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  1. Captain changing request

    If the captain did get removed then it was a bug. Have you restarted the game? That often fixes things.
  2. Captain changing request

    Captains are automatically sent to the reserve, they are only delated if you click 'dismiss' and even then you have a timer that gives you a chance to change your mind.
  3. Uchū Senkan Yamato~!

  4. Your account should not have been deactivated from just not playing for awhile.
  5. Clan Battles Cheaters/Manipulators

    I have lost all respect for that clan, they have gone to the bottom of the pile now. So pathetic and low. We had a few run in with the there cheater squad, I will remember who was on it.
  6. melting teams

    Nice tin foil hat you got there!
  7. Is the USS Des Moines worth buying?

    Why would you grind a ship you thought was horrible if you didn't intend to get the next ship in the line?
  8. Working as Intended or RNG Anomaly?

    Guns with a caliber of around 180 or smaller, if you put IFHE on something like the Moskva with it's 220s then your not getting that much from the skill. There was a great list and explanation of IFHE and ships to use it on, if I find it I will post it.
  9. The Z-46 does punish ships

    The 150s just seemed to click with me and felt right. I like the Gaede for the same reason (though a lot of people do not see to have the same opinion).
  10. Working as Intended or RNG Anomaly?

    Might want to respec and add IFHE. Good skill for the Chappy, not sure who/what you read telling you otherwise.
  11. Yamamoto Collection Camo Rewards

    Yea, would be cool. Kinda a useless reward as of right now. But I wouldn't hold my breath for them to change it.
  12. The Z-46 does punish ships

    What! You didn't like the Z-23? I loved the Z-23, the Z-46 is great too but I have more trouble being consistent in it for some reason.
  13. They fixed that but broke something else lol. Not the clan tags on the profile are gone, I liked those, hope they fix it.
  14. New Forum Changes

    What happened to the clan tags on our profiles? That was my favorite thing about the forum changes.
  15. Premium shop log in

    Are you talking about the in-game premium shop or the premium shop from the main web portal?