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  1. Yes you can. Check the exterior tab. @SuperNikoPower I just finished a 5-star run on the halloween mode, in a 4 man division. Afterwards we all of us were sent back to the port screen with no after battle report, no record of the battle, and no credit for getting 5-starts.
  2. That sucks. Still, might get lucky and find one in a SC or Christmas box.
  3. I am pretty sure there is a filter already.
  4. After taking a look I think it's too pricy, I would enjoy running it during the Halloween month but probably tire of it. The "Hero" ships look cooler to me, those I would have been more likely to buy.
  5. WHAT!! Are they doing that for other ships?
  6. I think you already missed your chance, they went away with this new patch today.
  7. Hope the this initiative works out. Even though I have never participated in them, I enjoy seeing what others create/accomplish. I will make an effort to try to participate in a few myself.
  8. Gonna have to bookmark this thread, I imagine there will be an unprecedented level of politeness and constructive behavior lol.
  9. It doesn't. Don't believe everything (or most) of what you hear in chat.
  10. Adding the T-61 to my stat card thread. Thank you very much.
  11. Welcome to the game and to the forums.
  12. Fire animations already reflect the number of fires.
  13. I think your reading into this all wrong.