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  1. 1st "super" super container

    Ships are what make them super, everything else they give is just useful at best.
  2. logicallyfallacious.com Gambler’s Fallacy (also known as: the Monte Carlo fallacy, the doctrine of the maturity of chances) Description: Reasoning that, in a situation that is pure random chance, the outcome can be affected by previous outcomes.
  3. The current system is fine. you don't use your TV cellphone gym membership and I can think of a lot more 24 hours a day but you don't seem to get upset that you get a bill every month that's for the whole month not for just the time you were actually using those things.
  4. Go Navy Rip Off

    I love how people think the fact that they were not smart enough to look up and read all the terms and conditions of something is somehow another person or company's fault.
  5. ARP Captains and Ships with last upgrade

    I don't care what captains they have I just don't want to see them in my port and now none of the options make them go away.
  6. Awwa the little snowflake got upset by words that someone typed in the troll box. Man up snowflake
  7. I'm No Team Killer, Am I?

    How to know if you might be at team killer. 1. Are you pink? NO. You are not a team killer. YES. Then you are a team killer. 2. Was it your fault? YES. You fired the round you are absolutely and unequivocally 100% responsible for where it goes. There is no gray area. NO. Liar!
  8. Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    Co-op needs nothing, you just need the balls to play in random.
  9. APRM2 = Aimbots?

    you want to try and justify that the fact you need a crutch to play a video game by saying anyone could use crutches if they want to. thanks for making it so easy to stay glad
  10. Refund Błyskawica

    Got it. the ships too hard for you to play and you can't figure it out...
  11. Proposed Consumable: Sabotage

    the OPs idea makes about as much sense as RPF. you know the ability to brainwash your enemy into turning all radios on to full power and never stopping broadcasting. Why not add the magical ability to mess with Battleship captains since they already added the magical ability to mess with radio operators it would fit right in.
  12. Intermittent ultra-lag

    When it just happens I go to my happy place and imagine this happening to everyone at the exact same moment so I'm not really in danger. Just mind my own business playing and then all of a sudden lag
  13. Raptor Rescue STILL impossible!

    2 fails and then 4 stars on the 3rd try. DD's are not much good if they rely on torpedoes because the bots almost always spot them and dodge. No cowering in the back, get up front and kill the enemy. Raptor needs a clear path not a baby sitter.
  14. Save all the signals that give you -10% to repair cost and +20% credits and use them in tier 10. I have several hundred of each and I didn't buy anything. I play tier 10 and I don't have premium time and I don't bleed credits. Most of the time I make a little bit of money in t10 without premium time. If you die quickly due to a random torpedo or bad positioning those games will hurt a little but it's nothing you can't make back in one or two games at a lower tier.