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  1. Kapitan_Wuff

    Commander experience

    We need to be able to recycle commanders. Maybe send them to 'teach at the academy' or something, then return a percentage of their XP back into CXP as 'institutional memory'. Even a small percentage would be nice, I immediately dismiss anything not 10pts but even with that rule I still dismiss lots of 10pters too, Such a waste.
  2. Kapitan_Wuff

    Enemy Health bars should be removed.

    This game is too arcadey for such a thing, though it is fun to imagine a more realistic/hardcore mode without health bars, relying on smoke, listing, and other visible damage to judge who is the weak ship.
  3. Kapitan_Wuff

    Time for 10 point European Captains

    There is a special EU captain (which I think comes with 10pts) as a campaign reward. Regardless, just using CXP to make a 10pt captain is pretty cheap.
  4. Kapitan_Wuff

    How's the Al Sovetskaya Rossiya?

    It's just a copy/paste of it's tech tree counterpart so... just play that and find out.
  5. Kapitan_Wuff

    Al littorio is Roma

    The fact all the AL ships are copies of tech tree ships is no secret. Pretty lazy to not even remove the Roma badge though.
  6. Kapitan_Wuff

    Haven't Played In a year or wo

    Play the game a bit before deciding to sink more cash into it. Sadly it's not the same game as it used to be.
  7. Kapitan_Wuff

    Can someone please explain....

    I take it you didn't read the spoiler where I had a genuine response. When I first looked at your screenshot it took me a second to get past how busy (imo, a total shitshow) it was with mods. Was just teasing a bit before answering seriously so feel free to untwist your panties. I will try to remember in the future you get triggered easily.
  8. Kapitan_Wuff

    Can someone please explain....

    Someone with way too many ugly mods?
  9. Kapitan_Wuff

    How is this supposed to be fun???

    There are still the containers from the last two directives which still haven't unlocked. I think the odds are good for people to at least end up with the t4.
  10. Kapitan_Wuff

    Is the California the new Missouri?

    Why are you comparing it to Mighty Mo?
  11. Kapitan_Wuff

    A "Forgive" button

    I have had times were someone torped me and I totally understood honest mistake. But the thing is... there isn't really a penalty for teamkilling so there really is no need for a forgive button. Being pink for a few matches is completely harmless.
  12. Yea, a minefield or something that causes DoT would be nice.
  13. Kapitan_Wuff

    Suggestion for secondaries

    I have several secondary build ships knowing full well they are a bit of a novelty. Instead of buffing secondaries directly, they could buff the skills to make investing in them more worthwhile. Not holding my breath though lol
  14. Kapitan_Wuff

    wth have you done to the camo?