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  1. Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    I agree! Complaining may feel good, but closing the wallet is a better course of action. Mine has been closed for 4 months now. I also have stopped playing. I want to come back, but there are too many issues right now. I hope they get it all worked out.
  2. IFHE on BB sceondaries?

    So did I...although its the only ship I've ever like it on.

    Lol ok buddy

    While I agree with you, I find it amazing you think it will only take ten minutes...
  5. Tier 1 ... it's what I've been saying it is.

    I would think if you gave that division a week at playing t1 you would see a different result. It's apples and oranges frankly. Everyone should just play what they enjoy.
  6. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    I agree with this. If it is changed, it should be because he proved it right.
  7. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    Didn't dseehafer make the point that it would actually be a slight nerf since it will lower the belt line? Thus making it easier to shoot the ship where you should, the upper belt.
  8. Roma...it's kinda good but the guns are infuriating! Just happens to be my favorite real world ship.
  9. IFHE for Alsace and Republique?

    I went out and played 1 battle and here are my results. It was a bad game and we got blown out in a heartbeat...but those seconds...
  10. IFHE for Alsace and Republique?

    Hey Notser! Love the videos, keep it up! I would agree with you in every case except for the Alsace. I have a ton of success with my setup. I've tried it on the GK and the Gnes and it's not worth it. If you haven't tired it, you should. If only for the fact that it is a ton of fun. Anyway, see ya round! You really do good work!
  11. IFHE for Alsace and Republique?

    I also have all the secondary mods on the ship as well.
  12. IFHE for Alsace and Republique?

    Like others have said IFHE on the Alsace is the real deal. I run the whole IFHE/Secondary build on my Alsace and it is insanity. The most fun build I've ever played. It's not unusual to do 20-30k in just damage with your secondaries. Then the fires are above and beyond that. As for the Republique, I won't put my IFHE commander on it. No real benefit due to the loss of 100mm guns. P.S. Seriously, the Alsace is busted in this mode...don't tell WG.
  13. For Meritorious Service

    I agree, I keep it just to look at it in port. I would pay for this as a permacamo! +1 same here
  14. Guns reload sound

    I don't really care for it.
  15. Memory Leak

    Thanks for the reply!