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  1. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    Minotaur - something's gone terribly wrong

    Sh!t... I should have thought of that for my Z52 and Grozovoi legendaries.... with this radar saturation, that was painful as hell.
  2. I have both, and I like both. It really depends on what you want to do with it. Caps are bad right now because of the radar, so I play my Grozovoi. I also have both legendaries, and the grozovoi's is much better and makes you even more of a gun boat. As a matter of fact gozovoi fully speced gun boat (reload 2.95) with the legendary is pretty much equal dpn to the Khab which has one more gun. I also like the ballistics and range better than the Z 52. The legendary on the Z is nice as it let's you buff your guns to 3.2 and keep you torp reload... but it hurts too much to be detected my a Gearing/Shima/Yue and his cruiser buddies RIP you a new one... capping is just stupid hard then... so not so good... P.S. Z does look sexier in it's space camo though, cool horn as well, sounds evil... :)
  3. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    Mk 16 Mod 1 for Yueyang?

    The torps are different and the consumables are different. The flexability in choice in the Gearing should be mirrored in the Yueyang.
  4. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    Do all the tier 10 ships have space camo?

    sucks. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Love my hindy, but don't see a camo for it. Also missing a lot of other ships. Are these even available?
  6. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    A quick compliment to DD captains

    Thanks for the compliment. But after I get the Grozovoi legendary, I am going to play cruisers and BB's. The radar is just too much. Good luck to you guys when the other DD players you see currently get their legendaries... 28k more base experience and i'm out. GL.
  7. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    Mk 16 Mod 1 for Yueyang?

    You don't need the fletcher... you now have its torps. And I also know the Yueyang has dw torps.. I also have the Gearing, Z52, and Grozovoi. Not sure why they "shouldn't", but you are entitled to your opinion...
  8. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    Mk 16 Mod 1 for Yueyang?

    Since the ship is basically a Gearing clone besides the DW torps, are we going to see the fletcher like torps on the Yueyang? Sure hope we do, I like a more agressive play style...
  9. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    Detention while having flag equipped

    It was no devistating strike. I literally got hit with one shell from a Hipper, that's it. I will start recording I guess. It's the first time I have seen this, maybe it will happen again. Also, I checked after the game to see that I had the flag equipped. Honestly, why I would make this up is mind boggling, like I want to waste my time on the stupid forums...
  10. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    Legendary upgrade grind...

    There is really no reason to grind them all, only a few are exceptional. Zao, yam, carriers, hindenburg, and minotaur stand out.... I will be doing the Hindenburg myself.
  11. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I left this game for a long while. I recently came back a week before 7.6. Dear God, I love my z 52 but I dread capping now. I am, however, start to adapt, I am viewing the mini map with ship names engaged like a squirrel eyes a nut. Actively avoiding the radar ships is getting to be a game by itself, I think this could be fun as long as the bb and cruiser players change there meta and prioritize radar ships as much as they do dd's. I do miss the dd vs dd confrontations though.... they are fewer, if the dd is smart and runs from the radar... I think the main issue is teams need to adjust their thinking to have super aggressiveness toward radar ships... then things will normalize. I think they also have to let dd's time when they attempt a cap...
  12. Very annoying!!!! please let us have the option to delete them.
  13. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    Detention while having flag equipped

    I went from full health to dead from one hipper high explosive shell. I also had the flag equipped. Please fix your damn game.
  14. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    The Grozovoi is now fun!

    They should expand the options on the other dd's as well. I like options. Will get this dd next, as it looks like it may become my favorite.
  15. Cpt_Malcom_Reynolds

    The Grozovoi is now fun!

    Question on number 2, it can equip all those, at the same time, and damage control? Or does heal replace smoke?