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  1. Why make it like Kots? Better to have two modes that are different from each other than two that are the same.
  2. Don't think they were in the game when I made my post like 3 years ago...Why did someone [edited]necro this post?
  3. Kapitan_Wuff

    I Give up capping and spotting

    Ok, maybe do a better job at capping/spotting then.
  4. Kapitan_Wuff

    Fired on intentionally by team mate

    WG doesn't care about teamkilling, they have a system in place that has no real penalties and they think its enough.
  5. Kapitan_Wuff

    Slow down Wargaming enough is enough

    They couldn't release Alaska cause "they wanna focus on CV rework" but they don't have issues releasing Irian or [edited]around with a bunch of current premiums.
  6. Kapitan_Wuff

    An Evil Idea

    Rocket planes don't need radar, they can equip RPF so no DD can ever hide anyways lol
  7. Kapitan_Wuff

    Worth keeping ARP ships?

    They don't really give enough credits to be worth selling, I never and will never play mine, but also won't sell them. No point and it's can't be undone.
  8. Kapitan_Wuff

    anshan and fushun VS Gnevny 's GUN ?!

    No, I would rather keep it as is then have a nerfed reload. The turret rotation is fine as is.
  9. Kapitan_Wuff


    Dog avatar.
  10. Kapitan_Wuff

    Premium Ships and Soviet Battleships WIP

    O this is a bad direction WG... I know your trying to distract people from the disaster that is Cvs, but changing the tier of a premium that has been out for a significant time already is a starting down a dead end road.
  11. Kapitan_Wuff

    Fix the Radar Imbalance, WG

    It's your own fault for playing such a cancer game mode.
  12. Kapitan_Wuff

    Refund on premium DD and cruisers

    This guy again...
  13. Will do, just added you to the list of hysterical snowflakes.
  14. In the Arsenal bundles, the third one specifically.