description: Reasoning that, in a situation that is pure random chance, the outcome can be affected by previous outcomes.