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  1. Cpt_Barrett

    CV need alpha strike back

    Apparently the devs disagree mr I play CV. Enjoy not spotting for 45 seconds in the beginning at t 10... you WG fanboys seriously disgust me. Guess now you can just do nothing in the beginning and run into aa blobs until 10 minutes in. I am sure your team mates will love having your CV compared to, well, anything else.
  2. Cpt_Barrett

    AA Changes in Update 0.8.2

    I played this on test. While the math is nice, the effect is non existant. Nice placebo. Shame on you.
  3. Cpt_Barrett

    Does the Hakuryu get better?

    It's totally dependent on the red team being dumb. It is the worst in plane HP. This makes it very hard to make plays against strong AA. Midway and the new British CV's are tougher and you can get more out of them. The bloom for the long range torp is horrible. I rarely use it and only kept it for the hope that it will be buffed.
  4. Cpt_Barrett

    Who ready for the Audacious ?

    LOL. They can stick it up their [edited]sideways.
  5. Cpt_Barrett

    CV need alpha strike back

    This is obviously not in WG's interest. The whiners playing DD's would pout and cry. As it stands, my GK has gotten stale again as the DD torp threat is back in full and I have no interest in pushing. I only see one hope, the Russian BB line suffers from the DD prevalence. Of course, the [edited] in Russia at least gave the Russian BB's cruiser accuracy to shoot the DD's... No favoritism there....
  6. Cpt_Barrett

    CV need alpha strike back

    Actually 3 cits from a Hak BP is 25,500. Hard to land though.
  7. Cpt_Barrett

    Something I've noticed playing CV's

    Perfectly true, and a perfect example of WG stupidity. The only time I try to avoid the CV torps is when I lost track and think they are DD torps.
  8. Cpt_Barrett

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    You obviously don't play CV's, because the recharge is stupid long. Stop talking about things you know nothing about. Hakuryu is especially hard hit.
  9. Cpt_Barrett

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    Because the automatic damage is what kills, or flack that you can no longer dodge. There is no "risk", it's pretty much a done deal. And if you spend the time trying to fly out of the aura, even then the number of planes that survive are few if any. Usually it is only one or two planes. AA is too strong at this time, if you can't see that then you are obviously not objective, and there is no point in debating this...
  10. Cpt_Barrett

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    If you're attentive, you can avoid incoming fire, why shouldn't planes be able to as well? See, I can poke at absolutes as well.
  11. Cpt_Barrett

    Public Test of Update 0.8.2: Round 3

    AA changes are so slight, that I can't tell they've changed. The f key change seems noticeable, but still fairly insignificant. The t10 ijn experience is especially brutal. Aim bloom for ijn torpedo planes is too severe, still. Overall, you wasted my time testing this " change" to aa.
  12. Cpt_Barrett

    CV refund period.

    I just played this on test. The changes to aa are hardly noticeable. CV play is still crap.
  13. It's surprising how many people haven't realized this obvious bias. For a while now, I have felt WGs balancing has been more subjective than analytic in its selection on what needs "balancing". Forum squealing and YouTube outliers seem to be more influential in their decisions. Very professional.
  14. Cpt_Barrett

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    Ah, I see... No worries mate. My mother taught me not to pick on people like you. Go play your games.😀
  15. Cpt_Barrett

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    All this is garbage. You dont know me, so what gives you justification to call me hypocrite? And quote my whole response, so people can see how weak your position is. Also, my principles dont change, they change stuff that I buy over and above paying for a subscription, I dont buy their stuff. No matter what the game. This is a simple, and an actually easy to stick to, concept... I am not sure why you can't grasp it. Change something after purchase, tangible or intangible, and I dont trust you and I dont do business with you again. Again, really really simple.