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  1. this_might_be_slak__

    what is the best retail place to work for?

    Chik Fill A... Retail? Publix. edits... I've gone on to do my thing, I have friends that have worked in the grocery business their entire lives. They have done as well, or better... At Publix.... It might seem like a crapjob when your are doing it, do it long enough and it become something else. That's management....
  2. this_might_be_slak__

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar [edited]sucks, get over it. It's always SUCKED. Add in KM sonar, or another "cheat" to kill DDs. Get Gud. Adapt and overcome, it's what Destroyers have done in this game for.... years .STFU sink boats. World of BBs, sink them.
  3. this_might_be_slak__

    Possible Solution to Radar

    224 pages... Lol, wow. Wait...?! Should I post an anime pic to keep it going?! 224, lol, on general...
  4. this_might_be_slak__

    Possible Solution to Radar

    A possible solution to radar is to learn to deal with it, adapt.
  5. this_might_be_slak__

    What would it take for you to play tier VIII again?

    7 is still the best teir in the game...
  6. this_might_be_slak__

    Unlimited Ammo Discussion - How it endorses brain dead game play.

    This is a thread from alpha/beta. Stop. Full. It's a game. Get over it.
  7. this_might_be_slak__

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    Don't play a lot, saw this and thought Yub got buffed... Lol, whatever... Yub-Yub is a ton of fun, a club to whack young seals. Problem is, the seals are drying up. In same teir competitive game Yub struggles, hard, give her a couple(10) degrees on her torps and she is Boss. Still luv yub, she is fun to make work. Plus you can Fu.. with CVs. Good times. Nice write up mouse
  8. this_might_be_slak__

    Who have you seen in game

    Man... Who is left, really, real question. Who is still playing since alpha?
  9. this_might_be_slak__

    WG gets it right and a Wallet Whale returns

    Lol WG gave crap as usual... Better than WoT I guess, they would give away freebie tanks to peeps that hadn't played in forever just so they could get wrecked.
  10. this_might_be_slak__

    Musings of a pirate

    Suffucat them? Like they did to black cats a couple hundred years ago?
  11. this_might_be_slak__

    Ranked tips and tricks

    Unless... Well, whatever.
  12. this_might_be_slak__

    Tier 8 Ranked Battles, just like walking on hot coals

    You ever have that freind? That would constantly complain about something, yet continue to do it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. The issue is/was so easily fixed, yet no matter what, said freind would continue to subject themselves to whatever nonesense it was that they hated so much. At some point... You say, well... You have a problem my friend, I will not continue to support this lunacy. You get pulled in out of interest, habit, love, and at some point... You look at that original friend and say...yup. no more. Well that's ranked... Anyways, what are the select few getting, the ones that have ranked out since the first one, that's why I'm here.
  13. this_might_be_slak__

    Musings of a pirate

    Never really sure what to do with Lert, his "musings", but I always enjoy reading them. Keep doing you black cat.
  14. this_might_be_slak__

    (Nitpicking) Tier 10 Perma-camo

    I want a golden retriever camo, not kidding.
  15. this_might_be_slak__

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    A 3.0!?!? Wow LWM make me feel old. Say what you want about Atlanta, she is still the most fun in the game. When you get it right, best thing ever. [edited] me 3.0