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  1. destawaits

    PSA: Voiceover Update and Update 12.1

    Ah yes, I wonder what will happen to my 1 GB banks folder
  2. destawaits

    Guide to Collecting Holiday Gifts!

    The date didn't show for me for some reason, thanks
  3. destawaits

    Guide to Collecting Holiday Gifts!

    How do you unlock this last window?
  4. destawaits

    Premium Ship Review - San Diego

    Thanks for the in-depth review LWM! I just got Sandy from a drop so I wasn't too sure how how she's supposed to be played
  5. destawaits

    Karma doesn't work

    Or you can look up karma scores through the WOWS Karma site.
  6. destawaits

    ★ Arknights Discussion Thread ★

    A Day in Lungmen has started airing. A failed run but it's the effort that counts...?
  7. destawaits

    Reply Only in GIFs

  8. destawaits

    Caption the profile image above you.

    The face twitch chat makes when the streamer has a "good take."
  9. destawaits

    Waiter, there's a ___ in my soup!

    *glances at previous customer's soupless table* Waiter, there's an ad in my soup! It's an hour long!
  10. destawaits

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Cool turret design, but is it practical?
  11. destawaits

    Why do you play WoWS

    Probably all of the above in the poll. I naturally gravitate towards games with a high skill ceiling. You can play for thousands of battles and still have something to learn about the game. Kind of like TF2, where you have to invest about a thousand hours for each class. I also used to play operations to achieve high scores, guess that's another reason to play wows. Beating Super-Hard Saving Transylvania with 5 stars was fun. I may have had a 4 month hiatus, but I never truly left the game because of the community (maybe the real treasure was the friends we made along the way ). Clan Battles were a huge added bonus to having a community to play ships with. Plus, it encouraged me to learn and improve at a faster rate than I would have if I were playing alone. There was a time where ship racing and torpedo jousting in training battles were more prominent, too. Fun, custom game modes like those help with community bonding. Also, discovering and learning about ships that existed in history/had a service record is cool.
  12. destawaits

    Karma doesn't work

    Then I can't really help you. There are guides online and experienced players out there willing to div and teach if that helps.
  13. destawaits

    Karma doesn't work

    Emphasis on "if" in my original post.
  14. destawaits

    Karma doesn't work

    Don't get hung up over that karma loss. If you play consistently well, carry your team on occasion, and work with your teams, you will see that karma number go up naturally. Karma losses might also be caused by chat behavior/Well Done! so do be wary of what you type. Also clan members +1 each other anyway when sync dropping so karma kinda loses its value there.