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  1. Kapitan_Wuff

    Are Bots reading our keystrokes?

    Yes, and they are also out to get you, you personally. Watch what you type because the bots are listening!
  2. Kapitan_Wuff

    Typical Heavy Handed WG approach...

    It seems very clearly stated to me.
  3. Kapitan_Wuff

    My first Ship won from a crate...

    Congrats, getting a ship is always fun. I don't have any experience or knowledge of the Cheshire but t8 isn't bad for a free boat.
  4. Kapitan_Wuff

    2 things WG

    Complaining about free rewards for playing the game...
  5. Kapitan_Wuff

    Have a favorite Tier?

    I have a think for t6, not really sure why other than there are a few t6 ships I really seem to have fun with.
  6. Kapitan_Wuff

    Can I use FreeXP to skip ships?

    Nothing has changed concerning using FXP to skip up the techtree.
  7. Kapitan_Wuff

    Pan Asian Cruiser(s) a disappointment for me

    I have found the ones I have played (t5-6) to be both fun and competitive, but certainly not OP or without challenge.
  8. Kapitan_Wuff

    Persistent NEW tag

    Yea, I had that too. Eh, it will get fixed eventually lol
  9. Kapitan_Wuff

    North Carolina

    Never a good idea to sell a premium, even if you never plan to use it.
  10. Kapitan_Wuff

    Instant queue. 1 v 1.

    lol, I thought you were proposing instant drop 1v1 as a game mode.
  11. Spotting needs more rework than just the amount of xp given.
  12. Kapitan_Wuff

    Serious question before I go to T10 for 1st time

    Don't assume tX means good players, in my experience tX offers some of the worst games with the worst players. Overly timid BBs, cruiser hiding behind rocks that they can't actually fire over, and DDs that either yolo or go bird watching the whole game.
  13. My experience is the low to average players are the most likely to be going off in chat. Purples seem to just get it done, probably why they are purple.
  14. Kapitan_Wuff

    Quick Question: Graf Spee

    I hadn't realized it was gone, it should still be in the Christmas crates but I get that's not the best option lol.
  15. Really depends on your preference of playstyles, like I utterly despise the french DDs yet have many friends that love them. However, as a newer player, I suggest playing either the US or IJN lines as they are both have simple playstyles that help you learn the basics of DD play. USN early on is more gunboat yet at the higher tiers more hybrids. The main IJN line is more torpedo-focused but at the split becomes more focused on the guns.