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  1. Currently use it on the Gearing which is a great fit and on my CVs, but other than that I agreed it seems like a poor skill generally.
  2. Nice. Really like a few of those.
  3. Looks solid other than that one CL and DD who are not being team players. Hope you learned a lesson and maybe next time you will stay in potato formation.
  4. Nope. No one found anything. We would have had a thread on it by now... probably just one thread that everyone contributed too.
  5. Thanks for the offer, I just really need to find more local language partners so I actually use what I learn.
  6. @dmckay I took a quick look through your stats and noticed something, you play almost exclusively cruisers. I personally find switching ship types can help me break a funk. And can comeback to other ship types a little refreshed with a new attitude and new perspective.
  7. The last few weeks have been rough out there. I was starting to pull my stats and WR up from my potato start... but kinda lost all my momentum with some bad teams and bad plays on my part.
  8. Good luck to you too. Going back to school can be a shock at first, have to adjust back to the life lol.
  9. Just set up a paypal.
  10. Yea, I struggle with it, especially the writing (reading is ok). As much exposure as I have had I should be better but a lot of my Chinese atrophied from not using it for several years. I kinda lucked out in that regard. I think if I had gone straight from High School to college I would have dropped out, instead I tramped around bartending for a few years then ended up in China for about 5 years. That is where I got excited about education and educating. But damn it sucks being the oldest person in most of my classes lol. Yea, having a trade, especially a tech trade like that is the way to go. Definitely a more financially efficient route lol. I'm border line techtarded though, also I need a bachelors degree to be to meet certain visa requirements so trade/associates degrees just don't cut it for me.
  11. I love school, if it wasn't for the crippling financial strain I would happily stay a student forever. I am a unorthodox student, didn't go to college right out of high school so now going back I may have a great appreciation for it than some.
  12. What? You sure? I clicked on a blank item and was sure it told me I needed three more duplicates in addition to my two existing duplicates (5 items). Edit: It is still 5 duplicates for one missing item.
  13. I did that for the first few years, working full time and going to classes at my local community college. Eventually saved up enough (and took the plunge into student debt) to finish my last few years at the state school and only working freelance.
  14. Ouch, don't think I could do a medical track. But a double major in International Studies and Asian Studies is enough for me.
  15. I got it to work for a bit (followed a link from the forum to update a while back) but the next patch broke it. Profiles, clans, news, inventory, premium shop, and anything else other than the main game don't work for me. But.. WG as said they don't support mac and recently said they are going to stop supporting mac (not sure what that means since they didn't support it in the first place) so I have just learned to deal with the hand I got.