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    Games playing now: World of Warships, Steam, Torn City RPG, Azur Lane, Arknights ■ Interests: Chess, badminton, D&D, WWII History, TF2 trading, game reviewing, roleplaying ■ Books: [autobiographies/dystopian/historical fiction] ■ Anime: [crime/mystery/psychological horror] ■ Games: [Visual Novels/Space epics/text-based/variety of indie titles] ■ Music: [variety of rock/some pop/eclectic/variety of game and film soundtrack]

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Hi! I'm an improving World of Warships player who also goes on Steam and Discord a lot. You can PM me here or DM me at Kenny#8446. You can also add me on Azur Lane and Arknights; I'm Desta on the NA Washington server and Erebus#1792 on AK. I also enjoy forum roleplaying and trading on TF2.