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  1. destawaits

    Is it time to seek another game?

    Actually, why don't I just go back to TF2? There's a bunch of player-hosted bot-free servers now, as well as an active competitive scene.
  2. destawaits

    Narai Pulled.... Again

    Now that German CVs are actually a thing now, I wonder if they could program a CV outside the map in Dynamo and bring that back as well, smh
  3. destawaits

    What's your home port?

    Is there any data on former ports added through mods or modded ports? Yokosuka or Black Hole, for example?
  4. destawaits

    modern ships

    "More pre-WW1 ships when???" Is probably the question you should be asking.
  5. If you assign a captain to a different tech tree ship other than the one he is specialized in, you have to option to retrain him/her for that ship. If you decide to retrain the captain, you can pay 200k credits to train half of his/her XP required and train the rest using Elite Commander XP. All captains can be assigned to premium ships without penalty as long as the ship corresponds with their nation.
  6. destawaits

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Kappa Also, could someone perhaps explain the turning radius issue or link me to a thread explaining the details? Dunno how this escaped my notice. Otherwise, this update is quite a mixed bag.
  7. destawaits

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    This was what I was most concerned about. The boycott itself creates an incentive for other clans to participate in the CB season since they'll face much more forgiving matchmaking, not to mention that the season will be held at a more accessible tier. I've been finding it hard to conclude as to whether or not my clan should participate or abstain from the boycott and it's been guilt-wracking. I hope my community comes to the right decision in due time.
  8. destawaits

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    I respect your opinion and understand how you can feel that way, especially when the playerbase has gotten screwed over numerous times, but I'd rather put in an effort to change something before leaving the game.
  9. Torpedo Armament Expertise and Torpedo Acceleration on Atago/Takao. No more stealth torpedoes, but you'll catch people by surprise if you're close enough. Also means you can't pick Last Stand :-)
  10. destawaits

    If our commanders could talk...

    To: Adm. Matthew McDougall, Cdr. U.S.S. Montana From: F. Adm. John Doe, Cdr. U.S.S. Iowa CC: F. Adm. destawaits Subject: Re: FAdm destawaits Unexplained Absences Dear Adm. McDougall, As you may know, Fleet Admiral destawaits is an extremely busy individual. Unfortunately, I cannot answer as to how the Fleet Admiral intends to return to his duties; as such, I will be maintaining the base in his stead. Please follow up with Capt. Admiral Hipper or Capt. Hood if you wish to inquire more about the Fleet Admiral's other duties. He has discussed his priorities with me at length during yesterday's sortie, however. As far as I know, his current top priorities are the maintenance of allied communications and the recruitment of foreign fleets. Moreover, he plans to put forth an order to research the Daring-class, a British destroyer class, and to construct her lead ship by the end of the year. In addition, he will invest time into sortieing your commanding ship, the U.S.S. Montana, throughout the rest of the year as a means to research an experimental module through trial-and-error. Of course, your crew will be placed through further firing training whenever he commands battleship Montana. I hope this has cleared up your concerns. - F. Adm. John Doe
  11. destawaits

    If our commanders could talk...

    I think I have an idea, though I might struggle with the 'professional jargon'.
  12. destawaits

    [] Night Battle Concept Mod

    Cool! I'll try using this in the evening.
  13. destawaits

    If our commanders could talk...

    I would like to participate but I'm not sure how to write a letter like this. Any advice?
  14. destawaits

    Got my Graf Spee

    Which video? I would like to watch it.
  15. Oh, this is a classic.