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  1. Memory Leak

    Thanks for the reply!
  2. Memory Leak

    You do make a good point!
  3. Memory Leak

    That's what I do as well. The new water effects are cool, but I just don't think the trade-off is worth it. I'm sure they will get it worked out. I know they have a large group of people with far less graphic power than I.
  4. Memory Leak

    Thanks for the replies. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy.
  5. Memory Leak

    So, anyone out there with semi-potato graphics notice bad performance after say 10 games? I am. I can usually run 60fps on medium-ish settings. But after this update it tanks after around 10 battles. I am running it in direct x 9 It's annoying.
  6. Fresh look at Kii

    Thanks! Also, thanks to you Lextonian!
  7. Fresh look at Kii

    Then that camo acts differently than most others. Well, good to know since I was looking at buying the Kii as well. I can stomach the Kii's camo!
  8. Fresh look at Kii

    Just trying to help buddy, but I'll just see my way out.
  9. Fresh look at Kii

    Wow, because the person who took the screenshot of Kii, with no option to buy it, may have the in game content for Kobayashi turned off. Thus, not able to see it as an option to buy unless he enables the content...can you read?
  10. Fresh look at Kii

    Do you have your port set up to hide Kobayashi content in game? When I do this with my Roma the option to purchase Kobayashi camo is removed as well.
  11. Fresh look at Kii

    I know right!? I had wanted the Roma forever, and would have bought the camo if it wasn't that hideous.
  12. Fresh look at Kii

    Then I can't help you friend
  13. Fresh look at Kii

    The Roma lets you buy the special Kobayashi camo for 7000 Dubloons. I would assume the Kii is the same. To clarify, I did buy the Roma without the Kobayashi camo. Its so so ugly...
  14. Roma needs BUFF

    Ya, I just don't shoot cruisers very often with Roma. The over pen is crazy. My main targets are battleships upper belt and superstructure. Engage right around your concealment range and it does well. I feel the ship doesn't need anything, and if you buff the accuracy it will be broken. It really will.
  15. !!@#$%!@& BB Rant

    I play everything but CV. I do play more BB than anything. With that said, the "mains" that tell other people that they have it easy are idiots. Every class in this game has very skill based aspects. Anyone can play any class poorly. I tip my hat to good DDs especially. In my opinion it is the most important class to winning a game.