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    I like it on the original torps, 13.5 at 71 knots it fun, and my build has points to spare. But, it can no longer really use my Gearing Captain on the premium USN DDs due to specializing with TA. But it's not needed, the other options are viable too, if not using TA I think I would run Fletcher torps.
  2. DD XP....Seriously?

    Basically all the damage was off low-value targets, damage farming off BBs lower tier than you are not going to pay out well. And you have no caps or defends. If you want XP then your gonna have to have better games.
  3. Come Sail in Syn!

  4. Come Sail in Syn!

  5. @STOGGYRETURNS Clan Battles is a whole different beast than anything else in this game. Even good players in randoms/ranked have to adapt to CBs. So a new team has a uphill battle to learn how to play together and adjust to CBs. But CBs has become my favorite game mode by far. If you would like a little help message me on discord and I can see what I can do to help y'all get some wins.
  6. I think you miss understand. It actually works well, lower ranked teams while sometimes challenged with higher ranked teams get the benefit of the way the point system works. If you lose to a team that is a league or two higher than you, you will not lose many points at all, so the loss doesn't hurt you much. But when you manage to win against a 'better' team, you are reward with lots of points. Its possible to actually have a WR below 50% but still climb the ranks.
  7. Previous seasons we regularly saw teams two leagues above us. However, when you fight a higher ranked team you risk fewer points on a loss with the chance of earning more points on a win.
  8. Come Sail in Syn!

  9. Clan new function

    You can already see what active clan divs are going.
  10. Looking For Options

    Always welcome to come hang out and play on our discord, not sure we are quite the level of competitive your looking for though. Link in in my sig.
  11. Come Sail in Syn!

  12. Ah come on, you know what WG says means nothing.