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  1. This is funny. wait until you see all the little headaches it's going to create. States that have sales taxes that vary from product to product with weird exemptions for things I'm going to give guys a headache. If things keep going in the same direction New Jersey is on track to change its sales tax 4 times in 4 years
  2. Free Gift E-Mail

    whatever that exclusive offer was from the email was so irrelevant and insignificant it disappeared into my inventory and I have no idea what it was after looking at everything. Whatever it was it certainly wasn't something I didn't already have.
  3. RPF Its even more magical than Radars ability to pierce through mountains. When the enemy has RPF your crew becomes brainwashed and immediately turns on all radios to full transmit power and then keys the mic so that your radio is broadcasting at full power.
  4. I seen this happen twice in however many battles I have. I didn't bring it up here cuz the [edited] Patrol will come out and say if you don't have a replay it didn't happen
  5. Self entitled prick. Plain and simple.
  6. *THIS* is how you implement subs in WoWs

    NO SUBS. Go play something else if you want subs
  7. It makes no sense that a battleship can fire without running out of ammo they should set ammo limits on battleships because they're far too powerful with that unlimited ammo nonsense and they can shoot ap shells like every 30 seconds that does as much damage as a torpedo. So do you have an intelligent argument that can't be absolutely completely and unequivocally defeated by changing the word Destroyer to battleship?
  8. Only One Spouse can have Twitch Prime

    Do one from your PC and do one from your phone when it's not on wifi without thinking more than it takes to Blink they might be using your IP address to prevent abuse. Or maybe they do something really old school and set a cookie.
  9. it's too stir the pot you could say
  10. How do you earn XP?

    They pay for premium time and use flags. They're very likely paying for those flags to. And of course they tend to post pictures of the best games
  11. Torpedo plain gripe ??

    I like my Torpedoes with spicy mustard not plain. They're just to explodey and metally without mustard...
  12. A change in the fire mechanic is needed

    Fire is fine I have no difficulties with it all. I'm a average player at best. The problem is not fire it is you. A Captain Skill that reduces fire chance and there's a ship module that reduces fire chance if you're not taking them that's a problem with you not fire
  13. DO NOT BUY French Premium Container!

    You don't have to tell me to not buy anything from wargaming I already made a decision a year ago. The removal of the Missouri.......... I will never spend a dime with wargaming.....
  14. The fact that they're not part of Clan battles says all you need to know about CVs. It's not one side or the other it's all CVs. Manual drops are the most disgustingly overpowered things in the game. It's the only thing I know in game that has absolutely nothing to do with the RNG. Torpedoes are dropped so close you can bately maneuver in time to get away so you pray that you can run into them before they arm and that's in DDs any other ship just eats torpedoes. All you really have to do is pay attention to where the one or two ships with decent anti-aircraft are and the enemy fighters why you play a crappy version of Starcraft.
  15. 889 is not 1000. that's why you didn't get it