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  1. MasterofGladness

    I thought people were kidding.......

    No the Bots don't. I wish they did because then they would come to me and I wouldn't have to hunt them down. I've been camo'd and flagged up and ignored more often than I can count. It doesn't matter if it's Co-op or scenario. The Bots don't know what I'm using and do not pick me out when I'm camo or flagged up. I've had bots shoot over me because I was full health and the guy behind me wasn't. Here's what happened. You did something stupid and you got killed for it. You just can't accept that the issue is you. The Bots focus on the guy with the lowest hit points in their gun range and if you so happen to take enough damage that you're the lowest hit points on the team you'll be the main target as soon as you are in range.
  2. Whenever anything comes up about aircraft carriers you only have to remember one thing.. These so-called experts at wargaming think that you can restrict what a very skilled player can do while bringing the unskilled potato up to the same level so that they are evenly matched. That's it and it's hilariously funny. Imagine how dumb you have to be that you think you could get a high school team be evenly matched with a pro team by making everyone play with the no shoes or better helmets. It's basically what wargaming thinks they can do. Change something so that people who are low skilled will do as well as people who are skilled. Sorry but not everyone can be a brain surgeon and if you can't understand why that is fact then it doesn't matter because you're not even smart enough to bother discussing it with. I do get a laugh of all the because I went to co-op and ops and stopped wasting my time in trash random with Sky cancer everywhere completely dictating how you will play or you be sunk first.
  3. MasterofGladness


    Matchmaking monitor is great. It lets you know who on the enemy team needs to die first and also who on your team is kicking around 30 and 40% win rates so that you don't need to waste a second to help them because they're just going to die.
  4. MasterofGladness

    pentalties for being not on site!

    Your PC crashes because of your PC issues and somehow it's wargaming's issue and you're not here telling us the things you did to troubleshoot the problem. Cool story bro. Run the repair and maybe update your potato
  5. MasterofGladness

    Computer Question

    That things like a decade-old do not waste your time or money on an obsolete piece of junk.
  6. MasterofGladness

    100K XP in Space Mode? Really?

    It's not meant to be finished. It's just a scoreboard for the event. The 100k requirement is not new.
  7. MasterofGladness

    MM Leaves a Lot to be Desired - Dead Horse Topic

    Properly implemented the skill based matchmaking hers work very well even when there are not that many players. I play a game for several years that maxed out at under 5000 people playing on Steam to this day and they had a skill based matchmaking that they introduced and it worked great. They however did the same crap wargaming tries and kept changing portions of the game for what they said was balanced and all they ever managed to do was make balance worse somewhere else and then when I tried to fix that the cycle repeated itself.
  8. MasterofGladness

    Feedback for 2 CVs Ocean

    Well I read through this and can't imagine having 16,000 games and not understanding how the magazine mod works while thinking it's because of the map that they're on. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the ocean map now that open-water stealth firing is gone. The problem once again is that aircraft carriers are spotting destroyers who used to be out in front of their smoke spotting enemy ships for their team. Now the friendly CV can do nothing about it but hope that the fighters he dropped that are frozen in position will be over the Destroyer long enough to matter as he tries to run for his life.
  9. MasterofGladness

    Space Battles - Not a fan You?

    It's was dull the first time they release it. Not a fan They simply reskinned everything. It's like putting headlight eyelashes and a wrap on a 5 year old car and then telling everybody it's a new car that runs and drives exactly like the original one I didn't expect Eve online quality spacebattles but I did expect it to be more then just Asteroids with slightly better graphics.
  10. MasterofGladness

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    So now the game has magic Torpedoes that just appear right on top of you The op is so goddamn clueless it's actually sad. Then he had to use his dunning-kruger skills to tell everyone that if you say anything different you're wrong.
  11. MasterofGladness

    Name the next "Currency of The Week"

    Douchebagerite It's formed it the gluteus maximus of people who think they can tell how good or bad at players by their name or if their stats are hidden or not. The only way to stop it from forming is to provide several knuckle sandwiches directly to the mouth of the offender.
  12. MasterofGladness

    Pleases leave your score on CV rework

    1 Sky cancer.. 1 ship class dictates the game play. It's a different game when there are no carriers in the match. Overpowered is putting it lightly. They couldn't fix them before and they will never fix them now.
  13. MasterofGladness

    Kill stealing like a boss

    I should dig out my old screenshots. I have a game with under 200 damage and two kills. One of the kills was six damage. On second thought I'm not going to waste a second looking. I could not care less about being believed..
  14. I can't wait to take that thing out in Coop and sink every ship before the rest of Team even gets to the first cap. Oh the salt will be glorious.
  15. MasterofGladness

    Don't sell your Midway back ,,, It's a scam

    So somehow it's wargaming's fault that you either didn't read the terms or weren't smart enough to understand them. Either case its all on you snowflake and knot not then. See what I did there....