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  1. destawaits

    Torpedo aiming / launch bug?

    Even so, I've never had a problem with this, which seems to be a more recent issue. I've had this issue in my recent Somers game and Flamu in his recent "Curving Torpedoes" video. So far it looks like excessive ship steering is the cause behind torpedoes deviating off-course; I've found that all ships were turning in all instances I've seen.
  2. destawaits

    Is the 2/7 bot thing fixed?

    RIP those frequent high damage games; was really fun smacking one bot after another without human interference.
  3. destawaits

    ★ Arknights Discussion Thread ★

    Well, I managed to get risk 18 before June 4th, earning me the trimmed medal. Was initially harder than I thought, but still easier overall.
  4. destawaits

    So, Apparently, Brawl can be a Clan Battle?

    If you want to win consistently, yes. Basically, it's clan brawls but with random MM as a side option.
  5. I know it's been a long 6 months into the year, but I'm curious how everyone has been coming along in their grind and what you plan to achieve by the end of the year. Feel free to share your end-of-year goals, whether if they pertain to grinding out ship lines, reaching certain ranks, improving a skill, or even partaking in an event. And hey, creating goals is also an effective way to track your grinds and remind yourself how far you've progressed. For example, I've set out to accomplish these goals by the end of 2021: Ships to grind: Fuso → Yamato, or at least Izumo. I had a blast playing Yamato during the pirate event. Skäne → Östergötland Baltimore → Des Moines Seattle → Worcestershire sauce Shchors → Petropovlask I also plan to try out the new Danish cruisers, these are the lines I'll prioritize since I have so many lines that I'm grinding. Skills to improve: Battleship spotter plane/long-range aiming, I struggle with this CVs, as unengaging as I find them to be, allow me to better counter them if I play them myself Build a secondary commander for American secondary BBs Get into silver league at least once Participate in KotS a second time Get the 5th star in Newport Improve my WR and PR overall Of course, feel free to share your goals in whatever format you're comfortable with.
  6. destawaits

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    Hey, they've done 5v5 clan brawls with CVs before. How original, have really fond memories of the last time they did this. Now it's going to brawls, so you have to deal with uncoordinated teams and another "random battles" mode; all that for a measly 10k coal. This just further convinces me that the devs' creative juices have run dry. How hard would it be to slightly adjust ship formats or tiers? Implementing same class battles? Rotating game modes? Asymmetric battles was nice. But no, looks like they take too much effort to make. Sorry, I'm not interested in playing this. Feels like I've been playing the same thing for half a year now.
  7. destawaits

    Update 0.10.4, Clan Battles restrictions

    Remember the Venezias two clan battle seasons ago? Turns out we enjoyed them so much that WG decided we needed more! So generous!
  8. A line doesn't need completely new gimmicks to be competitive. Especially gimmicks that may encourage even more passive play and break fundamental gameplay. Who knows how much this will affect the meta though.
  9. destawaits

    PSA. Operations have been fixed!!

    Activate your windows! Thanks for the heads up; glad the lowered xp was a bug and wasn't intentional.
  10. destawaits

    ST. " Convoys" Game mode.

    Finally something we wanted and asked for...? Sounds like the payload mode from TF2, which is fun in its own right. I wonder if there will also be respawns or dedicated maps for this mode.
  11. destawaits

    Who have you seen in game

  12. destawaits

    PSA: FAT32 users soon to be SoL

    Most Windows OS run NFTS and do so by default. Most people should be in the clear here.
  13. destawaits

    ★ Arknights Discussion Thread ★

    Yup, intelligence is always worth it. They're resources for low sanity costs.
  14. And the actual teams are just sets of combat missions. Minimum effort all the way.